Baltimore City Buildings Photograph Collection, 1926-1927, PP236, Asylums and Hospitals


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201 West Monument Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201 

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Bayview Asylum and Sydenham Hospital



Negative ID Original Print  Copy Print Description Box 
PP236.0210A PP236.0210B PP236.0210C Tuberculosis Hospital Front View. Building #38 Box 2
PP236.0211A PP236.0211B PP236.0211C Conveyer Shed. Building #40 Box 2
PP236.0212A PP236.0212B PP236.0212C Tuberculosis Hospital. Building #38 Box 2
PP236.0213A PP236.0213B PP236.0213C Dwelling. Building #37 Box 2
PP236.0214A PP236.0214B PP236.0214C Rabbit and Guinea Pig Hutch. Building #37A Box 2
PP236.0215A PP236.0215B PP236.0215C Private Garage North of Hospital Annex. Building #36 Box 2
PP236.0216A PP236.0216B PP236.0216C Pavilion. Building #35 Box 2
PP236.0217A PP236.0217B PP236.0217C Male Insane Department. Building #34 Box 2
PP236.0218A PP236.0218B PP236.0218C West Gatehouse. Building #31 Box 2
PP236.0219A PP236.0219B PP236.0219C Main Gatehouse and Dwelling. Building #36 Box 2
PP236.0220A PP236.0220B PP236.0220C Helpers Dormitory. Building #29 Box 2
PP236.0221A PP236.0221B PP236.0221C Cow Stables. Building #28 Box 2
PP236.0222A PP236.0222B PP236.0222C Cow Stables. Building #28. Workers tarring roof. Box 2
PP236.0223A PP236.0223B PP236.0223C Passageway and Kitchen (26-39) Box 2
PP236.0224A PP236.0224B PP236.0224C Nurses Dwelling. Building #27 Box 2
PP236.0225A PP236.0225B PP236.0225C Laundry. Building #25 Box 2
PP236.0226A PP236.0226B PP236.0226C Pig Shelters. Buildings 45 and 46 Box 2
PP236.0227A PP236.0227B PP236.0227C Pig Shelter. Building #44 Box 2
PP236.0228A PP236.0228B PP236.0228C Silos. Farm. Building #42 Box 2
PP236.0229A PP236.0229B PP236.0229C Slop House. Building #41 Box 2
PP236.0230A PP236.0230B PP236.0230C Colored Tuberculosis Hospital. Building #52 Box 2
PP236.0231A PP236.0221B PP236.0231C Colored Tuberculosis Hospital. Ward A. Building #50 Box 2
PP236.0232A PP236.0232B PP236.0232C Hay Barracks. Building #53 Box 2
PP236.0233A PP236.0233B PP236.0233C Nurses  Home. Building #54 Box 2
PP236.0234A PP236.0234B PP236.0234C Paint and Oil House. Building #58 Box 2
PP236.0235A PP236.0235B PP236.0235C East Gatehouse. Building #59 Box 2
PP236.0236A PP236.0236B PP236.0236C Powerhouse. Building #71 Box 2
PP236.0237A PP236.0237B PP236.0237C General View. Powerhouse. Farm Building #0 Box 2
PP236.0238A PP236.0238B PP236.0238C Reservoir Box 2
PP236.0239A PP236.0239B PP236.0239C Doctors Bungalow. Building #24 Box 2
PP236.0240A PP236.0240B PP236.0240C Implement Shed. Building #43 Box 2
PP236.0241A PP236.0241B PP236.0241C Helpers Quarters. Building #55 Box 2
PP236.0242A PP236.0242B PP236.0242C Colored Nurses Home. Building #56 Box 2
PP236.0243A PP236.0243B PP236.0243C Acute Hospital. Ward A. Front View. Building #70 Box 2
PP236.0244A PP236.0244B PP236.0244C Garage. Building #68 Box 2
PP236.0245A PP236.0245B PP236.0245C Garage. Building #57 Box 2
PP236.0246A PP236.0246B PP236.0246C Water Tower. Building #72 Box 2
PP236.0247A PP236.0247B PP236.0247C Acute Hospital. Side View. Building #70 Box 2
