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Finding aid created by Katherine Cowan with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, July 1999


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William M. Carter (1880-ca. 1917) was most likely the son of Hiram and Mary Carter. Hiram Carter was a Baltimore Commission Merchant, his firm Carter and Co. located at 10 E. Camden St. From 1889, the family lived at 718 N. Fulton Ave, and William M. first appeared in the Baltimore City Directory at that address in 1897, listed as a student. In 1898, William was listed as a clerk, perhaps in his father's business, and his profession alternated between clerk and bookkeeper until 1915. Between 1911 and 1915, William M. Carter lived in Waverly at 628 Fairoak Ave. (now 31st St.); in 1916, he worked as a salesman and moved to 511 Franklin Terrace (now 41st St.). William is said to have died in the flu epidemic of 1916-1917.

Collection Origin

Gift of Mrs. H. G. Carter, 1976 (72137).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 238 glass plate and nitrate negatives made 1906-1916, with 146 modern prints which are housed in 1 box. The photographs were made by William M. Carter, with subjects including Baltimore scenes, including businesses, churches, fires, harbor, houses, parks, neighborhoods (Fells Point, Waverly, and others), railroads, schools, streets, and waterways. There are scenes of the Carter family, friends and pets, and general domestic scenes, as well as family celebrations including weddings and anniversaries.

Other subjects include holidays (July 4, Christmas), Baltimore parades and festivals including the 1906 Homecoming, the 1912 Democratic Convention, and the Star-Spangled Banner Centennial. There are scenes of Baltimore County, Towson, Ellicott City, Pikesville, and Harford County.

Note: See also PP 115, a related collection of photographs by William M. Carter. That collection consists of 2 photograph albums containing ca. 162 and 444 photographs, respectively, and ca. 500 loose photographs, all but 50 of which are thought to be by Carter. The remaining 50 are unidentified studio portraits.



The modern prints are arranged in folders according to PP catalog number. The negatives are stored according to negative catalog numbers, the scheme for which includes size and material of the negatives. Nitrate negatives are stored separately in the nitrate storage area. Duplicate/copy negatives are stored in the Photographic Services department of the Maryland Historical Society.

Container List

1 Box

Box 1: 4 Folders

Box 1, Folder 1
PP22.1 - Mrs. Baer's dog Pat (enlarged copy). Neg Z7.788.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.1.PP22.

PP22.2 - McCorning's dog Tim, taken March 20, 1909 (Spl. 3 ½). Neg Z7.789.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.2.PP22.

PP22.3 - Kitten on ladder. Neg Z7.790.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.3.PP22.

PP22.4 - Mrs. M.C. Baer and dog Buck, March 20, 1909. Neg Z7.791.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.4.PP22.

PP22.5 - Fire at Eisenhauer's Lumber yard (Central, Eastern and Canton Aves. and Eden St.). Neg Z7.792.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.5.PP22.

PP22.6 - Horsedrawn fire-engine at work, S. Gay St., 1911. Neg Z7.793.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.6.PP22.

PP22.7 - Cows grazing on hill opposite Watervale. Neg Z7.794.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.7.PP22.

PP22.8 - Standiford, back of old home. Neg Z7.795.PP22 ; dup/copy neg Z4.8.PP22.

PP22.9 - James Corner home, South Ann St. Neg Z7.796.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.9.PP22. (PRINT NOT FOUND)

PP22.10 - House at 628 Fairoak Ave, winter. Neg Z7.797.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.10.PP22. (PRINT NOT FOUND)

PP22.11 - Mrs. Ludwig's house (Arlington Ave.) from road.. Neg Z7.798.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.11.PP22.

PP22.12 - Mrs. Ludwig's house (Arlington Ave.) from road. Neg Z7.799.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.12.PP22.

PP22.13 - Lambden house, 30th St., Waverly. Neg Z7.800.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.13.PP22.

PP22.14 - Bedroom, 718 N. Fulton Ave. from front. Neg Z7.801.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.14.PP22.

PP22.15 - J.P. Baer lot before construction began, from west side (16 Midvale Rd.?). Neg Z7.802.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.15.PP22.

PP22.16 - J.P. Baer lot before construction began, from front (16 Midvale Rd.?). Neg Z7.803.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.16.PP22.

PP22.17 - Mrs. J. Ludwig's house, Arlington Ave (side view, poor). Neg Z7.804.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.17.PP22.

