Vertical File Portraits, S-Z

Individual Portraits - S-Z

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* Indicates cross-reference

Sabin, Florence. 1 print.
Sachse, Edward. 1 print.
*St. Clair, Gen. Arthur. See: MF 179. P3575. V.1 Page 178.
*Salmon, Robert, Works of. See: Baltimore Harbor – Views. View of Balto. Harbor. ca.1815.
Sanderson, Frances—ca. 1890. 1 print.
Sands, Admiral James H. 1 print.
*Sands, Samuel. See: Prints Collection.
Sandys, George. (1577-1643). 3 prints.
*Sandys, George. Negative: Z7.1772.
*Sanner, Ann E. Frisby. See: MF 179. S228. S Page 14.
*Sanner, George. See: MF 179. S228. S Page 4, 18; with Mrs., See: MF 179. S228.S Frontispiece.
*Sanner, Laura Mackey. See: MF 179. S228. S Page 18.
*Sanner, Sylvester. See: MF 179. S228. S Page 14.
*Santa Claus. See Prints Collection.
Sargeant, George H. 1 print.
Sargeant, H.D.G.C. 1 print.
Sargeant, Rev. Thomas, D.D. 1 print.
*Sartain, John. See: MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 1417.
Sayre, Brig. Gen. Clifford L. (at Montpelier). Acc. no. 65073. 1 print.
*Sayrs, Henry. See Prints Collection.
Schad, Andrew. Empty folder-1995.
Scarborough, Dr. 1st Asst. Surg. 2nd MD Vols. 1 print.
*Schaar, Mirjam. See: MF 179. S98. L Page 114.
*Schad, Catherine Hall. See Medium Photos. (see Edna, Evelyn, Wm.Batthis for rel.)
Scharf, Col. John Thomas.4 prints. See also: Prints Coll.; MF 179.S299. M.
*Schley, William. See: PP52.
*Schumacher, A. See: PP52.
*Schad, Helen Macy. 4 prints.
*Scheib, Heinrich. See: MF 179. S31. S Frontispiece.
Scheib, Rev. Henry. 1 print.
*Scheneck, Robert. See Prints Collection.
*Schlatter, Michael. See: MF 179. S33. R Frontispiece.
Schleigh, Capt. Edward. 1 print.
Schley, Miss. 1 print.
*Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Earl. Wedding Party. See Medium Photographs.
Schmidt. Orig. oil painting owned and donated by Norman Kjeldsen. 1 print.
*Schmucker. Dr. Samuel S. See MF 179. S35. A6 Frontispiece.
Schnauffer, Levin West. 1899. 1 print.
Schnid, A.D. 1 print.
*Schnudlapp, Mr. See: B and O Inspection Trip. 1926.
Schoenlein, Augustus. 2 prints.
Schofield, Henry. 2 prints.
Schouler, Rev. William. 1 print.
Schultz, E.T. 1 print.
Schweigman, William Enoch, 1 print
Scott, Frank N. 1 print.
Scott, J McPherson, M.D. 1 print.
*Scott, John. See Prints Collection.
Scott, Maj> John F.R. 1 print.
Scott, Mr. 1 print.
Scott, Townsend,III From MS.1776, Townsend Scott Coll. 1 print.
Scott, Lt. Gen. Winfield . by J.H. Bufford, 1862. 1 print.
*Scott, Winfield. See Prints Collection.
*Sears, Anna Maria. See Loveday, Mrs. Arthur J.
Sears, R.P. 1 print
Sears, R.P. 1 print
Segrave Family. 7 prints
*Seims, Henry. See MF 179. P89. H Page 20
*Seligman, James. See Seligman, V. andW. and Co. Group Portraits
*Seligman, Jesse. See Seligman, V. and W. andCo. Group Portraits
*Seligman, Joseph. See Seligman, V. and W. and Co. Group Portraits
*Sellers, Miss Mary. See Glass Negatives
*Sellman, Hon. John Stevens. See Daguerreotype Coll.
*Sellman, Victoria. See Gittings, Mrs. Richard J.
*Semmers, John E. See MF 179. S47. M Frontispiece
*Semmers, Raphael. See OversizeFile; See Oversize Box 1
Semmes, Capt. of the “Alabama”. 3 prints
Seth, Joseph B. 1 print
*Seton, Elizabeth. See MF 179. S49, MF 179. S49. B Frontispieces and MF 179. S49.C page 2
*Seton, Mother. See Prints Coll.
*Seton, Mother Catherine. See MF 179. S49. B1 page 906
Seton, Mother Elizabeth 2 prints
*Seton, Mother Elizabeth. See MF 179. S49. D page 394; MF 179. S49. M Frontispiece; See MF 179. S49 M5 page 172; MF 179. S49. S Frontispiece, 38; MF 179. S49. W Frontispiece
*Seton, Rebecca. MF 179. S49. B1 page 339
*Seton, Richard. See MF 179. S49. B1 page 321
*Seton, Richard and William. See MF 179. S49. M5 page 76
*Seton, Sister Annina. See MF 179. S49. B1 page 33
*Seton, William. JSee MF 179. S49. B1 page 321
*Seton, Mr. and Mrs. William Jr.. See MF 179. S49. F Frontispiece and page 65; See MF 179. S49. D page 58
*Seton, William Sr. MF 179. S49. D page 58
*Seton, William and Elizabeth. See 179. S49. M5 page 29
*Seton,William Wagee. See MF 179. S49. M5 page 28; See MF 179. S49. B1 page 13
Seward, William H. (1801-1872). Secretary of State. Harper’s Weekly Apil 6, 1861. 1 neg.
