Alfred J. O'Ferrall, Sr. Collection, 1762-1888, MS 1575

Alfred J. O'Ferrall, Sr. Collection, 1762-1888
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Descriptive Summary

Alfred J. O'Ferrall, Sr. Collection, 1762-1888

MS 1575

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674 




Alfred J. O'Ferrall Collection 1575


1762, April 8

Survey of Lun's Lot




1762, July 29

Indenture between Charles Carroll and John Moale




1764, March

Account of Mark Alexander, signed Tho. Lavin




1765, Nov. 4

Maybury Helms, Jr. - Power of Attorney to his father, Maybury Helms, Sr.





Renewal of Warrant of Resurvey and Entry




1772, June 21

Job Garretjon to James Calder, promissory note.





Receipt for state currency from Mark Alexander




1775, May 1

Indenture between Mayberry Helm and Nicholas Barbier




1777, May 28

Letter (1p.) William Buchanan to Capt. James Cox.




Note on Capt. Cox in hand of A.J. O'Ferrall




1782, July 15

Account against [UNK] James to Mark Alexander - sworn before Geo. Lindenberger




1787, Feb. 15

S.D. Stone of Annapolis to Walter Stone of Portobacco.




1787, May 30

Plat of land, R. Moale - on reverse of acc'Ts of Lux and Pots and Andrew Buchanan




1788, April 22

Mayburry Helm, Sr. to the Bench of Baltimore County seeking satisfaction against Luther Martin





CArd Supposedly in hand of [UNK] Helm




1788, May 1

Federal Expences - signed William Goddard




179? (1798)

Estate of John Moale - agreement respecting Jacob, a negro.




1792, Mar 11

Philip Key to W. Blair of Portobacco,

3 p.




1796 - 1886

11 items, receipts, checks and accounts of the Moale family




1798, Sept. 4

Estate of John Moale - agreement to sale at auction by J.M.'s widow.




1799, May 20

Justices of the Prinee Georges County to Michael Jenifer Stone.




1803, May 17

Letter from Miles Littlejohn on (Yellow) feaver.





11 Items, miscellaneous unrelated receipts.




1815, Jan. 24

James Young, Lieut., U.S.N. to Major John Rogers,





1818, Jan. 29

John E. Howard, re services of Col Wane of Charles County in 1777,





1818, May 6

John Stewart to _____, Quartermaster




1819, Mar. 30-May 10

5 checks, John H. Rogers to R.A.R. (?)




1820, Jan. 24

William M. Maynadien to R.H. Moale




1820, Apr. 11

Crosdale Gibson to Randall H. Moale re land on Franklin St.




1821, 1828

4 Baltimore county warrants




1821, May 2

N. Peck to R.H. Moale




1823, July 23

J.H. Bipen to Mr. John Peck




1824, March 22

Bills of Sale, John Mackenheimer to Robert T. Spence




1826, Dec. 19

Hellen Dempster and J [oshua]? Johnson to R.H. Moale




1826, July 5

William A. Knox tp James Peck,





1827, Sept. 4

John G. Weems to R.H. Moale,





1832, July 30

George Cox to J.G. Puison and Brothers (Iron Merchants, New York)




1832, Nov. 24

Estate of Thomas Moale




1833, July 1

Hezikiah Niles to William _____,




1834, Mar. 10

Ellin North Moale to R.H. Moale




1834, Oct. 28

Isaac McKim to M.C. Buck




1836, July 1

Estate of Thomas Moale - sale of land, site of the Keyser Bldg., Baltimore




1837, Mar. 31

D. Hoffman to Robert Gilmor





Bill of Revoir, Estate of Frances Hatton Harris (Moale family among defendants)




1839, May 14 1828

Reverdy Johnson to L. Sirnan Check for $47.




1839, Sept. 17

J.W. McCulloh to Charles F. Mayer





R.H. Moale, Baltimore City Taxes, 1842




1843, Dec. 20

Charles F. Mayer, receipt for fee in case of Birkhead vs Hugh Worthington and Moale




1847, Feb. 25

Monsarrat to Rand. Moale - Account




1863, Oct. 24 Nov. 9

T.E. Andrews, Paymaster General, U.S.A. to Maj William Cumback, Paymaster





4 items, letters and notes from Siam, signed Chau Fa Mongkut (d. 1868), Pawar Lathan Mongot (d. 1885), Chow Phya Phanlary, to Fanny R. Feudge




1888, Feb. 13

Leland, Charles G. to George F. Babbitt




(?), Apr. 13

R.H.M. (Moale?) tp Summer L. Fairfield





Newspaper article of Joshua Johnson, negro portrait painter





Reproduction of portrait of Mrs. John Moale and Ellin North Moale by Joshua Johnson. note on painting from Municipal Museaum Bulletin, Baltimore, Dec. 15, 1941.





Surveys of lets in Old Town (Baltimore) for James Blackburn, Elizabeth Ponstone and Bartholomew Wablistin




Printed ribbens




Notes on collection by Alfred J. O'Ferrall





Misc. on John Moale - Biographical [UNK]





Notes on written - alfred J. O'Ferrall





Miscellaneous autographs