Maryland Artist Series, 1975-1976

OH 8080, Grace Hartigan, 1975

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This series consists of interviews with Maryland artists and Directors and Managers of Maryland Cultural Institutions. Institutions discussed include the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Baltimore Opera Company, the Maryland Historical Society, the Maryland Institute, the Peabody Institute; the Peale Museum, the Walters Art Gallery, the Baltimore Symphony, and the Center Stage Theatre.

Interviewees include: Artist Grace Hartigan; Adelyn Breeskin, Director of the Baltimore Museum of Art, 1947-1962; P. William Filby, Director of the Maryland Historical Society, 1972-1978; Wilbur Hunter, Director of the Peale Museum, 1946-1979; Richard H. Randall, Jr., Director of the Walters Art Gallery, 1965-1980; and author Walter Lord, whose works include A Night to Remember (1955), about the sinking of the Titanic, and The Dawn’s Early Light (1972), about the War of 1812.

Materials available for this series of interviews include audio recordings, photographs, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, biographical material, tape indexes, correspondence, and ephemera. Transcriptions are available for three of the interviews.

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