Worthington Collection - PP23

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ca. 1899-1930

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Prints and Photographs Division, Maryland Historical Society
201 W. Monument St. 
Baltimore, MD 21201

Finding aid created by Katherine Cowan with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, August 1999


The creator of this collection was Thomas Chew Worthington, III (1879-1953), the son of Dr. Thomas Chew Worthington, Jr. and Mary Kate Worthington and brother of Richard W. Worthington. He married Clara McDonald, and the couple had one daughter; they lived at 2113 Poplar Grove St. Thomas Worthington was a graduate of the Maryland Institute, and a friend of many faculty and students over the years.

By profession, Worthington was a salesman for many years with the firm of John T. Willis, Co., distributors of X-ray and photographic equipment. By inclination, he was a magician, photographer, and collector. A friend of many eminent practitioners of the prestidigital art, Worthington's own collection of magic equipment was accepted by the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Florida; he made the donation as a memorial to his friend, magician Howard Thurston (1869-1936). Other collections included antiques, stamps, autographs, and natural history specimens (which last he left to Loyola College at his death), as well as photographs. Many of the photographs in his collection are now at the Enoch Pratt Free Library; the balance were acquired - just how is not clear - by the Maryland Historical Society.

Collection Origin

Provenance unknown (64801).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 897 glass plate and film negatives made ca. 1899-1930, with modern prints for the entire collection. The modern prints are housed in 6 boxes; the glass negatives are stored by size in the glass negative storage section, according to negative catalog numbers; the film negatives are nitrate negatives stored in the nitrate storage area.

Subjects are Baltimore scenes, including architectural details, businesses (banks, offices, hotels, restaurants, theaters, and amusement parks), churches and cemeteries, government and public buildings (meeting halls, markets), historic houses, monuments, museums, warehouses, and waterways.

Documented events include an Advertising Men's Convention (1913), the Democratic National Convention (1912), Homecoming (1906), the Star-Spangled Banner Centennial (1914), and an unidentified air show.

Documented locations include numerous Baltimore streets and buildings, neighborhoods including Fells Point and Dickeyville, and counties including Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Howard, and Prince George's. There are images of towns, woodlands, farms, lighthouses. Several photographs depict slave quarters in Granite, Md.


The modern photoprints are arranged according to PP catalog number. The negatives are stored according to size and negative catalog numbers, which are often in the same sequence as the PP catalog numbers.

Container List

Six Boxes

Box 1, Folder 1

Box 1: 8 folders

PP23.1 - Baltimore Bargain House, S. Liberty and Baltimore Sts. Neg Z8.504.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.43.PP23.

PP23.2 - Unidentified mansard-roofed country house. Neg Z8.505.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.44.PP23.

PP23.3 - Back of Doughoregan Manor, Ellicott City. Neg Z8.506.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.45.PP23.

PP23.4 - Unidentified house by railroad track (copy). Neg Z8.507.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.46.PP23.

PP23.5 - Unidentified country house, veranda. Neg Z8.508.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.47.PP23.

PP23.6 - Public School #4, Hanover and Lee Sts. Neg Z8.509.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.48.PP23.

PP23.7 - View from Lexington St. bridge looking south - 1911. Neg Z8.510.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.49.PP23.

PP23.8 - Demolition of Barnum's Hotel, SW corner of Calvert and FayetteSts. Neg Z8.511.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.50.PP23.

PP23.9 - Unidentified rural house, 1911. Neg Z8.512.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.51.PP23.

PP23.10 - Reisterstown Rd. tollgate at Park Circle, 1911. Neg Z8.513.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.52.PP23.

PP23.11 - Reisterstown Rd. tollgate at Park Circle, 1911. Neg Z8.514.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.53.PP23.

PP23.12 - Searchlight beam, possibly at railroad station. Neg Z8.515.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.54.PP23.

PP23.13 - Unidentified suburban mansion. Neg Z8.516.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.55.PP23.

PP23.14 - Inn between Harrisonville and N. Branch of Baltimore and LibertyTurnpike, Baltimore Co. Neg Z8.517.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.56.PP23.

PP23.15 - Rural landscape - cornfield. Neg Z8.518.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.57.PP23.

PP23.16 - Parade at Wells and McComas, Centennial, 1914. Neg Z8.519.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.58.PP23.

PP23.17 - Parade at Wells and McComas, Centennial, 1914. Neg Z8.520.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.59.PP23.

PP23.18 - View from Bath St. bridge looking south - 1911. Neg Z8.521.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.60.PP23.

PP23.19 - View from Gay, St. bridge looking south - 1911. Neg Z8.522.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.61.PP23.

PP23.20 - Graubner's Restaurant, Garrison Lane at Baltimore St. Neg Z8.523.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.62.PP23.

Box 1, Folder 2

PP23.21 - Angelo Cottage, Ellicott City. Neg Z8.524.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.63.PP23.

PP23.22 - Waterfront, unloading sailing vessel. Neg Z8.525.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.64.PP23.

PP23.23 - Hillen St. above bridge where Western Md. R.R. are (sic) improving, 1911. Neg Z8.526.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.65.PP23.

PP23.24 - Soldiers leaving camp at Druid Hill Park. Neg Z8.527.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.66.PP23.

PP23.25 - Soldiers leaving camp at Druid Hill Park (Soldiers and Sailors Monument unveiling). Neg Z8.528.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.67.PP23.

PP23.26 - Soldiers leaving camp at Druid Hill Park (Soldiers and Sailors Monument unveiling). Neg Z8.529.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.68.PP23.

PP23.27 - Furst Bros. store decorated (38 Hopkins Pl.). Neg Z.530.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.69.PP23.

PP23.28 - Baltimore and Liberty Turnpike above N. Branch, Carroll County,1911. Neg Z.531.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.70.PP23.

PP23.29 - Tom Worthington (group ?). Neg Z8.532.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.71.PP23.

PP23.30 - Viaduct at Relay, Md. 1854 (print). Neg Z8.533.PP23.

PP23.31 - (Same as Z8.529.PP23) Z8.534.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.72.PP23.

PP23.32 - Statue - Mephistopheles (?). Neg Z8.535.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.73.PP23.

PP23.33 - Battle Monument and surroundings - drawing- Mt. Cigars ad. Neg Z8.536.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.74.PP23.

PP23.34 - Unidentified house behind trees. Neg Z8.537.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.75.PP23.

PP23.35 - Portico, Palmyra, near Hillen Rd. and Belvedere Ave., Baltimore, 1911. Neg Z8.538.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.76.PP23.

PP23.36 - Unidentified graveyard. Neg Z8.539.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.77.PP23.

PP23.37 - Two unidentified men leaning on fence. Neg Z8.540.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.78.PP23.

PP23.38 - Unidentified couple - paintings. Neg Z8.541.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.79.PP23.

PP23.39 - Iron furnace. Neg Z8.542.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.80.PP23.

PP23.40 - McHenry house, 134 Aisquith St. Neg Z8.543.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.81.PP23.

PP23.41 - Army horses feeding, prob. Druid Hill. Neg Z8.544.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.82.PP23.

Box 1, Folder 3

PP23.42 - Consumers' Brewery 402-4 S. Chester Street. Neg Z8.545.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.83.PP23.

PP23.43 - View from Centre St. bridge looking north - 1911. Neg Z8.546.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.84.PP23.

PP23.44 - View from Centre St. bridge looking south - 1911. Neg Z8.547.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.85.PP23.

PP23.45 - View from Fayette St. bridge looking south, 1911. Neg Z8.548.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.86.PP23.

PP23.46 - New pipe for city water at Loch Raven - 1913. Neg Z8.549.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.87.PP23.

PP23.47 - Key House on Baltimore and Liberty Turnpike above N. Branchnear Carroll Co., 1911. Neg Z8.550.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.88.PP23.

PP23.48 - Angelo Cottage, Ellicott City. Neg Z8.551.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.89.PP23.

PP23.49 - Unidentified stone mill. Neg Z8.552.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.90.PP23.

PP23.50 - Palmyra, near Hillen Rd. and Belvedere Ave., Baltimore. Neg Z8.553.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.91.PP23.

PP23.51 - Historical display, colonial needlewomen. Neg Z8.554.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.92.PP23.

PP23.52 - Maryland Photostock Co. show window, Address 319. Neg Z8.555.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.93.PP23.

PP23.53 - Historical display, colonial needlewomen with flag. Neg Z8.556.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.94.PP23.

PP23.54 - Historical display, colonial needlewomen with flag. Neg Z8.557.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.95.PP23.

PP23.55 - Unknown boy at wheel of sailing vessel. Neg Z8.558.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.96.PP23.

PP23.56 - Bathroom on unidentified sailing vessel. Neg Z8.559.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.97.PP23.

PP23.57 - Dismounted gasoline engine. Neg Z8.560.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.98.PP23.

PP23.58 - Cabin on unidentified sailing vessel. Neg Z8.561.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.99.PP23.

PP23.59 - Unidentified women flying in sailboat cabin. Neg Z8.562.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.100.PP23.

PP23.60 - Waterfront, unidentified - probably lake. Neg Z8.563.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.101.PP23.

PP23.61 - Galley of unidentified sailing vessel. Neg Z8.564.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.102.PP23.

PP23.62 - Houses overlooking rural waterfront, 1912. Neg Z8.565.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.103.PP23.

Box 1, Folder 4

PP23.63 - Large tree, unidentified. Neg Z8.566.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.104.PP23.

PP23.64 - Maryland Photostock Co. (221 N. Howard St., Baltimore). Neg Z8.567.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.105.PP23.

PP23.65 - Maryland Photostock Co. trade card. Neg Z8.568.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.106.PP23.

PP23.66 - View of neighborhood - probably West Baltimore. Neg Z8.569.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.107.PP23.

PP23.67 - Palmyra, near Hillen Rd. and Belvedere Ave., Baltimore, 1911. Neg Z8.570.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.108.PP23.

PP23.68 - Unidentified stone house - possibly Ellicott City. Neg Z8.571.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.109.PP23.

PP23.69 - Old Inn, off from Harrisonville, Baltimore Co., 1911. Neg Z8.572.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.110.PP23.

PP23.70 - Sam Shipley, the man who surveyed the B&O Railroad. Neg Z8.573.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.111.PP23.

PP23.71 - Unidentified suburban house. Neg Z8.574.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.112.PP23.

PP23.72 - Group, last of old volunteer firemen. Neg Z8.575.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.113.PP23.

PP23.73 - Ft. Federal Hill during Civil War (battery). Neg Z8.576.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.114.PP23.

PP23.74 - Mt. Calvary P.E. Church with fallen spire, March, 1914. Neg Z8.577.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.115.PP23.

PP23.75 - Interior of intake pipes to new Loch Raven dam. Neg Z8.578.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.116.PP23.

PP23.76 - Volunteer firemen pulling hand-pumper (copy). Neg Z8.579.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.117.PP23.

PP23.77 - Keating home, Centreville, Maryland. Neg Z8.580.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.118.PP23.

PP23.78 - Looking east on Baltimore St. during Advertising men's convention,1913. Neg Z8.581.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.119.PP23.

PP23.79 - Scene on York Road, above Atlantic Ave. (?), 1909. Neg Z8.582.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.120.PP23.

PP23.80 - Washington Monument, Baltimore, stereo card. Neg Z8.583.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.121.PP23.

PP23.81 - Holliday St. theater, ca. 1878, copy. Neg Z8.584.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.122.PP23.

PP23.82 - Neighborhood - probably W. Baltimore. Neg Z8.585.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.123.PP23.

PP23.83 - Unidentified suburban house - possibly Worthington. Neg Z8.586.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.124.PP23.

Box 1, Folder 5

PP23.84 - City Hall dome illuminated, 1914 Centennial. Neg Z8.588.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.126.PP23.

PP23.86 - Unidentifed stone cottage. Neg Z8.589.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.127.PP23.

PP23.87 - Baltimore County Courthouse. Neg Z8.590.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.128.PP23.

PP23.88 - Battle Monument - copy. Neg Z8.591.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.129.PP23.

PP23.89 - Fairview Inn, Frederick Rd., 1909. Neg Z8.592.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.130.PP23.

PP23.90 - Basilica of the Assumption - print. Neg Z8.593.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.131.PP23.

PP23.91 - Treaty of Ghent - Manuscript. Neg Z8.594.PP23.

PP23.92 - Unidentified woman christening ship. Neg Z8.595.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.132.PP23.

PP23.93 - Cohen and Hartz, 1 South Hanover St. Neg Z8.596.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.133.PP23.

PP23.94 - Battle Monument illuminated, 1914 Centennial. Neg Z8.597.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.134.PP23.

PP23.95 - Unidentified farmhouse, edge of city. Neg Z8.598.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.135.PP23.