Seymour, Gov. 1 print
Seymour and Blair. 1 print
*Shedinger Family. See: Photography Box I-5
Shaffer, Mr. 1 print
*Shanley, Thos. E. See Jackson, Gen. Stonewall Equestrian Statue Unvieiling
Sharpe, Gov. Horatio. 2 prints and 1 neg.See also Prints Coll.; SeeMF 179. S52. E pages 2, 94, 250
*Shaw, Capt. William. See Daguerreotype Coll.
*Shaw, Willism. See also: Large Photos; Group Ports: Frick Bros.
*Shaw, William C. See: pp 57; Stewart, C. Morton
Shecter, Louis. 5 prints
Shecter, Louis E. –1962 1 print
Shecter, Louis E. –[1964]
Shecter, Louis E. and Rosalyn. 1 print
Shecter, Louis E., Rosalyn M. and Mark. 14 prints. 71084, 73395
Shecter, Rosalyn. 1 print
*Shecter, Rosalyn M. See also: Shecter, Louis
*Shedd, Mr. See: B and O Inspection Trip, 1926
Sheehan, Cardinal-- Portraits –1974. 5 prints
Shehan, Cardinal. 1 print
*Shelton, Sarah Elmira Yoyster. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II page 1490
Shepard, Seth. 1 neg.
*Sheppard, Moses. See Prints Coll.
Sheridan. Vernon, Medal of Honor, W.W.II. 1 neg.
Sherman, B. Frank. 1 print
*Sherman, General – 1863. See Prints Coll. under Union Generals
Sherman, Hon. John, Ohio. 1 print
Sherman, Robert T. 1 print
*Shew, Marie Louise. See MF 179. P74. P55 v. II page 1264.
Shiff, Eugenia. acc. no. 70098. Daughter of Gustave L. Shiff. 1 print. Cabinet photo by Rockwood of N.Y.C.
Shipley, Lt. Col. Walter V. Photos. acc. no. 65476 2 prints
Shippen, Mrs. Edward (nee Rebecca Lloyd Post). 1 print
*Shippen, Mrs. Edward. See Glass Negs.
*Shippen, Capt. Henry. See Glass Negs.
*Shirley, Gov. William. See Prints Coll.
*Shoemaker, Mrs. ED. See Maryland Tercentenary Celebration
Shoemaker, Samuel. 1 print
*Shoemaker, Samuel. See:PP 52
Shoemaker, Mrs. Samuel, nee Ellen Whitridge. 1 print
Shoemaker, Samuel Moor and Shoemaker, Augusta Chambers Eccleston. 1 print
*Shorey, Wm. F. See Prints Coll.
*Short, Oliver C. See Ritchie, Albert C.
*Shriver, Alfred Jenkins. See: Dennis, Ida
Shriver, Clarence. 1 print
Shriver, Mrs. Clarence. 1 print
Shriver Family – / ca 1860 / 7 negs
Shriver Family -- / ca 1860 / 3 negs
Shriver Family -- / ca 1860 / 1 print
*Shriver, J. A. See Thompson, Gough Wedding Party
Shriver, Joseph -- / ca 1860 / 1 print, 1 neg.
Shriver, Mary Winebrenner. (wife of Henry Wirt Shriver) 1 print
Shriver, Mrs. From D’Arcy Paul Estate 2 prints
Shyrock, T. 1 prints
*Sigel, Brig. Gen. Franz 1863 See Prints Coll. under Union Generals; Sigel, Maj. Gen. Franz. 1861. See Prints Coll.
Sill, Howard. 3 prints
*Silsbee, Mary Crowinshield. See Sparks, Mrs. Jared
Simmonds, Algernon. 1 print
*Simmons, Azariah. See: Abell, Arunah S.
*Simmons, Isaac. See Daguerreotype Coll.
Simon Family. 7 prints
*Simpers, Elizabeth. See Price, Mrs. John
Simpson, Col. B. L. 1 print. See also: Tintype Coll.
Simpson, Wallis Warfield (Duchess of Windsor) (1896-1986) – 1 print [ca. 1943]
Simpson, Wallis (Duchess of Windsor). 2 prints
Simpson, Wallis Warfield (Duchess of Windsor) (1886-1986). 1 print – 1959
Simpson, Wallis Warfield (Duchess of Windsor) (1896-1986). 1 print – 1959
Simpson, Wallis Warfield (Duchess of Windsor) (1896-1986). 1 print –1954
*Simpson,Wallis Warfield. See MF 179. W9. B7 Frontispiece
Siousat, Mrs. 1 print
Sippel, Bettie Oursler. (1867-1943). Portraits. 1 print – ca. 1925
*Skan, Martin Francis, MD. See MF 179. S634. M Frontispiece
Skau, Mr. Niles. 1 neg.
