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ca. 1900

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The Academy of the Visitation convent was located for 90 years on Park Ave., Centre and Howard Sts., at the site that later held a Greyhound Bus terminal. Opened in 1839, the convent's school educated daughters of prominent Maryland families of many faiths, including Boone, Carroll, Shriver, Tyson, Tilghman, Key, Semmes, Gittings, Griffith, O'Donnell, Rasin and Passano. The complex was noted for its five-story sanctuary, its bell which had come from a Spanish Dominican monastery, and its rose garden. The convent moved to Roland Park in 1927.

The Elkridge Hunt Club was formed in Howard County in 1878, taking its name from Elkridge Landing. About ten years later, the club moved to a site on North Charles St. in Baltimore Co. which was the former home of Governor Augustus Bradford. In 1895, the directors of the Elkridge Club were E.A. Jackson, Ross W. Whistler, D.B. Merryman, Alexander Brown, G.T. Hopkins, Jr., H.A. Parr, N. Winslow Williams, Samuel E. George, William M. Manly, William S.G. Williams, Thomas Deford, and Clinton P. Paine.

The estate known as Clifton was formerly the country home of Johns Hopkins, who bequeathed it as part of the Johns Hopkins University, although the school chose to establish the Homewood property as its campus. The Clifton house and property were sold to the city of Baltimore in 1894 at a cost of about $1000, becoming Clifton Park.

Collection Origin

Gift of the Maryland Academy of Sciences, 1977 (73732).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 1 box with 1 folder containing 20 photoprints which were made in the 1980s at the Maryland Historical Society from glass negatives thought to have been created ca. 1900. The images are mostly undated and unidentified. Duplicate/copy negatives exist for each image.


The photoprints are arranged according to PP catalog number. Negatives are arranged according to negative catalog numbers. Duplicate/copy negatives are stored in the Photographic Services department of the Maryland Historical Society.

Container List

1 Box

Box 1: 1 Folder

Box 1, Folder 1
PP46.1 - Academy of the Visitation, Baltimore. Neg Z9.2169.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1932.PP46.

PP46.2 - Academy of the Visitation, Baltimore. Neg Z9.2170.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1933.PP46.

PP46.3 - Academy of the Visitation, Baltimore. Neg Z9.2171.PP46; dup/copy neg Z5.1934.PP46.

PP46.4 - Unidentified group in park (?). Neg Z9.2172.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1935.PP46.

PP46.5 - Unidentified lady (posed). Neg Z9.2173.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1936.PP46.

PP46.6 - Unidentified lady with fan (posed). Neg Z9.2174.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1937.PP46.

PP46.7 - Academy of the Visitation, Baltimore. Neg Z9.2175.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1938.PP46.

PP46.8 - Unidentified mountain lake. Neg Z9.2176.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1939.PP46.

PP46.9 - Unidentified mountain lake. Neg Z9.2177.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1940.PP46.

PP46.10 - Unidentified grove of trees. Neg Z9.2178.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1973.PP46.

PP46.11 - Unidentified park-like woods. Neg Z9.2179.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1974.PP46.

PP46.12 - Unidentified (cedar-shake sided?) house with trees around it. Neg Z9.2180.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1975.PP46.

PP46.13 - Clifton (house), Baltimore. Neg Z9.2181.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1941.PP46.

* * * PP46.14 - Elkridge Hunt Club members, dismounted. Neg Z9.2174.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1976.PP46. (PRINT NOT FOUND)

PP46.15 - Unidentified young woman (posed). Neg Z9.2183.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1977.PP46.

PP46.16 - Elkridge Hunt Club members, dismounted (10 men, 1 woman). Neg Z9.2184.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1978.PP46.

PP46.17 - 2 unidentified young ladies (posed). Neg Z9.2185.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1979.PP46.

PP46.18 - Unidentified house in country. Neg Z9.2186.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1942.PP46.

PP46.19 - Unidentified house in country. Neg Z9.2187.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1943.PP46.

PP46.20 - Unidentified house in country. Neg Z9.2188.PP46; dup/copy neg Z6.1944.PP46. © 2001 Maryland Historical Society - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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