Brackets For Good Baltimore

Maryland Historical Society has been selected to participate in Brackets for Good Baltimore Tournament!

What is Brackets for Good you ask? 
BFG is a single-elimination, bracket-style fundraising tournament where 64 Baltimore non-profits compete to raise donations and awareness for their organization. During each round, the Maryland Historical Society will be paired in a competitive match-up against another non-profit.  $1= 1 Point, so in order to advance to the next round, we need to score more points (raise more dollars) than our opponent. After advancing, the points are reset and the fundraising match-ups continue until a champion (hopefully us) is crowned AND wins an additional $10,000!! The best part? Every team gets to keep the money they’ve raised, so everybody is a winner!

^^ Team MdHS had a thrilling end to Round 2!! ^^


Team MdHS MAKES IT TO ROUND 3! Here is how you can get in the game!

Round 3 Starts on Friday, March 10 at 8:00PM and runs until the buzzer goes off on Friday, March 17 at 7:59:59.  

We need your help!! To sink the shot and score those points ($1 =1 point), follow this link to our BFG donation page! 


Every dollar raised is critical in our efforts to preserve Maryland’s vibrant history! This tournament is a wonderful (and fun!) way to show your support for the Maryland Historical Society, as well as learn about other non-profits in our community! 

 Here is where Team MdHS currently stands!