David Fowler Collection, 1853-1909, MS 1876.1

Descriptive Summary

David Fowler Collection, 1853-1909


Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Scope and Content

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Gift: Mrs. Laurence H. Fowler, 100 W. University Parkway, Baltimore, May 1971


Note Books

Box 2

1. Newspaper Clippings, 1879-94. Articles on every subject to interest the collector. 96p. from a variety of newspapers. No name

2. Note Book: building materials, description of composition of mortar, etc., sub-surface irrigation, masonry, drying of bricks - with sketches.N.D.

3. Note Book: Theory of Architecture, Stained glass, papers on Mosaics.N.D.

4. 1900 Dairy and Account Book.

5. Card case with Bill from throat specialist, Paris. N.D.

6. Note Book: Table of contents of magazines, alphabetically arranged. N.D.

7. 1900-1908 3 Note books - Student's Note Books on design, with drawings; on research with notes for essay. On Engineering, with diagrams

8. Note Books, with drawings on Theory of Architecture, Modern Ornament, Shades and Shadows, N.D. Course given by Mr. Hamlin in History of Modern Architecture.

9. 1900-1908 3 Note Books from study in France on Problems of Geometry, etc. Note Book on Problems in Architecture, with plates.

10. N.D. On Mediaeval Ornament with sketches of Villas and Castles.

11. Trignometry Text Book (1891).

12. 1900? Note Book on Law of Contracts and Building Materials.

13. 1904 Note Book on procedures for construction of building in New York City, Legal steps, specifications, etc. with copy of Dept. of Buildings of New York: plumbing and draining specifications.

Box 1

Letters (1897-1909)

Six (6) letters to L. H. Fowler from Wm. R. Ware, architect, of Milton, Mass. Some sent to Columbia University, some to Baltimore (W.R.Ware(1832-1915), professor at Columbia and M.I.I.)

Eight (8) letter to L.H.Fowler from his parents.

1951 Typed report of Perry, Shaw and Hepburn, Kehow and Dean on Regional Survey of Eastern Md. Public and Semi-public buildings. 5 p. with list of buildings.

Papers written by David Fowler re Patrick Henry, Heroes and Heroism, Robert Fowler and Mohammedanism.


Memoranda and letters on behalf of clients such as A. H. Metz, George N. Snyder, C. Louisa Leeds and Henry W. Hoffman, etc.

Address book

Certificates re: 1857 Confirmation of faith; 1874 Confirmation of faith of Mary Brinkley; 1861 admission to the Md. Bar; 1875 marriage to Mary Brinkley.

Box (6)

1881-1909: Personal, business and legal letters, deeds, promissory notes, insurance company releases, memoranda re affairs of estate of his father, Robert Fowler; affairs of estate of Joseph B. Brinkley, his father-in-law; handling of his wife's property, etc.

Certificates re: 1882 appointment as Associate Judge of Circuit Court of Md. 1889 election to be Chief Judge of Circuit Court of Md.; 1904 designation as One of the Men of Mark.

1881-1887 letterbook.

Biographical paper on Reverdy Johnson.

Personal correspondence with his fellow Judges on Md. Circuit Court.

Among others, the following names appear in this collection:

Anderson, E. J.

Barnum, ___ and Co.

Bartlett, J. M.

Boyd, (Judge) A. Hunter

Brinkley, Joseph B.

Briscoe, (Judge) John P.

Calwell, Lucien B.

Carter, Bernard

Carter, John P.

Cole, William R.

Donovan, Caroline

Duffie, M. M.

Fowler, John H.

Fowler, Mary Brinkley

Fowler, Robert

Grayson, Wm.

Hardcastle Robert

Harlan, Henry D.

Hedian, M. E.

Hoffman, Henry W.

Holliday, ___

Hopkins, A.

Iglehart, Wm. T.

Jeniss, Richard

Johnson ___

Johnson, Reverdy

Jones (Judge) I. Thomas

Kealhofer, George

Keedy, H. H.

Kerr, Chas. G.

Leach, Wm. and family

Leeds, Louisa C.

Marr, James, D.

Martin, Abraham

Morton, Charles

Matthias, John P.T.

McIntosh, David G.

McLaughlin, A.

McSherry, (Judge) James

Mealey, Edward W.

Metz, A. H.

Miller, R. F.

Owens, Albert S.J.

Page, (Judge) Henry

Pearce (Judge) James A.

Pinkney, Wm.

Richardson, Charles

Sanderson, Hannah A.

Sappington, A. de Russy

Scharf, Thomas G.

Schmucker, (Judge) S.A.

Sloan, James Jr.

Smith, Carroll S.

Smith Franklin, Jr.

Smith, John Walter

Snyder, Geo. N.

Steiner, Bernard C.

Stewart, Wm. H.

Talbott, J. Fred. C.

Thomas, J. P. and M. A.

Trapnall, (Attorney)

Turner, Lewis

Wharton, W. F.

White, (Attorney)

White, G. Howard

Whittingham, W. R.

Williams, Stevenson A.

Yellott, George

Yellott, Osborne

Zeigler, F. K.