*Skinner, Frederick G. See MF 179. S62. S page 16, 24
Skinner, Mrs. J. S., nee Davis 1 print
*Slacm, Ida. See: Photography Box I-5
*Slagle, Mrs. Henry (Second Wife of Col. Henry Slagle) See Keefauver, Dorothea
Slater, Samuel (1768-1835). Father of American Cotton Industry. 1 print
Slee, Jessie 2 prints
Slee, N. Tipton 2 prints
*Slemmons, Elizabeth F. See MF 179. S84. M page 28
*Slicer, Henry. See: pp 52
Slicer, Henry (1801-1874). 1 print –1863. Acc. No.: 001211
*Slidell, John. See Prints Coll.
Slidell, The Hon. John (1793-1871) 1 print. Portraits
Slingluff, Mrs. Fielder.
Slingluff, Mrs. R. Lee (Imogen Dorsey). 1 print
*Sloane, Dr. Charles. See: PP 57
Sloan, Donaldson. 1 print
Sloan, Col. John A. 1 print
Sloan, Mary Busby. 1 print
Sloan, Mary Busby. 1 print
Sloan, Mary Busby. 1 print
Sloan, Mary Busby. 1 print
Sloman, Jerome. 1 print by Fabian Bachrach
Slothower, Ida. 1 print
Slothower, Jefferson. 1 print
Slothower, Lillie. 1 print
Slothower, Miss. 1 print
*Smallwood, William. See Prints Coll.under Revolutionary Officers; Smallwood, William, Gen. See Glass Negs
*Smith, Adele A. and family. See: PP 58
Smith, Albert H., Jr. 1 print
Smith, Mrs. B.L. 1 print
*Smith, The Rev. C. Ernest. See 179. S654. S Frontispiece
Smith,C. H. 1 print
*Smith, Campbell. See Smith, Mrs. James
*Smith, Dr. David S.C.H. See MF 179. S654. S page 156
*Smith, Mrs. Edmund Marton. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II page 1502
*Smith, Elizabeth Oakes. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II page 1143
Smith, Mrs. Emma E. 1 print
*Smith, F. Hopkinson. See Prints Coll.
Smith, Gilbert L. 1 print
*Smith, Rev. Harry. See Prints Coll.
Smith. Jn. 1 prints
Smith, J. Frank 1 print
Smith, J. Lewis, Capt. 1st MD. Reg. Inf. 1 print
*Smith, Dr. James M. See MF 179. S654. S page 160
Smith, Capt. John. 2 prints and 1 neg.
*Smith, Dr. John D. See MF 179. S654. S page 162
Smith, John Stafford. 4 prints
*Smith, John Walter. See Governors, Maryland. See also Prints Coll.
Smith, Mrs. Joseph (Louisa A.) 1 print
Smith, Gen. Kirby, C.S.A. 2 prints
Smith, Marion De Kalb. 1 print
*Smith, Mary See: Photography Box I-5
Smith, Mary B. 1 print
*Smith, N.R. See: PP 51
Smith, Raleigh C. 1 print
Smith, Samuel. 1 print Engraved and Printed by Franklin Co. of N.Y. Small Prints Coll.
Smith, Talbot. 1 print. (Theatres, Actors, Actresses)
Smith, Thomas Marsh. 2 prints
*Smith, Mrs. Tunstall. See Lady Thomas
*Smith, W. See Prints Coll.
*Smith, William. See MF 179. P74. P55 page 36
*Smith, D.D. See MF 179. S664 S Frontispiece
*Smoot, Mrs William Barton. See Forrest, Martha Andrewetta. Daguerreotype Coll.
Smyth, Hon. Thomas 1729-1819. 4 prints
Snow, Miss Jessie L. 2 prints
*Snowden, Rev. John B. See MF 179. S67 S Frontispiece
Snowden, Florence. 1 print Carte de Visite. Photographer Unidentified
*Snowden, Samuel. See Prints Coll.
*Snowden, Thomas, Esq. See Prints Coll.
*Snowden, Rev. Thomas. See MF179. S67. S page 62
Snyder, Ruth Anna Rothhaupt (1918-1957). 1 print [ca. 1935]
Snyder, Ruth Anna Rothhaupt (1918-1957). 4 prints [ca. 1935-1936]
Somers, Dr. Royal. 3 prints
*Soper, Judge Morris. See: Judge R Dorsey Watkins
Souder,Children. 1 print
Sowers, Dr. and Mrs. 2 prints.
Spalding, B.D. 1 print.
Spalding, Rev. Martin John. 2 prints. See also Prints Collection.
Spalding, Volney. 1 print.
Sparks, Jared. 1 neg.
Sparks, Jared. 2 prints. See also Prints Collection.
Sparks, Mrs. Jared. Nee May Crowninshield Silsbee. 2 prints.