PP22.18 - House on Gilmore Lane, Waverly (1913). Neg Z7.805.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.18.PP22.

PP22.19 - Old farmhouse on "Guilford" (Abell estate, Roland Park Co.'s improvement). Neg Z7.806.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.19.PP22.

PP22.20 - Back of house on 33rd St., Waverly, for Mrs. Chas. Howard, 1914. Neg Z7.807.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.20.PP22.

PP22.21 - Yard of house on Merryman's Lane, Waverly. Neg Z7.808.PP22.

PP22.22 - House on 33rd St. Waverly, taken for Mrs. Chas. Howard. Neg Z7.809.PP22.

PP22.23 - House on Merryman's Lane, Waverly, east side, from road. Neg Z7.810.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.23.PP22.

PP22.24 - Old Harlem Park Church, neg from F. Doty's print). Neg Z7.811.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.24.PP22.

PP22.25 - St. John's Church, Waverly, after snowstorm, March 1913 (day). Neg Z7.812.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.25.PP22.

PP22.26 - Madison Avenue Church parsonage. Neg Z7.813.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.26.PP22.

PP22.27 - Old Harlem Park Church. Neg Z7.814.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.27.PP22.

PP22.28 - St. John's Church, Waverly, snowy night. Neg Z7.815.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.28.PP22.

PP22.29 - Harlem Park Church interior, after the fire. Neg Z7.816.PP22.

PP22.30 - Grace M.E. Church, 36th near Hickory Ave., Hampden. Neg Z7.817.PP22.

PP22.31 - St. John's Church, snowy night (copied neg.). Neg Z7.818.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.31.PP22.

PP22.32 - Marine Bank Building, NE corner Gay and Water Sts. Neg Z7.819.PP22.

PP22.33 - Main Baltimore Post-Office Building. Neg Z7.820.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.33.PP22.

PP22.34 - Parental School, Waverly, 1913 (Vineyard Lane near W. 29th St. Neg Z7.821.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.34.PP22.

PP22.35 - Parental School, Waverly, 1913 (Vineyard Lane near W. 29th St. Neg Z7.822.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.35.PP22.

PP22.36 - Stern view of convict ship Success (from Pratt St.). Neg Z7.823.PF22; dup/copy neg Z4.36.PP22.

PP22.37 - Bow view of convict ship Success (from Pratt St.). Neg Z7.824.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.37.PP22.

PP22.38 - Fire at New York boat pier (across water). Neg Z7.825.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.38.PP22.

PP22.39 - Fire at New York boat pier (across water). Neg Z7.826.FP22; dup/copy neg Z4.39.PP22.

PP22.40 - Deck of bark Onaway (from stern). Neg Z7.827.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.40.PP22.

PP22.41 - Scow loading rosin at James Corner and Sons (1912).. Neg Z7.828.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.41.PP22.

PP22.42 - Three U.S. submarines in Baltimore dock. Neg Z7.829.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.42.PP22.

PP22.43 - One submarine and sailing vessel in Baltimore dock. Neg Z7.830.PF22; dup/copy neg Z4.43.PP22.

PP22.44 - Torpedo-boat destroyers present for Naval Procession, July 4, 1911. Neg Z7.831.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.44.PP22.

PP22.45 - Blossoming tree on hill near Duvall's Watervale (Harford). Neg Z7.832.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.45.PP22.

PP22.46 - Washington Monument illuminated by night-time searchlights. Neg Z7.833.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.46.PP22.

PP22.47 - Looking north from roof of Customs House. Neg Z7.834.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.47.PP22.

PP22.48 - Route of Key Highway back of Federal Hill. Neg Z7.835.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.48.PP22.

PP22.49 - Construction of Penn. R.R. bridge over Gwynn's Falls (near Baltimore St.), 1913. Neg Z7.836.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.49.PP22.

PP22.50 - Temporary bridge, Gwynn's Falls Park. Neg Z7.837.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.50.PP22.

Box 1, Folder 2
PP22.51 - Gwynn's Falls Park, looking toward old Granary at Franklin Rd. Neg Z7.838.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.51.PP22.

PP22.52 - Stream and lane in Gwynn's Falls Park (Chesolm Road). Neg Z7.839.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.52.PP22.

PP22.53 - Small branch creek at Fairview, Baltimore Co. Neg Z7.840.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.53.PP22.