PP23.96 - Unidentified stuccoed country-house. Neg Z8.599.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.136.PP23.

PP23.97 - J. Katz and Co. (308 N. Eutaw St.), copy. Neg Z8.600.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.137.PP23.

PP23.98 - Unidentified Victorian country-house. Neg Z8.601.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.138.PP23.

PP23.99 - Worthington family grave yard, Diamond Ridge, near Granite,Md. Neg Z8.602.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.139.PP23.

PP23.100 - Worthington family grave yard, Diamond Ridge, near Granite,Md. Neg Z8.603.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.140.PP23.

PP23.101 - University of Maryland Medical School, ca.1877. Neg Z8.604.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.141.PP23.

PP23.102 - University of Maryland, from old engraving. Neg Z8.605.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.142.PP23.

PP23.103 - Fairview Inn, Frederick Road, ca. 1900. Neg Z8.606.PP23;Exactly same as dup/copy neg Z5.130.PP23.

PP23.104 - Govan home, Woodstock, Maryland 1911. Neg Z8.607.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.143.PP23.

PP23.105 - West side of Howard St. between Saratoga and Mulberry. Neg Z8.608.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.144.PP23.

Box 1, Folder 6

PP23.106 - First telegraphic B&O train order - poster. Neg Z8.609.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.145.PP23.

PP23.107 - Unidentified railway bridge. Neg Z8.610.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.146.PP23.

PP23.108 - Unidentified man - copy. Neg Z8.611.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.147.PP23.

PP23.109 - South Liberty St. (?), 0-100 block, c.1898. Neg Z8.612.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.148.PP23.

PP23.110 - Building reservoir at Forest Park, 1909. Neg Z8.613.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.149.PP23.

PP23.111 - Building reservoir at Forest Park, 1909. Neg Z8.614.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.150.PP23.

PP23.112 - Wood scene, 1911. Neg Z8.615.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.151.PP23.

PP23.113 - View of Baltimore (print). Neg Z8.616.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.152.PP23.

PP23.114 - Dallas St. (East side) between Pratt and Lombard Sts., 1912. Neg Z8.617.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.153.PP23.

PP23.115 - House, Woodstock, Md., 1911. Neg Z8.618.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.154.PP23.

PP23.116 - Front of Offut residence, Granite, Md., 1911. Neg Z8.619.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.155.PP23.

PP23.117 - Sailors' Bethel Church (print). Neg Z8.620.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.156.PP23.

PP23.118 - View from Chase St. bridge looking south - 1911. Neg Z8.621.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.157.PP23.

PP23.119 - Monumental Theater, Baltimore St. and Jones Falls, 1911. Neg Z8.622.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.158.PP23.

PP23.120 - View From Biddle St. bridge looking south - 1911. Neg Z8.623.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.159.PP23.

PP23.121 - University School for Boys (Charles St., around North Ave.). Neg Z8.624.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.160.PP23.

PP23.122 - North Avenue, looking east from Charles St. Neg Z8.625.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.161.PP23.

PP23.123 - Unidentified Moorish bldg. corner of N. Charles St. and NorthAve. Neg Z8.626.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.162.PP23.

PP23.124 - Unidentified Moorish bldg. corner of N. Charles St. and NorthAve. Neg Z8.627.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.163.PP23.

PP23.125 - Southeast corner Fayette and Howard Sts., 1912. Neg Z8.628.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.164.PP23.

Box 1, Folder 7

PP23.126 - View from Madison St. bridge looking south - 1911. Neg Z8.629.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.165.PP23.

PP23.127 - Old gateway to Clifton Park, 1911. Neg Z8.630.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.166.PP23. (Z8.631.PP231 ?)

PP23.128 - Ruined interior of McCadden and McEliccoe (Sharp St. belowLombard) from roof of R.M. Sutton bldg. (picture framers), 1909. Neg Z8.632.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.167.PP23.

PP23.129 - Ruined interior of McCadden and McEliccoe (Sharp St. belowLombard) from roof of R.M. Sutton bldg. (picture framers, 1909. Neg Z8.633.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.168.PP23.

PP23.130 - Interior of the Roman Catholic Cathedral, Baltimore. Neg Z8.634.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.169.PP23.

PP23.131 - Home of Dr. Thos. Chew Worthington, Harrisonville, BaltimoreCounty, Md., 1911. Neg Z8.635.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.170.PP23.

PP23.132 - Home of Dr. Thos. Chew Worthington, Harrisonville, BaltimoreCounty, Md., 1911. Neg Z8.636.PP23; dup/copy neg .Z5.171.PP23.

PP23.133 - Patapsco Female Institute, Ellicott City (woodcut). Neg Z8.637.PP23; dup/copy neg .Z5.172.PP23.

PP23.134 - View From Monument St. bridge looking south - 1911. Neg Z8.638.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.173.PP23.

PP23.135 - Ridgeley home, 1911. Neg Z8.639.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.174.PP23.

PP23.136 - same as Z8.635.PP231. Neg Z8.640.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.175.PP23.

PP23.137 - Fire alarm siren, N. Charles St. Neg Z8.641.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.176.PP23.

PP23.138 - Thomas C. Worthington house, Harrisonville, Md. Neg Z8.642.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.177.PP23.

PP23.139 - Mansion and grounds at Clifton Park. Neg Z8.643.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.178.PP23.

PP23.140 - Loch Raven dam spill and way. Neg Z8.644.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.179.PP23.

PP23.141 - View of the 1904 Burned District. Neg Z8.645.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.180.PP23.

PP23.142 - Old Union Station, Charles St. Neg Z8.646.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.181.PP23.

PP23.143 - Old Union Station, Charles St. Neg Z8.647 PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.182.PP23.

PP23.144 - Tollgate on Park Rd near Clifton Park, 1909. Neg Z8.648.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.183.PP23.

PP23.145 - Tollgate on Park Rd. near Clifton Park, 1909. Neg Z8.640.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.184.PP23.

PP23.146 - Preston St. bridge looking south - 1911. Neg Z8.650.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.185.PP23.

Box 1, Folder 8

PP23.147 - Old Union Station train shed, Charles St., 1909. Neg Z8.651.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.186.PP23.

PP23.148 - Old house on Linden Ave., west side near Biddle. Neg Z8.652.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.187.PP23.

PP23.149 - Old house on Linden Ave., west side near Biddle. Neg Z8.653.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.188.PP23.

PP23.150 - President Street Station, 1909. Neg Z8.654.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.189.PP23.

PP23.151 - William Tell Inn, 727 E. Pratt St., before 1904. Neg Z8.655.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.190.PP23.

PP23.152 - Madison Seafood and Game House (Madison and Eutaw), 1911. Neg Z8.656.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.191.PP23.

PP23.153 - View From Guilford Avenue bridge, looking south, 1911. Neg Z8.657.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.192.PP23.

PP23.154 - Light St. before widening, taken from bridge. Neg Z8.658.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.193.PP23.

PP23.155 - Butterfly on Hydrangea. Neg Z8.659.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.194.PP23.

PP23.156 - View From Hillen St. bridge looking south - 1911. Neg Z8.660.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.195.PP23.

PP23.157 - 1st Prebyterian Church, NW corner of North and Fayette Sts. Neg Z8.661.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.196.PP23.

PP23.158 - Unidentified urban house. Neg Z8.662.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.197.PP23.

PP23.159 - Consumers' Brewery, ca. 1903, 402-4 S. Chester St. Neg Z8.663.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.198.PP23.

PP23.160 - Plassil Bros. Peerless Meat Market, 2103 Penn. Ave., ca.1911. Neg Z8.664.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.199.PP23.

PP23.161 - Montebello, Sam Smith Mansion. Neg Z8.665.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.200.PP23.

PP23.162 - Warner and Hann's Plan of Balitmore. Neg Z8.666.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.201.PP23.

[Z8.668.PP23 - negative not looked at]

PP23.163 - View NE from steeple of 1st Presbyterian Church, 1874. Neg Z8.669.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.202.PP23.

PP23.164 - Illuminated Masonic street arch - 1914 Centennial. Neg Z8.670.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.203.PP23.

PP23.165 - View NW from steeple of 1st Presbyterian Church, 1874. Neg Z8.671.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.204.PP23.

PP23.166 - Wates' Camp Hill, before cutting down, Lyon's Mill Rd., BaltimoreCo., looking up, 1911 (Baltimore and Liberty Turnpike). Neg Z8.672.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.205.PP23.

PP23.167 - Calvert and Baltimore Sts. ca. 1850 (print). Neg Z8.673.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.206.PP23.

Box 2: 8 Folders

Box 2, Folder 1

PP23.168 - Butterfly on hydrangea. Neg Z8.674.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.207.PP23.

PP23.169 - Unidentified herd of cows. Neg Z8.675.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.208.PP23.

PP23.170 - McCulloch and Lanvale Sts. before addition to Western FemaleH.S. was built. Neg Z8.676.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.209.PP23.

PP23.171 - McCulloh and Lanvale Sts. before addition to Western FemaleH.S. was built, 1909. Neg Z8.671.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.210.PP23.

PP23.172 - Church of the Messiah, Gay and Fayette Sts. (print). Neg Z8.678.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.211.PP23.

PP23.173 - SW side of Penn. Ave., btwn. Laurens and Robert Sts., ca,1908. Neg Z8.679.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.212.PP23.

PP23.174 - S side of W. Lombard St., looking W from, ca. 1872. Neg Z8.680.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.213.PP23.

PP23.175 - Dedication of Masonic Temple after fire of 1904, autos waitingto show visiting Grand Masters around city. Neg Z8.681.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.214.PP23.

PP23.176 - Dedication of Masonic Temple after fire of 1904, autos waitingto show visiting Grand Masters around city. Neg Z8.682.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.215.PP23.

PP23.177 - Dickeyville, Md., 1911 (house0. Neg Z8.683.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.216.PP23.

PP23.178 - Back of Offutt residence, Granite, Md., 1911. Neg Z8.684.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.217.PP23.

PP23.179 - "Bel Air" (house), home of Gov. Ogle (P.G. County). Neg Z8.685.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.218.PP23.

PP23.180 - Unidentified Greek-Revival country house. Neg Z8.686.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.219.PP23.

PP23.181 - Unidentified frame cabin. Neg Z8.687.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.220.PP23.

PP23.182 - Unidentified stone country schoolhouse. Neg Z8.688.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.221.PP23.

PP23.183 - Same as Z8.532.PP233. Neg Z8.689.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.222.PP23.

PP23.184 - Gatehouse to Seth Estate qn Gwynn's Falls Park nr. WindsorMill Rd. (later known as Windsor Estate). Neg Z8.690.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.223.PP23.

PP23.185 - Joseph Goldsmith tailor shop, 349 N. Gay St. Neg Z8.691.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.224.PP23.

PP23.186 - Large Gothic city house or unidentified public bldg. Neg Z8.692.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.225.PP23.

PP23.187 - Back of Dammann residence, Fremont and Lanvale (731 W. Lanvale). Neg Z8.693.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.226.PP23.

PP23.188 - Back of Dammann residence, Fremont and Lanvale (731 W. Lanvale). Neg Z8.694.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.227.PP23.

Box 2, Folder 2

PP23.189 - Clock tower, Mt. Royal Station, B&O Railroad. Neg Z8.695.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.228.PP23.

PP23.190 - Unidentified rural house, 1911. Neg Z8.696.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.229.PP23.

PP23.191 - Unidentified military encampment, possibly Druid Hill. Neg Z8.697.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.230.PP23.

PP23.192 - Grounds, Clifton Park house. Neg Z8.698.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.231.PP23.

PP23.193 - Looking east from roof of Stafford Hotel, 1895. Neg Z8.699.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.232.PP23.

PP23.194 - Clifton Park house. Neg Z8.700.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.233.PP23.

PP23.195 - Map of Baltimore in 1801. Neg Z8.701.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.234.PP23.

PP23.196 - Unidentified Clifton Park-like country house. Neg Z8.702.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.235.PP23.

PP23.197 - Second Presbyterian Church (painting). Neg Z8.703.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.236.PP23.

PP23.198 - Fox Greenhouse, Lanvale and Bolton Sts. Neg Z8.704.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.237.PP23.

PP23.199 - Carrollton Viaduct - illustration from unidentified guidebook. Neg Z8.705.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.238.PP23.

PP23.200 - Key Monument, Eutaw Pl., 1914. Neg Z8.706.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.239.PP23.

PP23.201 - Probably Masonic street arch, 1914 Centennial Celebration. Neg Z8.707.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.240.PP23.

PP23.202 - Wm. F. Lucas Jr., printers, 116 E. Baltimore St., ca, 1896. Neg Z8.708.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.241.PP23.

