Provenance:                          The Baltimore Chapter of The American Institute of Architects

Collection, 1927-1992, was donated to the H. Furlong Baldwin

Library of Maryland Historical Society by Karen Lewand,

Executive director, Baltimore Chapter of The American Institute of Architects.



Size:                                        27.25 linear feet (54 boxes) and one oversized container.


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Preferred Citation:                     Baltimore Chapter of The American Institute of Architects

Collection, 1927-1992, MS 2850

H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society.


Historical Information


The Baltimore Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (BAIA) was founded in 1871 as a local chapter of The American Institute of Architects (AIA).  The parent organization was founded in New York in 1857 “to promote the artistic, scientific, and practical profession of its members; to facilitate their intercourse and good fellowship; to elevate the standing of the profession; to combine the efforts of those engaged in the practice of Architecture, for the general advancement of the Art.”  In 1867 the mission statement of the parent organization was simplified to state, “The objects of this Institute are to unite in fellowship the Architects of this continent, and to combine their efforts so as to promote the artistic, scientific, and practical efficiency of the profession.”  The BAIA founding constitution states that “The objects of the chapter are to unite in fellowship the architects of the city, and to combine their efforts so as to promote the artistic, scientific and best ethical standards of the profession.”  With some refinement this has remained the mission of the BAIA to the present.


The AIA and its local chapters have promoted their mission through regular meetings, the creation and distribution of literature, the creation and maintenance of libraries, sponsorship of lectures, seminars, and workshops for members, sponsorship of social events, and educational programs designed to elevate public interest in and understanding of architectural issues. Both AIA and BAIA have devoted considerable efforts to informing and influencing political and legislative decision makers on issue that affect both public architecture and the architect’s profession with particular attention to standardizing architectural contracts and regularizing the education and licensure of architects.  BAIA has supported many projects and organizations devoted to improving the quality of life in the Baltimore area.  It also helped found a number of community organizations. Two of the more significant and long-lived are The Neighborhood Center (1968), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing lower income communities with access to professional design services, and The Baltimore Architecture Foundation (1987), which focuses on promoting understanding of and an appreciation for Baltimore's built environment through public programs and educational outreach.


BAIA has been housed in offices at various locations in Baltimore. Since 1987, BAIA headquarters has been located in a permanent home on Chase Street.  Substantial deposits of BAIA records can be found at the current headquarters, the National AIA offices, and at MdHS (Collections MS 1116 and MS 2850).  Further information concerning the distribution and availability of BAIA records can be found in the finding aids material for this collection.

Scope and Content

The materials in the Baltimore Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (BAIA) Collection, 1927-1993, consist of administrative records, organizational documents, by-laws, rosters, directories, financial and legal documents, minutes and agendas, membership records, letters, newsletters and magazines, flyers, brochures, announcements, news clippings, photographs, photographic slides, maps, and architectural drawings.


      The material in the Collection spans the period from 1927 to 1993, with the bulk of the material from 1952 to 1993.  The strength of the Collection is the depth of  documentation showing how BAIA administered its affairs and the range of BAIA activities documented.  Administrative documents include correspondence and memoranda of executive directors, presidents, and committee chairs, as well as minutes of Board, Chapter, and committee meetings. BAIA activities, including awards and competitions, cooperative enterprises, sponsored programs, and BAIA publications are extensively documented.  If the collection has a weakness it is the uniformity of coverage.  Some types of material have a uniform distribution over the entire bulk date span of the Collection. Others, however, cover a narrow segment or segments with significant gaps.  The Publications subseries of Series II serves as a good orientation to BAIA activities and personnel during the bulk date span of the collection.


       The Collection is divided into three major series.  The first series, I, documents the administrative activities of the BAIA.  These activities range from managing the financial affairs, securing office space, planning meetings, setting agendas, electing and installing officers, organizing committees, carrying out committee functions, and responding to political and legal challenges.  Among the more extensively documented activities are efforts to influence licensure and regulation of design professionals, the day to day activities and correspondence of BAIA executive directors in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, the meetings of the BAIA Board of Directors from 1959-1992, and the legal case against the principals of Gaudreau Inc. in the matter of the bribery of Baltimore County Executive, Dale Anderson.  