PP22.54 - Boating party at Fairview, Baltimore Co. Neg Z7.841.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.54.PP22.

PP22.55 - Jones Falls at Hillen St., before building of Fallsway over it. Neg Z7.842.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.55.PP22.

PP22.56 - Jones Falls at Fayette St., before building Fallsway over it (ca. 1911-1915).Neg Z7.843.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.56.PP22.

PP22.57 - Cottage on lane near Gwynns Falls (Chesolm Rd. near Franklintown Rd.?). Neg Z7.844.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.57.PP22.

PP22.58 - Community Christmas Tree, 1913 (Baltimore, night). Neg Z7.845.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.58.PP22.

PP22.59 - Community Christmas Tree, 1913 (Baltimore, day). Neg Z7.846.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.59.PP22.

PP22.60 - 1913 Community Christmas Tree (Baltimore, day). Neg Z7.847.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.60.PP22.

PP22.61 - Battery facing bay at Ft. McHenry (7 sec. lpc). Neg Z7.848.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.61.PP22.

PP22.62 - Human Flag, Fort McHenry, Sept. 12, 1914 (sideview, Centennial). Neg Z7.849.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.62.PP22.

PP22.63 - Baltimore Street, decorated for Star Spangled Banner Centennial, Sept. 1914. Neg Z7.850.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.63.PP22.

PP22.64 - Fort McHenry citadel. Neg Z7.851.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.64.PP22.

PP22.65 - Battery facing Patapsco and Anne Arundel Co. at Ft. McHenry. Neg Z7.852.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.65.PP22.

PP22.66 - Battery facing Canton at Ft. McHenry (steamer passing). Neg Z7.853.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.66.PP22.

PP22.67 - Floral planting of Democratic emblem, Mt. Royal Station, 1912 (for Democratic Convention). Neg Z7.854.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.67.PP22.

PP22.68 - City Hall entrance decorated for Democratic Convention, 1912. Neg Z7.855.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.68.PP22.

PP22.69 - Interior of 5th Regiment Amory, Democratic Convention, 1912. Neg Z7.856.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.69.PP22.

PP22.70 - Entrance to 5th Regimentt Amory, Democratic Convention (John Werner in auto), 1912. Neg Z7.857.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.70.PP22.

PP22.71 - Baltimore harbor illuminated for Democratic Convention, 1912. Neg Z7.858.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.71.PP22.

PP22.72 - "Safe and Sane Fourth" of July fireworks, Patterson Park. Neg Z7.859.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.72.PP22.

PP22.73 - "Safe and Sane Fourth" of July, Battle of Lake Erie display, Patterson Park (July 4, 1911). Neg Z7.860.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.73.PP22.

PP22.74 - "Homecoming Week" illumination from Sexton Bldg. Neg Z7.861.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.74.PP22.

PP22.75 - Homecoming Week, 1907; Court of Honor, Charles and Baltimore Sts. Neg Z7.862.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.75.PP22.

PP22.76 - Homecoming Week, 1907; locomotive Atlantic float. Neg Z7.863.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.76.PP22.

PP22.77 - Hubert Latham in airplane over East Baltimore, 1913. Neg Z7.864.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.77.PP22.

PP22.78 - Hubert Latham in Antoinette, first flight over Baltimore, 1911. Neg Z7.865.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.78.PP22.

PP22.79 - Interior of the Stag lunchroom, American Bldg., SW corner of Baltimore and South Sts. Neg Z7.866.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.79.PP22.

PP22.80 - Corner Realty Co. property, SW corner Thames and Anne Sts. (before 1911). Neg Z7.867.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.80.PP22.

PP22.81 - Corner Realty Co. property, from waterfront (after 1911, City Recreation Pier). Neg Z7.868.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.81.PP22.

PP22.82 - Otto Knoche Hardware window, 844 N. Patterson Park Ave. Neg Z7.869.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.82.PP22.

PP22.83 - John Werner Paint Co. (print). Neg Z7.870.PP22.

PP22.84 - Interior of Boundary Church, 1914. Neg Z7.871.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.83.PP22.

PP22.85 - Horse awaiting driver (unidentified snowy lane). Neg Z7.872.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.84.PP22.

PP22.86 - Spring plowing under way near Windsor Mill Road. Neg Z7.873.FP22; dup/copy neg Z4.85.PP22.