PP23.203 - Wm. F. Lucas Jr., printers, 116 E. Baltimore St., ca, 1896. Neg Z8.709.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.242.PP23.

PP23.204 - Tree; unidentified countryside. Neg Z8.710.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.243.PP23.

PP23.205 - York Ra., nr. Jackson St. (300 blk). Neg Z8.711.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.244.PP23.

PP23.206 - Sailors' Union Bethel - exterior - 452 E. Cross St. Neg Z8.712.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.245.PP23.

PP23.207 - Sailors' Union Bethel - interior - 452 E. Cross St.. Neg Z8.713.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.246.PP23.

PP23.208 - Baltimore, View, 1870 - West Baltimore SE from Stewart Blvd.Aged People Home that stood on Baltimore St. above what is now Monroe St. Neg Z8.714.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.247.PP23. (See also PP11 and B6.60)

PP23.209 - Unidentified subdivision, one house. Neg Z8.715.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.248.PP23.

Box 2, Folder 3

PP23.210 - Masonic Arch - 1914 Centennial Celebration. Neg Z8.716.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.249.PP23.

PP23.211 - Unidentified rural Victorian house. Neg Z8.717.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.250.PP23.

PP23.212 - O'Dell's Mill, near Harrisonville, Md. Neg Z8.718.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.251.PP23.

PP23.213 - The east side of the foot of Broadway, Baltimore, 1912. Neg Z8.719.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.252.PP23.

PP23.214 - McCadden and McElwee store, Sharp St. below Lombard, 1909. Neg Z8.720.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.253.PP23.

PP23.215 - View Northeast from Fidelity Bldg. (1895). Neg Z8.721.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.254.PP23.

PP23.216 - Windsor Hills - this side of bridge near Mt. Holly Station,1911. Neg Z8.722.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.255.PP23.

PP23.217 - Battle Monument (night), 1914 Centennial illumination. Neg Z8.723.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.256.PP23.

PP23.218 - Baltimore Central Police Station Southeast corner Holidayand Saratoga (stereo). Neg Z8.724.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.257.PP23.

PP23.219 - West side of Calvert St. between Fayette and before presentcourthouse erected (stereo). Neg Z8.725.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.258.PP23.

PP23.220 - West side of Calvert St. between Fayette and before presentcourthouse erected (stereo). Neg Z8.726.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.259.PP23.

PP23.221 - Ulm (Painter) Mill, Owings Mills, Md. Neg Z8.727.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.260.PP23.

PP23.222 - Ulm (Painter) Mill, Owings Mills, Md. Neg Z8.728.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.261.PP23.

PP23.223 - Ulm (Painter) Mill, Owings Mills, Md. Neg Z8.729.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.262.PP23.

PP23.224 - W.H. Brandau store (toys), 115 W. Baltimore St., ca. 1904. Neg Z8.730.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.263.PP23.

PP23.225 - Gay St. looking S. from the bend before 1904 (stereo). Neg Z8.731.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.264.PP23.

PP23.226 - Unidentified rural house. Neg Z8.732.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.265.PP23.

PP23.227 - East side of Howard St. between Saratoga and Mulberry Sts.,1911. Neg Z8.733.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.266.PP23.

PP23.228 - Washington Monument (night), 1914 Centennial illumination. Neg Z8.734.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.267.PP23.

PP23.229 - View NW from Fidelity Bldg., 1895. Neg Z8.735.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.268.PP23.

PP23.230 - Southeast corner of Exchange Pl. and South St., ca.1904 (stereo). Neg Z8.736.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.269.PP23.

Box 2, Folder 4

PP23.231 - Monument Square, from old drawing Harpers' Weekly. Neg Z8.737.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.270.PP23.

PP23.232 - O'Dell's Mill. Neg Z8.738.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.271.PP23.

PP23.233 - Baltimore fire ruins, July 25, 1873 (Bachrach stereo card). Neg Z8.739.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.272.PP23.

PP23.234 - East side of N. Howard St., between Lexington and Saratoga,1905. Neg Z8.740.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.273.PP23.

PP23.235 - Unidentified iron bridge, pos. Gwynn's Falls Park. Neg Z8.741.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.274.PP23.

PP23.236 - Masonic Arch (illuminated) 1914 Centennial. Neg Z8.742.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.275.PP23.

PP23.237 - Baltimore St. west from Calvert, ca. 1850 (print). Neg Z8.743.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.276.PP23.

PP23.238 - Basilica of the Assumption (print) (First Presbyterian Church?). Neg Z8.744.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.277.PP23.

PP23.239 - Last horsecar in Baltimore, Loraine Cemetery, ca. 1898. Neg Z8.745.PP23; dup/copy neg .Z5.278.PP23.

PP23.240 - Unidentified (fire) ruins interior. Neg Z8.746.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.279.PP23.

PP23.241 - Trolley and falls at Loch Raven. Neg Z8.741.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.280.PP23. (PRINT NOT FOUND)

PP23.242 - Factory ruins - Queensware Company (?). Neg Z8.748.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.281.PP23.

PP23.243 - Court of Honor, Bolton St., 1912 Democratic Convention. Neg Z8.749.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.232.PP23.

PP23.244 - Aerial view looking East by South from roof of Aged People'sHome (Fulton near Franklin), 1870 (copy). Neg Z8.759.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.233.PP23.

PP23.245 - Hiram Powers' bust of George Washington. Neg Z8.751.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.284.PP23.

PP23.246 - Mitchell's Mill, Loch Raven, ca. 1913. Neg Z8.752.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.285.PP23.

PP23.247 - Baltimore Camera Club, 1111 Linden Ave., ca. 1913. Neg Z8.753.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.286.PP23.

PP23.248 - University Parkway at hydraulic plant (construction). Neg Z8.754.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.287.PP23.

PP23.249 - University Parkway at hydraulic plant (construction). Neg Z8.755.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.288.PP23.

PP23.250 - Tollgate, Ridgeville. Neg Z8.756.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.289.PP23.

PP23.251 - Carey and Cumberland Sts., Baltimore, 1913. Neg Z8.757.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.290.PP23.

Box 2, Folder 5

PP23.252 - Old Burial ground, Windsor Hill. Neg Z8.758.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.291.PP23.

PP23.253 - Goat Hill - N side of North Avenue btwn Bridge and DruidHill Park. Neg Z8.759.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.292.PP23.

PP23.254 - Charles F. Eareckson's store, 304-8 E. Pratt St. - sails. Neg Z8.760.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.293.PP23.

PP23.255 - Enoch Pratt House stable, Baltimore. Neg Z8.761.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.294.PP23.

PP23.256 - Bodkin Lighthouse, Sept., 1913, Anne Arundel Co. Neg Z8.762.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.295.PP23.

PP23.257 - Bodkin Lighthouse, Sept., 1913, Anne Arundel Co., with unidentifiedpeople. Neg Z8.763.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.296.PP23.

PP23.258 - Blue and Brown Taxi Companies, 1123-29 Cathedral St. Neg Z8.764.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.297.PP23.

PP23.259 - R. Benton plumber shop, 404 Park Ave., corner of Mulberry,ca. 1900. Neg Z8.765.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.298.PP23.

PP23.260 - W side of Park Ave. btwn Mulberry and Franklin Sts., MartinFarrish Groceries. Neg Z8.766.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.299.PP23.

PP23.261 - Shawan (Baltimore County), 1912, country store. Neg Z8.767.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.300.PP23.

PP23.262 - Gleam after her collision with Joppa at Spedden'sWharf. Neg Z7.929.5.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.301.PP23.

PP23.263 - Steamship Hudson (sunk at pier). Neg Z7.930. PP23; dup/copy neg Z4.138.PP23.

PP23.264 - Mill ruins - Gwynn's Falls Valley. Neg Z7.931.PP23; dup/copy neg Z4.139.PP23.

PP23.265 - Same as Z7.930.PP233. Neg Z7.932.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.302.PP23.

PP23.266 - Same as Z7.930.PP233. Neg Z7.933.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.303.PP23.

PP23.267 - Gleam after her collision with Joppa at Spedden'sWharf. Neg Z7.934.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.304.PP23.

PP23.268 - New Union Cafe (Gay St. above Lexington), 1916. Neg Z7.935.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.305.PP23.

PP23.269 - Arthur D. Gans Co., 104 N. Gay St. (c.1913) - movie supplies. Neg Z7.936.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.306.PP23.

PP23.270 - Student body outside Male Grammar School #1, corner of Fayetteand Green Streets, ca. 1894. Neg Z7.937.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.307.PP23.

PP23.271 - Unidentified gymnasium interior. Neg Z7.938.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.308.PP23.

PP23.272 - Unidentified gymnasium interior. Neg Z7.939.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.309.PP23.

Box 2, Folder 6

PP23.273 - SW corner of Franklin St. and Park Ave., 1915. Neg Z7.940.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.310.PP23.

[PP23.274-.288 are now PP44.341-355]

PP23.289 - Govan house, Fremont and Lanvale Sts., front. Neg Z8.1032.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.326.PP23.

PP23.290 - Govan house, Fremont and Lanvale Sts., front. Neg Z8.1033.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.327.PP23.

PP23.291 - Planting (unidentified design) beside mansion. Neg Z8.1034.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.328.PP23.

PP23.292 - Masonic arch (illuminated) unidentified street. Neg Z8.1035.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.329.PP23.

PP23.293 - Aerial photograph, unidentified neighborhood. Neg Z8.1036.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.330.PP23.

Box 2, Folder 7

PP23.294 - Aerial photograph - above the clouds. Neg Z8.1037.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.331.PP23.

PP23.295 - Aerial photograph - above the clouds - beach? Boardwalk?Neg Z8.1038.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.332.PP23.

PP23.296 - Aerial photograph - above the clouds - ground. Neg Z8.1039.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.333.PP23.

PP23.297 - Aerial photograph - above the clouds - ground. Neg Z8.1040.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.334.PP23.

PP23.298 - Aerial photograph - above the clouds - ground. Neg Z8.1041.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.335.PP23.

PP23.299 - Three goats in thicket. Neg Z8.1042.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.336.PP23.

PP23.300 - Unidentified stone house. Neg Z8.1043.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.337.PP23.

PP23.301 - Holiday St. Theater, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z8.1044.PP23.

PP23.302 - Baltimore City Hall, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z8.1045.PP23.

PP23.303 - Circus, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore.Neg Z8.1046.PP23.

PP23.304 - Adelphi Theater, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z8.1047.PP23

PP23.305 - City Assembly Room and Library, illustration from Latrobe'sPictures of Baltimore. Neg Z8.1048.PP23.

PP23.306 - Woodcut, Front St. Theater. Neg Z8.104g.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.338.PP23.

PP23.307 - Newmarket - W side of Eutaw St., 2 doors below Lexington. Neg Z7.974.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.339.PP23.

PP23.308 - S corner, Lombard and Sharp Sts. ( copy). Neg Z7.975.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.340.PP23.

PP23.309 - Market Place - G.E. French Co. bldg. and trolley tracks (copy). Neg Z7.976.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.341.PP23.

PP23.310 - Foot of South St. before 1904 Fire, sub. Argonaut. Neg Z7.977.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.342.PP23.

PP23.311 - Foot of South Street before 1904 Fire (copy). Neg Z7.978.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.343.PP23. (PRINT NOT FOUND)

PP23.312 - Foot of South Street before 1904 Fire (copy). Neg Z7.979.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.344.PP23.

PP23.313 - Rennert Hotel, on site of Post Office, Fayette and NorthSts. Neg Z7.980.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.345.PP23.

PP23.314 - Western Police Station, Green St. near Baltimore St. Neg Z7.981.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.346.PP23.

Box 2, Folder 8

PP23.315 - Customshouse, Baltimore (copy). Neg Z7.982.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.347.PP23.

PP23.316 - Last 1812 veterans at Mansionhouse, Druid Hill Park, 1882(copy). Neg Z7.983.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.348.PP23.

PP23.317 - Washington Monument (etching) (copy) (engraving - L122). Neg Z7.984.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.349.PP23.

PP23.318 - Second Courthouse (1809-94), SW corner Calvert and Lexington(copy). Neg Z7.985.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.350.PP23.

PP23.319 - Old Courthouse and Masonic Temple, Fayette St. and CourthouseLane. Neg Z7.986.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.351.PP23.

PP23.320 - Union Bank, SE corner of Charles and Fayette Sts., demolished1869. Neg Z7.987.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.352.PP23.

PP23.321 - Baltimore Museum, NW corner of Calvert and Baltimore Sts.,ca. 1873. Neg Z7.988.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.353.PP23.

PP23.322 - Old Courthouse and Masonic Temple, Fayette St. and CourthouseLane. Neg Z7.989.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.354.PP23.

