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Martha Ann "Patty" Atavis, CSPH 545

Martha Ann "Patty" Atavis, Cased Photographs Collection, CSPH 545, MdHS.


Inventory list created by Rachel Alexander, Heather Bohle, and Jennifer A. Ferretti

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The daguerreotype bears the name of its creator, Louis Jacque Mande Daguerre. Daguerre made his first successful photograph in 1837. As Daguerre’s process made its way to America, Maryland photographers served a prominent role in the history of photography. Henry Fitz, Jr. made one of the first photographic portraits in 1839 and opened the first portrait studio in Baltimore thereafter. Further inventions soon followed. Among the most popular were “collodion” also called “wet plate” (invented in 1851) and “tintype” (patented in 1856).

Collection Origin

Items in this collection were either donated individually or along with other items, as noted.

Scope and Content

There are roughly 550 cased photographs in this collection, with the majority being daguerreotypes and tintypes. A majority of the items are portraits or group portraits. Due to the nature of the cased photograph (fixed onto copper, glass, etc., as opposed to paper), names and dates of the sitter do not typically accompany the photographer.


Portraits are described first name then last name. New acquisitions are added to the end of the list.

Container List

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