Professional Development Workshops

The Maryland Historical Society is pleased to offer teacher professional development opportunities tailored to meet the needs of social studies coordinators and their teachers. At each workshop, the MdHS provides in-depth, topic based discussion, primary sources from our archives, and curriculum-based lesson plans and activities.


Learn more about our Summer Teacher Institute, "Slavery, Freedom and Memory in Maryland", which will be held July 13-17, 2020!



Special Opportunity for Independent and Parochial School Educators! On Thursday, October 24th from 9 AM to 12 PM, the Maryland Historical Society will be hosting the workshop, "Using Primary Source Collections to Investigate African American History" in partnership with the Association of Independent Maryland & D.C. Schools. 

See the AIMS MD/DC website for more information and to register for the workshop:

Using Primary Source Collections to Investigate African American History








Overviews & Skills-Based Workshops

Introduction to Teaching with Primary Sources 

An introduction to using primary sources in the classroom, includes activities and strategies to support students of varying interest and reading ability. 

Digital Education Resources from MdHS

An introduction to the Historical Investigations Portal (HIP) and Virtual Field Trips (VFTs). Teachers will learn how these platforms utilize primary source material for instruction, and receive demonstrations of the technology integration for classroom usage.

Preparing for National History Day 

An introduction to the History Day theme with sources at the Maryland Historical Society, with an overview of research facilities and strategies.

Topics Based Workshops

Teaching Colonial and Revolutionary Maryland with Primary Sources 

Teachers will learn about a variety of topics from the colonial and Revolutionary War eras, including the experiences of indentured servants, enslaved people, Native Americans and Revolutionary War soldiers.

African Americans History in Maryland 

Teachers will examine the experiences of African Americans from the colonial period, Reconstruction era and the Civil Rights Movement. Workshop will model historical investigations, using diaries, runaway advertisements, photographs, newspaper clipplings, letters and published narratives.

Teaching the Progressive Era and World War I with Primary Sources 

Teachers will learn about Maryland in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, exploring how economics, government and civics content intersect with history. Workshop will emphasize instruction that builds students' media literacy, incorporating the analysis of multiple perspectives and propaganda.

Customized Teacher Workshop 

A primary source based lesson on a topic of your choice, using the resources from the Maryland Historical Society's archive. May include subjects such as Women's History, Civil War Perspectives, World War II Era, Immigration and Labor.                 *Requires advance notice, 4-6 weeks*


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