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ca. 1848-1918

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The donor supplied the following commentary about some of the people depicted in this collection, who lived in Baltimore from the late 18th to the first part of the 20th centuries (dates and parenthetical comments added):

"George Baxley (1771-1848) was at Fort McHenry as a member of Washington's Artillery Company during the British bombardment. The bombshell that is at the Society fell near him but did not explode. After the war, George dug it up and the bombshell was displayed in the Baxley drug store for many years before being donated to the Society.

William Minifie (1805-1880) had completed his apprenticeship as a cabinet maker before leaving England. In Baltimore, he became successively an architect and builder, professor of drawing, and author of books on geometrical drawing. (William was the son of James and Elizabeth (Hyne) Minifie, born in Tavistock, Devonshire, England. He married Mary Woodland White in 1828.)

Jackson Brown Baxley (1814-1896) helped to organize the Maryland College of Pharmacy. He was the leading spirit in pharmaceutical legislation in Maryland, culminating in the enactment of a law requiring the registration of pharmacists. He was the first Commissioner appointed and the first president of the Maryland Board of Pharmacy. (Jackson was the son of George and Mary (Merryman) Baxley; he married Mary Ann Nesbitt Rolston in 1850 and Gertrude Hyne Minifie in 1865. Gertrude was the daughter of William and Mary (White) Minifie.)

Henry Willis Baxley (1803-1876) graduated in Medicine in 1824. He took an active part in the establishment of the first dental college to be formally organized in this country or abroad. He was an able teacher and a skilled and pioneer surgeon of his day. (Henry was the son of George and Mary (Merryman) Baxley; he married Annabella Little in 1829, and Mary Virginia Rieman in 1849.)

William George Davis Tonge (1843-1910) was born at Mt. Pleasant, near Baltimore. Went to Bainbridge, Georgia, when his family moved there. Served in the Confederate Army. (He was the son of Samuel Davis and Harriet Ann (Baxley) Tongue, and married Laura Eugenia Taylor in 1870.)

Jackson Brown Baxley, Jr. (1856-1891) graduated in pharmacy and medicine. Practiced medicine in Baltimore. Died at an early age. (He was the son of Jackson Brown Baxley and Getrude Hyne (Minifie) Baxley.)

Henry Minifie Baxley served an apprenticeship in his father's drug store, graduated in pharmacy (1888) and medicine (1892); practiced medicine in Baltimore for more than fifty years. (Henry was the son of Jackson Brown Baxley and Gertrude Hyne (Minifie) Baxley, and married Maude Eugenia Tonge in 1893.)

William Brown Baxley, First Lieut., 319th Infantry, 80th Division, American Expeditionary Forces. Graduated Engineering School, Johns Hopkins University (1917) and went immediately into the U.S. Army. He died August 1, 1918, Canadian Base Hospital No. 3 near Doullens, France, from wounds received in action. (William was the son of Henry and Maude Eugenia Tonge.)"

Collection Origin

Gift of C. Herbert Baxley, 1981 (76071).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 1 box with 4 folders containing 28 photoprints and 15 cased photographs which are stored separately. All of the photographs are portraits of the Baxley, Minifie and Tonge families, made in ca. 1848-1918. The cased photographs include daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes. One photograph shows the doorway of the drugstore operated by J.B. Baxley, and two photographs show the home of William Minifie at 80 N. Greene St., ca. 1870. Several photographs show African American workers.

Note: Related materials are found in the Manuscripts Department of the Maryland Historical Society: MS. 1993 and 1993.1, the William Minifie Journal; and MS. 2361, the Baxley Family Papers.


The uncased photographs are arranged in folders by subject and by PP catalog numbers. The cased photographs are stored separately with the Cased Photograph Collection in the Prints and Photographs Division of the Maryland Historical Society.

Container List

1 Box and 15 cased photographs

Box 1: 4 folders

Folder 1
Tonge family.

PP90.1 - Ann Miller Taylor (1802-1887), carte de visite albumen, 1864.

PP90.2 - W.G.D. Tonge (1843-1910), small boudoir collodio/gelatino-chloride, 1899.

PP90.3 - Laura Eugenia (Taylor) Tonge (1846-1925), cabinet collodio/gelatino-chloride, 1895.

PP90.4 - W.G.D. Tonge, gelatin silver, 1907.

