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Money, Power, and Singleness: Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte’s Account Books

By Yve Colby Much can be learned from the pages of Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte’s twenty-one surviving account books: her material purchasing habits, diet, lifestyle, travels, opinions of family members, and much, much more. Her account books are part financial account, shopping record, inventory, journal, and commonplace book. They include her daily purchases of food, clothing, […]


The Story of a Shawl

By Barbara Meger, Curatorial Volunteer The ‘Woman of Two Worlds’ Exhibit at The Maryland Historical Society On display at the Maryland Historical Society, as part of the exhibition “A Woman of Two Worlds: Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte and Her Quest for an Imperial Legacy,” is a beautifully worked fine white muslin shawl lined with chrome yellow […]


People are Talking: Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte and the Gossip

Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte, Firmin Massot, 1823, MdHS, XX.5.69 In 1814, Elizabeth wrote to Dolley Madison, her friend and confidante, “[the] Public are so malicious & so much pleased when people meet with disappointments that I wish to avoid gratifying them again at my expense.” Since her marriage in 1803 to Jérôme Bonaparte, Napoléon’s brother, Elizabeth’s […]