Historical Investigations Portal

Allow us to do the teaching for you instead of copying pages of primary sources and struggling to explain historical thinking skills like sourcing and corroboration!

 HIP! is our e-portal that offers computer-based, interactive historical investigations that allow students to analyze and synthesize multiple primary source documents, images, and objects to draw evidence-based conclusions about compelling historical questions.


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“I really am impressed with the manner in which you have taken the MdHS into the digital age.  The HIP portal will really be a tremendously useful tool for teachers.” 

Bruce Lesh, MSDE Coordinator for Social Studies

“I LOVE your lessons. They are fabulous with all the help they give with the read-aloud and the magnifier and the easier version of the text. Very accessible.” 

- Jennie Iglehart, Gilman School, Grade 4




Each Course Subscription Includes:

·  29 Interactive Historical Investigations  

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· A Primary Source Archive That Includes over 200 Primary Sources for Download and Printing

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·  5 Professional Development Lessons


Exciting Features of HIP! : 

· Reporting of student data directly to the teacher 

· No permanent identifying student information collected 

· Auto-grading of multiple choice and true/false questions 

· Ability to save students' work over multiple sessions


 Subscription Levels: 

Individual Teacher: $100

Single School: $500

Please contact us for County level subscriptions! Price Tiers are based on the total number of teachers with access. 


For a new Subscription

Please contact David Armenti at DArmenti@mdhs.org 

or 410-685-3750 x 324