Maryland's Story Machine

Some of you may remember a TV series a few decades back. The titles were always accompanied by an imposing and memorable male voice, “There are 8 million stories in the Naked City. This is one of them.”

Another unforgettable set of testaments is the poignant, compelling biographies of 9/11 victims recorded by the NY Times. What we all found out with those short sketches is that everyone has an interesting story to tell.


Our shared priceless bits and pieces, all the stories from the past, are everywhere in these buildings. There are literally millions of documents and tens of thousands of artifacts here that make this a Maryland history museum and library second to none.


It is Maryland’s own special attic. It is Maryland’s history central.


Most important of all, if you are looking for a quick and easy definition of what we do here, we are Maryland’s industrial-strength story machine.


And now we are embarking on another historic anniversary, in fact, there are two anniversaries running right now, and, unfortunately, they are both about wars, the War of 1812 and a terrible Civil War that divided families in Maryland. We urge you to visit our anniversary exhibits.




We may be all war all the time right now but these anniversaries are great steppingstones to a sustainable future.


There is a sea change going on in this 168-year-old institution. There are beautiful and valuable things, passed down through Maryland families, featured in our galleries.


There is a multitude of stories that those wonderful things can tell us. I can guarantee everyone here will be touched by those stories if they are properly told.


We already have touched generations of students, hundreds of thousands learning that Maryland’s story is America’s story.


Imagine reaching out and telling Maryland’s story to a million students around the state and beyond.


Imagine teaching the stories of Maryland to thousands of teachers, ambassadors for those stories waiting to be discovered inside our walls.


Imagine those voyages of discovery available for lifelong learning from pre-school to elder hostel.


We have the assets, the partners and the imagination to make this all happen in the decade.


We are passionate about this mission. We are eager to share tales of our ancestors.


We want Maryland to climb on our industrial-strength story machine.


We know The Old Line State will benefit greatly, as it has for the last 168 years, from an enjoyable and meaningful ride here at the Maryland Historical Society.


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