Autograph and Engraving Collection, 17th - 20th Century, MS 1941

Autograph and Engraving Collection, 17th - 20th Century
Maryland Historical Society

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Autograph and Engraving Collection, 17th - 20th Century
Maryland Historical Society

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Autograph and Engraving Collection, 17th - 20th Century

MS 1941

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


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Provenance unknown

[Possibly the collection mentioned in Maryland History Notes, August 1968, p. 18 as the bequest of Sarah George Miller. Accession number cannot be found.]

Container List

1. *Engraving of Robert Livingston with autograph facsimile.


2. Admission of Jonathan Loring, Jr. to the Bunker Hill Monument Assn.


3. *Drawing of Hubert Herkimer with note to Toole, English comedian, inscribed


4. Engraving of Sir Walter Scott; ? Nov. 7, Scott, Sir Walter to ?.


5. French Paper currency (four items)


6. Engraving of James Monroe; 1821 Mar. 15, Monroe, James to ?, asking for reconsideration of Mr. Clay's claim.


7. Photo of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; signature, and note of same asking for correction of the plates of Blue and Gold.


8. Engraving of Ralph Waldo Emerson; 1859 Oct. 25, Emerson, Ralph Waldo to Mrs. Mayo, declines invitation to participate in her society's series of tracts.


9. Lithograph and signature of Walt Whitman.


10. Photo, newspaper photo, and signed poem of Julia Ward Howe.


11. Engraving of William Cullen Bryant; Bryant, W[illiam] C[ullen] to Dr. S. R. Ely, note to accompany first edition copy of his version of the Iliad.


12. *Etching of Edgar Allan Poe.


13. *Two photos with signature of Joseph Jefferson, artist.


14. Engraving of Francis Scott Key; 1841 June 9, Key, F[rancis] S[cott] to Peter Force, asking for two copies of a written form and return of the indictment he enclosed.


15. ?65 Oct. 11, License to Plead, William Bovill


16. Engraving of Robert Fulton; 1813 Dec. 18, Fulton, Robert to ?, discussing payment for steamboat construction.


17. Engraving of Robert Morris; 1795 Nov. 10, Morris, Rob[ert] to James Marshall, citing reasons why the pine tracts of Georgia are more valuable than other timber.


18. Engraving of William McKinley; 1896 June 25, McKinley, William to W. H. Warner, acknowledging a congratulatory note from a resident of a soldier's home.


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19. Engraving of General Nathaniel Greene; 1782 June 19, Greene, N. to Col. Baylor, commander of cavalry, invitation to join him a headquarters for a pot luck lunch.


20. Two engraved portraits of Benjamin Franklin; 1787 July 7, petition to Benjamin Franklin to allow the creation of a committee by James Marshall to deal with the bankruptcy of John Fowler, signed by Franklin.


21. Engraving of Alexander Hamilton; 1792 May 7, Hamilton, Alexander to Officers of the Bank of the U.S., a copy of an Act authorizing a loan to the Federal Government.


22. Engraving of Washington Irving; 1825 Mar. 3, Irving, Washington to ?, indicating where a portrait and biographical information can be obtained for publication in the European Magazine.


23. Engraving of Cardinal Richelieu; 1636 Oct. ?, document signed.


24. Lithograph of Napoleon Bonaparte; n.d., Bonaparte, [Napoleon] to ?, A.L.S.


25. [?] Engraved portrait of Edward VII; portion of letter telling of improvement in [UNK] Princess' health.


26. Lithograph of Marquis Wellington; 1831 Apr. 7, Wellington to ?, reaffirming his advice of two previous letters.


27. *Engraving of Queen Victoria.


28. *Engraving of Queen Victoria with article from The Lady's Book, March, 1838.


29. Lithograph of William Pitt, attached to 1760 Oct. 27 Commission of John Carden as Ensign, signed by Pitt. [in Oversize file]


30. *Sketch of Franklin D. Roosevelt, autographed by Roosevelt.


31. Charcoal portrait of Calvin Cooldge, signed by [UNK]. transferred to Gallery


32. *Etching of Woodrow Wilson, signed by Wilson.


33. *1862 July 16, receipt of Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon for contribution of three bags of lint by Mr. William Ford. Additional information on card dates October, 1913. (Lithograph)


34. Photo of Robert E. Lee; 1866 Nov. 6, Lee, R[obert] E. to Dr. J. R. Conrad, thanking him for his contribution of minerals to Washington College.


35. *Photo of Frederick Reynolds' portrait of Abraham Lincoln.


36. *Engraving of George Washington


37. Engraving “Le Serment d'Adieu” and 1935 Nov. 25, General de Castelnau to ?, typewritten letter signed, declaring the work one of “pure imagination.”


38. *Photo of General John J. Pershing, signed by Pershing.


39. D.S. [Dominique Joseph] Garat, with official seal of the French Republic.


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