Cockey Family Papers, 1725-1908, MS. 1782

Cockey Family Papers, 1725-1908

Maryland Historical Society


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Cockey Family Papers, 1725-1908
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Cockey Family Papers, 1725-1908

MS. 1782

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674

Inventory of Cockey Family Papers

Parchmant Indentures, Deeds - 1728 (2), 1773, 1762



Land Indentures




Patents, Plats, Surveys




1758 - Will of Thomas Cockey




1800 - Will of Caleb Cockey




1823 - Will of Charles Cockey and other estate papers




1824 - Will of John Cockey




1828 - Will of Elizabeth Coale




1835 - Will of William Anderson




1836 - Will of Mary Cockey




1857 - Will of John Worthington and related papers




1885 - Will of Samuel Owing




1886 - Will of Uroth C. Carlisle




Sale of slaves and orphan's apprenticeship (1864-Lucy Johnson)




Bills, Receipts, Sales, Indentures




Wittness to the character of Henry Forsythe








1824 - Naturalization of Nathan Rogers




1893 - George a Leakin to ___ Cockey




Copyright and other publications agreements: Report of the Trial of the Honarable Samuel Chase




Two books: Copybook manuscript about building Baltimore County Roads Account Book (1903-1908) of Charles Cockey