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ca. 1860s-1919


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Edwin Clay Timanus (1863-1923) was Mayor of Baltimore from 1904-1907, having previously served as a member of the Public Service Commission, and as a City Council President, assuming the mayoralty upon the death of Mayor Robert M. McLane. He became mayor just a few months after the 1904 Baltimore Fire, taking on the difficult task of rebuilding the business district. He also began the construction of a new sewer system, and other city improvements. Born in Baltimore, Timanus was educated in public schools, went to work in his father's business supplying coal, wood and feed, and became a member of the Corn and Flour Exchange, a precursor to the Chamber of Commerce.

J. Barry Mahool (1870-1935) was Mayor of Baltimore from 1907-1911. Born in Pheonix, Baltimore Co., he attended public schools and entered the grain business in Baltimore in 1884, going into public office in 1903 upon his election to the City Council. Re-elected in 1905, he became a City Council President, then became the Democratic mayoral nominee, defeating incumbant E. Clay Timanus in the general election. At age 36, he was then the youngest person to be elected mayor. He ran for re-election in 1911, but was defeated in the Democratic primary by James H. Preston. In 1918, he returned briefly to the City Council, replacing a deceased council member, but was unsuccessful in his attempt to be nominated for the post at the next primary election.

James Harry Preston (1860-1938) was elected mayor of Baltimore in 1911, serving two consecutive terms from 1911 to 1919. Born near Dear Creek in Harford Co., his family moved to a farm near Belair in 1867, where Preston attended public schools. He attended college at St. John's College in Annapolis, then studied law at the University of Maryland, graduating in 1881. After establishing himself in a law practice, he was elected to the House of Delegates in 1889, was re-elected in 1893, and became Speaker in 1894. He eventually became involved in Baltimore city politics, being appointed to the Board of Police Commissioners in 1904. In 1910 he ran unsuccessfully for Congress, but was successful in his 1911 bid for Mayor of Baltimore, defeating J. Barry Mahool in the Democratic primary, and E. Clay Timanus in the general election.

As mayor, Preston established many elements of Baltimore city's modern infrastructure: the completion of the sewerage and water systems, paving many roads and building others, providing the impetus for the formation of the Baltimore Symphony, and the establishment of a city flag. In Preston's third campaign for mayor in 1919, he formed a ticket with his long-time Comptroller James F. Thrift (d. 1961) and J. Barry Mahool, who was a pro tem. city council member seeking election to the seat; the ticket lost in the primary to George Weems Williams, who lost the general election to William F. Broening.

Collection Origin

Gift of City Hall, Baltimore, 1975 (71216).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 1 box with 2 folders containing 33 photoprints from glass plate negatives. Originating in ca. 1912-1919, the photographs depict Baltimore scenes, reproductions of campaign advertising from the 1919 mayoral bid by James H. Preston, and reproductions of paintings of political and civic leaders,

There are also 7 boxes containing 387 glass lantern slides from ca. 1860s-1919. These depict Baltimore City 1730-1900, words to "Maryland, My Maryland" and the "Star Spangled Banner", Baltimore during the Civil War, and images used in the political campaigns of James H. Preston. There are Baltimore scenes from the early 20th century, some showing Baltimore under Mayor Timanus (1904-1907), and some connected with Mayor Preston's accomplishments (1911-1919): paved streets and streecar tracks, the Fallsway Viaduct, Hanover St. Bridge, Lock Raven Dam construction, Montebello Filtration Plant, etc. The lantern slides are the work of Waldeck and J. Sussman of the Photo Stock Co. of Baltimore. Because the lantern slides were not found for inspection, it is not clear whether the images purported to be from the 1700s-1800s or those depicting Baltimore during the Civil War are photographs or reproductions of artwork or published materials, etc.


The photographs are arranged according to PP catalog number. The glass negatives are arranged according to negative catalog numbers. The glass lantern slides are arranged by subject. Duplicate/copy negatives are stored in the Photographic Services department of the Maryland Historical Society.

Container List   

1 Box of photoprints

PP45.1 - Gen. J. Stricker (painting). Neg Z8.1575.PP45.

PP45.2 - Western Delegates received at Baltimore, 1857 (cartoon). Neg Z8.1576.PP45.

