Charcoal Club Records, 1888-1970, MS 1792

Charcoal Club Records, 1888-1970

Maryland Historical Society


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Charcoal Club Records, 1888-1970
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Charcoal Club Records, 1888-1970

MS 1792

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Scope and Content

Apart from the notes supplied by Lawrence Sagle (see following pages), the scrapbooks contain details of The Bal des Arts, separately incorporated, but always considered part of the Charcoal Club; the Art Club of Baltimore, formed in 1892; the Sketch Club, a forerunner of the Charcoal Club; lists of members, meeting cards, exhibition notices

Although the Club was inaugurated in 1885, there is a suggestion that it met as early as 1883.


Note: The Club has promised to donate further volumes as they are completed.

Biographical Note

The Charcoal Club, Inc. of Baltimore was formally inaugurated in 1885, although there is mention of its existence in 1883.

One of the prime reasons for its inauguration was the prudery of Baltimore residents, who felt that drawing from the nude was indecent. Nude females and males (the former hard to get) were provided for sessions at various locations in the city. For many years it was a flourishing society, and contained many well known figures in Baltimore life. Perhaps the most famous was Dr. Adalbert Volck (1828-1912) the Baltimore dentist and famous local artist.

The Club assisted in the formation of Sketch Club, The Bal des Arts, and the Art Club of Baltimore.

For some years the wealth of the members enabled the Club to meet in somewhat palatial [UNK], but gradually (and particularly in the 1930's) membership dwindled, and for a time there was a likelihood that it would cease. Various members whipped up enthusiasm, and today, although the membership numbers less than 50, it still meets, but the heyday of weekly meetings, frequent exhibitions, the Bal des Arts and other social functions, has departed.

A good story on the Club is given by Carol Wharton, The Sun Magazine, July 28, 1946 (contained in vol. 4 of the Scrapbooks.



Processed by: P.W. Filby

Date: February 1970


The records of the Charcoal Club., Inc., Baltimore were donated by the Club officers through the action of Lawrence W. Sagle, Chairman and G. Harry Pouder, a member for many years.

There are volumes of scrapbooks, 1889-1924, 1933-1970

Also, 6 volumes of minutes, 1888-1898, 1924-1965.

Volumes of scrapbooks and minutes will be donated as they are completed.

All property rights belong to the Maryland Historical Society

Accession number: 62665 11 vols.

Ms. number: 1792.

Guide to Related Materials

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Report of Committee having to do with the presentation of old Club records and scrap books to the Maryland Historical Society in accordance with motion passed at the meeting of the Charcoal Club, Inc., on October 16, 1969.

With regard to the instructions of your president, the undersigned visited the home of Mr. G. Herry Pouder on Friday, November 7, 1969, and found the materials listed below.




1 Scrap Book No. 1, containing clippings dated from 1889 to 1910.




2 Scrap Book No. 2, containing clippings dated from 1910 to 1915.




3 Scrap Book No. 3, containing clippings dated from 1912 to 1924.


(Note: These dates are approximate. There is some lapping of dates. When the undersigned was secretary, he found these books and preserved them, during the later years at his home to protect them. The binders are in very bad shape. These were turned over to Dave Marks upon his assuming the post of secretary.)




4 Scrap Book, with clippings from 1933 to 1961.



(Note: This book was maintained by the undersigned as part of his duties as secretary. There should be a later book, partly filled, which is probably in the possession of the present secretary. It was passed on the Dave Marks.)




5 An envelope containing loose clipping, dates undertimined.


(Note: Mrs. Pouder informed the undersigned that the she would gladly paste them in a scrap book if one is furnished by the Club. The sooner the better, as she would like to have the material picked up well before Christmas.)




6 An envelope containing notices, letters, folders and exhibition catelogues. This envelope should be brought to the Club and given to the present secretary. Or, if deemed proper, it might also be given to the Maryland Historical Society, if the membership should so desire.




7 Old minute book, from Feb. 9, 1888 to Oct. 9, 1898.



(Note: There is a gap here, representing the time, mostly, when Bill Chaffe was secretary. Nothing has been found covering his tenure of office. As he was one of the directors for the Bal des Arts, and because of the breaking off of relations between that organization and the Club in the early thirties, it might have been an act of spite.)




8 Old minute book, from Nov. 6, 1924 to Oct. 21, 1932.




9 Old minute book, from Nov. 1, 1932 to Sept. 22, 1950.




10 Old minute book, from Dec. 7, 1950 to May 26, 1955.




11 Old minute book, from Sept. 29, 1955 to Mar. 9, 1961.




12 Old minute book, from May 5, 1961 to March 1965.


(Note: No. 12 is without a binder. When Dave Marks assumed the post of secretary, he removed these minutes from the binder which he used for his minutes instead of buying a new one. It is suggested that the Club purchase a new binder for these minutes before delivery to the Maryland Historical Society.)




Conclusion: As soon as I am notified that the material is ready for delivery to the Maryland Historical Society, I shall notufy Mr. Harold Manakee, director of the Society, and have him arrange to have the material picked up from the residence of Ex-president Pouder, and to formally acknowledge receipt to the Charcoal Club.

Respectfully submitted,

Lawrence W. Sagle, Chairman.

November 10, 1969.

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