HIP! Lessons

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Each HIP! Course includes 15 Interactive Historical Investigations, each of which emphasizes one key piece of content and one historical thinking skill.  

Features in these lessons include: 

· Scaffolded instruction to facilitate comprehension of complex historical texts 

Techniques Include:  

  • Primary sources read aloud
  • Synonyms for difficult vocabulary
  • Translations of text into modern English
  • Magnifying glass tool

· Emphasis on both content and targeted historical thinking skills, such as sourcing, corroboration, claim and evidence

· Explanations of correct answers following submission of each student response 



Try HIP! Free 

A limited number of historical investigations will be available below for use by your students at no cost.


 The Founding of Maryland

Throughout this historical investigation students will practice the skill of close reading of primary sources. Students will work to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges colonists faced coming to the New World. 

Grades: 4,5

Cost: FREE!

Details: 60 minutes

Liberty and Slavery In Maryland

Throughout this historical investigation students will be analyzing how , if at all, did the American Revolution's ideals of liberty affect the institution of slavery. 

Grades: 8,9,10

Cost: FREE!

Details: 60 minutes