Baltimore City Buildings Photograph Collection, 1926-1927, PP236, Monuments

Photograph Collection Inventory List

Special Collections Department

201 West Monument Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201 

410-685-3750 x359;


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Negative ID  Original Print Copy Print Description Box
PP236.0418A PP236.0418B PP236.0418C George Armistead Monument. Federal Hill Park. Box 2
PP236.0419A PP236.0419B PP236.0419C George Armistead Monument. Fort McHenry. Box 2
PP236.0420A PP236.0420B PP236.0420C Battle Monument. Calvert and Fayette Streets. Monument Square.  Box 2
PP236.0421A PP236.0421B PP236.0421C Alfred E. Booth Monument. Water and Market Place. Box 2
PP236.0422A PP236.0422B PP236.0422C Cecilius Calvert Monument. Courthouse. Box 2
PP236.0423A PP236.0423B PP236.0423C Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument (Spirit of the Confederacy). Mount Royal Avenue.  Box 2
PP236.0424A PP236.0424B PP236.0424C Confederate Women of Maryland Monument. Charles Street and University Parkway.  Box 2
PP236.0425A N/A PP236.0425C Edgar Allan Poe Tomb. Greene and Fayette Streets. Westminster Burying Ground. Box 2
PP236.0426A PP236.0426B PP236.0426C Ellicott Driveway Monument. Box 2
PP236.0427A PP236.0427B PP236.0427C Fallsway Monument. Sewerage Commission. Guilford Avenue and Biddle Street.  Box 2
PP236.0428A PP236.0428B PP236.0428C Chapin Harris Monument. North and Linden Avenues (now at Wyman Park and Art Museum Drives). Box 2
PP236.0429A PP236.0429B PP236.0429C John Mifflin Hood Monument. Hopkins Place (now at Preston Gardens).  Box 2
PP236.0430A PP236.0430B PP236.0430C John Eager Howard Monument. Mount Vernon Place.  Box 2
PP236.0431A PP236.0431B PP236.0431C Francis Scott Key Monument. Eutaw Place. Bolton Hill.  Altamont Hotel in background. Box 2
PP236.0432A PP236.0432B PP236.0432C Francis Scott Key Monument. Fort McHenry. Orpheus Statue.  Box 2
PP236.0433A PP236.0433B PP236.0433C Marquis de Lafayette Monument. Mount Vernon Place.  Box 2
PP236.0434A PP236.0434B PP236.0434C Ferdinand C. Latrobe Monument. North Broadway.   Box 2
PP236.0435A PP236.0435B PP236.0435C Maryland Line Monument (Revolutionary Monument). Mount Royal Avenue. Lyric Theatre.  Box 2
PP236.0436A PP236.0436B N/A North Avenue and Montreal Street Triangle. Cannon. Box 2
PP236.0437A PP236.0437B N/A North Avenue and Montreal Street Triangle. Tablet dedicated to wounded sailors and soldiers of the Civil War. Box 2
PP236.0438A PP236.0438B PP236.0438C George Peabody Monument. Mount Vernon Place. Artist: William W. Story. 1890. Box 2
PP236.0439A PP236.0439B PP236.0439C Edgar Allan Poe Monument. Wyman Park (now at Mount Royal and Maryland Avenues). Box 2
PP236.0440A PP236.0440B PP236.0440C James L. Ridgely Monument. Harlem Park. Artist: Alexander Doyle. 1885. Box 2
PP236.0441A PP236.0441B PP236.0441C Samuel Smith Monument. Wyman Park (now on Federal Hill).  Box 2
PP236.0442A PP236.0442B PP236.0442C SPCA Fountain. Court Square (Monument Square). Box 2
PP236.0443A PP236.0443B PP236.0443C Roger Brooke Taney Monument. Mount Vernon Place.  Box 2
PP236.0444A PP236.0444B PP236.0444C Union Soldiers and Sailors Monument. Civil War Monument. Druid Hill Park (now in Wyman Park).  Box 2
PP236.0445A PP236.0445B PP236.0445C Severn Teackle Wallis Monument. Mount Vernon Place. Artist: Laurent Honore Marqueste. 1904. Box 2
PP236.0446A PP236.0446B PP236.0446C George Washington Monument. Druid Hill Park. Box 2
PP236.0447A PP236.0447B PP236.0447C George Washington Monument. Mount Vernon Place.  Box 2
N/A PP236.0447B-2 N/A Military Courage Statue. Mount Vernon Place.  Box 2
N/A PP236.0447B-3 N/A Barye Lion Statue. Mount Vernon Place.  Box 2
N/A PP236.0447B-4 N/A War Statue. Mount Vernon Place.  Box 2
N/A PP236.0447B-5 N/A Peace Statue. Mount Vernon Place.  Box 2
N/A PP236.0447B-6 N/A Order Statue. Mount Vernon Place.  Box 2
N/A PP236.0447B-7 N/A Force Statue. Mount Vernon Place.  Box 2
N/A PP236.0447B-8 N/A William Wallace Monument. Druid Hill Park.  Box 2
N/A PP236.0447B-9 N/A Richard Wagner Bust. Druid Hill Park.  Box 2
N/A PP236.0447B-10 N/A Conradin Kreutzer Bust. Patterson Park. . Box 2
N/A PP236.0447B-11 N/A Christopher Columbus Monument. Druid Hil Park.  Box 2
PP236.0448A PP236.0448B PP236.0448C Colonel William Watson Monument. Mount Royal and Lanvale Avenues (now at Mount Royal and North Avenues).  Box 2
PP236.0449A PP236.0449B PP236.0449C Wells and McComas Monument. Ashland Square. 1873. Box 2
PP236.0450A PP236.0450B PP236.0450C Thomas Wildey Monument. Odd Fellows Monument. North Broadway and Fayette Street.  Box 2
PP236.0451A PP236.0451B PP236.0451C Belair Road War Memorial. WWII. Belair Road and Gay Street. Herring Run Park.  Box 2