Maritime Source Guide

The Maryland Historical Society has the most extensive Maritime holdings in Maryland.  The collection ranges from Passenger Manifests to Customs Records to an extensive collection of Prints, Photos, and Maps, as well as journals and manuscripts. Most are primary source materials, many of which are customs records and logbooks that have been microfilmed (some from the National Archives).  The finding aids have been organized by maritime subject.  The subjects will then list the items by collection. Those that are available on-line, links will be provided.   The credit for the major organization of Customs Records, by vessel, including cargo, shipbuilder, tonnage, etc. must be given to Byrne Waterman and Ed Nelson who continued on in the quest to create a catalog of reference material on all of Baltimore’s vessels in the steps of the late Dr. Shatard who began the journey.

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Manuscripts Available on Microfilm 


MS 21 Annapolis & Oxford Port of Entry Books

MS 689 Log of Schooner Chassuer, 1812-1815

MS 1687 LondonTown Ferry Accounts

MS 2228 Baltimore Port of Arrival and Departure of Vessels 1811-1812

MS 2272 Logbook A.S. Smyck

MS 2273 Jones W. Brooks Shipbuilding

MS 2302 Baltimore Customs Records

MS 2311 Master Abstracts of Enrollments, 1815-1911

MS 2312 Log of the Schooner ‘Rossie’

MS 2313 Schooner ‘Nettle’ Account Book

MS 2315 Log of the US Sloop of War ‘Peacock’

MS 2316 Maryland Steamboat Company Scrapbooks

MS 2317 Baltimore Privateer Logs and Reports

MS 2321 Log of the Private Armed Schooner ‘Harpy’

MS 2323 Baltimore Customs Records Master of Abstracts of Registrations

MS 2331 Naval Office Shipping List of Maryland 1689-1701; 1754-1764

MS 2332 Passenger Lists of Vessels arriving at Baltimore, 1820-1948

MS 2334 Federal Passenger Lists Baltimore, 1820-1897; 1897-1952

MS 2359 Baltimore Customs Records

MS 2368 Abstracts of Licenses for Vessels under 20 tons

MS 2414 Pre-Federal Customs Records

MS 2418 Records of the Bureau of Customs 

MS 2476 Master Abstracts of Enrollment  Issued by Selected Maryland and Virginia Ports

MS 2521 Certificates of Enrollments Issued

MS 2543 Certificates of Registry Issued at Baltimore, 1789-1814 (5 rolls)

MS 2591 Master Abstracts of Registers Issued by Selected Maryland and Virginia Ports


Manuscripts Available in Special Collections Reading Room



Baltimore Board of Trade Records, 1836-191: includes minutes of the Commissioners of the Board of Pilots (MS 177)

Baltimore Chamber of Commerce Ship Arrivals & Departures, 1896-1944 (MS 58)

Becker Letter Books, 1799-1818: Correspondence re tobacco trade, coffee trade, etc. (MS 115)

C.E. Bennett Papers, 1876-1879: Papers about the David F. Keeling and Hattie E. Giles, engaged in the West Indian and Brazilian trade  (MS 119)

Paul Bentalou Journal, 1784-1813: Trade to North and South America, West Indies, and Europe (MS 125)

Buckler Account Books, 1788-1832: Dry goods merchant, trading with London (MS 166.4)

Davidson Account Books, 1780-1805: Annapolis merchants’ ledger includes accounts of cargoes, 1787-1795 (MS 281)

De Blok & Molier Account Books, 1794-1795: Ledger of Baltimore shippers (MS 290)

Didier Collection, 1809-1817: Letters, accounts, lists of vessels in Baltimore-Bordeaux and other trades (MS 295)

Douglass Letter Book, 1816-1818: Baltimore firm trading with Europe and West Indies, movements of ships (MS 305)

Eaton-Mayhew Papers, 1816-1884: Includes insurance on cargoes (MS 300)

Dulany Record Books, 1836-1855: Log books of the Boston (1836-1837), the Cumberland (1846), and the St. Lawrence (1851-1855) (MS 310)

Henry Duvall Maritime Scrapbook, 1908-1935: Newspaper clippings concerning mariners and ships (MS 315.1)

Aquila Hall Papers, 1758-1775: Tobacco trade, including information on ships and masters (MS 1298)

Hamilton Papers, 1760-1800: Tobacco trade from Port Tobacco and Piscataway to Glasgow (MS 1301)

Hammer Account Books, 1796-1859: Accounts of Baltimore merchant trading with Germany (MS 423)

Harrison Account Books, 1853-1885: Cash books showing expenses, including for sails, duties, insurance, and other shipping expenses (MS 434)

Clement Hill Papers, 1670-1805: Tobacco trade (MS 446)

Hoffman & Co. Letter Book, 1847-1851: Many letters about ships going to California during the Gold Rush (MS 450)

Houghton Daybook, 1831-1835: Supercargo on ships in South American trade (MS 1591)

Houghton Papers, 1831-1843: South American trade (MS 467)

Johnson, Johonnat & Co. Letter Books, 1783-1785: North American trade (MS 498)

Johnson Account Book, 1771-1775: Trade with London (MS 499)

Kelso & Ferguson Account Book, 1824-1825: South American trade (MS 505)

Konig & Co. Papers, 1825-1843: Baltimore merchants (MS 522)

Lurman Record Books, 1882-1919: Coffee importers (MS 541.2)

McLure Account Book, 1781-1784: Baltimore merchant’s accounts, including ship upkeep (MS 552)

Mayer & Brother Papers, 1843-1872: French and German trade (MS 580)

Merceret Account Book, 1861-1874: Accounts of public weigher for Baltimore merchants, indicates ships (MS 586)

Merchant’s Exchange Reading Room Records, 1833-1899: Arrivals and clearances for Baltimore, including both foreign and domestic shipping; also daily weather (MS 610)

