Primary Source Kits

Make history come alive with primary sources. Use our primary source kits, collections of 30+ reproduction documents, photographs, broadsides, oral history transcripts, diaries, legislation and more form the MdHS archives that address important history themes, to help your students make a personal connection with the past. Include ready-to-use lessons plans/seeds, worksheets, and research guidelines.

Fees: $30.00 per kit $27.00/ Teacher Members Quantity discount: $27.00 each for 10 or more

Call 410- 685-3750, ext. 324 to purchase a primary source kit.

Out of Slavery (Grades 4-12) An exploration of the African American experience through the mid-19th century, including experiences of free blacks and emancipation and Reconstruction, featuring new documents and lesson seeds. Available in book or CD form.

The Dawning of Modern America: Maryland’s Place in the Progressive Era (Grades 8 - 12) A look at labor issues, race, relations, social reform and urban improvements in industrial America through newspaper articles, political cartoons, oral history transcripts and more.

Encountering Maryland’s Past - 5 Volume Series (Grades 4-12) Each kit contains sources that span Maryland’s entire history. See full table of contents for each volume below. Each volume purchased separately.

Volume 1: Science, Technology, and Invention Learn how technological innovations changed Americans’ lives. Sources range from Father White’s description of Native Americans’ housing, clothing, and weaponry to a 1918 advertisement for a modern kitchen.

Volume 1 Table of Contents

Volume 2: Turning Points in History Study the major events that have shaped state and national history. Explore Maryland’s past from the earliest colonial days through the cold war. Available in CD form only.

Volume 2 Table of Contents

Volume 3: Frontiers in History Analyze significant developments that influenced history. Investigate commercial, constitutional, cultural and civil rights frontiers.

Volume 3 Table of Contents

Volume 4: Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History Change has been constant since the beginning of our nation. Study history by investigating events and issues which prompted revolution. Discover how reform was achieved, and analyze reactions to change.

Volume 4 Table of Contents

Volume 5: Rights and Responsibilities in History Rights and responsibilities form the foundation of our nation. Learn how these rights have changed civil and political responsibilities over time. Analyze the origins and consequences of these changes.

Volume 5 Table of Contents

Purchase primary source kits by calling 410-685-3750 ext. 324.