Colonel Edward F. Jones Papers, 1861, MS 1331

Colonel Edward F. Jones Papers, 1861

Maryland Historical Society


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Colonel Edward F. Jones Papers, 1861
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Colonel Edward F. Jones Papers, 1861

MS 1331

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Scope and Content

COL. E. F. JONES, 6th Mass. Reg't., his papers.


1. GEN. B. F. BUTLER. ALS 2pp. 8vo. Baltimore shall ignominiously surrender or - We will march over it side by side at the head of the 6th Regt.




2. GEN. B. F. BUTLER. ALS 2pp. 8vo. On supplies and their distribution.




3. GEN. B. F. BUTLER. ALS 1pp. 8vo. Note making appointment.






4. GEN. B. F. BUTLER. Damaged letter.




5. MAYOR BROWN of Baltimore. May 7, 1861, returning epaulette picked up Apr. 19th, day of the riot.




6. ROBT. WILLIAMS, ADJ. Banks gives up command July 23.




7. N.P. BANKS. LS Appeal to 6th Mass. to stay and fight.




8. JONES' ADDRESS to his troops - answer roll call GO or STAY.




9. JONES TO ADJ. WILLIAMS - is Dix in command yet.




10. WILLIAMS TO JONES - he will (assume command) today.




11. JONES TO ADJ. WILLIAMS - I'll bring my captaine to decide to GO or STAY.




12. WILLIAMS TO JONES - Come on.




13. THEY WENT HOME. Q.M. Stimson, New York, to Jones on transportation of 6th Mass. Reg't. to Boston.


Miscellaneous Jones Papers


14. ROBT. WILLIAMS. Special Orders 49, July 2, 1861, appointing Jones to command Relay.




15. GEN. CADWALADER, May 22, 1861. Ordering Jones to pass goods over B. and O. R.R.




16. GEN. CADWALADER, May 27, 1861. Ordering Jones to intercept B.and O. trains.




17. JONES TO GEN. SCOTT, May 29, 1861. On intercepting B. and O. trains.




18. JONES TO PRES. GARRETT, B. and O. On opening sealed cars, B. and O. R.R.




19. JONES TO CAMERON, May 4, 1861. Asking organization of Maryland Volunteers.




20. STEPHEN HURD TO JONES. Asking his boy be sent home and he'll take his place.




21. PETER LAWSON TO JONES. Congratulating him.




22. JONES TO GREENLAW. On his son who wants to leave and go home.




23. Bill for moving 6th Mass. Regiment's baggage.




24. JONES'S REPORT. May 4th to GOV. Andrew of Mass.




25. ALEX STETSON, Q.M. First Zouaves. Receipt to Jones for quarters occupied by 6th Mass. Regiment.