PP23.323 - Old Maryland Institute (Baltimore Street and Marsh MarketPlace) from Harrison near Fayette St. Neg Z7.990.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.355.PP23.

PP23.324 - Old Courthouse and Masonic Temple, St. Paul btwn. Fayetteand Courthouse Lane. Neg Z7.991.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.356.PP23.

PP23.325 - Old Record Office, SE corner of Lexington and St. Paul Sts. Neg Z7.992.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.357.PP23.

PP23.326 - #6 Enginehouse, Gay and Ensor Sts (drawing). Neg Z7.993.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.358.PP23.

PP23.327 - Eagle Hotel, Hillen St. btwn. Forest and Monument (halftone). Neg Z7.994.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.359.PP23.

PP23.328 - Odd Fellows' Hall, Gay St. at Lexington. Neg Z7.995.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.360.PP23.

PP23.329 - Bolton house, rear view. Neg Z7.996.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.361.PP23.

PP23.330 - Bolton house, Hoffman St. side. Neg Z7.997.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.362.PP23.

PP23.331 - Reverdy Johnson's house, NW corner of Calvert and FayetteSts. Neg Z7.998.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.363.PP23.

PP23.332 - Unidentified public bldg. Balt. City? (etching). Neg Z7.999.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.364.PP23.

PP23.333 - Unidentified public bldg. Balt. City. Neg Z7.1000.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.365.PP23.

PP23.334 - Smith mansion - later Almshouse executive bldg., later HebrewOrphanage. Neg Z7.1001.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.366.PP23.

PP23.335 - Belvedere (house), copy. Neg Z7.1002.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.367.PP23.

Box 3: 8 Folders

Box 3, Folder 1

PP23.336 - Belvedere (house). Neg Z7.1003.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.368.PP23.

PP23.337 - Belvedere (house). Neg Z7.1004.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.369.PP23.

PP23.338 - Carroll mansion, left side of Charles St. Neg Z7.1005.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.370.PP23.

PP23.339 - Wesley Chapel (Methodist), Sharp and Barrel Sts. Neg Z7.1006.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.371.PP23.

PP23.340 - Eutaw St. M.E. Church, W. side of Eutaw btwn. Mulberry andFranklin Sts. Neg Z7.1007.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.372.PP23.

PP23.341 - Otterbein German Evangelical Church, NE corner of Sharp andConway Sts. (copy). Neg Z7.1008.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.373.PP23.

PP23.342 - 1st Presbyterian Church, NW corner of North and Fayette Sts.(copy). Neg Z7.1009.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.374.PP23.

PP23.343 - Charles St. M.E. Church, Charles at Fayette St. (copy). Neg Z7.1010.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.375.PP23.

PP23.344 - 908 W. Baltimore St. (house) (copy). Neg Z7.1011.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.376.PP23.

PP23.345 - Posner Bldg. (NE corner of Lexington and Howard) under construction(copy). Neg Z7.1012.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.377.PP23.

PP23.346 - Green St. curve into Penn Ave. before trolley tracks on Franklin(copy). Neg Z7.1013.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.378.PP23.

PP23.347 - Looking N along Arlington Ave. from Lafayette Ave., CathedralCemetery in background. Neg Z7.1014.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.379.PP23.

PP23.348 - Monument Square, with Barnum's Hotel and old lot of B&OBuilding. Neg Z7.1015.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.380.PP23.

PP23.349 - Battle Monument (etching, copy). Neg Z7.1016.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.381.PP23.

PP23.350 - Old Belvedere bridge, where road house of Union Station nowstands (copy). Neg Z7.1017.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.382.PP23.

PP23.351 - Old Customshouse, Baltimore (copy). Neg Z7.1018.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.383.PP23.

PP23.352 - Ft. McHenry, with old guns mounted (Rodman cannon), 1895(copy). Neg Z7.1019.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.384.PP23.

PP23.353 - Fountain Inn, 1868 - Light St. where Carrollton Hotel stood(copy). Neg Z7.1020.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.385.PP23.

PP23.354 - Friendship (painting) (copy) (? urban church with flag). Neg Z7.1021.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.386.PP23.

PP23.355 - Kaminsky's Inn, NW corner of Grant and Mercer Sts. (copy). Neg Z7.1022.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.387.PP23.

PP23.356 - Interior of old Senate Chamber, State House, Annapolis (copy). Neg Z7.1023.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.388.PP23.

Box 3, Folder 2

PP23.357 - First Statehouse, St. Mary's City (before modern reconstruction)(print) (copy). Neg Z7.1024.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.389.PP23.

PP23.358 - Old Courthouse and Powder House, print from Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1025.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.390.PP23.

PP23.359 - Title page with Armstead Mon print, illustration from Latrobe'sPictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1026.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.391.PP23.

PP23.360 - Old Courthouse (print), illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1027.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.392.PP23.

PP23.361 - City Sprint, Calvert St., illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1028.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.393.PP23.

PP23.362 - Eastern Fountain, Old Town, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1029.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.394.PP23.

PP23.363 - Centre Market and Fountain, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1030.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.395.PP23.

PP23.364 - Courthouse, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore.Neg Z7.1031.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.396.PP23.

PP23.365 - Jail, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore.Neg Z7.1032.PP23.

PP23.366 - Penetentiary, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures ofBaltimore. Neg Z7.1033.PP23.

PP23.367 - Commercial and Farmers' Bank, illustration from Latrobe'sPictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1034.PP23.

PP23.368 - St. Mary's Chapel, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1035.PP23.

PP23.369 - St. Patrick's Church, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1036.PP23.

PP23.370 - St. Paul's Church, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1037.PP23.

PP23.371 - Christ Church, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures ofBaltimore. Neg Z7.1038.PP23.

PP23.372 - First Presbyterian Church, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1039.PP23.

PP23.373 - Bethel Church, Fells Pt., illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1040.PP23.

PP23.374 - Hospital, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore.Neg Z7.1041.PP23.

PP23.375 - Almshouse, Calverton, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1042.PP23.

PP23.376 - Odd Fellows' Hall, Gay St., illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1043.PP23.

PP23.377 - Theater - Holiday St., illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1044.PP23.

Box 3, Folder 3

PP23.378 - Circus, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore.Neg Z7.1045.PP23.

PP23.379 - City Assembly Room and Library, illustration from Latrobe'sPictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1046.PP23.

PP23.380 - Public School #3, Aisquith St., illustration from Latrobe'sPictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1047.PP23.

PP23.381 - Male Public School #1, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1048.PP23.

PP23.382 - Barnum's City Hotel, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z7.1049g.PP23.

PP23.383 - Aerial view of Baltimore - Emerson Tower in center. Neg Z7.1050.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.397.PP23.

PP23.384 - Airplane over Baltimore harbor. Neg Z7.1051.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.398.PP23.

PP23.385 - Baltimore Herald building, Baltimore St. at Charles. Neg Z7.1052.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.399.PP23.

PP23.386 - Baltimore Street with snowbanks, prob. 1899. Neg Z7.1053.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.400.PP23.

PP23.387 - Market Space (?), Baltimore. Neg Z7.1054.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.400.5.PP23.

PP23.388 - E. Baltimore St. - ice on overhead wires, fire in building,firetruck in foreground. Neg Z7.1055.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.401.PP23.

PP23.389 - U.S.S. Dikie. Neg Z7.1056.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.402.PP23.

PP23.390 - Deck of unidentified naval ship, Baltimore harbor. Neg Z7.1057.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.403.PP23.

PP23.391 - 4th Rgt. parade, moving N on N. Holiday St., ca. 1904. Neg Z7.1058.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.404.PP23.

PP23.403 - Silhouette of unidentified building, copyright 1906. Neg Z7.1059.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.416.PP23.

PP23.392 - Unidentified Baltimore building (terminal co. warehouse,Pleasant St.? from east side of Guilford?). Neg Z7.1060.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.405.PP23.

PP23.393 - City Hall, Baltimore, ca.1906. Neg Z7.1062.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.406.PP23.

PP23.394 - Unidentified silhouette, Shot Tower area, 1906. Neg Z7.1063.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.407.PP23.

PP23.395 - Unidentified back yard near Camden Station. Neg Z7.1064.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.408.PP23.

PP23.396 - Baltimore St. - fire in bldg. - ice on overhead wires. Neg Z7.1066.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.409.PP23.

(same as Neg Z7.1055.PP23)

PP23.397 - Baltimore St. - fire in bldg. - ice on overhead wires. Neg Z7.1067.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.410.PP23.

PP23.398 - John Jenkins' General Store, 1803 Penn. Ave., Baltimore,ca. 1898. Neg Z7.1068.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.411.PP23.

PP23.399 - Unidentified man at Railway and Electric Railway waitingstation. Neg Z7.1069.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.412.PP23.

Box 3, Folder 4

PP23.400 - Unidentified group on country outing. Neg Z7.1071.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.413.PP23.

PP23.401 - Unidentified group on country outing. Neg Z7.1072.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.414.PP23.

PP23.402 - Unidentified group on country outing. Neg Z7.1073.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.415.PP23.

[Item missing, no description for PP23.403]

PP23.404 - Calvert St. looking S towards Post Office, Equitable Bldg.,ca. 1906. Neg Z7.1061.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.417.PP23.

PP23.405 - Baltimore, view of harbor, ca. 1906. Neg Z7.1065.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.418.PP23.

PP23.406 - Unidentified group on country outing. Neg Z7.1074.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.419.PP23.

PP23.407 - Unidentified waterfall. Neg Z7.1075.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.420.PP23.

PP23.408 - Unidentified waterfall. Neg Z7.1076.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.421.PP23.

PP23.409 - Unidentified group on country outing. Neg Z7.1077.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.422.PP23.

PP23.410 - Unidentified women and child. Neg Z7.1078.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.423.PP23.

PP23.411 - Unidentified tennis party. Neg Z7.1079.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.424.PP23.

PP23.412 - Unidentified women. Neg Z7.1080.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.425.PP23.

PP23.413 - Unidentified woman with tennis-racket, seated. Neg Z7.1081.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.426.PP23.

PP23.414 - Unidentified water, enclosed by hills. Neg Z7.1082.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.427.PP23.

PP23.415 - Unidentified house. Neg Z7.1083.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.428.PP23.

PP23.416 - Unidentified woman in fur coat. Neg Z7.1084.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.429.PP23.

PP23.417 - Two unidentified women in fur coats. Neg Z7.1085.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.430.PP23.

PP23.418 - Unidentified man in fur coat. Neg Z7.1086.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.431.PP23.

PP23.419 - Unidentified man in winter coat. Neg Z7.1087.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.432.PP23.

Box 3, Folder 5

PP23.420 - Unidentified woman in winter coat. Neg Z7.1088.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.433.PP23.

PP23.421 - Horse-drawn sledge in snowy landscape. Neg Z7.1089.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.434.PP23.

PP23.422 - People (distant) in snowy landscape. Neg Z7.1090.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.435.PP23.

PP23.423 - Frozen Lake (boat house in image). Neg Z7.1091.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.436.PP23.

PP23.424 - Two unidentified women in fur coats on steps. Neg Z7.1092.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.437.PP23.

PP23.425 - Three unidentified women on steps. Neg Z7.1093.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.438.PP23.

PP23.426 - Unidentified man driving sledge through snow. Neg Z7.1094.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.439.PP23.

PP23.427 - Unidentified snow-covered town. Neg Z7.1095.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.440.PP23.

PP23.428 - Unidentified snow-covered town, woman in foreground. Neg Z7.1096.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.441.PP23.

PP23.429 - Unidentified couple in snow-covered scene. Neg Z7.1097.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.442.PP23.

PP23.430 - Unidentified man on W. Lexington St., Baltimore. Neg Z7.1098.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.443.PP23.

PP23.431 - Unidentified iron furnace. Neg Z7.1099.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.444.PP23.

PP23.432 - Unidentified street with streetcar tracks. Neg Z8.768.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.445.PP23.

PP23.433 - Ruins of Levering warehouse, Philpott and Thames St. (?). Neg Z8.769.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.446.PP23.

PP23.434 - Consumers' Brewery, 402-404 S. Chester Street. Neg Z8.770.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.447.PP23.

PP23.435 - Unidentified park lake. Neg Z8.771.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.448.PP23.

PP23.436 - Sailors' Union Bethel Church- Baltimore. Neg Z8.772.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.449.PP23.

PP23.437 - Unidentified work room - interior. Neg Z8.773.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.450.PP23.

PP23.438 - Buggy passing unidentified rural house. Neg Z8.774.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.451.PP23.

PP23.439 - Wall, possibly ruined, surrounded by vegetation. Neg Z8.775.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.452.PP23.