Sparks, M.C. 1886-1921. 3 prints.
Spear, Mr. 1 print.
Spedden, Sophia Frances. 1 print.
Spence, Ida Lee. 1 print.
*Spence, Samuel. See Prints Collection.
*Spence, Sexton George. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 1514.
Spencer, James Harvey, Anna Moore, Jean Ann. 2 prints.
*Spencer, Richard H. See Prints Collection.
*Speyer, Mr. See B and O Inspection Trip, 1926.
Spicer, Miss Jennie. 1 print.
*Sprague, Maj. Gen. William. 1863. See Prints Collection under Union Generals.
Sprigg, James C. (1827-1903). 1 print.
Spriggs, Frances Ann Cook. (1848-1932)—[ca. 1890]. 1 print.
*Sproul, Governor. See: State of Virginia (Ships) Launching Party.
Stabler, Edward. (1794-1883). 1 print.
Stabler, Mrs. Edward. Nee Ann Patterson Gilpin. 1 print.
Stabler, Sara Briggs. 1 print.
*Stackl, Baron de. See: PP57.
*Stafford, Lady. See: Caton, Elizabeth.
*Stanard, Jane Stith, Craig. See: MF 179. P74. Q2 Page 86.
*Stanard, Robert C. See: MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 1329.
*Stansbury, Elijah.—[1874]. See: MF 179. S79H 1874.
*Stansbury, Hon. Elijah. See: MF 179. S79. H Frontispiece.
*Stansbury, Elijah. See: War of 1812. Defenders of the Battle of Balto. Druid Hill Pk.1880.
Stanton, Edwin. 1814-1869. Sec. of War. Photo by M. Brady. Ca.1865. 2 prints.
Stanton, Joseph L. Executive Dir. MD Port Authority. 1 print.
*Steele, I. Nevett. See: PP52..
*Steiger, Mr. See: PP25.
*Steiger, Andrew Wilton. See: PP25.
*Steiger, August. See: PP25.
*Steiger, Frank. See: PP25.
*Steiger, Hannah Elizabeth. See: PP25.
*Steiger, Hannah Van Patten. See: PP25.
*Steiger, Jack. See: PP25.
*Steiger, Neil. See: PP25.
*Steiger, Tell [William Tell]. See: PP25.
*Steiger, Van Patten. See: PP25.
*[Steiger, Jr.?]. William Tell. See: PP25.
*Steiger Family(Andrew. Lottie, Dottie, Edward). See: PP25.
*Steiger Brothers(Tell, Jack, and Van). See: PP25.
*Steiger Family Sons(George[Jack], Nye,Neil,Tell, and Van). See: PP25.
*Stein, Charles. See: Bowen, Jesse N.
Steiner, Bernard Christian. 2 prints. See also MF 179. S822. H Page 7.
*Steiner, Dr. Lewis Henry. See: MF 179. S822. H Frontispiece.
Steinmetz, Charles Proteus. (1865-1923)—[ca.1920]. 2 prints.
Stephens, Alexander H. 3 prints.
Sterling, Marie. 1 print.
Steuart, Henrietta and Rebecca. 2 prints.
Stuart, Maj. Gen. J.E.B. 1 print.
*Stevens, Francis Putnam. See Prints Collection.
Stevenson Sisters(Anna, Fanny, Mary). 1 print.
Stevenson, Mrs. Nee Carrie Young. 1 print.
*Stevenson, Edward. See: MF 179. S84. M Page 8.
*Stevenson, Garrard. See: MF 179. S84. M Page 28.
*Stevenson, Harriet, G.H. See: MF 179. S84. M Pafe 14.
*Stevenson, John Slemmons. See: MF 179. S84. M Frontispiece.
Stewart, Alex P. 1 print. 1 neg. See also: Graphics Case #51.
Stewart, Charles Morton. 1 print.
*Stewart, C. Morton. See Also: PP57.
*Stewart, Charles Morton. See Also: Large Photographs,”Group Ports: Frick Bros.”
Stewart, Donald. [ca.1965]. Curator of the Constellation.1 neg.
Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. John A. and others in Adirondacks. 1 print.
Stewart, Mrs. John A. Nee Mary Capron. 1 print.
Stewart, John A. 1 print.
Stewart, Judge William A. 2 prints. 2 negs. See also: Prints Collection.
*Stinnecke, H.A. See: Prints Collection..
*Stitis, William. See: War of 1812. Defenders of the Battle of Balto. Druid Hill Pk.1880.
Stockbridge, Henry Sr. 1 print.
Stoddard, I.T. (Willig, 2584 – 6). 1 print. See also: Sheet Music Box, 1854).
*Stoddard, Richard Henry. See: MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 1016.
*Stoddart, Benjamin. See: Medium Size Photos.
Stokes, Rev. George C. 1 print.
Stokes, Nannie Charlton. 1 print.
*Stone, Barton Warren. See: MF 179. S876. W Frontispiece.
*Stone, Thomas. See Prints Collection.
*Stone, Rt. Rev. William Murray. See: Prints Collection.
Stone, William T. 1 print.