Merryman Account Book, 1825-1853: voyages abroad and cargoes (MS 588)

Oliver Record Books, 1785-1835: worldwide trade, including correspondence with ship captains, of Baltimore merchant Robert Oliver (MS 626.1)

Oxford Port of Entry Account Books Entrances/Clearances, 1731-1775: includes detailed information on vessels entering the port, 1759-1773 (MS 639.1)

 “Pulaski” Scrapbook, 1838: accounts of the explosion of steamer on trip from Charleston to Baltimore (MS 668)

Ridgely Papers, 1733-1858: includes shipping, London trade, 1757-1766 (MS 692.1)

D.S. Ridgely Papers, 1733-1884: trade with England and also the log of the snow Baltimore Town, 1756-1758 (MS 717)

Kuhn Account Books, 1843-1900: includes shipping accounts for L. P. Kuhn & Wright, store owners (MS 749)

Steamboat Inspection Papers, 1862-1872: certificates issued by steamboat inspectors for the port of Baltimore and surrounding district, 1862-1863, and for Maryland, 1871-1872 (MS 781)

Tangier Steamboat Co. Account Book, 1855-1856: shows charges for freight shipped for customers from Baltimore to Prince George’s and Somerset Counties (MS 802)

Baltimore Customs House Papers, 1767-1816: numerous items relating to the operation of the port (MS 806)

Henry Fenwick Thompson Papers, 1636-1900: includes 2 volumes on actions against the ship Looking Glass (MS 819)

James Thompson Account Books, 1833-1844: includes more than 3,000 fully-indexed entries of policies on ships and cargoes of a Baltimore commission merchant (MS 823)

Tobacco Cargo Record Books, 1774-1775: detailed records of tobacco cargoes carried from Maryland to London on the ships Brothers, Richmond, and Nancy (MS 832)

Tyson & Company Ledger, 1818-1823: merchants dealing in flour, coffee, and plaster as well as “adventures” of the schooner Leander (MS 865)

Weems Line Scrapbooks, 1895-1925: (MS 888)

Otho Holland Williams  Accounts, 1748-1797: (MS 908.1)

Otho Holland Williams  Accounts, 1776-1796: (MS 908.2)

Elizabeth Chew Williams  Papers (Weems), 1850-1950: (MS 909)

William vs. Hall Record Book, 1816: (MS 910)

Wirgman Account Book, 1812-1813: (MS 920)

Wirgman Papers, 1802-1851: (MS 920.1)

Friese Account Books, 1799-1812: (MS 933)

Joseph Ennalls Ledger, 1729-1762: (MS 937)

Hicks Correspondence, 1833-1878: (MS 950)

Baltimore Customs  Collector’s Books, 1848-1918: (MS 1002)

Wessels & Primavesi Papers, 1796-1809: (MS 1010)

Matthew Marine Account Books, 1822-1870: (MS 1016.1)

Baltimore Steam Packet Co. Papers, 1907-1962: (MS 1023)

Freight Record Book, 1822-1825: (MS 1098)

W.J. Stafford Papers, 1847-1878: (MS 1113)

Thomas & Isaac Edmonson Bus. Trans. 1805-1820: (MS 1120)

Stone-Alcock Papers, 1764-1871, 1904: (MS 1141)

William Wilson Account Book, 1788-1795: (MS 1149)

Smith Letter Books, 1774-1821: (MS 1152)

Donaldson protest Book, 1793-1796: (MS 1160)

Maryland Shipping Records, 1689-1694: (MS 1171)

Auld-Cooper Papers (John Clark) 1769-1868: (MS 1186)

Baltimore Bills of Lading, 1799-1810: (MS 1209)

Carter Papers, 1775-1804, 1827: (MS 1228)

Chorch Papers, 1798-1823: (MS 1236)

Corner Collection, 1678-1883: (MS 1242)

Corner Collection, 1780-1793: (MS 1244)

Customs  Papers, 1796-1798: (MS 1249)

Davidson Papers, 1780-1813: (MS 1253)

Hyde Papers, 1765-1813: (MS 1324)

Jenkins Papers, 1729-1861: (MS 1327)

Jenne Papers, 1793-1804: (MS 1328)

George Law Papers: (MS 1346)

McBlair Papers, 1797-1855c: (MS 1355)

McCullough Papers c1827- 1836c: (MS 1356)

Baltimore Passenger Lists, 1834-1854: (MS 1382)

Potts Papers, 1774-1803: (MS 1392)

Purviance Papers, 1766-1849: (MS 1394)

Sears Papers, 1801-1802, 1846: (MS 1418)

Robert and William Smith Papers, 1779-1844: (MS 1423)

Tench Tilghman Papers, 1731-1808: (MS 1445)

Wright Papers, 1829-1846: (MS 1467)

John L. Thomas papers (Collector of Customs ) 1830-1890: (MS 1521)

French Naval Letters, 1782-1783: (MS 1534)

Houghton Daybook, 1831-1835: (MS 1591)

Baltimore Ship Departures 1799-1807: (MS 1612)

Brig “Georgia” Papers, 1864-1868: (MS 1632)

Daniel Randall Collection, 1866-1923: (MS 1632)

Long Family Collection, 1782-1855: (MS 1643)

‘Deutschland’ Entry Papers, 1916-1917: (MS 1661)

Naval District Papers, 1780-1792: (MS 1668)

Thomas Rutland Letter Book, 1784-1787: (MS 1726)

A. Clarke, Von Kapff & Brune Shipping Papers, 1793-1829: (MS 1754)

Mary Tenant Mactier Latrobe Papers, 1805-1907: (MS 1758)

The Revolutionary War Collection, 1775-1783: (MS 1814)

Merchants & Miners Transport Co. Papers, 1907-1962: (MS 1841)

War of 1812 Collection, 1794-1960: (MS 1846)

Baltimore Steam Packet Co. Papers, 1907-1946: (MS 1880)

