Proclamation Issued by Thomas Boyle

Manuscripts; War of 1812, 1812-1815
Proclamation Issued by Thomas Boyle
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Boyle, Thomas, 1775-1825
A proclamation of blockade of United Kingdom by Thomas Boyle, commander of the Chasseur. "By Thomas Boyle, Esq., Commander of the privateer armed brig Chasseur, &c., &c.,-Proclamation: Whereas it has become customary with the Admirals of Great Britain, commanding small forces on the coast of the United States, particularly Sir John Borlaise Warren and Sir Alexander Cochrane, to declare all the coast of the United States in a state of strict and rigorous blockade, without possessing the power to justify such a declaration, or stationing an adequate force to maintain said blockade. I do therefore, by virtue of the power and authority in me vested (possessing sufficient force) declare all the ports, harbors, bays, creeks, rivers, inlets, outlets, islands and seacoast of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, in a state of strict and rigorous blockade. And I do further declare, that I consider the force under my command adequate to maintain strictly, rigorously, and effectually, the said blockade. And I do hereby require the respective officers, whether captains, commanders, or commanding officers, under my command, employed or to be employed on the coasts of England, Ireland, and Scotland, to pay strict attention to the execution of this my proclamation. And I do hereby caution and forbid the ships and vessels of all and every nation, in amity and peace with the United States, from entering or attempting to enter, or from coming or attempting to come out of any of the said ports, bays, creeks, rivers, inlets, outlets, islands, or seacoasts, under any pretence whatsoever. And that no person may plead ignorance of this my proclamation, I have ordered the same to be made public in England. Given under my hand, on board the Chasseur, day and date as above. Thomas Boyle. (By command of the commanding officer) J. B. Stanbury, Secretary."
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