*Stonebraker, Joseph R. See: Fidelity and Deposit Co. Exec. Comm. 1914 Group Portraits.
*Stoudenmire, Rev. W.C. See: Prints Collection.
Stout, Lydia Hemsworth. 1 print.
Strahan, “Woodie”. 1 print.
Straiton, Nellie B. Acc. No. 000871. 1 print.
Stran, L.P. 1 print.
Stran, Mrs. L.P. (Kate). 1 print.
Strauss, Mrs. (Nee Lobe). Mother of Atty. Gen. Isaac L. Strauss. 1 print.
Strauss, Henry L. 13 prints.
Straut, Isaac John. 1 print.
*Strawbridge, Robert and Family. See: GPVF-Historic Houses-Hampton; GPVF-Churches-Annaduff Episc.
*Strawbridge, Rev. Robert. See: Prints Collection.
*Street, Charles. See: Small Prints Collection.
*Strouse, Isaac. See: MF 179. S92. M Frontispiece.
Strube, Gustav. (By Jeanne Bennett). 1 print.
*Stuart, Anne Calvert. See: Album I-10.
Stuart, Charles, D. 1 print.
Stuart Family Group. 8 prints. 2 negs.
Stuart, Ferdinand Smyth. 1 print.
Stuart, Gen. George H. 1 print.
*Stuart, Gilbert. See: MF 179. P3575 v.II Page 191. See: Prints Collection.
Stuart, J.E.B. 1 print. Stump, Judge Frederick. 1 print.
Stump, Herman. 1 print. 1 neg.
Sudler, Thomas Seon. –after 1875. Acc. No. 000790. 1 print.
Sudsburg, Gen. Joseph M. 1 print.
Sullivan Brothers(Samuel, Benjamin,Washington, etc.). 3 prints.
Sullivan, Dennis. 1876.2 prints.
Sullivan, Elizabeth. Photo of Deathbed Daguerreotype. 1 print.
Sullivan, Mrs. Dennis (Nee Ann Henderson). 3 prints.
Sullivan, Larry. 1 print. 1 neg.
Sullivan, Washington. 1 print.
Sullivan, Clement. 1 print.
Sully, Charlotte. Sister of Thomas Sully, Painter. 1 print.
*Sully, Julia. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Page 189.
*Sully, Robert. See: MF 179. P74 L5 Page 92.
*Sully, Robert Matthew. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Page 189.
*Sully, Thomas. See: Eliza Ridgely.
*Summerfield, Rev. John. See: MF 179. S949. H Frontispiece.
Sumner, Chris. 1 print.
Sumner, Conf. Gen.1 print.
Sunday, W. 1 print.
Surrat, John H. 1 print.
Surrat, Miss Mary E. (from Trial of the Conspirators-1865). Acc. No. 65073. 2 prints.
Surwan, Fanny. 1 print.
Sutler, Ashwell. 1st MD Reg. 1 print.
Sutro, Rose(Died 1957) and Ottilie(Died 1970). 5 prints. See Also: Sutro Coll. in Blue Boxes.
Sutton, Samuel. 1 print.
Sutton, Mrs. Samuel. 1 print..
Sutton, Thomas. 1 print.
*Swain, Mr. See: Abell, Arunah S.
*Swan, Gen. John. See: Glass Negs.
Swan, William. 1793-1867.1 print.
Swann, Deford. 1 print.
Swanson, Neil H. 1 print.
*Swann, Hon. Thomas. See: Prints Collection.
Swarm, Virginia(Mrs. John O.). 1 print.
Swope, Herbert Bayard. 1 print.
Sykes, James. Fancy Ball 1891. 1 print.
Sylvester, Dr. James Joseph. 1814-1897. 1 print.
Symington Family. 1 neg.
Symington, Thomas. (1792-1875). 1 print.
*Symington,Mrs. W. Stuart. See: Prints Collection.
*Szold, Benjamin. See: MF 179. S98. L Page 82.
*Szold Daughters. See MF 179. S98 L Page 242.
*Szold, Nerietta(?). See: MF 179. S98. L Page 114.
*Szold, Sophie. See: MF 179. S98. L Page 82.

*Tab, John Bannister. See: MF 179. T113. F Frontispiece.
*Tabb, Father. See: MF 179. T113. B Page 15.
Tabb, John Bannister. 1 print.
*Tait, Mr. and Mrs. Galen L. See: MF 179. T21. T Frontispiece.
Talbott, Fred C. 1 print. See MF 179. T14. U Frontispiece.
*Talbot, Miss Bridget. See: Kiplin Hall.
*Talliaferro, Mrs. James Charles. See: Owings, Grant of Arms.
*Taney, Roger Brooke. (1777-1864). Engr. by S.Sartain. See: Small Prints Coll.
Taney, R.B. Chief Justice of the U.S. 3 prints. See MF 179. T16. S Page 419; MF 179. T16397 Frontispiece; MF 179. T 16. T Frontispiece.
*Taney, Roger B. See Also: PP52.
Taneyhill, G.L., M.D. 2 prints.
*Tasker-Ogle, George B. See: MF 179. S52. E Page 280.
