Chase Home Book, 1714-1855, MS 969

Chase Home Book, 1714-1855

Maryland Historical Society


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Chase Home Book, 1714-1855
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Chase Home Book, 1714-1855

MS 969

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674

[UNK] to the original of photostate [UNK] MS 969


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Leonard C. Crewe, Jr., President

Romaine S. Somerville, Director

July 31, 1979


Scope and Content


RECEIVED from Diocesan House, through the kindness of Mrs. Tuten, for the Maryland Diocesan Archives, on deposit in the Maryland Historical Society:

1. CHASE HOME PAPERS -- Package marked Historical Papers, Chase Home, addressed to Bishop Helfenstein, containing the following mamuscripts:



i. The Chase Home Book -- Album volume containing 125 papers (according to the index, which has been only spot-checked, a copy of which is attached): Letters and documents re Chase family, Rev. Thomas Chase, Judge Samuel Chase, etc. (A great find -- photostats at the Maryland Historical Society, but originals long missing);




ii. Record book of Court of Appeals in Maryland, re Richard M. Chase, Jr., and Maria M. Postell, vs. Frank H. Stockett and Z. D. Ridout, Extrs, and Others (one volume, printed, paperbound);




iii. Envelope with 1 [UNK] of Samuel Chase (coat-of- arms), and unidentified unused bookplates, apparently pertaining to someone named Merrill (?) (several copies, counted as one item);




iv. Copy of Will of Richard Chase, from Liber BT No. 2, 1755-1760, folio 440;




v. Copy of will of Hester Arm Chase, March 17, 1873.




vi. Copy of will of Jeremiah Townley Chase, Dec. 26, 1823, with codicil, no date;




vii. Copy of will of William Halton Chase, Aug. 12, 1889;




viii. Copy of will of Judith Chase, Dec. 30, 1790;




ix. Seven other miscellaneous papers, legal inventories, etc.




x. Letter from John H. Shipley to R. M. Chase, June 28, 1899, and receipt accompanying it.

142 items.


Total Chase Home Papers (if index is correct):