       The second series, Activities, Programs, and Publications, contains materials documenting services and programs for both BAIA members and other audiences.  Awards programs and competitions, lectures and seminars, walking tours and programs devoted to public education concerning architecture, and BAIA participation in activities with government and other community organizations are extensively documented. 


      The third series, Member Files, contains membership records of individual BAIA members and applicants for membership.  The specific contents of each series are detailed more thoroughly in the following Series Description.

        In addition to documenting the activities and programs of BAIA, the Collection provides a rich source of material for those interested in the diverse ways in which architecture and architects have figured in the life of the City of Baltimore and the surrounding area.  It contains material pertaining to the development of major building projects, such as Camden Yards, the Inner Harbor, and the World Trade Center, as well as documentation of the role of politicians, community leaders, and community organizations in the architectural life of the city.  It also contains material related to urban renewal, community development, and affordable housing. 


      See also the following related manuscript collection:

      MS 1116:  Baltimore Chapter of American Institute of Architects, Minutes &

            Letterbook, 1870-1895.



                The Baltimore Chapter of the American Institute of      Architects Collection (BAIA) consists of three major series:  1) Internal Organizational Affairs; 2) Activities, Programs, Publications; 3) Membership Affairs.


                A universal arrangement scheme is not followed throughout the collection.  Arrangement of each series and subseries follows the order most appropriate to the material organized and reflects as much as possible the original arrangement of materials. 


Series I: Internal Organizational Affairs;  1947-1993 (Boxes 1-24, 242 folders)

This series contains documents and correspondence pertaining to the organization, management, and operation of BAIA.  The series includes files pertaining to the organization’s structure and by-laws, material from the national AIA and regional AIA chapter affairs, legal and financial affairs, and files of material from executive directors, presidents, the executive committee of the board of directors, the board of directors, chapter meetings, and committees. 


                Subseries 1:  Organizational Structure and By-laws;  1947-1989  (Box 1, 12


                This subseries contains chapter by-laws as well as drafts, revisions,

correspondence, and planning documents.  It also contains lists of officers,

directors, and past presidents, as well as a Report on the Future of the Chapter.


Subseries 2: National AIA Affairs; 1956-1985 (Box 2,  13 folders)

This subseries contains material produced by and pertaining to the AIA national organization.  Included are copies of by-laws, committees and organization committee structure, organizing material, material pertaining to governmental affairs, and policy statements.


Subseries 3: Regional Affairs; 1954-1989 (Boxes 3-5, 28 folders)

This subseries contains material pertaining to the affairs of regional AIA chapters.  Included are meeting minutes, by-laws, correspondence, memoranda, membership rosters, and newsletters.  Chapters represented include: Chesapeake Bay, Chesapeake Valley, Delaware, Maryland, Mid-Atlantic, Northern Virginia, and Potomac.  This subseries is ordered alphabetically by regional organization name.


Subseries 4: Legal Affairs; 1964-1987 (Boxes 6-7, 20 folders)

This subseries contains material relating to legal affairs of the BAIA.  It includes legal briefs, ‘Friend of the Court’ filings, a court transcript, material concerning licensing professional policies, material concerning political contributions, and material concerning professional liability.  This subseries contains court documents, news clipping, BAIA memoranda, and correspondence concerning  the legal case against and subsequent suspension of Paul, Thomas, and William Gaudreau of Gaudreau, Inc. and the related legal proceedings against Baltimore County Executive, Dale Anderson.  Material concerning the Gaudreau and Anderson cases can be found in with news clippings and press release files in Publications (Series II, Subseries 3) and in Executive Files, Board Files, and General Correspondence (Series I, Subseries 6, 7, and 9).  This subseries is ordered alphabetically by folder title.


Subseries 5:  Financial Affairs; 1954-1990 (Boxes 8-9, 29 folders)

This subseries contains BAIA budgets, financial reports, income statements, insurance policies, lease agreements, ledgers, income and expense statements, and tax returns as well as notes, memoranda, and correspondence.  Also included are photographs of and plans for office space used by BAIA at various locations.


