Brune Family Papers, MS 1921.1, 1831-1897


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Brune, Frederick W. (1776-1860)


Brune family papers

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MS 1921.1


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Elizabeth Daniels, 1973, 1977 (processor?)


This collection of Judge Frederick W. Brune (1894-1972) papers consists mainly of letters written by or to members of the Brune family of Baltimore, Maryland, and range in date from roughly 1831 to 1897. The majority of the letters concern family and personal matters rather than business affairs.


The letters are organized in relation to three successive Frederick William Brunes, labelled [I], [II], and [III] for convenience. The first Frederick W. Brune (1776-1860) emigrated from Bremen, Germany in 1799. He became a partner of the merchant and shipping firm Von Kapff and Brune, which had branches in New York and Baltimore. Eventually he and two of his sons, John Christian Brune and William H. Brune, formed the company F.W. Brune and Sons. A third son, Frederick William Brune [II], (1813-1878), became a lawyer. He formed the legal firm of Brown and Brune with his friend and eventual brother-in-law George William Brown, and Brown's two brothers Stewart Brown and Arthur George Brown. Brune s sister, Anna Henrietta Brune (known as “Nancy”) married Dr. George Cheyne Shattuck Jr. (1813-1893) of Boston. On February 2, 1853, Frederick W. Brune [II], married Emily S. [tone] Barton. Their four children were Frederick W. Brune [III], Herbert, Dr. Thomas Barton, Susan. There may have also been a fifth child, Ida (?). In 1884, Susan Brune married Blanchard Randall. Frederick W. Brune [III] (1854-189[9]), became a member of Messrs. Brown and Brune upon the death of his father. In 1885 he married Blanche Shoemaker. The youngest of their three children was Frederick William Brune [IV], (1894-1972), whose papers form this collection?

It is not always clear which Frederick W. Brune a letter or document relates to. Generally a guess is made on the basis of the date of the letter. Some letters addressed merely to a Mr. Brune are classified in the same way, though it is possible that a few were not addressed to a Frederick W. Brune at all.

The last section of Ms. 1921.1 is business correspondence (1843-1857) of Robert C. Wright and Co., a business that evidently dealt with shipping flour and coffee. What relationship this company or its correspondents had to the Brune family or business, if any, is not clear.


Container List

Box 1

Letter -- F.W. Brune [I] to? 1831, July 9

Business and family correspondence of F.W. Brune [II], 1832-1878, letters to Brune from:

Alexander, Mary H. -- re law suit

Barton, W.S. -- re Burton's political ambitions (2)

Brown, Arthur G. -- re law cases

Brown, George Wm. -- re law practice and family news (3)

Brown, Stewart -- re law practice

Brune, Emily S.B. -- family news (5)

Cushings and Bailey -- order for law books

Donaldson, [Thomas]

Fawcett, Benjamin -- C and O Canal re legal fee

Garnett, James M. -- re student at St. John's College

Hollingsworth, Catherine -- legal case

Johnson, T.J. [W.?] and Co.

Johnston, H.E.

Kerr, Charles G. -- re opening Cathedral Street to Saratoga

King, Francis T.

Lewis, Mayer -- discussion of legal issue (2)

Magruder, D.R. (2)

Morris, John J. -- Maryland Institution for the Instruction of the Blind

Pearde, J.A.

Renshaw, Maria C.

Renshaw, Robert H. -- re suit in Venezuela (3)

Small, Lucy? -- [sale?] of her house

Wallis, [S.] [I.] -- re law cases (2)

Welsh, John

Letters regarding F.W. Brune's [II] illness of January-February, 1856; Jan.-March 1856

In chronological order. The people involved refer to themselves only by their first names, but they seem pretty clearly to have been George William Brown, Clara (Brune) [Brown?], (Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Brune [I]?), John Christian Brune, William H. Brune, George Cheyne Shattuck Jr. and his wife Anne (Brune) Shattuck, Emily S. (Baron) Brune, and a person who was referred to as A.L., who may have been the wife of John Christian Brune or William H. Brune.

Letters from Brune to:

Brown, George W.

Forkes, John W. (20)

Shattuck, Anne Henrietta (Nancy) Brune

Shattuck, George Brune (5)

Shattuck, George Cheyne, Jr. (9)

Business and family correspondence of F.W. Brune [III], 1868-1897

letters to Brune from:

Allen, Horace G.

Barton, W.S.

Brackett, Susan Katherine J.

Brown, Arthur George

Brown, Clara Brune

Brown, Mary Letitia

Brown, Stewart

Dallam, Mary B.

Eccleston, J.H.