*Tatnall, Commodore and Admiral Buchanan. See: Group Photographs; Prints, Collection under Buchanan, Franklin.
*Tawes, J. Millard. See: Shecter, Louis. Roads. 1963 Opening Interstate 95.
*Tayloe, Elizabeth. See: Lloyd, Col. Edward and Family.
*Tayloe, John. See Prints Collection.
Tayloe, Joseph. Painting by St. Memin.
*Taylor, Ann Miller (1802-1887). See: PP48.
Taylor, Col. Benjamin Franklin. 1840-1919.3 prints.
Taylor, Col. Benjamin F. 2nd Reg. Inf. MD Volunteers – Civil War.1 print.
*Taylor, Elizabeth. (1802-1882). See Mrs. Robert Morris Goodwin.
*Taylor, Mrs. B. Jones. See Prints Collection.
Taylor, Family. Individual Photographs. 8 prints.
*Taylor, Mrs. Jonathan K. See MF 179. P14.P Page 29.
Taylor, Nelson. 1900. 1 print.
*Taylor, William. See: Photography Box I-5.
Thayer, Dr. William S. 2 prints.
*Thatcher, Mrs. Howard. (Marie A. Kuhnel). See Medium Photos.
*Thayer, Mrs. Nathaniel. See Large Photos.
*Thom Family. See: Baldwin Collection, B-63.
Thom, Mrs. P. Lea. (Nee Mary Isabella Rieman). 1 print.
*Thomas, Abel C. See Prints Collection.
*Thomas, A.R.MD. See Prints Collection.
Thomas, Brig. Gen. Allen.(empty folder).
Thomas, Douglas H. 1891. 2 prints.
[Thomas, Douglas H.?]. 1 print.
Thomas, Douglas H., Jr. 1 print.
Thomas, Gen. Edward L. CSS. 1 print. See Also Prints Collection.
*Thomas, Elisha S. See Prints Collection.
Thomas, G. 1 print.
Thomas, Gen. 1863. See Prints Coll. under Union Generals.
Thomas, Gen. G. 1896. 1 print.
*Thomas, George P. See: PP52.
Thomas, Mrs. Henry M. 1883. 1 print
Thomas, James, Jr. 1 print. 1 neg.
Thomas, J.Hanson, Jr. 1 print.
Thomas, Jesse Burgess. U.S. Senator. 1818-1830. 1 print.
Thomas, John C. See Prints Collection.
Thomas, John L. 1 print.
Thomas, Mrs. J.L. 1 print.
*Thomas, John. See Prints Collection.
Thomas, Dr. Joseph Henry. ca.1941. 65180. 4 prints.
*Thomas, Rev. Joshua. See MF 179. T459. W Frontispiece.
Thomas, [Katherine?] Kit. d. Feb. 6, 1937, aet 99 yrs. 1print.
Thomas, L. 1 print.
Thomas, Lady. 1 print.
*Thomas, Rev. L.B. See Thomas, Dr. Lawrence and Family. John C. Thomas Coll.
Thomas, Lawrence Buckley. 1 print.
Thomas, Dr, Lawrence B. and Family.John C. Thomas Coll. 5 prints. See Also Tintype Coll.
*Thomas, Phebe (Clapp). See MF 179. T465. T Page 9.
Thomas, Philip E. (Bust). 1 print. 1 neg.
Thomas, Philip F. See Prints Collection.
Thomas, Philip F. (1810-1890). Gov. of MD 1848. 1 neg. from print in MdHS Coll.
*Thomas, Richard H., Sr. See MF 179. T465. T Page 56.
Thomas, Richard H., M.D.1 print. See MF 179. T465. T Frontispiece.
Thomas, Mrs. T. Roland and others. 2 prints.
*Thomas, Walter Wood. See Thomas, Dr. Lawrence and Family. John C. Thomas Coll.
*Thomas, William Hannibal. See Prints Coll.
Thomas, William Strobel. 1 print.
Thomborgh, Minnie. 1 print.
Thompson Family-Alice P.,Anita, and Isaac W. 1 print.
Thompson, Angelina Whitaker. 1 print.
*Thompson, Craven Peyton. See Daguerreotype Collection.
Thompson, Craven Peyton. St. Memin Engraving.1 print.
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Anthony.(Nee Julie Zelina DeMacklot). 2 Ye Chung.
Thompson, D.H. 1 print.
*Thompson, Eliza. See Daguerreotype Collection.
Thompson, Gough Wedding Party. 2 prints.
*Thompson, H. Oliver. See Thompson, Gough Wedding Party.
Thompson, Henry.1 print.
*Thompson, Mrs. Henry Anthony. See Daguerreotype Collection.
Thompson, Mrs. H.A. (Nee Meta Oliver). 1 print.
*Thompson, John R. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 1298.
Thomson, George F. 1 print.
*Thornton, Col. See MF 179. S62.S Page 40.
Thumb, Mr. and Mrs. Tom. 2 prints.
*Thyson, Parthenia Cromwell. See: PP80.
*Thyson, Paulus. See: PP80.