PP236.0248A PP236.0248B PP236.0248C Ward A. Kitchen. Building #23 Box 2
PP236.0249A PP236.0249B PP236.0249C Morgue. Building #13 Box 2
PP236.0250A PP236.0250B PP236.0250C Service Building. Staff Kitchen. Buildings #4 and #74 Box 2
PP236.0251A PP236.0251B PP236.0251C Staff Quarters. Building #5 Box 2
PP236.0252A PP236.0252B PP236.0252C Stable. Building #20 Box 2
PP236.0253A PP236.0253B PP236.0253C Blacksmith Shop. Building #14 Box 2
PP236.0254A PP236.0254B PP236.0254C Laundry. Building #8 Box 2
PP236.0255A PP236.0255B PP236.0255C Bath House. Building #12 Box 2
PP236.0256A PP236.0256B PP236.0256C Paint Shop. Building #15 Box 2
PP236.0257A PP236.0257B PP236.0257C Female Psychopathic Hospital. Building #6 Box 2
PP236.0258A PP236.0258B PP236.0258C Main Building. Building #1 Box 2
PP236.0259A PP236.0259B PP236.0259C Main Building. Center View. Building #1 Box 2
PP236.0260A PP236.0262B PP236.0260C Main Building. East View. Building #1 Box 2
PP236.0261A PP236.0261B PP236.0261C Main Building. West Wing. Building #1 Box 2
PP236.0262A PP236.0262B PP236.0262C Pavilion. Building #21 Box 2
PP236.0263A PP236.0263B PP236.0263C Hospital Annex. Building #16 Box 2
PP236.0264A PP236.0264B PP236.0264C Dance Pavilion. Building #22 Box 2
PP236.0265A PP236.0265B PP236.0265C Recreation Building. Building #11 Box 2
PP236.0266A PP236.0266B PP236.0266C Barn. Near Nurses Home. Herring Run Park Box 2
PP236.0267A PP236.0267B PP236.0267C Laundry Building Box 2
PP236.0268A PP236.0268B PP236.0268C Laundry  Building. West and South Elevation Box 2
PP236.0269A PP236.0269b PP236.0269C Shed at dwelling. 850 feet west of Sydenham Hospital Box 2
PP236.0270A PP236.0270B PP236.0270C Dwelling. 850 feet west of Sydenham Hospital Box 2
PP236.0271A PP236.0271B PP236.0271C Barn and shed at residence 850 feet west of Sydenham Hospital Box 2
PP236.0272A PP236.0272B PP236.0272C Shed at dwelling 850 feet west of Sydenham Hospital (horse drawn carriage) Box 2
PP236.0273A PP236.0273B PP236.0273C Powerhouse Box 2
PP236.0274A PP236.0274B PP236.0274C Outbuilding at residence 1200 feet west of Sydenham Hospital Box 2
PP236.0275A PP236.0275B PP236.0275C Chicken coop to residence near Sydenham Hospital. Herring Run Box 2
PP236.0276A PP236.0276B PP236.0276C Nurses Home Box 2
PP236.0277A PP236.0277B PP236.0277C Shed at residence 1200 feet west of Sydenham Hospital Box 2
PP236.0278A PP236.0278B PP236.0278C Shed at residence at Sydenham. Herring Run Park Box 2
PP236.0279A PP236.0279B PP236.0279C Administration Hospital. Still standing Box 2
PP236.0280A PP236.0280B PP236.0280C Pavilion B. West elevation. Still standing Box 2
PP236.0281A PP236.0281B PP236.0281C Pavilion B. Still standing Box 2
PP236.0282A PP236.0282B PP236.0282C Kitchen building Box 2
PP236.0283A PP236.0283B PP236.0283C Kitchen building. Rear elevation and passageway Box 2
PP236.0284A PP236.0284B PP236.0284C Garage. Still standing Box 2
PP236.0285A PP236.0285B PP236.0285C Residence near nurses home. Herring Run Park Box 2
PP236.0286A PP236.0286B PP236.0286C Brick house. 1200 feet west of Sydenham Hospital Box 2
PP236.0287A PP236.0287B PP236.0287C Brick house. 1200 feet west of Sydenham Hospital Box 2
PP236.0288A PP236.0288B PP236.0288C Barn at residence. 1200 feet west of Sydenham Hospital Box 2