PP23.440 - Unidentified rural house. Neg Z8.776.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.453.PP23.

Box 3, Folder 6

PP23.441 - Unidentified rural house. Neg Z8.777.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.454.PP23.

PP23.442 - Unidentified urban or suburban house. Neg Z8.778.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.455.PP23.

PP23.443 - Central Railway Co. bldg. corner Jones Falls and PrestonSt., ca. 1900. Neg Z8.779.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.456.PP23.

PP23.444 - Fort Federal Hill, ca.1864 (engraving). Neg Z8.780.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.457.PP23.

PP23.445 - Unidentified woodland scene. Neg Z8.781.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.458.PP23.

PP23.446 - Unidentified woodland scene. Neg Z8.782.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.459.PP23.

PP23.447 - Unidentified man plowing field. Neg Z8.783.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.460.PP23.

PP23.448 - Unidentified men playing cards. Neg Z8.784.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.461.PP23.

PP23.449 - Mt. Royal Station; Mt. Royal Ave., Baltimore. Neg Z8.785.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.462.PP23.

PP23.450 - Unidentified post-and-beam framework. Neg Z8.786.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.463.PP23.

PP23.451 - Unidentified suburban house. Neg Z8.787.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.464.PP23.

PP23.452 - Unidentified farm and outbuildings. Neg Z8.788.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.465.PP23.

PP23.453 - Oheb Shaalom and Key Monument, Eutaw Place. Neg Z8.789.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.466.PP23.

PP23.454 - Tombstone, Fredrick Carty, 1795. Neg Z8.790.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.467.PP23.

PP23.455 - Unidentified rural house overgrown. Neg Z8.791.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.468.PP23.

PP23.456 - Unidentified rural house overgrown. Neg Z8.792.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.469.PP23.

PP23.457 - Hammond-Harwood House. Neg Z8.793.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.470.PP23.

PP23.458 - Unidentified gambrel-roofed suburban house. Neg Z8.794.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.471.PP23.

PP23.459 - Trinity German Evangelical Lutheran Church, formerly Trinity Episcopal Church. Neg Z8.795.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.472.PP23.

PP23.460 - Fire ruins, 600 block of W. Fayette St., ca.1900. Neg Z8.796.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.473.PP23.

PP23.461 - Roadway, unidentified park. Neg Z8.797.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.474.PP23.

Box 3, Folder 7

PP23.462 - Unidentified country house. Neg Z8.798.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.475.PP23.

PP23.463 - Basilica of the Assumption (print). Neg Z8.799.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.476.PP23.

PP23.464 - Unidentified springhouse (?), 1911. Neg Z8.800.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.477.PP23.

PP23.465 - Tree in field. Neg Z8.801.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.478.PP23.

PP23.466 - Roadway, unidentified park. Neg Z8.802.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.479.PP23.

PP23.467 - Guilford, Abell residence. Neg Z8.803.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.480.PP23.

PP23.468 - Unidentified stone rural house or mill. Neg Z8.804.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.481.PP23.

PP23.469 - Graveyard, unidentified. Neg Z8.805.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.482.PP23.

PP23.470 - Graveyard, unidentified. Neg Z8.806.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.483.PP23.

PP23.471 - Tombstone: Margaret Crook, d.1769. Neg Z8.807.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.484.PP23.

PP23.472 - Unidentified octagonal country house. Neg Z8.808.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.485.PP23.

PP23.473 - Unidentified gambrel-roofed house. Neg Z8.809.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.486.PP23.

PP23.474 - Unidentified front-columned house. Neg Z8.810.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.487.PP23.

PP23.475 - Unidentified 5-part colonial house. Neg Z8.811.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.488.PP23.

PP23.476 - Avalon Mill, Baltimore Co. Neg Z8.812.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.489.PP23.

PP23.477 - Unidentified gambre-roofed house. Neg Z8.813.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.490.PP23.

PP23.478 - Unidentified wooden mill. Neg Z8.814.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.491.PP23.

PP23.479 - Unidentified country house. Neg Z8.815.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.492.PP23.

PP23.480 - Unidentified country cottage. Neg Z8.816.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.493.PP23.

PP23.481 - Unidentified abandoned brick structure. Neg Z8.817.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.494.PP23.

PP23.482 - Woods and fields, unidentified. Neg Z8.818.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.495.PP23.

Box 3, Folder 8

PP23.483 - Unidentified country house. Neg Z8.819.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.496.PP23.

PP23.484 - Unidentified Greek-style building, ca.1860. Neg Z8.820.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.497.PP23.

PP23.485 - Unidentified verandaed house. Neg Z8.821.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.498.PP23.

PP23.486 - Unidentified square summer cottage. Neg Z8.822.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.499.PP23.

PP23.487 - Falls Rd. btwn Maryland Ave. and 29th St. (?). Neg Z8.823.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.500.PP23.

PP23.488 - Unidentified country mill. Neg Z8.824.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.501.PP23.

PP23.489 - Unidentified stone suburban house. Neg Z8.825.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.502.PP23.

PP23.490 - Customshouse (?), 1895 (print). Neg Z8.826.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.503.PP23.

PP23.491 - Unidentified Greek-revival country house. Neg Z8.827.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.504.PP23.

PP23.492 - Unidentified suburban street with houses. Neg Z8.828.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.505.PP23.

PP23.493 - Unidentified Greek-revival country house. Neg Z8.829.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.506.PP23.

PP23.494 - Unidentified smokehouse (?) and field. Neg Z8.830.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.507.PP23.

PP23.495 - Clump of trees. Neg Z8.831.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.508.PP23.

PP23.496 - View looking E from SE corner of of Mt. Royal Station. Neg Z8.832.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.509.PP23.

PP23.497 - View looking W from W side of Mt. Royal Station. Neg Z8.833.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.510.PP23.

PP23.498 - View looking S over Burned District and harbor, 1907 (copy). Neg Z8.834.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.511.PP23.

PP23.499 - View looking NE from Emerson (Bromo-Seltzer) Tower. Neg Z8.835.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.512.PP23.

PP23.500 - View NW from Emerson (Bromo-Seltzer) Tower. Neg Z8.836.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.513.PP23.

PP23.501 - View W from Emerson (Bromo-Seltzer) Tower. Neg Z8.837.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.514.PP23.

PP23.502 - View S from Emerson (Bromo-Seltzer) Tower. Neg Z8.838.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.515.PP23.

PP23.503 - View from Emerson (Bromo-Seltzer) Tower. Neg Z8.839.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.516.PP23.

Box 4: 8 Folders

Box 4, Folder 1

PP23.504 - View N from Emerson (Bromo-Seltzer) Tower. Neg Z8.840.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.517.PP23.

PP23.505 - View N from Emerson (Bromo-Seltzer) Tower. Neg Z8.841.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.518.PP23.

PP23.506 - View N from Emerson (Bromo-Seltzer) Tower. Neg Z8.842.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.519.PP23.

PP23.507 - View SW from Emerson (Bromo-Seltzer) Tower. Neg Z8.843.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.520.PP23.

PP23.508 - View S from Emerson (Bromo-Seltzer) Tower. Neg Z8.844.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.521.PP23.

PP23.509 - View S from Mt Vernon Place (print). Neg Z8.845.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.522.PP23.

PP23.510 - IN. Howard Street - 200 block ca. 1892. Neg Z8.846.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.523.PP23.

PP23.511 - Unidentified city street - residential area. Neg Z8.847.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.524.PP23.

PP23.512 - Hammond-Harwood House, Annapolis. Neg Z8.848.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.525.PP23.

PP23.513 - Thomas L. Roche Saloon, 226 W. Lexington St. Neg Z8.849.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.526.PP23.

PP23.514 - Thomas L. Roche Saloon, 226 W. Lexington St. Neg Z8.850.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.527.PP23.

PP23.515 - Unidentified military wooden tennements. Neg Z8.851.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.528.PP23.

PP23.516 - Unidentified suburban houses. Neg Z8.852.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.529.PP23.

PP23.517 - Charles St. looking south from University Parkway. Neg Z8.853.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.530.PP23.

PP23.518 - Corner Eutaw and Franklin Sts. looking N, ca. 1908. Neg Z8.854.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.531.PP23.

PP23.519 - N. Howard St. - 200 block ca. 1892. Neg Z8.855.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.532.PP23.

PP23.520 - Unidentified building being torn down, Baltimore. Neg Z8.856.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.533.PP23.

PP23.521 - Looking S from Mt. Royal Station - view. Neg Z8.857.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.534.PP23.

PP23.522 - Falls Rd. btwn Maryland Ave. and 19th St. (?). Neg Z8.858.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.535.PP23.

PP23.523 - N. Howard St. btwn Saratoga and Mulberry, ca. 1905. Neg Z8.859.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.535.1.PP23.

PP23.524 - Ferryboat leaving Broadway wharf, 1912. Neg Z8.860.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.536.PP23.

Box 4, Folder 2

PP23.525 - S.S. Nantucket capsized at wharf. Neg Z8.861.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.537.PP23.

PP23.526 - S.S. Nantucket capsized at wharf. Neg Z8.862.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.538.PP23.

PP23.527 - Unidentified band, possibly at Druid Hill Park encampment. Neg Z8.863.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.539.PP23.

PP23.528 - Masonic street-arch illumination (Democratic Convention?),1912. Neg Z8.864.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.540.PP23.

PP23.529 - Fidelity Bldg. NW corner of Charles and Lexington Sts., 1899. Neg Z8.865.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.541.PP23.

PP23.530 - B&O Railroad grain elevator, S.S. Nantucket capsizedat wharf. Neg Z8.866.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.542.PP23.

PP23.531 - Henry Beck furniture store, NE corner of Howard and LexingtonSts. Neg Z8.867.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.543.PP23.

PP23.532 - Henry Beck furniture store, NE corner of Howard and LexingtonSts. Neg Z8.868.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.544.PP23.

PP23.533 - Groundbreaking for Episcopal Cathedral, University Blvd. Neg Z8.869.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.544.1.PP23.

PP23.534 - City Hall dome, 1914 - illumination. Neg Z8.870.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.544.2.PP23.

PP23.535 - B&O Building NW corner of Charles and Baltimore Sts. Neg Z8.871.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.545.PP23.

PP23.536 - B&O Building NW corner of Charles and Baltimore Sts. Neg Z8.872.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.546.PP23.

PP23.537 - Lake Montobello, 1909. Neg Z8.873.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.547.PP23.

PP23.538 - Franklin Road - 2nd bridge and bicyclist. Neg Z8.874.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.548.PP23.

PP23.539 - Mt. Royal pumping station under construction, 1898. Neg Z8.875.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.549.PP23.

PP23.540 - Auditorium/Music Hall, Howard St., N of Franklin. Neg Z8.876.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.550.PP23.

PP23.541 - Ford's Opera House, Fayette St. near Eutaw. Neg Z8.877.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.551.PP23.

PP23.542 - Jackson and Liberty plenty for 1912 Democratic convention. Neg Z8.878.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.552.PP23.

PP23.543 - Battle Monument, 1912. Neg Z8.879.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.553.PP23.

PP23.543.1 - Washington Monument, 1912. Neg Z8.879.1.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.554.PP23.

PP23.544 - Thomas Viaduct, Relay, Md. Neg Z8.880.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.555.PP23.

PP23.545 - Merriman's Lane across from Patterson house near St. Paul,1911. Neg Z8.881.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.556.PP23.

Box 4, Folder 3

PP23.546 - Grounds of Patterson house on Merriman's Lane, near St. Paul,1911. Neg Z8.882.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.557.PP23.

PP23.547 - Patterson house, Merriman's Lane near St. Paul St., 1911. Neg Z8.883.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.558.PP23.

PP23.548 - Evangelist United Christ.Church. Neg Z8.884.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.559.PP23.

PP23.549 - Unidentified ruins of stone house or mill. Neg Z8.885.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.560.PP23.

PP23.550 - Ruins of stone house and mill, Gwynn's Falls, ca. 1910. Neg Z8.886.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.561.PP23.

PP23.551 - Ruins of stone house and mill, Gwynn's Falls, ca. 1910. Neg Z8.887.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.562.PP23.

PP23.552 - Ruins of stone mill at Gwynn's Falls. Neg Z8.888.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.563.PP23.

PP23.553 - Unidentified mill. Neg Z8.889.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.564.PP23.

PP23.554 - Unidentified mill - urban. Neg Z8.890.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.565.PP23.

PP23.555 - Unidentified mill. Neg Z8.891.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.566.PP23.

PP23.556 - Mill - Cedar Ave. (Anne Arundel Co.?). Neg Z8.892.PP23; dup/copy neg .Z5.567.PP23.

PP23.557 - Unidentified mill. Neg Z8.893.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.568.PP23.