PP45.3 - Jones Falls (Section #2) seen from Biddle St. bridge. Neg Z8.1577.PP45; dup/copy neg Z5.1187.PP45.

PP45.4 - Viaduct, the Fallsway - Sept. 5, 1914. Neg Z8.1578.PP45; dup/copy neg Z5.1188.PP45.

PP45.5 - Gen. Andrew Jackson (painting). Neg Z8.1579.PP45.

PP45.6 - Jones Falls (Section #2) seen S from Eager St., Sept. 24, 1912. Neg Z8.1580.PP45; dup/copy neg (Z5.1189.PP45? - image appears to depict fire ruins with wires overhead).

PP45.7 - Gen. J. Stricker (painting). Neg Z9.2165.PP45.

PP45.8 - Samuel Smith (painting). Neg Z9.2166.PP45.

PP45.9 - Col. George Armistead (painting). Neg Z8.1581.PP45.

PP45.10 - Col. George Armistead (painting). Neg Z9.2167.PP45.

PP45.11 - Samuel H. Adams (painting). Neg Z8.1582.PP45.

PP45.12 - John Merrymon (painting). Neg Z8.1583.PP45.

PP45.13 - John Merrymon (painting). Neg Z8.1584.PP45.

PP45.14 - Enoch Pratt (painting). Neg Z8.1585.PP45.

PP45.15 - John Eager Howard (painting). Neg Z8.1586.PP45.

PP45.16 - Edwin Booth (painting). Neg Z8.1587.PP45.

PP45.17 - Lord Baltimore (painting). Neg Z8.1588.PP45.

PP45.18 - Edward Johnson (painting). Neg Z9.2168.PP45.

PP45.19 - Prince Henry of Prussia and Mayor Hayes at Union Station. Neg Z8.1589.PP45.

PP45.20 - Com. Joshua Barney (painting). Neg Z8.1590.PP45.

PP45.21 - Com. Joshua Barney (painting). Neg Z8.1591.PP45.

* * * PP45.22 - Unidentified derelict building, Baltimore, 1910. Neg Z7.1759.PP45. (PRINT NOT FOUND)

PP45.23 - Preston campaign poster (Preston for 1st Mayor of Greater Baltimore). Neg Z7.1750.PP45.

PP45.24 - Preston campaign poster (Preston for government by men of experience). Neg Z7.1761.PP45.

PP45.25 - Preston campaign poster (Preston for Home Rule for Baltimore). Neg Z7.1762.PP45.

PP45.26 - Preston campaign poster (Preston for Economy and Efficiency). Neg Z7.1763.PP45.

PP45.27 - Preston campaign poster (Preston for Good Government). Neg Z7.1764.PP45.

PP45.28 - Preston campaign poster (Preston for Good Government). Neg Z7.1765.PP45.

PP45.29 - (Same as Z7.1760.PP45). Neg Z7.1766.PP45.

PP45.30 - (Same as Z7.1760.PP45). Neg Z7.1767.PP45.

PP45.31 - Preston campaign poster (Preston for a fair day's pay). Neg Z7.1768.PP45.

PP45.32 - Preston campaign poster (Preston for the first Mayor of Greater Baltimore). Neg Z7.1769.PP45.

PP45.33 - Unidentified boys and a pony. Neg Z7.1770.PP45; dup/copy neg Z4.245.PP45.

Lantern slides, 7 Boxes (SLIDES NOT FOUND)

Box 1
Baltimore city, 1730-1895. 60 items.

Box 2
Words to Maryland, My Maryland and the Star Spangled Banner, and images of Baltimore around 1900. 41 items.

Box 3
Baltimore during the Civil War. 54 items.

Box 4
Baltimore City in the early 20th century. 45 items.

Box 5
James H. Preston's administration: Loch Raven Dam, Montebello Lake, sewer systems, bridges, portraits of political leaders. 53 items.

Box 6
Baltimore under Preston: streets, buildings, and campaign posters. 81 items.

Box 7
Baltimore under Mayor Timanus: early sewer systems, buildings, street and harbor views, political leaders. 54 items. © 2001 Maryland Historical Society - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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