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Provenance:                  The Carey and Kimber Families Manuscript Collection was given to the H. Furlong Baldwin Library of the Maryland Historical Society in 2005 by Mr. Anthony M. Carey.



Size:                             1.5 linear foot (3 boxes)

                                    Approximately 41 items



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                                    H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society.




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July 2007


   Biographical Sketch


The Careys have been a prominent Maryland family dating back to the early nineteenth century.  Little is known about the early history of the Carey family other than that by 1703, members of the family had already established themselves in Maryland.  John Carey (d. 1864), was the first of the family to live in Baltimore.  His son, James Carey of Loudon, married Martha Ellicott (of Ellicott City) in 1786.  Martha was from a prominent Quaker family, and James Carey soon converted to his wife’s faith. This union established the Carey family as members of the Society of Friends, and succeeding generations would play active roles in the Quaker community. Through the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries, the Carey family continues as an important member of the Quaker community, as well as making significant contributions in the realms of politics, education, medicine, philanthropy and business. For further information on the Carey family visit the Carey Center for Maryland Life located in the museum of the Maryland Historical Society.  The Carey and Kimber families are related through the marriage of Susannah Bud Kimber (b.1822) to James Carey (of the Mount)(1821-1894).


Some Carey family accomplishments relevant to this manuscript collection:


            Martha Carey Thomas (1857-1935) became in 1884, the first female Dean of an American University when she was elected both dean of the college and chair of English at the recently established Bryn Mawr College for women. While there she also began the first graduate program in a women’s school. Thomas was elected President of the school in 1894 and served both as President and Dean until 1922. Also active as a leader in the Woman’s suffrage movement, in 1908 she was first president of the National College Women's Equal Suffrage League.


James Carey Thomas (1833-1897) served as Trustee of both Johns Hopkins University and Bryn Mawr College.


            Dr. Henry M. Thomas was the first Clinical Professor of Neurology at Johns Hopkins Medical School.


            James Carey (of the Mount) (1821-1894) served as the first President of the Provident Savings Bank in Baltimore.


            Margaret Thomas Carey (1869-1945) served as Treasurer of Bryn Mawr School and was also active in the suffrage movement.



Carey Family Genealogy



James Carey Thomas (1833-1897) m. Mary Whitall (1835-1888)




Martha Carey Thomas (1857-1935)


John Mickle Whitall Thomas (b.1859) m. Mary Irwin




                        James Carey(of the Mount)(1821-1894) m. Susannah Bud Kimber(b.1822)


Henry M. Thomas (b.1861)


Bond Valentine Thomas (b.1863)


James Whitall Thomas (b.1865, dies in infancy)


Mary Grace Thomas (b.1866)


Margaret Thomas (1869-1945) m. Galloway Cheston


Helen Whitall Thomas (b.1871)


Frank S. Thomas (b.1873)


Dora C. Thomas (b.1877, dies in infancy)



Hannah Whitall Smith (sister of Mary Whitall) m. Robert Pearsall Smith




                  Frank Smith


                  Mary Smith


                  Alys Smith


                  Logan Pearsall Smith(1865-1946)




Kimber Family Genealogy



Thomas Kimber (1787-1964) m. Joanna Sophia Shober (1794-1845)




 Phebe M. Kimber(b.1821) m. John Clapp




                             Samuel H. Clapp

                            Annie Clapp


Susannah Bud Kimber (b.1822) m. James Carey (of the Mount)


Anthony Morris Kimber (b.1824)


Thomas Kimber Jr. (b.1825)


Regina Shober Kimber (b.1827)


Joanna Sophia Kimber Jr. (b.1828)


Deborah M. Kimber (b.1831)


Mary Morris Kimber (b.1832)


Benjamin Kimber (b.1834)


William B. Kimber (b.1835)


Samuel Shober Kimber (b.1837)



Scope and Contents: 


The items contained in the Carey and Kimber Families Manuscript Collection span over a hundred years, from 1847 to 1953.  The collection consists of scrapbooks, business and personal correspondence, yearbooks, memoirs, memorial programs, real estate advertisements, maps and photographs.  The items are arranged according to type in three series.(See series description).  This collection would be of use to those interested in researching the history of the Carey and Kimber families, as well as that of general Maryland history. There are a number of items relating to the Bryn Mawr college.  Founded in 1885, it was the first university for women to offer a PH.D. program, an which Margaret Carey Thomas served both as Dean And President.  The “Samuel Morris” narrative might a be of value to those researching the history of slavery in the United States.  The importance of the items pertaining to Octorara House, a nineteenth century estate located in Conowingo Maryland and which is still in existence, rests in their value as part of an historical landmark. The site is registered at the National Historic Trust.

Also contained in Box 3, Folder 18 are numerous photocopies of photographs of the Octorara estate, of which the originals can be found in the Carey and Kimber Families Photograph Collection noted below.


            See also the following related photograph collection:

            PP231 Carey and Kimber Families Photograph Collection




            The Carey and Kimber Families Manuscript Collection consists of three series: 1) Carey and Kimber Family Papers; 2) Published material and unrelated items; 3) Materials relating to Octorara House. The items in the collection date from 1847 to 1953.  Each series is filed chronologically.  All undated material comes before the dated material.