Havre De Grace Licensing and Enrollment Book, 1813-1817: (MS 1898)

Port of Patuxent Papers, 1786: (MS 1930)

Miscellaneous Md. Maritime Collection, 1633-1965: (MS 1931)

John B. Beimiller Papers, 1901-1918: (MS 1936)

Greene Papers, 1842-1955: (MS 1962)

Samuel H. Gatchell Collection, 1844-1846: (MS 1988)

William Russell Account Book, 1774-1783: (MS 1989)

Brice-Jennings Papers, 1660-1853: (MS 1997)

Scharf Papers, 1600-1900: (MS 1999)

Barreda Company Collection, 1852-1863: (MS 2102)

McCulloh Family Papers, 1773-1848: (MS 2110)

The Merchants & Miners Transport Co. 1852-1952: (MS 2166)

Baltimore Customs  Records, 1780-1811: (MS 2180)

Rutter & Etting Account Book, 1796-1802: (MS 2193)

Baltimore Marine Insurance Co. Letter Book, 1866: (MS 2214)

H.G. Granofsky Collection, 1849-1971: (MS 2231)

Barreda Papers, 1852-1931: (MS 2281)

Todd papers, 1839-1931: (MS 2284)

Jesse Tynan & Sons Records c1800-1826: (MS 2371)

The Granofsky Collection, 1797-1904: (MS 2383)

SS ‘Merchant’ Account Book, 1870: (MS 2486)

Baltimore Customs  House Records, 1901-1970: (MS 2557)




MS260 Joseph Despeaux Papers, 1789-1884

MS294 Joseph Despeaux Accounts, 1807-1820

MS789 Stricke Letterbook (“Hornet”) 1804-1823

MS903 Weigans Papers (Vulcan Ironworks) 1852-1861

MS912 Williamson papers (Shipyard Accounts) 1831-1838

MS913 Thos. Williamson Account Book (Rope-Walk) 1831-1838

MS916 Winans Papers, 1838-1878

MS916.1 Winans Record Book, 1877-1879

MS1485 WM. Skinner & Sons Record Book, 1852-1927

MS1532 Hooper & Hazen (Hazen & Co.) Ledgers, 1863-1868

Sailmakers & Shipbuilders Measurement Books, 1885-1939: for sailmaker Albert Brown at Deal Island, 1897-1939; shipbuilder Joseph Sauerhoof of Cambridge, 1885; and sailmaker David Pritchard of Oxford,. (MS 1542)

MS1572 Gist-Jones Papers, 1886-1967

MS1663 Weir, Longcope & Co. Account Book ‘Rope-Walk’ 1852-1869

MS1671 Chas. W. Booz & Sons Records, 1880-1949

MS1931 Miscellaneous Maritime Collection, 1663-1965

MS2055 Grafflin Sailmaker’s Papers

MS2144 Graham-Winans Letters, 1862-1870

MS2264 Shipbuilding at Federal Hill, 1773-1950

MS2306 Earle’s Maryland Shipbuilding Collection, 1680-1910 (cards)

MS2306 Earle’s Maryland Shipbuilding Collection Admeas. Rels. 1790-1900

MS2370 The Sparrow’s Point Shipyard Records, 1892-1976

MS2383 The Granofsky Collection, 1797-1904

MS1267 Charles W. Booz & Sons Hauling Book, 1874-1882




MS117 Belt Collection, 1811-1856

MS158 Franklin Buchanan Collection, 1820-1874

MS161 Buchanan Letter Book, 1862

“Defence” Records, 1896: Records of the ship commissioned for the defense of Baltimore in, 1776 (MS 289

MS452 Hollingsworth Papers (John Dorsey 1804) 1732-1891

MS526 Latrobe papers (Washington Navy Yard) 1816-1947

MS575 William May Collection, 1831-1857

MS583 Mayo Scrapbook, 1842-1853

MS608 Naval Veteran Post 76, G.A.R. Records, 1903-1926

MS611 Naval Militia Scrapbook, 1901-1903

MS949 E. Stanley Gary Scrapbook, 1880-1913

MS965 “Hartford” Steamship Log, 1859-1861

MS1095 Harris-Brent Papers (Nicholson Family) 1810-1940

MS 1137 Maryland Historical Society Caroline Bell Collection (USF Constellation notes) 1783-1888