PP22.87 - Spring plowing under way near Windsor Mill Road, plowman under pear tree. Neg Z7.874.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.86.PP22.

PP22.88 - Cows grazing above County bridge, Watervale (Harford). Neg Z7.875.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.87.PP22.

PP22.89 - Marsh near Joestings', Watervale (Harford Co.). Neg Z7.876.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.88.PP22.

PP22.90 - View from "The Maples", winter. Neg Z7.877.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.89.PP22.

PP22.91 - Mill on Patapsco River near Ellicott City. Neg Z7.878.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.90. PP22.

PP22.92 - Whitecaps on Chesapeake Bay. Neg Z7.879.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.91.PP22.

PP22.93 - Lake above Dickeyville. Neg Z7.880.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.92.PP22.

PP22.94 - Patapsco River near Ellicott City, Sept. 1910. Neg Z7.881.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.93.PP22.

PP22.95 - Landscape along Furnace Road en route to Loch Raven. Neg Z7.882.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.94.PP22.

PP22.96 - Watervale - train climbing hill toward Fallston. Neg Z7.883.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.95.PP22.

Box 1, Folder 3
PP22.97 - Watervale station after tracks straightened. Neg Z7.884.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.96.PP22.

PP22.98 - Western Md. R.R.'s "Western Express" near Walbrook station. Neg Z7.885.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.97.PP22.

PP22.99 - Lake above Dickeyville. Neg Z7.886.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.98.PP22.

PP22.100 - New Loch Raven bridge from old stream road before reservoir filled. Neg Z7.887.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.99.PP22.

PP22.101 - Woods, old stable - Waverly. Taken for Mrs. Chas. Howard, 1914. Neg Z7.888.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.100.PP22.

PP22.102 - Caton Ave. woods in fall (taken on last tramp together, 1915). Neg Z7.889.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.101.PP22.

PP22.103 - Interior, Lambden house, 30th St., Waverly. Neg Z7.890.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.102.PP22.

PP22.104 - Isrealson's bathroom, 1914. Neg Z7.891.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.103.PP22.

PP22.105 - Isrealson's bathroom, 1914. Neg Z7.892.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.104.PP22.

PP22.106 - Carter house, 511 Franklin Ave. 1915. Neg Z7.893.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.105.PP22.

PP22.107 - House on Merryman's Lane, Waverly, from yard. Neg Z7.894.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.106.PP22.

PP22.108 - Tents where Duvalls lived in yard while their house was re-built, Watervale. Neg Z7.895.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.107.PP22.

PP22.109 - Duvall home - "The Maples Vale" in Harford Co. Neg Z7.896.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.108.PP22.

PP22.110 - Corning house, Roland Park. Neg Z7.897.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.109.PP22.

PP22.111 - J. Corner house, 24 N. Broadway. Neg Z7.898.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.110.PP22.

PP22.112 - Sinking caisons for construction of new docks (Baltimore). Neg Z7.899.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.111.PP22.

PP22.113 - Dredge at work off Pier #5, work on new docks, M & M steamer arriving. Neg Z7.900.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.112.PP22.

PP22.114 - Harbor near Federal Hill with steamers Louise and Cmabridge. Neg Z7.901.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.113.PP22.

PP22.115 - Unloading bark Onaway. Neg Z7.902.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.114.PP22.

PP22.116 - Long Dock, Baltimore, bark Onaway at anchor. Neg Z7.903.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.115.PP22.

PP22.117 - Pile driver at work on new docks, Baltimore (sideview). Neg Z7.904.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.116.PP22.

PP22.118 - Dredge at work, Jones Falls. Neg Z7.905.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.117.PP22.

PP22.119 - Dredge cutting dock between Piers #5 and #6. Neg Z7.906.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.118.PP22.

PP22.120 - Front view of pile drivers working on new Baltimore docks. Neg Z7.907.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.119.PP22.

PP22.121 - Dredge at work cutting last of widening operation at Pier. Neg Z7.908.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.120.PP22.

PP22.122 - Edith Carter in wedding dress, Fall, 1915. Neg Z7.909.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.121.PP22.

PP22.123 - Mrs. W.G. Volandt and child. Neg Z7.910.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.122.PP22.

PP22.124 - Charlie Carter and family. Neg Z7.911.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.123.PP22.

