Traveling Trunks

These large trunks are filled with reproduction primary source artifacts and documents and travel to your classroom for a three-week rental. Also include lessons plans, activity suggestions, worksheets, and audiovisuals. Cost varies by trunk and whether or not you need your trunk shipped*.

Rental Period: Three week loan

Scholarship Program: The Delaplaine Foundation supports trunks sent to Frederick, Washington, Allegany, and Garrett counties. This scholarship will pay for a trunk rental including shipping costs to your school. Limited to one trunk per school.  Click here to learn more!

Digital Lesson Access: Looking for the binder? We went digital! All trunk resources are now available online, giving teachers greater flexibility and access to supporting materials! Click here to learn more about accessing your traveling trunk educational materials. 


Mark your calendars! The 2019-2020 School Year request forms are open August 1, 2019!

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Traveling Trunks

Colonial Maryland Trunk

Colonial Maryland: Building the New World: Delve into life for colonial Marylanders in the 1600 and 1700s; students can try on clothes, handle objects, explore sights & sounds of early Maryland life with an emphasis on comparing the early and late colonial period and the various social classes (Grades 4-8)

Cost: $175, includes shipping both ways

Revolutionary War Haversack

NEW Revolutionary War: Learn about the Revolutionary War through multiple perspectives such as common soldiers, officers, families, community members, and more. Lessons include object-based learning, primary sources, and digital components (Grades 4-8).


Cost: $125, includes shipping both ways

Growing Up in Maryland

Growing Up in Maryland: Children’s lives and experiences long ago through hands-on exploration of games, books, playthings, and pictures of daily life; a good introduction to the concept of the past (Grades Pre-K-3)

Cost: $125, includes shipping both ways

Maryland Indians Trunk

Maryland Indians: An investigation of the lives of Maryland’s Woodland Indians with this rich collection of replica objects. Lesson plans focus on reading content to address the Voluntary Curricula for social studies and reading. (Grades Pre-K-5)

Cost: $175, includes shipping both ways

civil war trunk 


 Civil War: Explore the lives of the citizens of Maryland during the Civil War.  Students will interact with photographs, objects, and documents to understand the roles of soldiers, women, and African-Americans in a divided society.  (Grades 4-8)

Cost: $175, includes shipping both ways
































*Please note: The cost for teachers interested in picking up and dropping off trunks by hand at the museum is $50/trunk.
**Trunk prices were raised in accordance with UPS shipping costs. 


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