Subseries 6:  Executive Files; 1964-1993 (Boxes 10-13, 29 folders )

This subseries contains the office files and correspondence of BAIA executive directors and  presidents.  Included are correspondence, memoranda, diaries, minutes, agendas, notes, and reports.  This subseries contains three types of files: office binder files from the office of the executive director, executive correspondence from both executive directors and presidents, and executive director diaries.  Material in each of these categories is ordered chronologically.  Executive directors and presidents with significant representation include: Michael Bolinger, James Edmunds, David Gleason, Jim Grieves, Allen C. Hopkins, Karen Lewand, Parker Matthai, Joan Shipley, Ann Stacey, Jane Sterrett, Glen Tipton, and Steve Ziger.  Most of the files in this subseries are from 1981-1993. Those interested in correspondence of BAIA executives should also consult other subseries, such as Financial Affairs, Legal Affairs, Board Files, and General Correspondence, in this series.


Subseries 7: Board Files; 1959-1992 (Boxes 14-16, 35 folders)

This subseries contains records of BAIA Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.  Included are agendas, meeting minutes, lists of officers, and committee reports.  This subseries is ordered chronologically.


Subseries 8: Chapter Meeting Files; 1965-1991 (Boxes 17, 7 folders – Box 18, folders 1-4)

This subseries contains notes, minutes, agendas, publicity, and correspondence pertaining to BAIA chapter meetings. This subseries is ordered chronologically.


Subseries 9: General Correspondence; 1957-1988 (Box 18 folders 5-9-Box 19, 9 folders)

This subseries contains correspondence, preparatory notes for and commentary on correspondence, and objects, such as reports, proposals, and news articles, that are the subjects of correspondence.  Correspondence from 1957 to 1964 focuses almost exclusively on the BAIA publication Architect’s Report. Correspondence from 1973 to 1988 covers a variety of topics and is signed by BAIA presidents, executive directors, executive secretaries, and committee chairs from that period. This subseries is ordered chronologically.


Subseries 10: Committees; 1952-1992 (Boxes 20-24, 51 folders)

This subseries contains the files of particular BAIA committees.  Material in these files includes minutes, agendas, notices, rosters correspondence, and other material pertinent to committee business.  Committees are both standing and ad hoc.  Committees with significant materials include: Advocacy, Awards, By-laws, Continuing Education, Crisis, Cultural Advisory, Design, Government Relations, Industry Relations, Legislative Affairs, Membership, Newsletter, Planning, Practice, and Urban Design.  Material pertaining to BAIA committees may be found elsewhere in the Collection.  For example, Awards Committee material is found in Awards files in Series II, Membership Committee material is found with Membership Affairs files in Series III, and Publication Committee material is found  Publications files in Series II.  This subseries is ordered alphabetically by committee name and thereunder chronologically.


Series II: Activities, Sponsored Programs, Publications; 1952-1993 (Boxes 25-44; 224  folders)

This series contains material documenting the professional activities of BAIA.  Included are activities primarily for professional architects, such as awards and competitions, seminars, lectures and lecture series, and social events; activities designed for the general public, such as walking tours of Baltimore neighborhoods; cooperative enterprises with other organizations and government agencies;  and publications of the BAIA.


                Subseries 1: Awards and Competitions; 1960-1990 (Boxes 25-29; 45 folders)

                This subseries contains material related architectural design awards a

competitions. Some, such as the Design Awards, are sponsored solely by BAIA. 

Others, such as the Baltimore Magazine Residential Design Awards, are co-sponsored.  Included in the files are competition entries, including in some instances photographs and slides; administrative material, such as records, correspondence, financial documents, and publicity; documentation of winning entries, including photographs, newspaper accounts, and magazine articles. Most of this subseries is devoted to Design Awards, Baltimore Magazine Residential Design Awards, and Honor Awards.  Also included are files on Chapter Service Awards, the Inner Harbor Design Competition, Rock Creek Building Competition, the National Aquarium Design Competition, and other competitions.  The subseries is arranged alphabetically by competition or award name, and thereunder chronologically.


