Cecil County Papers, 1746-1831, MS. 231

Cecil County Papers, 1746-1831
Maryland Historical Society


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Cecil County Papers, 1746-1831
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Cecil County Papers, 1746-1831

MS. 231

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674

Container List

Box 1




-warrants stating powers of overseer (1760-1787)




-list of appointees (1760-1787)




-certificates of appointment (1791-1814)




-labor contracts between road supervisors and the State of Maryland (1794-1818)




-receipts/requests for safety allowances (1791-1825)




-Court orders to road supervisor (1794-1804)




-lists of roads in Cecil County




-lists of damages sustained to land owners by new roads (1806-1816)




-statements concerning damages by land owners (1794-1814)




-court appointments to assess damages to land (1797)




-accounts of road repair and labor costs to Levy Court from road supervisors (1793-1795)





Box 2

Roads continued / Levy Court



A. Roads continued



-accounts of road repair and labor costs to Levy Court from road supervisor (1796-1816)




-annual allowance receipts for the supervisor of public roads (1815-1816)




-invoices for bridge repair (1798-1802)




-invoices from surveyors (1796-1807)




-receipts for allowances (1793)




-petition requesting bridges to be built or repaired (1763-1802)




-receipt for work done on bridges (1785)




-petitions requesting road repairs (1763-1807)




-petition requesting court to assess property damages (1795-1797)




-financial accounts of the Commissioner of the Roads (1792-1797)




-opinions addressed to the Levy Court (1795-1798)




-an account to lay out a public road in Cecil County (1816)




-list of property bought by road supervisor (1793)




-minutes and proceedings of the Justice of the Peace on the Road Law (1792)





B. Levy Court



-Levy Court payment orders for the supervisor of the roads (1791-1799)




-letters from the collector of taxes by order of the Levy Court (1795-1796)




-County allowance receipts paid to Levy Court (1802-1824)




-certificate for payment of services rendered to Levy Court (1814)




-Levy Court vouchers (1813)




-miscellaneous petitions to Levy Court (1766-1799)




-miscellaneous documents of the Levy Court (1768-1793)






Box 3

Constables / Fireproofing



A. Constables



-warrants appointing various constables (1761-1813)




-labor contracts between various constables and the State of Maryland (1802-1817)




-lists of constables appointed (1802-1808)




-alphabetical list of constables (1761)




-list of those qualified to be constable (1783)




-financial accounts of constable position (1814-1815)




-lists of carriages returned by constables (1757-1759)




-lists of dogs taken by constables (1766)




-lists of squirrel scalps and crowsheads burnt before the constable (1761-1768)




-certificates validating number of squirrel scalps and crowsheads burnt (1761-1824)




-certificates concerning the constables' duty to suppress meetings of slaves (1787-1816)




-petitions requesting allowances from constables (1795)




-miscellaneous documents concerning constables (1762-1837)





B. Fireproofing



-accounts concerning expenditures for fireproofing (1832-1835)




-checks for the fireproofing of offices (1832-1834)




-invoices from the Commissioners of Cecil County (1832-1834)




-invoices from John Alderidge to various persons (1832-1834)




-invoices concerning fireproofing (1831-1837)




-invoices concerning bushels of line (1833)




-receipts concerning fireproofing (1832-1834)




-correspondence concerning fireproofing (1831-1834)




-cash received by collector for the fireproofing of offices (1832)




-measurements of plaster and stone for fireproofing (1833)






Box 4

Court Material



-account of the taxes appropriated to pay the Chief Justice's salary (1791-1792)




-receipt of over-payment of Chief Justice (1792)




-financial accounts of Court Justice (1793-1803)




-financial accounts of prosecutor (1767-1816)




-correspondence concerning prosecutor's position (1793-1806)




-financial accounts of court clerk (1793-1803)




-instructions to the clerk of Cecil County on duties (1768)




-financial accounts of town cryer (1762-1817)