MS1187 Aulick Expedition Papers (Japan) 1851-1857

MS1261 Edward Donaldson Papers, 1834-1877

MS1283 Geisinger Papers, 1809-1856

MS1305 Hammond-Harwood House MS. Collection (USS Philadelphia) 1679-1845

MS1410 Rodgers Papers, 1794-1875

MS1424 Samuel Smith Collection, 1784-1837

MS1429 Steele Papers, 1683-1894

MS1429.1 Steele Papers, 1891-1894

MS1437 John Taylor Papers, 1849-1851

MS1576 Robert K. Lowry Papers (Venezuela Crisis) 1793-1825

MS1613 “Constellation” Homecoming Papers, 1935-1955

MS1811 Robert Lyon Rogers Papers, 1849-1865

MS1813 Scrapbook & Memorabilia of William Tipton Conn, 1902-1938

MS1846 War of 1812 Collection, 1794-1960

MS1928 George Jones Armiger Collection (USS Cyclops) 1918-1938

MS1939 “Constellation” Papers, 1959-1972

MS1999 Scharf papers, 1600-1900

MS2021 Hambleton Family Papers, 1775-1914

MS2201 Edward Simpson Mauscript Notes 1859-1862




MS17 American Patent Anchor Company Papers c1870

MS88 Brackenridge Collection (Wiles Expedition) 1834-1854

MS147 Briggs-Stabler Papers (Canals) 1793-1910

MS218 Canoe Regatta Scrapbook, 1914-1920

MS240 Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Ass. Records, 1959

MS242 Cloberry Versus Clairborne Papers (Pirates) 1638-1645

MS351 Ewell Scrapbook (Oyster War) 1888-1893

MS484 International Improvement Papers (Canals) 1820

MS659 Pilot’s Certificate Record Book, 1853-1855

MS679.1 Randall Yacht “Loke” Records, 1934-1935

MS735 Seager ‘Elements of Navigation’ 1772

MS744 Shipmodel Exhibition Scrapbook, 1924-1925

MS834 U.S Lines Employees Cards c1935-1949c

MS861Wise Journal  (Coastal Survey) 1842-1848

MS916.2 (Cigar Boat photo) Now in MS 916 or Graphics

MS1041 William O. Boettinger Papers, 1899-1965

MS1053 Patapsco Navy Minute Book, 1904-1915

MS1072 Baltimore Scrapbooks, 1935-1945

MS1125 Edward J. Dent Papers (Navigation) 1850-1867

MS1294 Grundy-Gibson Papers (Wreck) 1783-1840

MS1505 B. Howell Griswold Collection (Harbor) 1916-1961

MS1506 Baltimore History Scrapbooks, 1929-1952

MS1568 Tidewater Levels-Baltimore to Harrisburg, 1823

MS1651 “City of Norfolk” Radio Telephone Log, 1960-61

MS1687 Londontown Ferry Accounts, 1778-1779

MS1716 Isaac Briggs papers (Erie Canal) 1804-1824

MS1734 Baltimore Lighterage Records, 1887-1910

MS1809 William C. Steuart papers, 1930-1962

MS1858 Richard H. Randall Maritime Papers, 1930-1970

MS2151 Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Co. Papers c1850   



Photos/Prints Collection sponsored by the Mellon Foundation:


Ferries –

                1900 Ferry

                1875 Rope Ferry at Hancock MD

                1930 Vienna MD

                1934 White’s Ferry

                1960 Belhaven Middle Ferry Wicomico County


                1900 ‘Ivanhoe’  (PP29)