Subseries 2: Cooperative Enterprises; 1953-1991 (Boxes 30-33, 60 folders)

This subseries contains records documenting activities carried out by BAIA in cooperation with other organizations and government agencies.  Numerous organizations and government agencies are represented in this subseries, including universities, minority businesses, the American Society for Interior Design, Citizens’ Planning and Housing Association, the national AIA, the Maryland Historical Society, and the Maryland Historic Trust.  Among the projects documented are the Camden Yards Project, Historic Preservation Guidelines, purchase of the Latrobe Portrait and Collection by the Maryland Historical Society, the Morgan State University Environmental Design Program, Neighborhood Design Center, Johns Hopkins University Continuing Education Seminars, Urban Design Center, and a Proposal for the Reorganization of the Professional Program in Architecture at the University of Maryland, College Park.  The subseries is arranged alphabetically by either project title or the name of the cooperating organization.


Subseries 3: Publications; 1952-1993 (Boxes 34-37, 49 folders, Box 38, folders 1-4)

This series contains publications produced by BAIA. Included are issues of the Annual Report, BAIA Bulletin, Broadsheet, Broadside, BAIA Newsletter, Memo, and Member’s Resource Catalog.  The subseries also contains press releases prepared by BAIA and news clippings concerning BAIA activities.  The subseries is arranged alphabetically by publication title and thereunder chronologically.


Subseries 4: Sponsored Programs and Events; 1963-1992 (Box 38, folders 5-10, Boxes 39-44, 64 folders)

This subseries contains files documenting programs and events sponsored by BAIA.  Programs and events include AIA Fellowship program, Architects’ Week, BAIA Bookstore, lectures and lecture series, seminars, social events, and Women’s Architects’ League.  Documents include program brochures, fliers, and notices, as well as correspondence and documents used in planning events and programs.  The subseries is arranged alphabetically by program or event title and thereunder chronologically.



Series III:  Membership Affairs; 1927-1989 (Boxes 49-53, 286 folders and two ledgers)

This series contains documents relating to members and membership in BAIA.  Included are individual member files, files on membership issues and special classes of membership, and dues ledgers.  Subseries 1 and Subseries 2 of this Series contain substantially the same types of records, but differ in organization and dates as noted below.


                Subseries 1: Member Files; 1927-1967 (Boxes 45-48, 240 folders)

                This subseries contains files on individual members from 1927-1967 (with the

bulk from 1954-1967) and 1984-1989.  Files within each of these date ranges are

ordered alphabetically by member name.  Each member has a separate folder with

application and correspondence pertaining to membership as well as resignations,

terminations and other membership matters.  Records documenting individual

members for the years not covered in this subseries may be found in the next



Subseries 2: Membership Issues; 1956-1989 (Boxes 49-53, 46 folders)

This subseries contains files relating to applications for regular, associate, and

corporate memberships; files on deceased members; membership directories and

rosters; and files on resignations and transfer of membership. Most of the records

are from 1968 to 1985. Documents include applications, correspondence, and

records of official BAIA actions as they relate to membership.  The subseries is

arranged alphabetically by folder title and thereunder chronologically. Records for

individual members from years preceding and succeeding those found in this

subseries can be found in the previous subseries.  This subseries is ordered

alphabetically by folder title and thereunder chronologically.


Subseries 3: Dues Ledgers, 1967-1969 (Box 54, 2 hardbound dues ledgers)

This subseries contains ledgers recordings of dues payments made by regular and

associate members from 1967-1969.


Container List


Box #      Dates      Series/ Subseries  First Folder            Last Folder

1              1947-1989               I/1           By-laws  Past Presidents, Past Presidents' luncheon

2              1956-1985               I/2           Architectural Services and Fees        Policy Statements

3              1962-1985               I/3           Chesapeake Chapter AIA By-laws   Maryland AIA Correspondence

4              1954-1989               I/3           Regional, Maryland AIA Correspondence      Regional, Maryland AIA Directors' meetings

5              1962-1989               I/3           Regional, Middle Atlantic AIA By-laws          Regional, Potomac AIA Rosters

6              1974-1987               I/4           Address Change  Licensing Policy for Interior Designers

7              1964-1987               I/4           Licensing Policy for Interior Designers            U.S. District Court Transcript, Anderson Case

8              1957-1990               I/5           ARCHNET Membership     Engineering Society Membership

9              1954-1990               I/5           Financial Report (1990)       West Chase St. Office Plans

10            1964-1984               I/6           Executive Correspondence (1964-1965)            Executive Correspondence (1987-1988)