PP22.125 - Charlie Carter and family. Neg Z7.912.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.124.PP22.

PP22.126 - Harry McCullough with sled in snow, Feb. 1914. Neg Z7.913.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.125.PP22.

PP22.127 - Boy Scouts on hike, signaling. Neg Z7.914.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.126.PP22.

PP22.128 - Dawson in office (copy for Miss Dawson). Neg Z7.915.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.127.PP22.

PP22.129 - Otto Knoche (as a child) and little girl, 1914. Neg Z7.916.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.128.PP22.

PP22.130 - Evans children. Neg Z7.917.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.129.PP22.

PP22.131 - Carter wedding group, June 9, 1915. Neg Z7.918.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.130.PP22.

PP22.132 - Elmer Farley and Schuster boys (small images). Neg Z7.919.PP22.

PP22.133 - Elmer Farley as a boy. Neg Z7.920.PP22.

PP22.134 - Schuster boys - Carter, Donald and Nelson, Jr., July 4, 1915. Neg Z7.921.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.131.PP22.

PP22.135 - Franklin Terrace children in swing, May 1916. Neg Z7.922.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.132.PP22.

PP22.136 - Charlie Carter and Family - 5th anniversary. Neg Z7.923.PP22.

PP22.137 - Wild honeysuckle, Garrettswoods, Arlington Ave. Neg Z7.924.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.133.PP22.

PP22.138 - Laurel bush, Loch Raven, 1914. Neg Z7.925.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.134.PP22.

PP22.139 - Willow by stream - Druid Ridge. Neg Z7.926.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.135.PP22.

PP22.140 - Bouquet of carnations (H. Sellers?). Neg Z7.927.PP22.

PP22.141 - Steamshovel at Guilford. Neg Z7.928.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.136.PP22.

PP22.142 - Edith Carter in wedding dress, Fall 1915. Neg Z7.929.PP22; dup/copy neg Z4.137.PP22.

Box 1, Folder 4
PP22.143 - Homecoming Week, 1907, Arch of Welcome, day. Neg ZN.14.735.PP22.

Negatives for which a modern print does not exist:
Mrs. Baer's dog Pat. Neg ZN.14.682.PP22

Mrs. Baer's dog Pat. Neg ZN.14.683.PP22.

Horses grazing near Walbrook. Neg ZN.14.684.PP22.

Ducks in washbasin. Neg ZN.14.685.PP22.

Elk, Druid Hill Park Zoo. Neg ZN.14.686.PP22.

Elk, Druid Hill Park Zoo. Neg ZN.14.687.PP22.

Fischel house, Pikesville, Md., seen from yard. Neg ZN.14.688.PP22.

Fischel house, Pikesville, Md., seen from mill. Neg ZN.14.689.PP22.

Union Station construction begins - Feb. 5, 1910. Neg ZN.14.690.PP22.

Courthouse, Towson, Md. Neg ZN.14.691.PP22.

Ingleside Schoolhouse. Neg ZN.14.692.PP22.

Main Post-Office, Baltimore. Neg ZN.14.693.PP22.

Wrecking old Savings Bank of Baltimore building, general view. Neg ZN.14.694.PP22.

Wrecking old Savings Bank of Baltimore building, digging down walls. Neg ZN.14.695.PP22.

Wrecking old Savings Bank of Baltimore building, pulling over central tower. Neg ZN.14.696.PP22.

Wrecking old Savings Bank of Baltimore building, after central tower's fall. Neg ZN.14.697.PP22.

Savings Bank of Baltimore, SE corner of Baltimore and Charles Sts. Neg ZN.14.698.PP22.

Steamer Westmoreland in Baltimore harbor. Neg ZN.14.699.PP22.

Cottage on the hill at Watervale (Harford Co.). Neg ZN.14.700.PP22.

Chas. F. Corning house, Roland Park (8 Midvale Rd.) . Neg ZN.14.701.PP22.

Standiford: front of old home. Neg ZN.14.702.PP22. (see Z7.795.PP23)

Standiford's Johni (? Small cottage, probably not privy) . Neg ZN.14.703.PP22.

Wilbur Spice house at Roland Park. Neg ZN.14.704.PP22.

H. Sellers house, Watervale (Harford Co.) . Neg ZN.14.705.PP22.

Filmore Rogers house (3358 Cedar Avenue) . Neg ZN.14.706.PP22.

