Colonel Benjamin Franklin Taylor Collection, 1861-1912, MS. 1863

Colonel Benjamin Franklin Taylor Collection, 1861-1912

Maryland Historical Society


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Colonel Benjamin Franklin Taylor Collection, 1861-1912
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Colonel Benjamin Franklin Taylor Collection, 1861-1912

MS. 1863

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Container List

Box 1

Scrapbooks, 1-4



Box 2

Scrapbooks, 5-7




Box 3

Scrapbook, 8




Taylor's Military Career, 1861-1867




Antietam Battlefield Commission, 1887-1896




Box 4

Antietam Battlefield Commission, 1897-1899




Box 5

Antietam Battlefield Commission, 1900




History of 2nd Maryland Volunteer Infantry-



Typescript, Chapters 1-18




Manuscript Copy, Chapters 1-4, 6-7, 9-11





Box 6

History of 2nd Maryland Volunteer Infantry-Manuscript Copy, Chapters 12-18




National Volunteer Reserve ; Spanish-American War 1898; n.d.




Miscellaneous Items




Box 7

Miscellaneous Items




Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1861-1912; n.d.


Oversize File


Certificate - Making Taylor colonel of the 2nd Maryland Veteran Volunteer Infantry, 10 July 1865



Certificate - Appointing Taylor county commissioner of Baltimore County, 13 December 1899




Certificate - Appointing Taylor to serve with the rank of colonel in the parade at the inauguration of William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt, 14 March 1901




Certificate - Appointing Taylor a member of the Antietam Battlefield Commission under chapter 294-1898, 11 June 1898




Certificate - Appointing Taylor supervisor of elections for Baltimore County, 10 October 1896




Certificate - Appointing Taylor deputy game warden for the State of Maryland, 13 October 1898




Certificate - Appointing Taylor aide-de-camp in the Army of the Republic, 15 April 1907




Certificate - Taylor's diploma from St. Timothy's Hall in Catonsville, 1859








Xerox of a typescript of the History of the Second Maryland Volunteer Infantry and Veteran Volunteers, First and Second Brigades, Second Division, Ninth Army Corps during the War of the Rebellion from 1861 to 1865; written by Colonel Benjamin Franklin Taylor in 1895. The original typescript is in the hands of the donors.




Original manuscript of Benjamin Franklin Taylor's History of the Second Maryland Volunteer Infantry. Some chapters are missing while the xerox of the typescript is complete.




Papers relating to the personal military history of Benjamin Franklin Taylor beginning with his entry into the Union forces in 1861; papers of promotions, leaves of absence, military passes, appointments, discharge, Muster Roll of John M. Samtmyers, letter to Taylor's mother describing the soldiers' celebration of George Washington's Birthday and his preference for the life of a soldier; charges against R.W.Cather in 1865; Muster-In-Roll of Taylor.




Papers relating to the National Volunteer Reserve and the Spanish-American War; blank certificates of enlistment in the National Volunteer Reserve; correspondence with Headquarters of the National Volunteer Reserve; certificates of enlistment in the National Volunteer Reserve of Benjamin Franklin Taylor and other Maryland men; letters to Taylor from men desiring to participate in the regiment he was forming; Constitution and By-Laws of Company A, Baltimore County Volunteers; miscellaneous clippings pertaining to the Spanish-American War, particularly to the captured Spanish Cannon in the yard of the Towson Courthouse.




Papers relating to the Antietam Battlefield Commission and the Monument for Maryland Soldiers at Antietam; covers the planning for and construction of the Antietam Monument from the time of the passing for such in the legislature to the dedication of the monument; circulars and minutes of the Antietam Battlefield Commission; correspondence to Taylor from James Glen, H. Lawson, R.F. DeLauney, George R. Graham, E.A. Carmen, Wilkinson and Neville Marble and Granite Works, J.E. Duryee; Taylor's address at the dedication ceremonies; miscellaneous newspaper clippings related to the monument.




Miscellaneous correspondence; licenses issued to Taylor; requests for contributions to the Schley Home Fund; letters pertaining to Taylor's History; miscellaneous notes of Taylor; miscellaneous letters; articles on Baltimore County politics, military societies and celebrations, Grand Army of the Republic Club, Chickamuga and Chattanooga Battlefield, various prominent people and citizens of Maryland, Civil War incidents; copy of the Second Maryland with the Army of Virginia by Major General John Pope.






Eight scrapbooks compiled by Colonel Benjamin Franklin Taylor; The scrapbooks consist primarily of newspaper clippings, pamphlets and brochures.




#1: 1871-1878; primarily poetry, political cartoons, magazine pictures and miscellaneous newspaper articles on numerous and varied subjects such as Home and Philosophical Uses of the Beard.




#2: 1897-1903; Benjamin Franklin Taylor's service on the Board of Election Supervisors for Baltimore County and on the Board of Commissioners for Baltimore County; Taylor's candidacy for Sheriff of Baltimore County; many articles on Baltimore County politics, especially the Republican Party and the Anti-Ensor Republican faction; several articles on the activities of the Grand Army of the Republic Club and the Union Veterans Association.




#3: 1897-1903; the creation of the Maryland Soldiers' Monument at Antietam Battlefield; several articles on the history of the Antietam Battle; ceremonies commemorating days of military importance.




#4: 1900-1906; Taylor's activities on the Board of Commissioners for Baltimore County and his defeat in his bid for a second term as Commissioner; brief biographical sketches of the Republican candidates in Baltimore County in 1901; politics and political issues in Baltimore County; Taylor's position as superintendant of Arlington National Cemetry; articles and obituaries on Baltimore County citizens; activities of the Grand Army of the Republic Club and the Union Veterans Association.




#5: 1902-1905; Taylor's role on the committee to receive the captured Spanish Cannon at Towson Court House; preparation for presentation ceremony of Spanish Cannon; the Daughters of the Confederacy and their presentation of the Confederate Monument to Baltimore City; the preparation for and the erection of the Maryland Monument at Chickamuga and Chattanooga National Park; GAR activities; miscellaneous poems.




#6: 1906-1910; Grand Army of the Republic Club and Union Veterans Association activities; obituaries.




#7: 1908-1910; activities of the Grand Army of the Republic Club, particularly its' encampment in Salt Lake City and Taylor's role as commander of the Md. Dept. of the GAR; Union Veteran Association activities; reunions of the Second Maryland Volunteer Infantry; activity of the Naval Veteran Woman's Relief Corps; the inauguration of President Taft; Memorial Day observances; the unveiling of the Union Soldiers Monument in Druid Hill Park; poems; marriage announcements; obituaries.




#8: 1910-1912; activities of the Grand Army of the Republic Club and the Union Veterans Association; the construction of the Antietam Monument; the Society of the War of 1812 and its plans for the North Point Centennial Exposition in 1914; many miscellaneous obituaries.