PP23.558 - Woodville Mill , Frederick County (?). Neg Z8.894.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.569.PP23.

PP23.559 - Woodville Mill, Frederick County (?). Neg Z8.895.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.570.PP23.

PP23.560 - City Watch-house and Mechanical Engine-house, Belvedere andNorth Sts. (etching, drawing?). Neg Z8.896.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.571.PP23.

PP23.561 - University Parkway construction (?). Neg Z8.897.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.572.PP23.

PP23.562 - University Parkway construction (?). Neg Z8.898.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.573.PP23.

PP23.563 - N side of Biddle St. btwn Linden and Eutaw, c.1910. Neg Z8.899.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.574.PP23.

PP23.564 - S side of W. Baltimore St., btwn Eutaw and Paca, 1913. Neg Z8.900.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.575.PP23.

PP23.565 - S side of Mulberry St., btwn Eutaw and Howard. Neg Z8.901.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.576.PP23.

PP23.566 - NE corner of Lexington St. and Park Avenue, 1915. Neg Z8.902.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.577.PP23.

Box 4, Folder 4

PP23.567 - N side of Fayette St., btwn Eutaw and Paca. Neg Z8.903.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.578.PP23.

PP23.568 - Two unidentifed men at District of Columbia line. Neg Z8.904.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.579.PP23.

PP23.569 - Airshow? fireworks at unidentified airfield. Neg Z8.905.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.58o.PP23.

PP23.570 - Airshow? fireworks at unidentified airfield. Neg Z8.906.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.581.PP23.

PP23.571 - Airplane on wagon arriving at unidentified airfield. Neg Z8.907.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.582.PP23.

PP23.572 - Airplane on wagon arriving at unidentified arifield. Neg Z8.908.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.583.PP23.

PP23.573 - Ridgeville Hotel, Carroll County. Neg Z8.909.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.584.PP23.

PP23.574 - Woodberry Mill, Woodberry. Neg Z8.910.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.585.PP23.

PP23.575 - View of Woodberry looking E from Jones Falls. Neg Z8.911.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.586.PP23.

PP23.576 - Bodkin Point lighthouse, Anne Arundel County. Neg Z8.912.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.587.PP23.

PP23.577 - Unidentified stone country or suburban house. Neg Z8.913.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.588.PP23.

PP23.578 - Unidentified stone house or mill. Neg Z8.914.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.589.PP23.

PP23.579 - Unidentified stone house with widow's walk. Neg Z8.915.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.590.PP23.

PP23.580 - Unidentified frame house with widow's walk on terraced knoll. Neg Z8.916.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.591.PP23.

PP23.581 - Unidentified frame house with widow's walk on terraced knoll. Neg Z8.917.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.592.PP23.

PP23.582 - Unidentified frame house with widow's walk on terraced knoll,from side. Neg Z8.918.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.593.PP23.

PP23.583 - Unidentified rural viaduct under construction. Neg Z8.919.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.594.PP23.

PP23.584 - Jack Hopkins outside shanty. Neg Z8.920.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.595.PP23.

PP23.585 - Farm, possibly near Price's Distillery, Frederick County. Neg Z8.921.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.596.PP23.

PP23.586 - View inf. Druid Hill Park. Neg Z8.922.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.597.PP23.

PP23.587 - View inf. Druid Hill Park. Neg Z8.923.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.598.PP23.

Box 4, Folder 5

PP23.588 - View inf. Druid Hill Park. Neg Z8.924.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.599.PP23.

PP23.589 - Unidentified suburban road, possibly Baltimore County. Neg Z8.925.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.600.PP23.

PP23.590 - Unidentified houses at railroad tracks. Neg Z8.926.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.601.PP23.

PP23.591 - Cox's Mill barn, Pikesville, Md., 1912. Neg Z8.927.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.602.PP23.

PP23.592 - Cox's Mill, Pikesville, Md., 1912. Neg Z8.928.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.603.PP23.

PP23.593 - Patapsco Primitive Baptist Church exterior. Neg Z8.929.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.604.PP23.

PP23.594 - Loch Raven dam construction, 1912. Neg Z8.930.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.605.PP23.

PP23.595 - Loch Raven dam construction, 1912. Neg Z8.931.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.606.PP23.

PP23.596 - Loch Raven dam construction, 1912. Neg Z8.932.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.607.PP23.

PP23.597 - Loch Raven dam construction, 1912. Neg Z8.933.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.608.PP23.

PP23.598 - Loch Raven dam construction, 1912. Neg Z8.934.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.609.PP23.

PP23.599 - Loch Raven dam construction, 1912. Neg Z8.935.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.610.PP23.

PP23.600 - Loch Raven dam construction, 1912. Neg Z8.936.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.611.PP23.

PP23.601 - Loch Raven dam construction, 1912. Neg Z8.937.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.612.PP23.

PP23.602 - Loch Raven dam construction, 1912. Neg Z8.938.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.613.PP23.

PP23.603 - Loch Raven dam construction, 1912. Neg Z8.939.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.614.PP23.

PP23.604 - Post Office, McDonogh, Md., old residence of owners of nearby Loyns' Mill. Neg Z8.940.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.615.PP23.

PP23.605 - Unidentified house, Gaithersburg, Md. Neg Z8.941.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.616.PP23.

PP23.606 - Pine Grove church? Ridgeville, Md. Neg Z8.942.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.617.PP23.

PP23.607 - Farmhouse, Shawan (?), Md. Neg Z8.943.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.618.PP23.

PP23.608 - Unidentified house, Beckleyville, Md., 1912. Neg Z8.944.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.619.PP23.

Box 4, Folder 6

PP23.609 - Unidentified house, Herring Run. Neg Z8.945.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.620.PP23.

PP23.610 - Landscape, Black Rock, Baltimore County, 1912. Neg Z8.946.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.621.PP23.

PP23.61? - Unidentified house, Black Rock, Md., 1912. Neg Z8.947.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.622.PP23.

PP23.612 - Walker's Camp Hill, before cutting down Lyons' Mill Rd.,Baltimore Co., looking down, 1911. Neg Z8.948.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.623.PP23.

PP23.613 - Old R.H. Worthington house (now Vernon Dorsey), Marriottsville,Md., 1911. Neg Z8.949.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.624.PP23.

PP23.614 - Old house of Dr. Thomas Worthington, near Harrisonville,Md., 1911. Neg Z8.950.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.625.PP23.

PP23.615 - Blunt residence, Granite, Md., 1911. Neg Z8.951.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.626.PP23.

PP23.616 - Albert Luttgerding house (formerly Ward Chapel) on Baltimoreand Liberty Turnpike, Baltimore Co., 1911. Neg Z8.952.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.627.PP23.

PP23.617 - Slave quarters, Offut Estate, Granite, Md., 1911. Neg Z8.953.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.628.PP23.

PP23.618 - Old tollgate, corner Charles St. and Merriman's Lane (UniversityPkwy.), 1911 (built 1834). Neg Z8.954.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.629.PP23.

PP23.619 - Ward residence (original bldg.) near North Branch on Baltimore-LibertyTurnpike, Baltimore Co., 1911. Neg Z8.955.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.630.PP23.

PP23.620 - Unidentified house, Gaithersburg, Md. Neg Z8.956.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.631.PP23.

PP23.621 - Slave quarters, Offut state, Granite, Md., 1911. Neg Z8.957.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.632.PP23.

PP23.622 - Old store above Harrisonville, Md., 1911. Neg Z8.958.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.633.PP23.

PP23.623 - Tavern, Woodstock, Md., 1911. Neg Z8.959.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.634.PP23.

PP23.624 - Ward residence. Neg Z8.960.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.635.PP23.

PP23.625 - Blunt residence. Neg Z8.961.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.636.PP23.

PP23.626 - Germania Maennerchor building 410-412 W. Lombard. Neg Z8.962.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.637.PP23.

PP23.627 - Bodkin Light, Sept. 1913 (interior). Neg Z8.963.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.638.PP23.

PP23.628 - Slave quarters, Diamond Rd., near Granite, Md. Neg Z8.964.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.639.PP23.

PP23.629 - Slave quarters, Diamond Rd., near Granite, Md. Neg Z8.965.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.640.PP23.

Box 4, Folder 7

PP23.630 - George Washington House, Bladensburg, Md. (?). Neg Z8.966.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.641.PP23.

PP23.631 - Palo Alto Hotel and Restaurant, Bladensburg, Md. Neg Z8.967.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.642.PP23.

PP23.632 - Interior of Patapsco Primitive Baptist Church, Carroll County above North Branch on Baltimore-Liberty Turnpike, 1911. Neg Z8.968.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.643.PP23.

PP23.633 - Patapsco Primitive Baptist Church, Carroll County above North Branch on Baltimore-Liberty Turnpike, 1911, side view. Neg Z8.969.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.644.PP23.

PP23.634 - Patapsco Primitive Baptist Church, Carroll Countyabove North Branch on Baltimore-Liberty Turnpike, 1911, side and grave yard. Neg Z8.970.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.645.PP23.

PP23.635 - Light St., W side, 1913 (actually Eutaw St.). Neg Z8.971.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.646.PP23.

PP23.636 - Looking N on Holliday St., before Lexington was cut through,photo by W.C. Russell. Neg Z8.972.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.647.PP23.

PP23.637 - Monumental Theater, 1911, Baltimore St. and Jones Falls. Neg Z8.973.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.648.PP23.

PP23.638 - E side of Eutaw St., btwn Preston and Biddle (1200 block). Neg Z8.974.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.649.PP23.

PP23.639 - Liberty St. and Park Ave. at Fayette St., 1912. Neg Z8.975.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.650.PP23.

PP23.640 - NW corner of Lanvale and Bolton Sts., 1911. Neg Z8.976.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.651.PP23.

PP23.641 - SW corner of Ann and Thames Sts. Neg Z8.977.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.652.PP23.

PP23.642 - SW corner of Ann and Thames Sts. Neg Z8.978.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.653.PP23.

PP23.643 - Back of Fells St. - warehouse next to B&O tobacco warehouse,1912. Neg Z8.979.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.654.PP23.

PP23.644 - SE corner of Dillon and Kenwood Sts., 1912. Neg Z8.980.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.655.PP23.

PP23.645 - N side of Chapel St. above Fleet, 1912. Neg Z8.981.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.656.PP23.

PP23.646 - First cable-car, Druid Hill Ave. at Druid Hill Park. Neg Z8.982.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.657.PP23.

PP23.647 - First cable-car, Druid Hill Ave. at Druid Hill Park. Neg Z8.667.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.658.PP23.

PP23.648 - Corner of Harrison and Lafayette Sts. Neg Z8.983.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.659.PP23.

PP23.649 - Pennsylvania Avenue, Baltimore. Neg Z8.984.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.660.PP23.

PP23.650 - Edmondson Avenue bridge (before completion). Neg Z8.985.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.661.PP23.

Box 4, Folder 8

PP23.651 - Baltimore Street - Centennial illuminated arches - 1914. Neg Z8.986.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.662.PP23.

PP23.652 - S side of Thames St. looking E from Broadway, 1912. Neg Z8.987.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.663.PP23.

PP23.653 - Jones Falls looking S from Baltimore St. bridge, 1911. Neg Z8.988.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.664.PP23.

PP23.654 - View from Lombard St. looking south - 1911. Neg Z8.989.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.665.PP23.

PP23.655 - SE corner of Camden and Howard Sts. Neg Z8.990.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.666.PP23.

PP23.656 - Dolphin St. btwn Eutaw and Linden (where Hampton Courts Apartmentsnow are). Neg Z8.991.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.667.PP23.

PP23.657 - SW corner of Ann and Thames Sts., 1912. Neg Z8.992.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.668.PP23.

PP23.658 - SW corner of Broadway and Aliceanna Sts., 1912. Neg Z8.993.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.669.PP23.

PP23.659 - W side of Light St., btwn Henrietta and Montgomery St., 1913. Neg Z8.994.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.670.PP23.

PP23.660 - NW corner of Park Avenue and Lanvale St., 1911. Neg Z8.995.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.671.PP23.

PP23.661 - Unidentified derelict mansion, Presstman St. Neg Z8.996.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.672.PP23. (PRINT NOT FOUND)

PP23.662 - W side of Fells St. below Aliceanna - 1912. Neg Z8.997.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.673.PP23.

PP23.663 - W side of Wolfe St., S of Fleet, 1912. Neg Z8.998.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.674.PP23.

PP23.664 - NE corner of Fleet and Bond Sts., 1912. Neg Z8.999.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.675.PP23.

PP23.665 - NW corner of Ann and Thames Sts., 1912. Neg Z8.1000.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.676.PP23.

PP23.666 - View of Clay Street fire ruins, 1873. Neg Z8.1001.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.677.PP23.