Folder 2
Jackson Brown Baxley family

PP90.5 - Gertrude Hyne Minifie Baxley, carte de visite albumen, 1871.

PP90.6 - Jackson Brown Baxley, carte de visite albumen, ca. 1871.

PP90.7 - Henry W. Baxley (1803-1876), albumen, ca. 1870.

PP90.8 - Rebecca Jane Baxley (1797-1875), carte de visite albumen, 1871.

PP90.9 - Dr. Jackson Brown Baxley, Sr., cabinet card albumen, ca. 1885.

PP90.10 - Gertrude Hyne Baxley, cabinet collodio/gelatino-chloride, 1891 (copy of photo ca. 1885).

PP90.11 - Emily R. Baxley, cabinet card albumen (?), 1884.

PP90.12 - Henry M. Baxley (1868-1950), cabinet card albumen, ca. 1882.

PP90.13 - Jackson Brown Baxley (1856-1891), cabinet card albumen, ca. 1875.

PP90.14 - Henry Minifie Baxley (on bicycle), cabinet card albumen, 1887.

PP90.15 - J.B. Baxley drug store at Madison Ave. and McMechen St., albumen panel, ca. 1888. People include B. Nadal Coe, Henry M. Baxley, Lewis M. Reinhandt, J.B. Baxley, and John F. Chisley (porter). Duplicate/copy negative Z24.410.

PP90.16 - Jackson Brown family, albumen panel, ca. 1890. Includes Henry Minifie Baxley, Jackson Brown Baxley, Jr., Ella Maude Baxley, Emily Rolston Baxley, Jackson Brown Baxley, Sr., and Gertrude Hyne (Minifie) Baxley.

Folder 3
William Minifie family

PP90.17 - William Minifie (1805-1880), carte de visite albumen, 1865.

PP90.18 - Mary Woodland White Minifie, carte de visite albumen, 1863.

PP90.19 - Mary E. Minify (1844-1906), carte de visite albumen, ca. 1865.

PP90.20 - William Minifie, cabinet card albumen, 1875.

PP90.21 - Mary W. Minifie (1806-1880), cabinet card albumen, 1876.

PP90.22 - William and Mary Minifie, 50th wedding anniversary, cabinet card albumen, 1878.

PP90.23 - William Minifie and family outside of home at 80 N. Greene St., mounted albumen, 1870. Includes Mr. and Mrs. William Minifie, Henry Minifie Baxley (child), Laura Johnson (cousin), and unidentified African American domestic worker.

PP90.24 - William Minifie house, mounted albumen, 1871. Shows Mr. William Minifie and neighborhood boys.

Folder 4
Henry Minifie Baxley family

PP90.25 - Henry M. Baxley (1868-1950), mounted gelatin silver, ca. 1910.

PP90.26 - Maude Tonge Baxley (1871-1958), mounted gelatin silver, ca. 1910.

PP90.27-.28 - First Lt. William Brown Baxley (1894-1918), uncounted gelatin silver, 1917- 1918. 2 items.

Cased photographs
George Baxley (1771-1848), quarter plate daguerreotype, n.d. #253.

Mary Merryman Baxley (1775-1834), quarter plate daguerreotype (copy of painting), n.d. #254.

Jackson Brown Baxley (1814-1896) and George William Baxley (1851-1869), half plate ambrotype, n.d. #255.

Gertrude Hyne Minifie Baxley (1837-1891), ambrotype, n.d. #256.

Emily Rolston Baxley (1852-1941), quarter plate daguerreotype, n.d. #257.

Emily Rolston Baxley, ambrotype, n.d. #258.

Harriet Ann Baxley Tonge (1810-1857), quarter plate daguerreotype, n.d. #259.

Gertrude H. Minifie, quarter plate ambrotype, 1860. #260.

Isabelle H. Gratin Tonge (d.1862), sixth plate tintype. #261.

Ann Hyne Minifie Fay (1811-1850), sixth plate ambrotype. #262.

Ann Hyne Minifie Fay, quarter plate daguerreotype. #263.

William Ernest Minifie (1839-1859), ninth plate ambrotype. #264.

William Ernest Minifie, (albumen?) footprint in sixth plate case. #265.

Charles Granville Minifie (b.1846), ninth plate ambrotype. #266.

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