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‘Maryland on Film’: Eight Short Films and Free Museum Admission at the Maryland Historical Society All Day, Saturday, October 13

Also in October, meet Steven Ujifusa as he discusses his new book, "A Man and His Ship... "

The Battle of Antietam: One of the ‘Worst Days in American History,’ and 3 Events Commemorating Maryland in The Civil War

Marking the 150th Anniversary of Antietam,
The Maryland Historical Society presents special lectures, living-history performances, and the launch of a new book on Maryland’s Civil War photographs 

BALTIMORE, September 17, 2012: "Antietam, Sharpsburg, whatever you want to call it – September 17, 1862 was one of the worst days in American history," says Burton Kummerow, President of the Maryland Historical Society.


War of 1812 Bicentennial Exhibit opens June 10 at the Maryland Historical Society

“In Full Glory Reflected: Maryland During the War of 1812”

The Largest and Most Comprehensive 1812 exhibit in Maryland

What are the Top Ten Objects in the Exhibition?

Maryland Day Explores the Unique Legacy of W. D. Schaefer

Reception to Hear “Roast” with Colorful Schaefer Stories

See his World War II Dog Tags, Uniform and Famous Bathing Suit

Hear How his Legacy Lives Within the New MD Center for History Education

Famous Civil War Spirits are Back in Baltimore

For Immediate Release:

Maryland Historical Society Contact: Marc Apter, 301-904-3690

Famous Civil War Spirits are Back in Baltimore!

Meet John Wilkes Booth, Harriet Tubman and Clara Barton

December 29-31

Kids Free and New Folk Art Exhibit for Holiday Viewing

Win a Free Luncheon at the Museum for 12

Join MdHS’ Free Holiday Open House on Dec. 1st Before the Washington Monument Lighting

Also For the First Time, on Dec. 3rd & 4th, Museum Offers $1 Admission