PP23.667 - Lafayette Barracks (Lafayette Square), 1862 (print). Neg Z8.1002.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.678.PP23.

PP23.668 - Interior of old slave pen, corner of Howard and Pratt Sts.(probably B. N. and W.L. Campbell, 278 Pratt St., ca. 1860). Neg Z8.1003.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.679.PP23.

PP23.669 - Federal Hill, from the Basin, ca.1859 (print). Neg Z8.1004.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.680.PP23.

PP23.670 - Fort Marshall, Eastern Ave. E of Patterson Park (print). Neg Z8.1005.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.681.PP23.

PP23.671 - McKim Mansion (barracks) (print). Neg Z8.1006.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.682.PP23.

Box 5: 8 Folders

Box 5, Folder 1

PP23.672 - Ft. McHenry (print). Neg Z8.1007.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.683.PP23.

PP23.673 - Camp Carroll, Columbia Ave at B&O Railroad (print). Neg Z8.1008.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.684.PP23.

PP23.674 - Camp Belger (North Ave.) (print). Neg Z8.1009.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.685.PP23.

PP23.675 - Block St. drawbridge, 1908. Neg Z8.1010.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.686.PP23.

PP23.676 - Calvert St. - site of present courthouse. Neg Z8.1011.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.687.PP23.

PP23.677 - Old Record Office. Neg Z8.1012.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.688.PP23.

PP23.678 - View of Baltimore prob. W. Baltimore - 2 sections. Neg Z8.1013.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.689.PP23.

PP23.679 - View, NW from 1st Presbyterian Church steeple, 1874. Neg Z8.1014.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.690.PP23.

PP23.680 - Page of Baltimore newspaper (unidentified), ca. 1795. Neg Z8.1015.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.691.PP23.

PP23.681 - View from Federal Hill (stereo by Wm. Chase). Neg Z8.1016.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.692.PP23.

PP23.682 - 5th Regiment Armory - exterior, illuminated for 1912 Democraticconvention. Neg Z8.1017.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.693.PP23.

PP23.683 - 5th Regiment Armory - exterior looking towards front entrance. Neg Z8.1018.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.694.PP23.

PP23.684 - 5th Regiment Armory - rear. Neg Z8.1019.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.695.PP23.

PP23.685 - 5th Regiment Armory - interior. Neg Z8.1020.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.696.PP23.

PP23.686 - 5th Regiment Armory - interior. Neg Z8.1021.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.697.PP23.

PP23.687 - Star-Spangled Banner Parade, 1914, Japanese Garden float. Neg Z8.1022.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.698.PP23.

PP23.688 - Star Spangled Banner Parade, 1914, Industries of Marylandfloat. Neg Z8.1023.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.699.PP23.

PP23.689 - Star Spangled Banner Parade, 1914, Float #3 - Rodgers firingfirst shot. Neg Z8.1024.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.700.PP23.

PP23.690 - Star Spangled Banner Parade, 1914, Float #4 - Death of Wellsand McComas. Neg Z8.1025.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.701.PP23.

PP23.691 - Star Spangled Banner Parade, 1914, Float #16 - Ship. Neg Z8.1026.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.702.PP23.

PP23.692 - Star Spangled Banner Parade, 1914, Float #18 - Commerce byCanal. Neg Z8.1027.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.703.PP23.

Box 5, Folder 2

PP23.693 - Star Spangled Banner Parade, 1914, Water Department Float. Neg Z8.1028.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.704.PP23.

PP23.694 - Star Spangled Banner Parade, 1914, Float #11- Defenders (?). Neg Z8.1029.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.705.PP23.

PP23.695 - Star Spangled Banner Parade, 1914, Float #12 - Key writingStar-Spangled Banner. Neg Z8.1030.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.706.PP23.

PP23.696 - Star Spangled Banner Parade, 1914, floats in storage shed. Neg Z8.1031.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.707.PP23.

PP23.697 - Military parade - Washington, D.C. (unidentified). Neg Z7.1100.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.708.PP23.

PP23.698 - Military parade - Washington, D.C. (unidentified). Neg Z7.1101.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.709.PP23.

PP23.699 - Military parade - Washington, D.C. (unidentified). Neg Z7.1102.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.710.PP23.

PP23.700 - Military parade - Washington, D.C. (unidentified). Neg Z7.1103.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.711.PP23.

PP23.701 - Military parade - Washington, D.C. (unidentified). Neg Z7.1104.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.712.PP23.

PP23.702 - Round-Top Baptist Church (1817-1877, NE corner of Sharp andLombard Sts.). Neg Z7.1105.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.713.PP23.

PP23.703 - Prices' Distillery (?) (crushed by tree). Neg Z7.1106.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.714.PP23.

[Item missing, no description for PP23.704]

PP23.705 - Prices' Distillery (?) - small stone building. Neg Z7.1107.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.715.PP23.

PP23.706 - Unidentified columned house, with bicyclists. Neg Z7.1108.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.716.PP23.

PP23.707 - Thomas and Mary Wilson gravestone. Neg Z7.1109.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.717.PP23.

PP23.708 - Ridgeville Hotel, Ridgeville, Md. Neg Z7.1110.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.718.PP23.

PP23.709 - Log barn (ruins), Ridgeville, Md. Neg Z7.1111.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.719.PP23.

PP23.710 - Shot Tower. Neg ZN14.790.PP23.

PP23.711 - Buildings at Electric Park. Neg ZN14.791.PP23.

PP23.712 - Buildings at Electric Park. Neg ZN14.792.PP23.

PP23.713 - Loch Raven dam construction. Neg Z8.1193.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.726.PP23.

Box 5, Folder3

PP23.714 - Mt. Royal Station illuminations. Neg ZN14.793.PP23.

PP23.715 - Unidentified country lane. Neg ZN14.794.PP23.

PP23.716 - Unidentified country lane. Neg ZN14.795.PP23.

PP23.717 - Electric Park. Neg ZN14.796.PP23.

PP23.718 - Electric Park. Neg ZN14.797.PP23. (PRINT NOT FOUND)

PP23.719 - Electric Park, Johnstown Flood building. Neg ZN14.798.PP23.

PP23.720 - Electric Park. Neg ZN14.799.PP23.

PP23.721 - Electric Park. Neg ZN14.800.PP23.

PP23.722 - Unidentified country house. Neg ZN14.801.PP23.

PP23.723 - Unidentified country brook. Neg ZN14.802.PP23.

PP23.724 - Loch Raven Dam. Neg ZN14.803.PP23.

PP23.725 - Below Loch Raven dam. Neg ZN14.804.PP23.

PP23.726 - Let Us Have Peace - Monitor and Merrimac cyclorama. Neg ZN15.9.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.720.PP23.

PP23.727 - Christmas Concert program, Male Grammar School #1, 1876. Neg Z15.7.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.721.PP23.

PP23.728 - Male Grammar School #1 (?), corner Fayette and Greene Sts. Neg Z15.8.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.722.PP23.

PP23.729 - Male Public School #1, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg Z15.9.PP23.

PP23.730 - Old St. Paul's Church, illustration from Latrobe's Pictures of Baltimore. Neg ZN14.805.PP23.

PP23.731 - Old St. Paul's Church - last service, Oct. 10, 1898. Neg ZN14.806.PP23.

PP23.732 - Fire in unidentified suburban lot. Neg ZN14.807.PP23.

PP23.733 - Partially burned buildings - unidentified. Neg ZN14.808.PP23.

PP23.734 - Children picking through rubble of unidentified bldg. Neg ZN14.809.PP23.

Box 5, Folder 4

PP23.735 - Chamber of Commerce building - ruins (1904). Neg ZN14.810.PP23.

PP23.736 - National Bank of Commerce - ruins (1904). Neg ZN14.811.PP23.

PP23.737 - Unidentified ruins - 1904 Fire. Neg ZN14.812.PP23.

PP23.738 - Burned District looking N from Pratt St., 1904. Neg ZN14.813.PP23.

PP23.739 - Stock Exchange ruins, 210 E. German St., 1904. Neg ZN14.814.PP23.

PP23.740 - Waterfront ruins, 1904. Neg ZN14.815.PP23.

PP23.741 - Hambleton and Company. Neg ZN14.816.PP23.

PP23.742 - Unidentified street corner (ruins), 1904 Fire. Neg ZN14.817.PP23.

PP23.743 - Sexton Bldg., 5-9 S. Gay St., ruins - 1904. Neg ZN14.818.PP23.

PP23.744 - Courthouse, Baltimore. Neg ZN14.819.PP23.

PP23.745 - NE corner Lombard and Hanover Sts. - 1904 Fire ruins. Neg ZN14.820.PP23.

PP23.746 - 513 E. Lombard St. ruins - 1904 Fire. Neg ZN14.821.PP23.

PP23.747 - 910 Grundy Street (house). Neg ZN14.822.PP23.

PP23.748 - Caroline St., Baltimore, 1900. Neg ZN14.839.PP23.

PP23.749 - Bond Street, Baltimore. Neg ZN14.840.PP23.

PP23.750 - Lombard and High Streets, 1st Vigiliant (enginehouse). Neg ZN14.841.PP23.

PP23.751 - Frankels' Bazar, 537 S. Broadway, ca. 1900. Neg ZN14.842.PP23.

PP23.752 - Pa (Worthington) crossing Pratt Street. Neg ZN14.843.PP23.

PP23.753 - #4 Firehouse (Lexington St. near North St.). Neg ZN14.844.PP23.

PP23.754 - Unidentified rowhouses. Neg ZN14.845.PP23.

PP23.755 - SW corner Broadway and Lombard St., 1900. Neg ZN14.846.PP23.

Box 5, Folder 5

PP23.756 - Bond St., 1900 - houses ca. 1800-1810. Neg ZN14.847.PP23.

PP23.757 - Aliceanna Street btwn Bond and Caroline, 1900. Neg ZN14.848.PP23.

PP23.758 - N side of Aliceanna Street btwn Bond and Broadway. Neg ZN14.849.PP23.

PP23.759 - Bond Street, 1900. Neg ZN14.850.PP23.

PP23.760 - 702-704 S. Bond St., 1900 (Hing Kee's Laundry and Mary Zeller'scigarstore and Indian). Neg ZN14.851.PP23.

PP23.761 - Rear of Church Home and Dispensary, showing new addition,1900. Neg ZN14.852.PP23.

PP23.762 - Church Home and Dispensary, Broadway and Fairmont Ave., 1900. Neg ZN14.853.PP23.

PP23.763 - NW corner Caroline and Gough Streets. Neg ZN14.854.P.P23.

PP23.764 - Old house, W side of Bond St., 1900. Neg ZN14.855.PP23.

PP23.765 - Broadway and Shakespeare Street, 1900. Neg ZN14.856.PP23.

PP23.766 - W side of Broadway, SW corner. Neg ZN1.857.PP23.

PP23.767 - 3rd Watchman, 127 E. Montgomery St., ca. 1900. Neg ZN14.858.PP23.

PP23.768 - #8 Enginehouse - (New Market Vol.) - 128 Eutaw (near Lexington). Neg ZN14.859.PP23.

PP23.769 - Gunther's Express Co. (Union enginehouse). Neg ZN14.860.PP23.

PP23.770 - First Baltimore (enginehouse) McClellan's Alley, burned Feb. 4, 1904. Neg ZN14.861.PP23.

PP23.771 - Second Watchman, Light St. near York, 158 Montgomery St. Neg ZN14.862.PP23.

PP23.772 - 2nd Columbia Fire Company firehouse. Neg ZN14.863.PP23.

PP23.773 - First engine-house, Mechanical #1, North St. near foot of Lexington (facsimile). Neg ZN14.864.PP23.

PP23.774 - Primary School #20, Gough and Stiles Sts. Neg ZN14.865.PP23.

PP23.775 - Lombard Street - Baltimore. Neg ZN14.866.PP23.

PP23.776 - Lombard St. at Iron Alley, 1900. Neg ZN14.867.PP23.

Box 5, Folder 6

PP23.777 - #13 Enginehouse, Fremont and Myrtle Ave., ca. 1900. Neg ZN14.868.PP23.

PP23.778 - Enginehouse, Mechanical #2, Joseph Perlman and Co., tobacco, 21 S. Calvert St., ca. 1900. Neg ZN14.869.PP23.

PP23.779 - Lumber scow at unidentified dock, ca.1900. Neg ZN14.870.PP23.

PP23.780 - 2nd Vigilant enginehouse, 3rd engine-company firehouse, Lombard St. near Hight St., ca. 1900. Neg ZN14.871.PP23.

PP23.781 - Berkshire Industrial Farm (Mass.), book illustration. Neg ZN14.872.PP23.