Montague house. Neg ZN.14.707.PP22.

Ploughman house (rural) . Neg ZN.14.708.PP22.

J.B. Baer house, when architects completed - front. Neg ZN.14.709.PP22.

J.B. Baer house, when architects completed - side. Neg ZN.14.710.PP22.

J.B. Baer house during construction. Neg ZN.14.711.PP22.

J.B. Baer house during construction. Neg ZN.14.712.PP22.

J.B. Baer house during construction (framing). Neg ZN.14.713.PP22.

J.B. Baer house during construction (laying foundation). Neg ZN.14.714.PP22.

J.B. Baer house during construction (siding). Neg ZN.14.7l5.PP22.

J.B. Baer house during construction (shingling sides). Neg ZN.14.716.PP22.

J.B. Baer house during construction (surplus). Neg ZN.14.717.PP22.

Howard Boetler house (Laurel?). Neg ZN.14.718.PP22.

Overlooking Marine Bank from parapet, Baltimore Customs House. Neg ZN.14.719.PP22.

View from Baltimore Customs House roof: Continental, America Bldg. Neg ZN.14.720.PP22.

View from Baltimore Customs House roof, looking toward City Hall. Neg ZN.14.721.PP22.

View from Baltimore Customs House roof, looking east toward Shot Tower. Neg ZN.14.722.PP22.

View from Baltimore Customs House roof, looking toward harbor electric power plant. Neg ZN.14.723.PP22.

View from Baltimore Customs House roof, looking toward harbor. Neg ZN.14.724.PP22.

View from Baltimore Customs house roof, looking toward harbor. Neg ZN.14.725.PP22.

View from Baltimore Customs house roof, looking toward harbor. Neg ZN.14.726.PP22.

Battery at Ft. McHenry looking toward Steelton across Patapsco. Neg ZN.14.727.PP22.

Marine Bank Bldg., 33 S. Gay St. ZN.14.728.PP22.

Safe and Sane Fourth Celebration (July 4, 1911), naval procession representing voyage and landing of Margaret Brent. Neg ZN.14.729.PP22.

Safe and Sane Fourth Celebration (July 4, 1911), naval procession. Neg ZN.14.730.PP22.

Safe and Sane Fourth Celebration (July 4, 1911), street pageant, Ship of State (Margaret Brent and Lord Calvert). Neg ZN.14.731.PP22.

Safe and Sane Fourth Celebration (July 4, 1911), street pageant of Washington's troops in camp. Neg ZN14.732.PP22.

Safe and Sane Fourth Celebration (July 4, 1911), street pageant of signing of Declaration of Independence. Neg ZN.14.733.PP22.

Homecoming Week, 1907, Arch of Welcome (E. Baltimore St., day). Neg ZN.14.734.PP22.

Homecoming Week, 1907, Arch of Welcome (night). Neg ZN.14.736.PP22.

Homecoming Week, 1907, electric fountain (day). Neg ZN.14.737.PP22.

Homecoming Week, 1907, electric fountain (night). Neg ZN.14.738.PP22.

Homecoming Week, 1907, Post Office illuminated. Neg ZN.14.739.PP22.

Homecoming Week, 1907, Courthouse illuminated. Neg ZN.14.740.PP22.

Homecoming Week, 1907, military parade (Holiday St.). Neg ZN.14.741.PP22.

Homecoming Week, 1907, military parade (Holiday St.). Neg ZN.14.742.PP22.

Homecoming Week, 1907, military parade (Holiday St.). Neg ZN.14.743.PP22.

Homecoming Week, 1907, military parade (Holiday St.). Neg ZN.14.744.PP22.

Homecoming Week, 1907, military parade (Holidaty St.). Neg ZN.14.745.PP22.

Homecoming Week, 1907, crowd on Holiday St. after military parade. ZN.14.746.PP22.

Homecoming Week, 1907, enginehouse on Gay St., decorated. Neg ZN.14.747.PP22.

Homecoming Week, 1907, Fraternal parade, Foresters' float - Broadway?). Neg ZN.14.748.PP22.

Homecoming Week, 1907, Fraternal parade, Canton Monumental #2 marching. Neg ZN.14.749.PP22.

Homecoming Week, 1907, Fraternal parade, Monumental #4 float - Broadway?). Neg ZN.14.750.PP22.