n.d. Yankee Doodle Dandee Power Yacht

1890 Yala Sail Yacht

                n.d Apple Jack Sailing Yacht

                1904 Arrow Steam Yacht

                n.d. Feissen Power Yacht

1953 Felicia Power Yacht

                1976 Enchantress Alex Brown Yacht

                n.d. Wannita Power Yacht



                1895 A. Jones Tugboat Z24.138

                1863 Alabama Confederate Steam Raider

                1939 Albert F. Paul Schooner

                1925 Alexander Wylie Tugboat

                1913 Alum Chine British Ammo Ship

                1935-1940 Amanda F. Lewis Pungy Schooner

                1929 Ann Mckinn Clipper Ship

                1924-1926 Annapolis Bay Steamer

                1928-1935 Annapolis Ice Breaker

                n.d  Anthony Groves Steamship

                n.d. Apache Coast Guard Cutter

                n.d. Argonaut Submarine

                1894 Avalon Steamer

                1964 Axaca Sloop

                1954 Bahama Sloop

                n.d. Baltimore Screw Steamer

                n.d.  Baltimore Tugboat

                1953 Baltimore USS Cruiser

                1900 Banana Steamer Z24.138

                1925 Bantu USS Freighter

                1900 Bark (US Navy)

                n.d Bataux Solomon’s Island

                1952 Bay Belle Excursion Steamer

                1930 Bayboats Baltimore Harbour

                1900 Bay Freight Boats Pier 4 Balt Harbour (Motor Driven)

                1940 Bee Bugeye

                n.d. Belle M. Crane

                n.d. Beulahland Ram Schooner

                n.d. Black Nancy

                1901-1912 British Steamer Skinner’s Shipyard Baltimore MD

                n.d. Centurion British Vessel

                1910,1915 Bugeyes Balt. Md, Hampton VA, Cambridge MD

                n.d. Bugeye with Bonnett Jib

                n.d Opp. Ft. McHenry

                1930 Schooner Baltimore Harbour

                n.d Square Rigged

                n.d. Cable Ferry Patuxent River

                1930 Calvert Bay Steamer

                1877 Carolina Steamer

                n.d. Cedar Grove Steamship

                n.d. CG 40477 Coast Guard Cutter

                1925 Charles Richardson Schooner

                1944 Charles S. Sperry Destroyer

                n.d. Charles W. Booz Z24.189

                1941 Charles W. Morgan Whaler

                n.d. Charlotte Bay Steamer

                1915 Chenoden Yawl          

                1927 Chesapeake and Delaware Steamships Co.

                1932 Chesapeake and Richmond Steamships Co.

                1875 Chester Bay Steamer

                n.d.  Chester Peake Skipjack

                n.d Chester W. Chapin New England Vessel

                n.d. Chincoteague US Coast Guard Cutter

                1944 Chinciteague USS Destroyer

                1896 Choptank Bay Steamer

                1894-1899, 1896 Chowan Bay Steamer

                1910 Christoforo Columbo Italian

                1911-1931 City of Batlimore Steamship

                1946-1951, 1960 City of Norfolk Bay Steamer Old Bay Line

                n.d. City of Richmond Bay Steamer

                1947-1948 Clio Motor Vessel

                1930 Columbia Bark Steamer

                1964 Columbia Steamship

                1911 Columbia Tugboat

                1879-1968 Constellation USS Frigate

                n.d Crabbing Skiffs

                1865 CSN Florida

                n.d. Curtis Bay Tugboat

                1890 Daisy

                1939 DanMark

                n.d. Danville Steamship

                1900 Daylight

                1895 Defender

                n.d. Duetschland Submarine

                n.d. District of Columbia Bay Steamer

                n.d. Dixie Excursion Steamboat

                1910 Dixie Log Canoe

                1914 Dorchester

                n.d Dorchester Coastal Steamship

                n.d. Dorchester Paddle Steamboat

                1939 Doris Hamlin

                1919 Dorothea Brinkman

                1947 Dove

                n.d. Dreamland Bay Steamboat

                n.d Dreamland Bay Steamship

                1935 Dredge Baltimore

                n.d. E. Clay Timanus Tugboat

                n.d. Eastern Shore

                n.d. Edith F. Todd

                1935 Edward L. Swan

                1912 Eleanor A. Percy 6 masted Schooner

                1940 Elsie Scow Sloop

                1890 Emma A. Ford Bay Steamer

                1901 Amma A. Faulkner Bugeye

                n.d. Empress of Bermuda Stemaship

                1963 Enoch Pratt

                1898 Enoch Pratt Paddle Stemboat

                1895 Enoch Pratt, Endeavor, Helen at Federal Hill

                1890,1930 Essex

                n.d. Essa Baltimore Tanker

                1921 Esther Phillips Tugboat

                1935 Esther Weems

                n.d. Express Ferry

                1928-1930 F.C. cLatrobe Ice Breaker

1955 The Tred Avon Motor Driven Ferry Oxford MD

1902 Five Masted Schooner Z24.1249

1900 Five Masted Schooners and Steamboat

                1930 Florence

                1878, 1920 Florida

                1920 Florida Old Bay Line Steamer

                1940 Flying Cloud Log Canoe

                1918 Four Masted Barkentine English Bar Harbour

                1925 Four Masted Schooner Z24.1246

                1955 France

                1928 Francis J. Ruth

                1952 Free State Mariner Steamship

                n.d. Frolic Schooner

                1939 G and E number, 1

                1933 G.A. Kohler

                n.d G. P.  Stevenson- Brig

                1930 Garbage Scows

                n.d. General Caldwalader Bay Steamboat

                1926 Georgeanna Weems

                n.d. Georgia Bay Steamer

                n.d. Gloucester Coastal Steamer

                n.d. Governor Emerson C. Harrington Bay Ferry

                1905 HMS Cumberland Armoured Cruiser

                n.d Kershaw Steamship

                n.d. Log Canoe

                1908 Dr. Wilson Log Canoe

                n.d. J.D. Williams Log Canoe

                1975 Little Black Water River Log Canoe Dorchester County

                1940 Log Canoe Oxford, MD

                1930 Log Canoe Regatta Miles River

                n.d. Louise Bay Paddle Schooner

                1912 Lumber Schooner

                n.d. Racing Skipjacks

                1969 Model Chesapeake

                1949 Model Vincent Stanley

                n.d. Model Winan’s Cigar Boat

                1795 Model USS Baltimore

                1910 Motor Launch

                1954 Oyster Boats

                1915 Paulding Class Destroyer

                1865-1873 John T. Ford Pungy Schooner

                1895-1908 Pungy Schooners

                1900 Pungy Schooner and 2 Bugeyes

                1895 Rigged Scow

                1908 Schooner

                n.d. Skipjack Baltimore Harbour

                1972 Skipjack Dundalk Vicinity

                n.d. Sloop Riverview Park Vicinity

                n.d. Sloop Hampton, VA

                1900 Solomon’s Island Harbour

                n.d. Calmar Line Steamfreighter

                1922-1923 Steamboats Brooms Wharf St. Mary’s City

                1920 Steamboat Wharf Galesville

                n.d. Steamboat Wharf Leonardtown MD

                n.d Steamboat Paddle Love Point

                1880 Stern Wheel Steamboat Wheeling?

                1922, 1929 Success Convict Ship

                1867-1874 Sue Eastern Shore Steamboat Company

                n.d. Sumpter (CSS)

                1900-1915 Susquehanna Tolchester Steamer

                n.d. Tangier Paddle Steamboat

                1864 TennesseeArmowood Ram (CSN)

                n.d Tennessee Paddle Steamboat

                1898 Tennessee Steamer Old Bay Steamer

                n.d. Tennessee Steamship

                n.d. The Sun Tugboat

                n.d. Theodore Weems Paddle Steamboat

                1920 Three Masted Schooner Baltimore Harbour

                1910 Three Rivers Paddle  Steamboat

                1896 Tivoli Paddle Steamboat

                n.d. Tolchester II Excursion Steamboat

                n.d Tolchester III Paddle Excursion Steamboat

                n.d. Tred Avon Bay Screw Steamboat

                1904, 1925 Tugboat

                n.d. Tusitala Steamship

                1900 2 Masted Schooner

                n.d UP Meekins Bugeye

                n.d. Log Canoe

                n.d. Schooner on Chesapeake Bay

                n.d. Vessel loading, 1930 autos

                1931 USF Constitution Old Ironsides

                1951 USS Corregidor Casablanca Class Carrier

                n.d USS Dolphin (Cyanotype)

                1917 USS Florida Monitor

                n.d USS Helena Armoured Cruiser (Cyanotype)

