Upcoming Events

September 7, 2017 - 6:30pm
A friend of Elizabeth Patterson, abandoned wife of a failed Baltimore merchant, a single mother who divorced for love to marry a French artist/architect, and an accomplished editor/writer in her own right, Eliza Godefroy’s life was both extraordinary and tragic. Her failed journal, the first of its kind in America edited by a woman, remains a monument to her skills as a writer and observer of the intellectual life of the emerging urban presence of Baltimore, as much as her second husband's Battle Monument remains as the centerpiece of the city’s official seal. This lecture will explore the career of the brilliant, Eliza Godefroy during the first two decades of the nineteenth century.

October 5, 2017 - 6:30pm
This lecture will introduce several innovative visual and spatial techniques developed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe in his representations of the American landscape. In images of the rivers, rocks, buildings, and plantations of Virginia, Latrobe assessed his immigrant condition, meditated on human history, and imagined visions of the future. Latrobe’s sketchbooks at the Maryland Historical Society are recognized as one of the most significant collections of realistic representations of the American landscape prior to the Hudson River School. This research places them in the context of the international avant garde, asserting the significance of Latrobe oeuvre in the transatlantic world of art on the cusp of the nineteenth century.

November 2, 2017 - 6:30pm
What is the future of historic sites? Why are historic sites important today? Drawing examples from Drayton Hall in South Carolina and other National Trust sites through the northeast, including Cliveden in Philadelphia, Montpelier in Vermont, and President Lincoln’s Cottage in Washington DC, George McDaniel will discuss how historic sites across the country are working to make their communities a better place through education, economic development, and preservation.