PP23.782 - Dinosaur skeletons - unidentified museum. Neg ZN14.873.PP23.

PP23.783 - Dinosaur skeletons - unidentified museum. Neg ZN14.874.PP23.

PP23.784 - Dinosaur skeletons - unidentified museum. Neg ZN14.875.PP23.

PP23.785 - Dinosaur skeletons - unidentified museum. Neg ZN14.876.PP23.

PP23.786 - Slave pen (see PP23.668). Neg ZN14.877.PP23.

PP23.787 - National Farmers' and Planters' Bank (Southand Gems?). Neg ZN14.878.PP23.

PP23.788 - Waterfront with ruins of warehouse, Baltimore. Neg ZN14.879.PP23.

PP23.789 - Unidentified dam and waterfall. Neg ZN14.880.PP23.

PP23.790 - View of Shot Tower. Neg ZN14.881.PP23.

PP23.791 - Goldsmith the Tailor shop (349 N. Gay St.). Neg ZN14.882.PP23.

PP23.792 - Baltimore waterfront view showing Merchants and Marine TransportationCo. ships. Neg ZN14.883.PP23.

PP23.793 - Unidentified commercial bldg. - Baltimore. Neg ZN14.884.PP23.

PP23.794 - Sun Building - decorated. Neg ZN14.885.PP23.

PP23.795 - Unidentified brick warehouse building. Neg ZN14.886.PP23

PP23.796 - Unidentified manufacturing bldg., possibly shipyard. Neg ZN14.887.PP23.

PP23.797 - Unidentified bridge or viaduct under construction. Neg ZN14.888.PP23.

Box 5, Folder 7

PP23.798 - #13 Enginehouse, Fremont and Myrtle Aves., May 1900. Neg ZN14.889.PP23.

PP23.799 - Second Defender (enginehouse), Gough and Duncan Sts. Neg ZN14.890.PP23.

PP23.800 - #17 Enginehouse, Fort Ave. and Haubert St. Neg ZN14.891.PP23.

PP23.801 - 2nd Independent enginehouse, Gay and Ensor Sts., July 1899. Neg ZN14.892.PP23.

PP23.802 - Old house of the Washington Volunteer Fire Co. (burns Feb.7, 1904) in July 1900. Neg ZN14.893.PP23.

PP23.803 - Pioneer (now #1) Hook and Ladder enginehouse. Neg ZN14.894.PP23.

PP23.804 - Lafayette enginehouse, Lexington and Caroline Sts. Neg ZN14.895.PP23.

PP23.805 - 1st Watchman enginehouse, York near Light St. Neg ZN14.896.PP23.

PP23.806 - Triangle in (?) of Liberty enginehouse taken down, 1867 - Salvage Corps, July 1900. Neg ZN14.897.PP23.

PP23.807 - 1st Franklin enginehouse, Eastern Ave. near Broadway. Neg ZN14.898.PP23.

PP23.808 - Where U.S. Hose Co. enginehouse stood (Lang Pickling House,20-24 E. Williamson Alley) . Neg ZN14.899.PP23.

PP23.809 - Brownold, Lehmayer and Co. - flour company, 111 N. HowardSt., ca. 1900. Neg ZN14.900.PP23.

PP23.810 - Cascade - unidentified Baltimore construction site. Neg ZN14.901.PP23.

PP23.811 - Cascade - unidentified Baltimore construction site. Neg ZN14.902.PP23.

PP23.812 - Cascade - unidentified Baltimore construction site. Neg ZN14.903.PP23.

PP23.813 - Wrecked railroad freight car (steel) . Neg ZN14.904.PP23.

PP23.814 - Fairview Inn, 933 Fredrick Avenue, ca. 1900. Neg ZN14.905.PP23.

PP23.815 - Horses in unidentified suburban square. Neg ZN14.906.PP23.

PP23.816 - Unidentified construction, pos. Union Station. Neg ZN14.907.PP23.

PP23.817 - English-German Free School, 200 block of North Ave. Neg ZN14.908.PP23.

PP23.818 - Lafayette and Market, Baltimore. Neg ZN14.909.PP23.

Box 5, Folder 8

PP23.819 - E. Baltimore and North Sts., ca. 1900. Neg ZN14.910.PP23.

PP23.820 - Unidentified barn. Neg ZN14.911.PP23.

PP23.821 - Unidentified barn with decaying wagon. Neg ZN14.912.PP23.

PP23.822 - Unidentified country mansion. Neg ZN14.913.PP23.

PP23.823 - Unidentified country mansion. Neg ZN14.914.PP23.

PP23.824 - Unidentified columned country mansion. Neg ZN14.915.PP23.

Neg ZN14.915.1.PP23?

PP23.825 - Unidentified columned country mansion. Neg ZN14.916.PP23.

PP23. 826- Man on steps of Z4.913.PP231. Neg ZN14.917.PP23.

PP23.827 - Unidentified commercial building. Neg ZN14.918.PP23.

PP23.828 - Consumers' Gas-Saving Co., 301 St. Paul St., ca. 1900. Neg ZN14.919.PP23.

PP23.829 - National Mechanics' Bank SE corner of Calvert and FayetteSts. Neg ZN14.920.PP23.

PP23.830 - Silhouette of Shot Tower area, 1906. Neg ZN14.921.PP23.

PP23.831 - Looking S on Calvert St. 1906 - silhouette. Neg ZN14.922.PP23.

PP23.832 - Unidentified rural farmstead. Neg ZN14.923.PP23.

PP23.833 - Unidentified rural farmstead. Neg ZN14.924.PP23.

PP23.834 - Emil Fisher Dry-Cleaners, 216 W. Fayette St., ca. 1900. Neg ZN14.925.PP23.

PP23.835 - Unidentified church. Neg ZN14.926.PP23.

PP23.836 - View looking N on Cathedral St. from Centre, ca. 1906. Neg ZN14.927.PP23.

PP23.837 - View looking NW from Cathedral and Center Sts. Neg ZN14.928.PP23.

PP23.838 - View looking SE from Cathedral and Centre, ca. 1906. Neg ZN14.929.PP23.

PP23.839 - View looking NE from Cathedral and Centre, ca. 1906. Neg ZN14.930.PP23.

Box 6: 3 Folders

Box 6, Folder 1

PP23.840 - View looking SW from Cathedral and Centre, ca. 1906. Neg ZN14.931.PP23.

PP23.841 - Unidentified commercial building *identified as Thomas Usher Jr.'s House. Neg ZN14.932.PP23.

PP23.842 - Entrance to unidentified city park or square. Neg ZN14.933.PP23.

PP23.843 - Tolley intersection - Charles and Baltimore Sts., ca. 1906. Neg ZN14.934.PP23.

PP23.844 - Unidentified clapboard house, Baltimore. Neg ZN14.935.PP23.

PP23.845 - Broadway mall, Baltimore. Neg ZN14.936.PP23.

PP23.846 - Unidentified firehouse. Neg ZN14.937.PP23.

PP23.847 - Charles St., 200 Blk. N. Neg ZN14.938.PP23.

PP23.848 - Fire ruins, 100 W. Fayette St. - interior rubble - 1903. Neg ZN14.939.PP23.

PP23.849 - Fire ruins, 100 W. Fayette St. - interior from above -.1903. Neg ZN14.940.PP23.

PP23.850 - Unidentified rowhouse street, Baltimore. Neg ZN14.941.PP23.

PP23.851 - Two-wheeled carriage, derelict in snow. Neg ZN14.942.PP23.

PP23.852 - Four-wheeled carriage, derelict in snow. Neg ZN14.943.PP23.

PP23.853 - Unidentified rowhouse street, Baltimore. Neg ZN14.944.PP23.

PP23.854 - A.L. Webb and Co. Paints and oil, SW corner of Pratt andCommerce St. Neg ZN14.945.PP23; dup/copy neg Z4.140.PP20.

PP23.855 - Otterbein Church. Neg ZN14.946.PP23.

PP23.856 - Christ Church (Episcopal) N. Gay St., ca.1900. Neg ZN14.947.PP23.

PP23.857 - 300 block of N. Howard St., ca. 1900 (probably W side). Neg ZN14.948.PP23; dup/copy neg Z24.1134.

PP23.858 - City Hall dome on exhibit, unidentified street. Neg ZN14.949.PP23.

PP23.859 - Lubins Bldg., corner of E. Baltimore and ?. Neg ZN14.950.PP23.

PP23.860 - Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, Eutaw St., corner ofFranklin. Neg ZN14.951.PP23.

Box 6, Folder 2

PP23.861 - Albaugh's Lyceum Theater, 1209-13 N. Charles St. Neg ZN14.952.PP23.

PP23.862 - Unidentified rowhouse street. Neg ZN14.953.PP23.

PP23.863 - Unidentified country house. Neg ZN14.954.PP23.

PP23.864 - NW corner of Lombard St. and Centre Market Space, ca. 1900. Neg ZN14.955.PP23.

PP23.865 - St. Joseph's R.C. Church, Barre and Howard Sts., pre-1910. Neg ZN14.956.PP23.

PP23.866 - W side of Calvert St. looking S from above P.O. Neg ZN14.957.PP23.

PP23.867 - W. Saratoga St. btwn Pine St. and Fremont Ave., ca. 1900. Neg ZN14.958.PP23.

PP23.868 - Unidentified streetcorner, with park/square. Neg ZN14.959.PP23.

PP23.869 - Capital Hotel, Camden corner Eutaw, 1902. Neg ZN14.960.PP23.

PP23.870 - Unidentified subdivision, edge of rowhouse development. Neg ZN14.961.PP23.

PP23.871 - Unidentified subdivision, edge of rowhouse development, solitarytree. Neg ZN14.962.PP23.

PP23.872 - Mount Royal Hotel, Mt. Royal Ave. and St. Paul. Neg ZN14.963.PP23.

PP23.873 - NW corner Lexington and N. Howard Sts. Neg ZN14.964.PP23.

PP23.874 - Watson Memorial (Mt. Royal Ave. and Lanvale St.), under repair. Neg ZN14.965.PP23.

PP23.875 - Unidentified city house in grounds. Neg ZN14.966.PP23.

PP23.876 - Carrollton Viaduct. Neg ZN14.967.PP23.

PP23.877 - Unidentified office building (possibly telegraph) with messenger. Neg ZN14.968.PP23.

PP23.878 - Tagg and Horn (plumbers) . Neg ZN14.969.PP23.

PP23.879 - Unidentified woodlands. Neg ZN14.970.PP23.

PP23.880 - NW corner South and Water Sts., ca. 1902. Neg ZN14.971.PP23.

PP23.881 - Unidentified street scene. Neg ZN14.972.PP23.

Box 6, Folder 3

PP23.882 - Federal Hill, from Pratt St. wharves, ca. 1900. Neg ZN14.973.PP23.

PP23.883 - Streetcar passing unidentified streetcorner. Neg ZN14.974.PP23.

PP23.884 - W side of N. Fredrick St., btwn. Baltimore and Fairmont,ca. 1898. Neg ZN14.975.PP23.

PP23.885 - Fallen tree, unidentified street, possibly Broadway. Neg ZN14.976.PP23.

PP23.886 - Unidentified Baltimore church. Neg ZN14.977.PP23.

PP23.887 - Unidentified Baltimore church. Neg ZN14.978.PP23.

PP23.888 - NW corner of Lexington and N. Howard Sts. decorated for OldHome Day. Neg ZN14.979.PP23.

PP23.889 - Unidentified suburban house and grounds. Neg ZN14.980.PP23.

PP23.890 - Likes Berwanger and Co., clothiers, 10-12 E. Baltimore, decorated for 1906 Old Home Day. Neg ZN14.981.PP23.

PP23.891 - Issac Hamburger and Sons (dry goods) decorated for Old HomeWeek. Neg ZN14.982.PP23.

PP23.892 - Same as Z14.981.PP23). Neg ZN14.983.PP23.

PP23.893 - Unidentified firehouse, decorated for 1906 Old Home. Neg ZN14.984.PP23.

PP23.894 - Siegel and Roschield and Co., umbrellas, 420 W. BaltimoreSt., decorated for 1906 Old Home Day. Neg ZN14.985.PP23.

PP23.895 - Baltimore Dairy Lunch, 120-122 E. Baltimore St., decoratedfor 1906 Old Home Day. Neg ZN14.986.PP23.

PP23.896 - "Beech Hill " (house), Mulberry St. btwn Gilmore and Franklin. Neg ZN15.10.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.623.PP23.

PP23.897 - "Berkshire Industrial Farm", illustration from unidentifiedbook. Neg ZN15.10.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.724.PP23.

PP23.898 - Unidentified country cottage. Neg Z8.816.1.PP23; dup/copy neg Z5.725.PP23. © 2004 Maryland Historical Society - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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