Original Star Spangled Banner Manuscript Leaves Baltimore for the First Time on March 1st and 2nd

Baltimore Md.- February 27, 2011 -The Maryland Historical Society (MdHS) is loaning the priceless original manuscript of the Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key to the National Anthem Celebration Foundation on Tuesday, March 1 for an event in Annapolis.  The following day the document will be lent to the National Park Service at Fort McHenry for three months. The document has never before been out of Baltimore.

A press opportunity begins March 1 with an armored car motorcade at approx. 3pm at the MdHS located at 201 West Monument Street, Baltimore.  The armored truck, honor guard, local, state and park police motorcade will begin at the Park Ave entrance to MdHS.  There will be an opportunity to interview the President of the Maryland Historical Society, its curator and the security leadership.

There will be a 5:30pm Press Availability with the original manuscript and lawmakers at the Miller Senate Office Building, President’s Conference Room West 1&2 11 Bladen Street, Annapolis MD For more information, contact Dan Esmond at 443-827-9383.

At 10 am on Wednesday, March 2 a similar motorcade will take the Star Spangled Banner manuscript from the MdHS  at its Park Ave entrance to Fort McHenry for a major new exhibit opening on the War of 1812.  There will be reinactors dressed in 1812 uniforms as part of the honor guard.  For more information on either of the two departures from MdHS contact Marc Apter at 301-904-3690 or mapter@mdhs.org.