11            1988-1993               I/6           Executive Correspondence (1988)     Executive Correspondence (1992-1993)

12            1966-1985               I/6           Executive Directors' Binders (1966)   Executive Directors' Binders (1981-1985)

13            1985-1986               I/6           Executive Directors' Diaries (1985)    Executive Directors' Diaries (1985-1986)

14            1959-1985               I/7           Executive Committee Files  Executive Committee List of Officers

15            1976-1986               I/7           Executive Committee Minutes           Board Membership Lists

16            1985-1992               I/7           Board Minutes, Agendas, Correspondence    Board Minutes

17            1965-1979               I/8           Chapter Meeting  Files (1965-1968)   Chapter Meeting Files (1978-1979)

18            1979-1991               I/8           Chapter Meeting  Files (1979-85)       Chapter Meeting Files (1991)

18            1957-1976               I/9           General Correspondence (1957-1961)               General Correspondence (1973-1976)

19            1974-1988               I/9           General Correspondence (1974)         General Correspondence (1987-1988)

20            1952-1991               I/10         Advocacy             Continuing Education

21            1974-1990               I/10         Continuing Education         Legislative Affairs

22            1955-1985               I/10         Long-Range Planning         Planning

23            1961-1986               I/10         Practice  Urban Design

24            1975-1992               I/10         Urban Design       Women's Architectural League

25            1960-1987               II/1          Baltimore Chamber of Commerce/BAIA Design Awards              Baltimore Magazine Residential Design Awards

26            1973-1990               II/1          Baltimore Magazine Residential Design Awards            Design Awards (1980)

27            1981-1985               II/1          Design Awards (1981)         Design Awards (1985)

28            1985-1989               II/1          Design Awards (1985)         Design Awards (1989)

29            1963-1990               II/1          Honor Awards      Sandcastle Building Competition

30            1960-1989               II/2          American Society of Interior Design                Baltimore Heritage Incorporated

31            1953-1990               II/2          Baltimore Now      Jones Falls Valley Park

32            1956-1986               II/2          Latrobe Portrait and Collection          Public School Construction Workshop

33            1955-1991               II/2          Public School Construction Workshop           World trade Center, Baltimore

34            1952-1987               II/3          Annual Reports (1967-1969)               Broadsheet (1987)

35            1980-1990               II/3          Broadsheet (1988)                Maryland Architecture (1988-1989)

36            1960-1993               II/3          Newsletter (1960-1963)        News from BCAIA 1972-1974)

37            1959-????               II/3          News Clippings (1959, 1963-1967)     Public Relations Idea Kit

38            1962-1985               II/3          Public Relations, Miscellaneous       Public Relations, Sample Articles

38            1984-1992               II/4          AIA Fellowship Application              Architects' Week (1984)

39            1969-1989               II/4          Architects' Week (1985)      Bookstore, Correspondence

40            1963-1992               II/4          Bookstore, Financial Records            Lecture Series (1980)

41            1963-1992               II/4          Lecture Series (1982-1983)  Mayor's Reception

42            1968-1991               II/4          Open House for Firm Principals         Program Planning, 1978-1979

43            1960-1991               II/4          Program Planning, 1982       Seminar, Building Blocks to Development

44            1960-1991               II/4          Seminar, Quality Design     Women Architects' League

45            1927-1967               III/1         1927-1967, Arunah H. Abel                1927-1967, Clarence E. Hare

46            1927-1967               III/1         1927-1967, L. Frank Harris   1927-1967, E. Hamilton Niles, Jr.

47            1927-1967               III/1         1927-1967, Kenneth L. Norris             1927-1967, L. Edward Wolf

48            1984-1989               III/1         1984-1989, Thomas Alves   1984-1989, John Zeller

49            1968-1977               III/2         Associate Membership Applications               Corporate Membership Applications

50            1964-1989               III/2         Deceased members              Membership Directory

51            1956-1985               III/2         Membership Committee Correspondence        Membership Rosters, 1971-1976

52            1955-1987               III/2         Membership Rosters, 1978-1980        Resignations

53            1967-1983               III/2         Special membership Considerations Transfer of Membership Applications

54            1986-1989               III/3         Members, A - Q    Members, R - Z; Associate Members, A - Z