                1928 HMS Victory British Flagship

                n.d. Viking

                1879, 1903-1949 Virginia Steamer

                1884 CSS Virginia Ironclad Z24.1410

                1942 Virginia Lee Steamer Dept. of Navy

                1914 Virgo 3 Masted Bark

                1935 Wave Pungy

                1890 Wave Schooner Z24.541

                n.d. Westmoreland Paddle Steamboat

                1915 Westmoreland Steamer

                1905 Wildwood, NJ

                n.d. Williamsburg Paddle Coastal Steamship Z24.1727

                1858 Winan’s Cigar Boat

                n.d. Winding Gulf

                n.d. William Brenner Jr. Ex-Bugeye, now Bay Freighter

1920 Wyoming Schooner

1928 Yorktown Steamboat



                Baltimore Harbor –

                                1849 Z24.8; Z24.10; Z24.137; Z24.275; Z24.276; Z24.378




                                1900 Z24.125; Z24.154



                                1930 Z24.168 (Jaunita in foreground)

                                1930 Z24.155


                                1939 Z24.110;  Z16.101

                                1941 Z24.1975

                                1947 Z26.1

                                1950-1955 Z16.95

                                1962 Z24.14



Baltimore Harbor- Aerial photos





                Baltimore Harbor- Architectural Models



                Baltimore Harbor- Fire/Explosions



                Baltimore Harbor Master Office



                Baltimore- Marine Terminals

                                Curtis Bay


                                Locust Point

          1925-1955 Z24.835



                Baltimore- Harbor & Federal Hill

                                1849 Z24.3

                                1872 Z24.177



                                1947 ZN14.1660


                Baltimore Light Street, Pratt Street




Canals and Canal Boats

                Chesapeake & Delaware-





                                1948 Chesapeake City


                Chesapeake & Ohio



                                1890 Z24.251




                                1938Cumberland; Four Locks

                                1940 Great Falls

                1865 Harpers Ferry

                                1930 Old Town Lock 70 or 71

                1890 Sandy Hook

                                1938 Williamsport


                Columbia & Tidewater Canal

                                1890 Lapidum


US Naval Officers/ Training Academy-


                1944. 1945

                ?? Group Portrait


Fishing, Crabbing, Oystering-

                1905 Oyster Boats @ dock

                1882,1889 Oystering

                ?? Oystering, Tom’s Cove

                ?? Crabbing

                Talbot County crabbing, 1960



                Greenbury Point 1910

                Havre De Grace 



                1916 (PP11.313b)

                1875 Lazaretto & Bouy Tender

Long Point Shoal

Love Point

                Fenwick Lighthouse Worchester County       



Rivers and Streams-

                Choptank at Kirby’s Wharf                               




Baltimore City Life Museum Collection:


John Dubas Section contains 3,850 images from 1905-1970 mainly focused on ships.