Series I: Carey and Kimber Family Papers; 1850-1954 (Box 1 and 2, Folders 1-10)

This series includes a number of scrapbooks, an autograph book, correspondence, and ephemera.


Subseries 1: Autograph book of Mary K. Kimber; 1850-1852 (Box 1, Folder 1)

The autograph book was a gift to Mary Kimber(b. 1832) from her Grandmother, Susannah B. Shober.  It includes autographs and personal notes from various family members including Regina Shober, T. Kimber, and William Shober.  The dates of the signatures range from 1850-1852.


Subseries 2:Memorial Scrapbook; 1865-1894 (Box 1, Folder 2)

The memorial scrapbook contains newspaper clippings and photographs documenting the deaths Marmaduke Cope Kimber(d.1878), Regina Shober(d.1865),T. William Kimber(d.1885), Thomas Kimber(d.1890),Frances Potts, Margaret C. Kimber(d.1890), Samuel H. Clapp(d.1891), Phebe M. Clapp(d.1892), and James Carey(d.1894).


Subseries 3: Memorial to Margaret Cheston Carey; 1874 (Box 1, Folder 3)

The book provides a brief unpublished history of the life of Margaret Cheston, and a tribute by her family.


Subseries 4: Margaret C. Thomas Scrapbook from Bryn Mawr College, 1885-1889 (Box 1, Folder 4)

The scrapbook primarily documents Margaret C. Thomas’s years as a student at Bryn Mawr College. It contains journal entries, poetry, photographs, and newspaper clippings about Bryn Mawr.


Subseries 5: Memoranda Relating to the Family and Ancestry of Samuel Lieberkuhn Shober, ESQ, of Philadelphia; 1895 (Box 2, Folder 5)

This item provides a brief history of the Shober family.


Subseries 6: James Carey Thomas Memorial Scrapbook, 1898 (Box 2, Folder 6)

The scrapbook contains a brief narrative of the life of James Carey Thomas(1833-1897), as well as a copy of the November 19, 1897 edition of  “The Friend” and various newspaper clippings announcing his death.  The scrapbook also contains a newspaper clipping dated December 27, 1894 relating the wedding of Alys Pearsall Smith, niece of James Carey Thomas, to the writer and philosopher Bertrand Russell.



            Subseries 7: Pine and Cedars, Vol III, IV, and V; 1901-1902 Box 2, Folder 7

This subseries contains three editions of Pine and Cedars, a scrapbook put together by four members of the Carey family when they were children: Susanne Carey Allinson, Francis James Carey, Francis King Carey, and Margaret T. Carey. The scrapbooks include photographs and descriptions of family trips, plays, artwork, games, and photographs of various family members including Susannah Bud Kimber(b.1822).


Subseries 8: Ephemera; 1906 –1954; Box 3, Folders 8-10)

This series contains a correspondence, papers relating to a will, and a page torn from a book with a photograph of Mary King Carey.


Series 2:  Published Materials and unrelated items; 1885-1935 (Box 3, Folders 11-16)

This series contains a college program, memorial program, school yearbook, record of minutes for a church committee, a narrative of the live of a slave and missionary, and a memoir.  The items date from 1885-1935.


Subseries 4: Minute book of the Evangelistic and Church Extension Committee of the Baltimore Yearly Meeting; 1918 (Box 3, Folder 11)

Members of the Committee noted in the book include Chairman John R. Carey, Secretary Margaret T. Carey, and Treasurer John C. Thomas.


Subseries 3: “The Scribe”; 1928 (Box 3, Folder 12)

The series contains a 1928 edition of “The Scribe”, the yearbook for the Holton Arms-School, an all girls school located in Washington D.C.


Subseries 5: Memoir of Mary Whitall; 1885 (Box 3, Folder 13)

This series contains a memoir of Mary Whitall, written by her granddaughter, R.N.T, and published for the family by Grant and Faires Publishing  in 1885.


Subseries 1: Bryn Mawr College Fiftieth Anniversary Program; November 1 & 2, 1935 Box 3, Folder 14)

This program documents Bryn Mawr Colleges’ fiftieth anniversary celebration. It provides transcripts of the addresses given at the function, including one given by Professor Emeritus Margaret Carey Thomas.  The program also includes a brief history of the college, and a number of biographical sketches of important figures in the history of the school.


Subseries 2: Memorial Program at Bryn Mawr College for Margaret Carey Thomas; December 19, 1935 (Box 3, Folder 15)

The program includes transcripts of addresses given in honor of Carey Thomas, who died on December 2, 1935.  She had at various times been a Professor of English Literature, Dean of the College, President and President Emeritus, as well serving on the Board of Trustees.



Subseries 6: “Samuel Morris”; 1924 (Box 3, Folder 16)

      This item is a narrative of the life of Samuel Morris, a slave turned missionary.


Series III:  Material relating to Octorara House; 1847-1953 (Box 3, Folders 17-18)

This series contains material relating to Octorara House, a country estate and farm located in Conowingo, Cecil County, Maryland, and once owned by James Carey.  Items include correspondence, real estate advertisements, photographs, maps, and various other ephemera relating to the estate.


NOTE:  Folder titles equate to Series titles in this collection. 



1-1 to 2-10                  Carey and Kimber Family Papers; 1850-1954


2-11 to 3-16                Published Materials and unrelated items; 1885-1935


3-17 to 3-18                Material relating to Octorara House; 1847-1953