Hughes, [Brewster J.]

Jones, Barton

letters from Brune to:

Brune, F.W. (II)

Brune, Emily Stone Barton

Randall, Susan (nee Brune)

[Maryland National Guard] -- Brune's resignation


Box 2

letters to Brune from:

Jones, W. Strother Jr. (2)

Lym, David H.

McEvoy, James

Marcy, Edith -- vacation to Europe, Algiers (13)

Nelson, Fannie (2)

Read, Elizabeth

Shattuck, Frederick C.

Shattuck, George B. -- re family news and ground rents

Shattuck, George C., Jr. -- vacation reports (3)

Letters of F.W. Brune III and his wife, Blanche (nee Shoemaker) Brune, 1884-1897

Letters exchanged between the Brunes during part of their courtship and after their marriage when F.W. Brune was away on trips. Many of these letters were in two small packages sent to Judge Frederick W. Brune [IV] in 1956 and 1959 by George C. Van Dusen, Route 1, Excelsior, Minnesota.

Correspondence relating to an F.W. Brune that could not be identified

Brune family letters, 1871-1907

Brackett, Susan K.J. to Blanche F. Brune

Brown, George Wm. to [George C. Shattuck, Jr.]

[Brune], Arthur to his father

Brune, Augusta Eccleston to her mother

[Brune], Blanche S. to Emily S. B. Brune

Brune, Blanche S. to? Small

Brune, Blanche S. to Anna?

Brune, Emily S.B. to Carey [Barton]

Brune, F.H. to [Anne Henrietta Brune Shattuck]

Coale, William E. to Emily S. Barton Brune

Eliot, Emmy to?

Hodges, J.S.B. and Leeds George (of St. Paul's Parish) to Emily S.B. Brune

Shattuck, Anne H. Brune to Blanche S. Brune

Shattuck, George C., Jr. to Emily S. Barton Brune

Shattuck, George C. to Frederick C. Shattuck

Webb, Wm. B. to J.W. Brune

letters contain family news, expressions of condolence to Emily S.B. Brune and mention of legal cases handled by Brown and Brune.


Box 3

Letters from: James S. Bartol to S.T. Wallis re a law case, 1871;? Harris to his counsellor, 1872; and Philip F. [Hornes] to John P. Por re a case, n.d.

Items which are not letters, some legal documents

1836, January 1.

Brune, Frederick W. [I] to John C. Brune and William H. Brune, Articles of Co-partnership

1828, July.

The Reformation, from an oration by J.M. Forbes at Round Hill [school], copies by F[rederick] W. Brune [II].


Hallucination. Draft of a story that appeared in The Collegian, 1830.


Brune, Frederick W. [II] -- Miscellaneous fragments, lists


Brune, F[rederick] W. [II] -- Receipts for expenses incurred while at Harvard

1831, October 8

Shattuck, George C. Sr. to Harvard College -- bond

1862, February 8

Brown and Brune Trustees; funds deposited...


Account Book -- Dr. Hy. B. Clagettin Account with Harriet Clagett, Trustee


Legal documents re Clagett v. Clagetts...

1878 spring

Brune, [Emily S. (Barton)] -- Receipt

1865, August 1

Randall, Alexander to the Hon. James Smith. No. 1544 Equity...

1870, November 1.

Brune, Frederick [W.] [III] -- Report card

1874, Oct. 5; 1875, March 15

Brune, Frederick W. [III] Harvard Law School certificate of admission and bill for tuition

1875, March

(Adams, Ebenezer?) Drafts of a Plaintiff's Brief

1832, December

Auction Notice:...Books


Statement of St. Paul's School, Concord, N.H. PAMPHLET

1881, August 31

Picture of three men -- unidentified. (moved to Graphics)

1905, April 1

Boston Evening Transcript, President Hadley of Yale on Railroad Regulation

picture of a young woman -- Miss Filby? (moved to Graphics)


Poem -- A Voice from Heaven


Miscellaneous -- envelopes and cards

N.D. [1950?]

Miscellaneous -- address of Sarah F. Hughes who gave letters to this collection.

Business letters of Robert C. Wright and Co. (Sent to Frederick W. Brune [IV] by Goerge C. Van Dusen, August 15, 1959), 1843-1857

Senders are:

Fessenden, Charles B.

Fisk, Abijah

Andrew Foster and Sons

Graham, John

Haxall Brothers and Co.

Humphreys, Brian

Kelly and Conyingham

Eslava Murrell and Co.

Ogilvie, James H.

Warwick and Barksdale

Wright, Maxwell

Wright, Robert Clinton

Wright, Wm. H.D.C.