Blackford Record and Account Books, 1863-1907, MS.131

Blackford Record and Account Books, 1863-1907
Maryland Historical Society

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Blackford Record and Account Books, 1863-1907
Maryland Historical Society

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Jessica M. Pigza

May 1996


Scope and Content

This collection is made up of 22 volumes and covers the years 1854-1908. Except for William Blackford's private account book and Rebecca Blackford's housekeeping book, these volumes relate to Eugene Blackford's work both at his farm, Cleve, and with the Sudbrook Company of Baltimore County.

Eugene Blackford lived both at his farm Cleve and in the garden suburg Sudbrook Park in northwest Baltimore County during the years covered in this collection. From 1893 to 1896, he spent summers at a rental home in Sudbrook Park and rented Cleve out for the summer. From October 1896 to 1901, he lived year-round at a home he built at Sudbrook Park. And, beginning in 1902, he spent his summers at Cleve. His personal financial records consist of both ledgers and day books. He lists his accounts with firms like Pikesville Dairy, Kuntz's Ale, and the Sudbrook Company, as well as many daily expenses for hired help and purchases. Also in the collection is a farm journal in which he recorded events and work at Cleve. Cow accounts, which list the production of offspring and milk from the cows he owned, are included.

Beginning in 1889, he was manager of the Sudbrook Company's real estate venture, Sudbrook Park, a northwest Baltimore garden suburb designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr., that same year. In Blackford's ledgers and day books (marked Eugene Blackford volumes in container list) are details of financial transactions he, in partnership with Hugh L. Bond, Jr., had with the Sudbrook Company. The first listing of his salary with the Sudbrook Company is in May 1889. Many of the volumes in this collection provide information related to the houses built and rented as an investment in Sudbrook Park. In addition, ten volumes in this collection consist entirely of the records of the Sudbrook Company (marked Sudbrook Company volumes in container list). These records include day books, ledgers, and letterbooks that hold details on the community's early history.


Container List



William M. Blackford - Private Account Book, 1854-1864




Rebecca C. Blackford - Housekeeping Book for Cleve, 1861-1878




Eugene Blackford - Farm Journal, 1869-1890




Eugene Blackford - Ledger, 1868-1872




Eugene Blackford - Ledger, 1891-1895





Eugene Blackford - Ledger, 1896-1898




Eugene Blackford - Ledger, 1899-1907




Eugene Blackford - Day Book, 1887-1890




Eugene Blackford - Day Book, 1891-1893




Eugene Blackford - Day Book, 1894-1896




Eugene Blackford - Day Book, 1897-1901




Sudbrook Company - Day Book, 1894-1902





Sudbrook Company - Day Book, 1901-1908




Sudbrook Company - Day Book, 1903-1908




Sudbrook Company - Ledger, 1894-1899




Sudbrook Company - Ledger, 1895-1903




Sudbrook Company - Letterbook, 1891-1894





Sudbrook Company - Letterbook, 1892-1902




Sudbrook Company - Letterbook, 1894-1899




Sudbrook Company - Letterbook, 1899-1906




Sudbrook Company - Letterbook, 1902-1907





Eugene Blackford - Day Book, 1875-1880





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