Interior of Baltimore Dairy Lunch, 118-120 E. Baltimore St. Neg ZN.14.751.PP22.

Fischel's Mill, Pikesville. Neg ZN.14.752.PP22.

Quaker meeting house, Fallston (Harford Co.). Neg ZN.14.753.PP22.

St. John's P.E. Church, Waverly. Neg ZN.14.754.PP22.

Union Chapel near Wilna (Harford Co.). Neg ZN.14.755.PP22.

New Harlem Park Church. Neg ZN.14.756.PP22.

"Mountain" Church, Harford Co. Neg ZN.14.757.PP22.

"Mountain" Church, Harford Co. Neg ZN.14.758.PP22.

Fawn Grove Methodist Prostestant Church. Neg ZN.14.759.PP22.

Fawn Grove Methodist Prostestant, Church. Neg ZN.14.760.PP22.

Unidentified landscape, April evening. Neg ZN.14.761.PP22.

Deer Creek (Harford Co.) rapids. Neg ZN.14.762.PP22.

Deer Creek (Harford Co.) quiet water above rapids, looking downstream. Neg ZN.14.763.PP22.

Deer Creek (Harford Co.) quiet water above rapids, looking upstream. Neg ZN.14.764.PP22.

Winter's Run (Harford Co.) bend above Country Bridge, summer. Neg ZN.14.765.PP22.

Winter's Run (Harford Co.) Neg ZN.14.766.PP22.

Maryland and Pennsylvania R.R. track, Watervale, before curves of bridge altered. Neg ZN.14.767.PP22.

Maryland and Pennsylvania R.R., train on curving track. Neg ZN.14.768.PP22.

Patapsco River from heights near Ellicott City. Neg ZN.14.769.PP22.

Harbor dredge, close-up of scoop emptying. Neg ZN.14.770.PP22.

Upper harbor from old Bowly's Wharf. Neg ZN.14.771.PP22.

West front, U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C. (1912). Neg ZN.14.772.PP22.

State, War and Navy Dept. Bldg., Washington, D.C. (1912). Neg ZN.14.773.PP22.

West front, U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C. (1912). Neg ZN.14.774.PP22.

Washington Channel, looking toward Washington Monument (1912). Neg ZN.14.775.PP22.

Looking north from top of Washington Monument, Washington, D.C. (1912). Neg ZN.14.776.PP22.

South portico, White House, Washington, D.C. (1912). ZN.14.777.PP22.

Treasury Bldg., Washington, D.C. (1912). Neg ZN.14.778.PP22.

Looking east from top of Washington Monument, Washington, D.C. (1912). Neg ZN.14.779.PP22.

East front, U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C. (1912). Neg ZN.14.780.PP22.

Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (1912). Neg ZN.14,781.PP22.

U.S. Treasury, from SE corner of Lafayette Park (1912). Neg ZN.14.782.PP22.

Looking SE along Pennsylvania Ave. from Treasury to Capitol (1912). ZN.14.783.PP22.

Washington Monument from across Washington Channel (1912). Neg ZN.14.785.PP22.

Tidal basin from top of Washington Monument, Washington, D.C. (1912). Neg ZN.14.786.PP22.

North portico, White House, Washington, D.C. (1912). ZN.14.787.PP22.

Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Neg ZN.14.788.PP22.

Carnegie Library, Washington, D.C. (1912). Neg ZN.14.789.PP22.

Fire at warehouse adjoining Jas. Corner & Sons, E. Falls Ave. Neg ZN.15.6.PP22.

Fire at warehouse adjoining Jas. Corner & Sons, E. Falls Ave. Neg ZN.15. 7.PP22.

Fire at warehouse adjoining Jas. Corner & Sons, E. Falls Ave. Neg ZN.15. 8.PP22.

Unidentified reservoir. Neg ZN.12.17.PP22.

Unidentified reservoir. Neg ZN.12.18.PP22.

Greater Baltimore Jubilee, 1906, Decorations at City Hall. Neg ZN.12.19.PP22.

Greater Baltimore Jubilee, 1906 (poster, York Clothing Co.: "Well Done, Lord Baltimore!"). Neg ZN.12.20.PP22.

Greater Baltimore Jubilee, 1906, B & O Building decorations. Neg ZN.12.21.PP22.

Courthouse, Baltimore. Neg ZN.12.22.PP22. © 2001 Maryland Historical Society - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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