*Tiernan, Charles B. See Prints Collection. See Also Group Portraits-Carroll, Sally.
*Tiffany, Mrs. Louis McLane. See Prints Collection.
Tiffany, Walter. 1 print.
*Tile, Nancy. See Daguerreotype Collection.
*Tilghman, F.W. See Prints Collection.
*Tilghman, Gen. See Washington and His Generals by Chas. Wilson Peale.
*Tilghman, Jeremiah and Venus. Ca. 1850. See Daguerreotype Collection.
*Tilghman, Col. John. See Daguerreotype Collection.
*Tilghman, Brig. Gen. Lloyd. 1816-1863. See Prints Collection.
*Tilghman, Mary. See MF 179. P3575. V.II Page 20.
*Tilghman, Maj. Richard. See MF 179. P3575. V.II Page 21.
Tilghman, Susanna Stewart (Mrs. James Tilghman). 1 print. 1 neg. 73.13.1.
Tilghman, Susanna Stewart.(Mrs. James Tilghman). 1 print.
Timanus, E. Clay. Mayor of Baltimore. 1905. 1 print. See Also Group Ports. Timanus Family.
Timanus, Edwin Clay. (1863-1923). 1 print.
*Timanus, E. Clay. See Prints Collection. See Mayors of Baltimore.
*Tingey, Comm. Thomas, See MF 179. R69. P Page 179.
*Tirrall, Albert F. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 945.
*Tjamer, Joseph. See: Photography Box I-5.
*Todhunter, Elizabeth. See Thomas, Mrs. Evan Philip.
Todhunter, Helen. 1 print.
Todhunter, Nelly. 1 print.
*Tome, Jacob. See Prints Collection. See MF 179. T656.N Frontispiece.
*Tonge, Harriet Ann Baxley. (1810-1857). See: PP48.
*Tonge, Isabella Grafton. ( -1862). See: PP48.
*Tonge, Laura Eugenia Taylor. (1846-1925). See: PP48.
*Tonge, William George Davis. (1843-1910). See: PP48.
*Tonge Family. See: PP48.
*Torsch, Capt. John W. See Jackson, Gen. Stonewall Equestrian Statue Unveiling.
Torrence, Ann Laires. 1 print.
Tould, Mrs. Rebecca. From D’arcy Paul Estate. 1 print.
*Tournachon, Felix. See MF 179. P74. P55 Page 658.
Town, Francis L. 1 print.
*Towson, Maj. Brevet. See Prints Collection.
*Towson, Gen. N. See MF 179. T755B Frontispiece.
Tracy, Don. 2 prints.
Trappe, August F. City Editor. 1 print.
Travers, Mrs. F. Arnold. Acc. no. 71052. 1 print.
Trentholm, George Alfred. (Secretary of the Treasury C.S.A.). 1807-1876. 1 print.
Trimble, G.T. 1 print.
Trimble, Mrs. G.T. 1 print.
Trimble, Isaac Ridgeway. 1802-1888. Maj. Gen. C.S.A. 1 print. 1 neg. See Also Prints Coll.
Trimble, Col. I. Ridgeway—ca.1944. 1 print (with Gen. D. MacArthur).
Trimble, Rachael Ridgeway Starr. 1 print.
Trimble, Rachael Ridgeway Starr. 1 print.
Trimble, Rachael Ridgeway Starr. 1 print.
*Trinkle, Governor. See: State of Virginia (Ships) Launching Party.
Trinkle, Helen Sue. 1 print.
*Trippe, Gen. Andrew C. See Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Baltimore.
Trippe, James M.C. 1 print.
*Trippe, Lt. John 1785-1810. Dorchester County. See Prints Collection.
*Troth, Henry. See MF 179. T85. T Frontispiece.
*Trotter, Dorothy O’Malley. See Rutchie, Gov. Albert C.
*Trotter, Katherine. See Ritchie, Gov. Albert C.
*Trout, Mrs. See Medium Photographs.
*Truitt, Capt. Oscar P. See B-67.
Truman, Harry S. 1 print.
Truman, Harry S. at MdHS. 1 print.
Truman, Pres. Harry S. (1884-1972)—[1948]. 1 print. 1 neg.
Trussell. 1930’s. 1 print.
Trussell, Dr. Allie L. 1 print.
*Truxton, Comm. Thomas. See: MF 179. R69. P Page 179.
Tubman, Harriet. (1821-1913)—1895. 1 print. 1 neg.
*Tuck, Hon. Somerville P. See Prints Collection.
*Tuck, Hon. William Hallam. See Prints Collection.
Tucker, Jane. 1 print.
Tucker, Robert. 1 print.
Tugwell, Rexford Guy. 1 print.
*Turnbull, Alice. See: PP57.
*Turnbull, Catherine (Kate). See: Frick, Catherine Turnbull (Mrs. Geo. P.)
Turnbull, Edwin. See Also: Turnbull, Eleanor. 1 print.
Turnbull, Eleanor. 10 prints. See MF 179. T94 T Page 3.
Turnbull, Grace H. 1 print. See MF 179. T94. T Page 1.