-financial accounts of sheriff position (1767-1816)




-warrants to sheriff for summoning a jury (1794-1796)




-receipts from sheriff (1790-1803)




-annual allowance receipts for sheriff (1815-1816)




-financial accounts of the deputy position (1785-1795)




-financial accounts concerning collector's position (1800-1825)




-court orders to collector (1794-1825)




-financial accounts of the Commissioner of the public buildings (1787-1794)




-list of court expenses (1760-1816)




-invoices concerning repairs to courthouse and related buildings (1762-1834)




-miscellaneous invoices (1762-1816)




-accounts of fees Cecil County court paid in cash (1801-1825)




-accounts of filing fees (1761)




-accounts concerning food (1777-1787)




-list of fines due to the Lord Proprietary in Cecil County (1749-1783)




-list of tavern licenses granted (1783-1786)




-lists of persons granted ordinary licenses (1759-1782)




-standard list of weights and measures (1759)




-liquor rates settled at Cecil County court (1785)




-miscellaneous petitions to the court (1767-1791)





Box 5

Poor Material



-petitions concerning welfare for the needy (1756-1802)




-petitions requesting compensation for housing of the needy (1762-1803)




-petitions requesting compensation for medical services for the needy (no date)




-petitions concerning compensation for burials (1763-1795)




-petitions requesting tax reductions due to poverty (1762-1817)




-petition requesting court to find other homes for the needy because of poor treatment in present ones (1767)




-estimate of expenses of building an addition to the poor house (1800)




-petition for new poor house (1802)




-court order giving assistance to needy (1767-1834)




-receipts/court orders concerning money for poor (1825)




-invoices for providing services for needy (1761-1816)




-medical invoices (1762-1806)




-burial/funeral invoices (1763-1814)




-accounts of financial expense of pensioners (1768-1803)




-Justices of the Poor House account (1789)




-lists of pensioners in poor house (1786-1799)




-bond for the services of a woman purchased for the use of the poor (1788)




-inventory of goods at poor house (1798)




-miscellaneous poor house accounts (1796-1798)




-accounts of shoes mended for poor house (1798-1804)





Box 6

Property Holdings and Taxes



-list of property assessments in each district (1786-1817)




-financial record of amount of assessed property (1783-1803)




-certificates concerning property assessments by court (1793-1803)




-list of certificates that have become ready for patent (1812-1827)




-correspondence to court concerning mistaken assessments of property value (1793-1806)




-correspondence to court concerning refunds on property tax (1793-1817)




-court records of individual property holdings (1814-1817)




-request for the release of taxes (1816)




-property returns in concordance with the act to raise supplies (1782-1783)




-a list of eliminated lands (1746-1776)




-a list of transfers of land (1813-1817)




-alphabetical list of deeds recorded (no date)




-a list of taxables for Back Creek hundred (1766-1776)




-a list of taxables for Bohemia Manor hundred (1761-1776)




-a list of taxables for Charlestown hundred (1766-1774)




-a list of taxables for Middle Neck hundred (1759-1775)




-a list of taxables for Octorara hundred (1766-1775)




-a list of taxables for North Elk hundred (1762-1775)




-a list of taxables for North Milford hundred (1766-1782)




-a list of taxables for South Milford hundred (1766-1776)




-a list of taxables for North Sassafrass hundred (1766-1776)




-a list of taxables for West Sassafrass hundred (1768-1795)




-a list of taxables for North Susquehanna hundred (1766-1791)




-a list of taxables for South Susquehanna hundred (1759-1776)




-a list of taxables for unknown hundred (1766-1776)




-vounchers for the enlargement of insolvent debtors (1785-1787)




-list of insolvents in Cecil County (1790)





Box 7

Commissioner of Tax / Attendance and Allowance Records



A. Commissioner of Tax



-financial accounts of the Commissioner of Tax (1795-1802)




