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School Tours/ Gallery Explorations | Maryland Historical Society

School Tours/ Gallery Explorations

Interactive tours, led by trained museum teachers, focus on specific objects in the collection. All tours are designed to address the Maryland State Social Studies curriculum and the Common Core.

School Tours 

Call 410-685-3750 ext. 334  to reserve a tour date and time. 

Teachers may call ahead to request passes for a free preview visit before their class trip. Tour guidelines for trip leaders


Who Lives in a History Museum? (ages 4 & 5)
Follow Nipper, the RCA dog, through the MdHS, learning about the past as seen in a history museum; designed especially for preschoolers and includes a craft activity. 60 minutes and $4 per student

Post-visit Activity for Who Lives in a History Museum?

In Olden Times (Grades K - 3)

A look at children’s life and experiences long ago through hands-on exploration of work activities, play time and family life. 60 minutes and $3 per student

 Pre-visit Lesson for In Olden Times


In Olden Times

From Survival to Prosperity - Maryland's Colonial Economy (Grades 4-8)

Examine the evolution of Maryland's colonial economy, and its influence on society, through a detailed analysis of objects on exhibit and gems from our extensive archival collections.  Study the importance of tobacco, shipbuilding, trade, and enslaved labor to the colonial economy, as well as the role of economic grievances in spurring the American Revolution.  60 minutes and $3 per student

In Full Glory Reflected: Maryland in the War of 1812 (Grades 4,5,8)  

Based on Common Core and C3. For details, click here

Students will use primary souces, including paintings, newspapers, ship building tools, and the Star-Spangled Banner to draw evidence-based conclusions about the importance of the War of 1812 to Baltimore and Maryland.  90 minutes and $4 per student

Created Equal - Looking for Liberty in Maryland (Grades 4-12)

Trace the strides that America has made in extending civil rights and equal treatment to all of its people, including African Americans, women, Jews, Native Americans, and immigrants, from the colonial days to the present, with attention to education, voting rights, religious toleration, labor, and stereotypes. 60 minutes and $3 per student

The Hunt for History (Grades 4-12)

Maryland’s place in the American historical & cultural landscape from the founding of the colony through the twentieth century; a great overview of Maryland history for older students. Pre-visit Lesson for Hunt for History 60 minutes and $3 per student

Divided Voices: Maryland in the Civil War (Grades 5-12)  

Based on Common Core and C3. For details, click here

 In groups of 4, students analyze and synthesize primary and secondary source artifacts and documents to develop an evidence-based argument about the significance of the Civil War for american history.  Topics explored include the role of slavery in causing the conflict, the divided loyalites of Maryland, the experience of battle, and the lasting effects of the war. 90 minutes and $4 per student

Call 410-685-3750 ext. 334  to reserve a tour date and time. Call early as tours book quickly.