                Angerona Norwegian Bark

                                Convict Ship Success

                                Silverstream British Bark

                                Ship Vigo Norwegian

                                Shipentine Magna Reus

                                Lancing Norwegian, 1917

                                Danmark Danish   1939

                                Shipentine Arrow Bark, 1915

                                Tusitala 1925

                                Star of Lapland Shipentine w/ Full Sail

                                Ann Mckinn  Baltimore Clipper, 1929

                                Mary Whiteridge Clipper Ship 1929

                                Richelieu French Shipentine, 1926-7

                                Westlothian Shipentine, 1928

                                Solomon Jousten Model Finnish Training Ship 1940

                                Sailing Ship NYC 1905

                                Acme Shipentine, 1905

                                SS Chatain, 1905

                                SS Brandenburg North German Lloyd 1910

                                SS Main North German Lloyd 1905

                                Revenue Cutter Training Station, 1905

                                Amerigo Vespucci  Italian Bark, 1905

                                SS Oldenburg North German Lloyd 1905

                                Monitor in Patapsco 1905

                                Itasca Rev. Ser. Traning Sip 1910

                                Steamer, 1910

                                Navy Auxillary Freighter, 1910

                                Alice E. Clark, 1907

                                Navy Auxillary Steamer, 1910

                                Sloop Yacht 1910

                                US Revenue Steamer Boutwell, 1905

                                US Revenue Steamer Fessenden

                                US revenue Steamer Itasca 1910

                                Warship 1915

                                Schooner 3 masted 1907

                                Freighter, 1907

                                K. Clay Timanus  Tugboat 1906

                                Eskine M. Phelps Shipentine, 1906

                                Nektor North German Lloyd 1905

                                2 Masted Schooner, 1906

                                5 Masted Schooner, 1915

                                Louise Bay Steamer, 1912

                                Alabama Old Bay Line Steamer, 1913

                                Dreamland Bay Steamer, 1913

                                SS Old Point Comfort Bay Steamer, 1913

                                Annapolis Bay Steamer, 1915

                                S.W. Smith Ferry 1916

                                USS Maryland Stoney Creek Battleship 1921

                                Eastern Shore Bay Steamer, 1921

                                Loaded 2 Masted Bay Lumber Schooner under Sail

                                Schooner Brown Stone, 1922

                                USCG Seneca Coast Guard Cutter, 1913

                                USCG Acushnet Salvage Tug, 1913

                                US Coast Guard Cutter Apache, 1908,1915,1921

                                USS Forward 1910

                                USRC Unalga Revenue Cutter, 1910

                                USRC Wharok Revenue Cutter, 1910

                                USRC Pamlico 1913

                                USCG Androscoggin, 1908

                                USCG Ossippee Cutter, 1915

                                USCG Mohawk, 1915

                                3 Masted Bark, 1910

                                USS Oklahoma@ Canton Pier, 1927

                                USS Indianapolis Cruiser @ Locust Point 1936

                                USS Gilmor Destroyer #233 1924

                                USS Illinois Battleship 1914

                                USS Severn

                                USS Newark, 1918

                                USS Isla de Cuba

                                USS Louisiana Battleship 1912-1914

                                USS Kansas Battleship 1912

                                USCG Seminole Cutter, 1913

                                Frigate Oriole (sinking) 1913

                                USCG Colfax Station Ship 1915

                                SMS Flansa Troop Transport 1911

                                EttoreFieramosca Italian Cruiser, 1904

                                Warship 1908

                                Small Steamers, 1910

                                Olympia Cruiser, 1910

                                Torpedo Boat 1910

                                Mona Norwegian Bark, 1911

                                5 Schooners, 1922

                                Schooners Drying Sails @ Power House Pier, 1922  

                                City of New York Bark, 1931

                                Port Welcome Harbour Excursion Boat

                                SS F.C. Latrobe, 1879 Ice Breaker, 1958

                                Mayfair Bay Excursion Boat 1960

                                Potomac Tochester Excursion Boat

                                Radiant Bark, 1912

                                Ada J. Campbell Bay Schooner, 1921

                                Lizzie D. Peabody Bay Schooner, 1921

                                Schooner with Ice on Bow 1923

                                4 Masted Shipentine, 1920

                                Bow of Edith F. Todd 1921

                                Nantucket Sail Training Ship 1938

                                Port Welcome Excursion Star, 1961-1963

                                Potomac on Tolchester, 1952

                                Nippon Maru Japanese Sail Training Skip 1960

                                Tovarisk Russian Sail Training Bark, 1972

                                Marta Italain Sloop Yacht 1957

                                Discovery 1957

                                Godspeed 1957

                                Susan Constant 1957

                                Bounty (reproduction) 1962

                                Sorlandt Norwegian Sail Training Ship 1964

                                District of Columbia 1956,1962,1961

                                City of Richmond Old Bay Line Steamer, 1953,1954,1956

                                Bay Belle Excursion Boat 1961,1962

                                USCG Daniel Bennard US Public Health Service, 1962

                                John A. Mesick Excursion Boat of Wilson Line, 1961,1962

                                Powhatan Steamer, 1906

                                Tugs at Pratt Street 1957

                                Tugs on Strike, 1966

                                Tugboats DeVoie and Harold 1939

                                Topcat Salvage Ship 1963

                                Dutch Tug Tyne with Dredge, 1952

                                Tugboats at Pier, 1 1962

                                Tug Curtis Bay 1920

                                Tug Port Covington, 1920

                                Cantabrico 1968

                                D. Graham Tug, 1963

                                Gremlin Tug, 1963

                                Calvert 1930

                                A wooden Sail Ship Hulks, 1948

                                General Houseboat 1962-1963

                                Mayor J. Harold Grady, Fireboat 1962, 1966

Deluge Fireboat 1956

Nippon Maru Japanese Sail Traning Ship 1960

Stadstrand Lehmkuhl Norwegian ship 1954

Amerigo Vespucci Itailian Sail training Ship 1968

Coast Guard Vessel, 1907

4 Masted Schooner, 1910

Battleship 4 stack, 1907

USS Texas Battleship 1905

Julien de Graviere French Cruiser, 1905

Battleship US Louisiana Class 1908

Presidente Sarmiento Frigate, 1907

SS Daniel Willard Liberty Ship 1942

Newark Lt. Cruiser, 1906

SS Manna Hata 1912


                Harbor Scenes-

                                1915 Baltimore Waterfront

1907 Pier 8

1926 Motorboat Races Westport

1929 Motorboat Races on Patapsco

1910, 1925 Pratt Street Wharf

1922,1927 Harbor Scenes

1915,1962, 1968 Harbor Masters Office


Pothast Brothers Collection: (PP7) 1860-1912



                        Show Mut

                                Bremen Line Ships

                                Steam Sailing Vessel


Hughes Collection: (PP8) 1910-1946



                        Tugboat Alexander Wylie (PP8.16) Z9.21.PP8

                                Bay Steamers at Light Street  (PP8.78) Z6.45.PP8

                                Ferryboat Emerson E. Harrington (PP8.381) Z6.338.PP8

                                SS Missouri (PP8.504) Z6.466.PP8

                                USS Monitor vs. CSS Merrimack (PP8.505) Z6.467.PP8

                                Oyster Boat 1926 (unloading) (PP8.550) Z6.512.PP8

                                Coast Guard Vessels 1942   (PP8.111) Z6.1647.PP30

                                Battle Ship 1943 (PP30.114) Z6.1648.PP30

                                Battle Ship (PP30.116) Z6.1649.PP30

                                USS Enterprise, 1943 (PP30.122) Z6.1652.PP30

                                USS Enterprise, 1943 (PP30.125) Z6.1654.PP30

                                SS Yapolaga (PP30.213) Z6.1729.1.PP30

                                SS Patchet 1920 (at Union Shipbuilding) ZN16.74.PP30

                Pacific Mail SS Co. Ships 1920 (PP30.378-379) 


SS Alfonso Perez at Curtis Bay 1920 (PP30.383) ZN16.81.PP30

SS Vincent (PP30.391) ZN16.100.PP30

SS Sauerland at Curtis Bay ZN16.191.PP30; ZN16.192.PP30

SS Lake Lacola ZN16.186.PP30 ; ZN16.190.PP30


                Harbor Scenes-

                                Bethlehem Shipbuilding Co. 1942 (PP30-135) Z6.1663.PP30

                                Merchants and Miners Company Pier, 1910 (PP8.493) Z6.455.PP8

                                Old bay Line Pier, 1910 (PP8.534, 535) Z.496.PP8; Z.497.PP8



                                Oyster Tonging (PP8.547) Z6.509.PP8


                US Naval Officers-

                                1943 Us Naval Officers (PP30.116; PP30.124) Z6.1653.PP30; Z6.1650.PP30


                                Page from HMS Serapis Logbook (PP30.189, 190) Z9.1754.PP30; Z9.1755.PP30

 Glass Plate Negative Collection (PP11) 1890-1930



                        Steamboat Louise in Baltimore Harbor (PP11.39) Z6.870.PP11

                                C+O Canal Barge (PP11.107) Z6.938.PP11

                                USS Pennsylvania Frigate (PP11.452) Z6.1284.PP11

                                Schooner and 2 Bugeyes (PP11.515) Z6.1348.PP11

                                Schooner, Chesapeake Bay (PP11.516) Z6.1349.PP11

                                Schooner SawMasted (PP11.524) Z6.1357.PP11

                                Schooner 2 Masted (PP11.525. 526. 527) Z6.1358.P11; Z6.1359.P11; Z6.1360.P11

                                Log Bugeye (PP11.606) Z6.1439.PP11

                                Old Point Comfort Steamer (PP11.607) Z6.1440.PP11

                                Potomac Bay Steamer President Warfield (PP11.608) Z6.1441.PP11

                                Old Line Bay Steamer (PP11.609) Z6.1442.PP11

                                Talbot Steam Paddleboat (PP11.610) Z6.1443.P11



                                1900 Baltimore Harbor (PP11.39) Z6.870.PP11

                                Baltimore Harbor (PP11.41) Z6.872.PP11

                                Chestertown Waterfront (PP11.68) Z6.899.PP11

                                Tugboat Consolidation Coal Company (PP11.566) Z6.1300.P11

                                Light Street Wharves (P11.604) Z6.1437.PP11

                Schooner Contracts:

                                Wm. Skinner and Washington B. Jones (PP11.517) Z6.1350.PP11

                                1831/1832 (PP11.518) Z6.1358.PP11

                                1831 Wm. Skinner & James Gough (PP11.523) Z6.1356.PP11


Brown Collection (PP20) 1896-1925



                        Fruitsellers Boat (PP20.1) Z5.112.PP20

                                Steamer Cambridge (PP20.3) Z4.202.PP20

                                French Cruiser (PP20.5) Z4.204.PP20

                                Wreck of the Monohansett (PP20.7) Z4.206.PP20

                                Abandoned Schooner (PP20.10) Z4.217.PP20

                                Tugboat (at Woodhall’s Shipyard)  (PP20.15.16) Z4.207.PP20; Z4.208.PP20

                                Steamer Emma A. Ford (PP20.55) Z4.232.PP20



                                Woodhall’s Shipyard (PP20.4)                          

                                W.F. Woodhall’s Shipyard (PP20.55) Z4.209.PP20


 Baird Montgomery County Collection: (PP94) 1907-1912


                Great Falls

                Boat Race

                C&O Canal

                Bathers @ Atlantic City


Baltimore Harbor Views Collection: (PP143) 1867-1870


                Crowds on Wharves in Baltimore Harbor (PP143.2,3) Z24.320

                Baltimore Harbor (PP143.4) Z24.255

                Baltimore Harbor with Sailboats (PP143.5,6)  Z24.259; Z24.256


Carter Collection: (PP22) 1906-1916



                        Convict Steamship Success (PP22.36.37) Z4.36.PP22; Z4.37.PP22

                                Deck of Bark Onaway (PP22.40) Z4.40.PP22

                                Scow (loading resin) (PP22.41) Z4.41.PP22

                                3 US Submarines (PP22.42) Z4.42.PP22

                                One Submarine and Sailing Vessel (in Baltimore Dock) (PP22.43) Z4.43.PP22

                                Torpedo Boat (PP22.44) Z4.44.PP22


Clarence Beckett: (PP144) 1935-1940


          Aerial Photograph Collection:

                                US Naval Academy 1935 (PP144.3)

                                Downtown Baltimore view of Harbor, 1937 (PP144.12)

                                Point of Rocks Flooding, 1936 (PP144.9, 10, 11)



Edward C. Clark (PP160)


          Sailing Craft of the Chesapeake Bay Collection

                                45 Photos in 2 albums


Edwin Defrain Taylor Collection (PP88) 1905-1923


                Wicomico County Steamboat Wharves


Figgins Collection (PP27) 1917-1970



                                USS Von Steuben

                                USS Hopkins

                                USS Virginia

                                Destroyer Stockton

                                USS Pennsylvania

                                USS Massachusetts

                                Old Ironsides

                                Coaling Ship

                                Unidentified Ships (variety 1917-1918)


                US Navy:

                                80 Photo Prints

                                Many Sailors, officers


The Hambleton Collection (available in Special Collections):



                                1168 Pungy ‘Pleasant Prospect’

                                H73 Steamship Tennessee

                                H78 Clipper Ship ‘Ann McKim’

                                H87 1864 US Gunboat Eutaw

                                H145 Boats on the water @ St. John’s College

                                H298 Winan’s Ocean Steamer


                Harbor Views of Baltimore:

                                H17 Harbor View 1858

                                H18 Patapsco River near Light Street

                                H20/21 Baltimore Harbor

                                H22 Mr. Moale’s View of Baltimore Harbor

                                H23 Harbor from Observatory

                                H27 View of Harbor from Federal Hill

                                H31 Views of Baltimore (montage)

                                H37 Locust Point & Canton

                                H41 Port of Baltimore, 1880

                                H42 Baltimore Harbor

                                H46 Baltimore Harbor

                                H47/H51/H52 Baltimore Harbor, 1752

                                H48 Baltimore Harbor, 1870

                                H50/H53 Baltimore Harbor

                                H65 1839 View of Baltimore

                                H69 1870 View of Baltimore

                                H70 Centennial View of Baltimore

                                H89 Bombardment of Ft. McHenry

                                H135 Ft. McHenry & Harbor

                                H143 Baltimore Wharf

                                H269.2 Baltimore Harbor from Federal hill

                                H272 Baltimore Harbor

                                H273 1851 City and Harbor of Baltimore

                                H282 Harbor         

                                H287 Ft. McHenry and harbor

                                H327/358 Baltimore harbor

                                H336 Baltimore Pier

                                H357 Baltimore harbor and Fishermen             


Baltimore, 1752-1899, 1900-1924 (special collections):



                                GPFV 1850 ‘Seamen’s Bride’

                                MC711 (5,6) 1847 Steamship in Harbor

                                PP11.106  ‘Charles Linthicum’ 1900

                                MC2698 (2) 3 Masted ship 1901

                                Z24.1897  Shibuilders with Brig

                                MB4639 Schooner unloading Oysters, 1873



                                PP6 Folio Map of Baltimore



                                H26 Baltimore harbor, 1752

                                MC711 1849 Photo of Harbor

                                CB2895.1 Harbor Print

                                MB914 Waterfront 1815

                                CC984 Harbor, 1872

                                241,242,243 Baltimore Waterfront 1895

                                MC8708 Harbor, 1890

                                MC4669 1904 Fire Ruins

                                MC4733 Locust Point 1904



                                MD919 Baltimore Oyster Trade, 1874


Tolchester Photograph Collection (PP128):


                Tolchester Beach