Coale Collection, 1792-1901, MS 248

Coale Collection, 1792-1901
Maryland Historical Society

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Coale Collection, 1792-1901
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary


MS 248

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Series Description

Collection contains albums, commonplace books, notebooks, cookbooks and scrapbooks of members of the Coale family and their relatives (1792-1901). Included are albums of Elizabeth Buchanan (1802-1825), Ann Proud Maxwell (1778-1866), Josephine Rebello Coale (1826-1907), Anna Maria Coale (d. 1813), Mary Abigail Willing Coale (1789-1831), and Ann Letitia Coale (d. 1856). The albums contain poetry, thoughts about religion, and essays. Elizabeth Buchanan's album contains water color sketches by her.

Commonplace books of Mary Ann Buchanan (later, Mrs. Edward Johnson Coale; 1792-1866) and her daughter, Marianne B. Coale (1831-1908) contain poems. A poem in Mrs. Coale's book is to the memory of Mrs. Mary McKean.

Notebooks of Elizabeth B. Coale (1823-1910), Anna Maria Coale (d. 1813) and Mary A. Coale (Mrs. Edward J. Coale) contain religious thoughts, prayers, poems and essays. An unidentified notebook (1843-1846) contains religious essays and sermons, plus a record of sermons preached at various churches.

Cookbooks in the collection include a family cookbook and a recipe book.

Scrapbooks (c. 1800-1901) containing newspaper clippings, portraits of historical and literary figures, pictures of famous buildings and places, sketches, poems, and statistics on the United States and foreign countries were apparently used by the family as reference books. A scrapbook with material dating from 1803-1850 contains a letter signed by Coale and Proud entitled The Reading Room Anthology, and it is a notice to users of the family library about rules for the use of the room and materials, and stating what types of contributions were acceptable

for the library. The same scrapbook contains a picture of Henry Clay. Another scrapbook (1827-1890) contains a portrait of Edward J. Coale. An early 19th cent. scrapbook has a water color by Mrs. Coale. And pictures of Lincoln and his cabinet and several Civil War generals are in a scrapbook with material dating from 1810-1881.

See genealogical chart to identify Coale, Buchanan and Proud family members in this collection.


Container List


Scrapbook, 1800-64




Checkbook/Scrapbook, early 19th century




Album of Anna Latitia Coale, 1832-40





Scrapbook, 1810-1881




Scrapbook of George B. Coale, 1819-35





Scrapbook, 1827-90




Scrapbook, 1856-1901




Commonplacebook of Marianne Coale, 1840-78




Composition book of Mary A. Coale, 1845-46





Commonplace book of Anna Maria Coale, 1792




Album of Anna Maria [Coale], 1831-60




Album of E[lizabeth] Buchanan, 1825-26




Notebook of Essays and Sermons, 1843-46




Album of J[osephine] R[ebello], 1855-88




Commplace book of Mary Ann Buchanan, 1814-





Receipe book, n.d.




Coale family cookbook, 1800-60




Album of Anne Maxwell, n.d.




Album of E[lizabeth] B[uchanan] Coale, n.d.




Commonplace book of Mary A.W. Coale, n.d.




Album, n.d.




BOX 6 (bluebox)

Scrapbook, 1803-1850 (portrait of Henry Clay)




Scrapbook, mid 19th century





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