Historical Investigations Portal


The Historical Investigations Portal is our online curriculum, offering interactive lesson plans that allow students to analyze and synthesize multiple primary source documents, images, and objects to draw evidence-based conclusions about compelling historical questions.

Since 2015, Maryland teachers have enjoyed the lessons and primary source collections found in HIP. This fall, we are proud to relaunch the curriculum on a new platform that will make it even easier for educators to access these high quality instructional tools. MDHS is partnering with CourseArc, a local leader in e-learning. Districts, individual schools or teachers can link HIP lessons directly through their Learning Management Systems or other digital resource platforms. Therefore, even more students and teachers will be able to learn about the unique stories of Maryland, and their connections to the larger history of the nation!

Subscriptions are free for the 2018-19 school year. You may contact our DigitalEducation Manager, Bethany Nagle, for more information about getting your classroom, school or district set up with HIP:
bnagle@mdhs.org OR 410-685-3750 x378


Exciting Features of HIP! : 

· Reporting of student data directly to the teacher through your Learning Management System

· No permanent identifying student information collected 

· Auto-grading of multiple choice and true/false questions 

· Ability to save students' work over multiple sessions




Please contact Digital Education Manager, Bethany Nagle:

410-685-3750 x378