-the proceedings of the Commissioner of Tax (1784)




-attendance records of Commissioner of Tax (1793-1816)




-Commissioner of Tax minute book on assessments of the land (1782)




-memorandum for Commissioner of Tax (1817)




-miscellaneous Commissioner of Tax documentation (1816-1817)




-a list of persons chargeable with Treble Tax (1774)




-a list of insolvent taxes in Cecil County (1765-1815)





B. Attendance and Allowance Records



-attendance records of Justices at local court (1779-1838)




-attendance records of Judges at local elections (1803-1807)




-attendance records of Justices at local elections (1837-1839)




-juror statements on attendance of justices (1838-1839)




-resignation of judge at election (1804)




-financial record of Justice's allowances (1767-1768)




-annual allowance receipts for election judges (1815-1816)




-allowance records of individual justices (1836-1839)




-invoices of justices' attendance in court (1839)




-invoices for attendance of magistrates and sheriffs at local elections (1791-1796)




-certificates asserting jurors attendance at jury duty (1801-1802)




-certificates asserting jurors attendance as a grand juror (1830-1831)




-list of jurors to be allowed for their attendance (1767-1785)




-certificates asserting attendance of witness for court (1802-1803)




-attendance records of miscellaneous court employees (no date)




-allowances for persons serving on grand jury (1762)




-letters authorizing transfers of allowances (1801-1825)




-receipts/requests for allowances from jurors (1807-1824)




-annual allowance receipts for jurors (1815-1816)




-court financial records of juror's allowances (1773)




-invoices from clerks at local elections (1794-1815)




-invoice for construction of voting platform for elections (1794)






Box 8

Criminal / Miscellaneous



A. Criminal



-a list of fines and forfeitures (1763-1838)




-list of Americiaments in Cecil County (1756-1784)




-list of criminal fees due in Cecil County (1755-1776)




-judgments: financial (1786-1787)




-certificates for convictions for profanity (1766-1768)




-last will and testament of a prisoner to be executed (1787)




-petitions concerning adultery (1785)





B. Miscellaneous



-title pages (1767-1839)




-a list of slaves and names of their purchasers (1817)




-certificates validating time served by indentured servants (1762)




-letter claiming theft of indentured servants (1784)




-labor contract for warehouse inspector (1762)




-financial accounts of warehouse inspector (1762)




-petitions requesting taxes to be levied on a parish for expenses of the church (1762-1774)




-petition concerning distribution of salt (1778)




-invoices concerning the Revolutionary militia (1778-1779)




-miscellaneous documentation on a Cecil County ferry (1786)




-miscellaneous inventories and settlements of estates (1785)




-certification of military service (1787)




-bill for wood received by a Magistrate Court (1807)




-Inquisitions on miscellaneous persons (1791)




-miscellaneous claims pertaining to property (1817)




-receipts for printing of blanks (1836-1837)




-miscellaneous accounts and vouchers (1785-1834)




-miscellaneous receipts (1805-1833)




-correspondence from Cecil County to miscellaneous persons (1778-1813)




-miscellaneous correspondence between Cecil County and other Maryland counties (1787-1795)




-miscellaneous scraps, lists, and unidentifiable material






Box 9

Trustees of the Poor:



Vouchers with Henry Hollingsworth (1789-1803)




Box 10

-vouchers with James Partridge (1791-1804)




-vouchers with miscellaneous persons (1789-1821)




Box 11

-inventory of land and goods donated to poor house (1794)




-journals (1794-1795)




-certificates (1796)




-correspondence with Levy Court (1795-1798)




-report of the treasurer (1801)




-miscellaneous trustees of the poor documents (1801)




-application (1804)




-account books with James Partridge (1796-1802)




-account books with Henry Hollingsworth (1791-1804)




-account books with miscellaneous persons (1797-1815)




In Oversize

-Trustees of the Poor: Account Book with Henry Hollingsworth (1801)






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