*Turnbull, Helen. See: PP57.
*Turnbull, Jane. See: PP57.
*Turnbull, Jennie. See: PP57.
Turnbull, Lawrence (Family Group). 1 print.
Turnbull, Lawrence. 5 prints.
Turnbull, Mrs. Lawrence. 2 prints.
*Turnbull, William. See: PP57; Stewart, C. Morton.
*Turnbull, William. See Also: Large Photographs, Group Ports. Frick Bros.
*Turnbull, Col. William. See Prints Collection.
Turner, F. 1 print.
Turner, L. 1 print.
*Turner, Lewis. See Prints Collection.
Turner, Lewis McKenzie. 1 print.
Turner, Nannie. 1 print.
Turner, William F. 1 print.
Turnstall, Mrs. William Brooke (Eleanor). 1861-193_. –[1864-1866].1 print.
Tydings, Millard E. 5 prints. 2 negs.
*Tyler, Mrs. Caroline Augusta. See Daguerreotype Collection.
*Tyson, Edith Jones. See Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. 1910.
Tyson, Elisha. 1 neg. See Also: Prints Collection.
Tyson, Isaac, Jr. 1 print. See also: Prints Collection.
*Tyson, Mrs. Jesse. See Prints Collection.
Tyson, John S. 2 prints. See Also Prints Collection..
Tyson, Lillie. 1 print.
Tyson, Martha. 1 print.
Tyson, A. Morris. (1866-1956). 1 print. See Also: H.H. Balto.206 Chancery Rd.
*Tyson, Mrs. Nathan(Martha). See: Prints Collection.

Uhtoff, Grace. 1 print.
Uhthoff, Frederick and Busk, Ellen. (Mrs.Frederick Uhthoff). 1845. 1 print.
*Ulman, Benjamin F. See: Prints Collection.
Ulman, Judge Joseph N. (1878-1943). 13 prints. See also: Medium Prints. Graphics Case 17 and 26.
Ulman Family. 11 prints.
Underhill, Harry. 1 print.
*Underwood, Mrs. Rosabla. See: Peale, Rosabla; Also Glass Negs.
Unidentified Young Woman – ca 1895 – Portraits. 5 prints.
Unidentified Family – Group Portraits. 5 prints; 1 neg.
Unidentified – Group Portraits. 2 prints
Unidentified Man. 3 prints
Unidentified Portraits. 28 prints
Unidentified Woman. (Chair belongs to MdHi, 74.12.1). 1 print
Unidentified Man (and location). 1 print
Unidentified Man by Bendann, : 000537. 1 print
*Unidentified Males. See Medium Photos
Unidentified Men. 6 prints
Unidentified Women. 3 prints
Unidentified Portraits – 1922 (2 women posed in front of house). 1 print
Unidentified Children.6 prints
Unidentified Women. 3 prints
Unidentified Portraits – 1922 (2 women posed in front of house). 1 print
Unidentified Children.6 prints
Unidentified Women. 3 prints
Unidentified Portraits – 1922 (2 women posed in front of house). 1 print
Unidentified Children. 2 prints
Unitas, Johnny. 1 print; 1 neg.
*Usher, Agnes Pye. See MF 179. P754. P55 v. 2, page 1612
*Usher, Harriet Ann L’Astrange Snowden. See MF 179. P74. LP55, page 53
*Ussher, F.S.S. See: PP 57

*Vale, Aigburth. See MF 179. O 97 O, pages 66 and 70
*Valentine, Edward V. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.2
*Van Bokkelen, Rev. Libertus. See Oversize File
VanBrocklin, Prof. L. 1 print
*Van Buren, Martin. See Prints Coll.
Van Dover, George 1 print
*Van Ness, Barton. See Thompson, Gough Wedding Party
*Van Rensselaer, General. See MF 179. S62 S, page 40
Venable, Mayor Richard M. 1 print
*Verne, Jules. See MF 179. P74. L5, page 162
*Vickers, Harrison. See Ritchie, Gov. Albert C.
*Vicky, George. See Prints Coll.
Vinton, Nannie. 1 print
Vogeler Family, Portraits 1 print
Vogeler Family, Portraits 1 print
Vogeler Family, Portraits 1 print
Vogeler Family, Portraits 1 print
Vogeler Family, Portraits 7 prints. See also: Tintype Coll.
Volck, Dr.,Adelbert John. 16 prints, 6 negs.
Volck, Mrs. Adelbert, nee Letitia Roberta Alleyn. 4 prints
Volck, Annie (and Son George Volck).
Volck, Fanny S. 3 prints
Volck, George. 3 prints
*Volhard, Jacob. SeeMF 179. R 391 G, page 30
*Von Breda, Carl, work of. See Latrobe, Bejamin Henry
Von Der Smith, Mr. and Mrs. 1 print
*Von Kleiser. See Framed Photos
*Von Liebig, Justus. See MF 179. R391. G, page 30

*Wade, Harriet M. See Howard, Mrs. Charles Morris
*Wade, Ida Lee. See Dennis, Mrs, James Teakle
Wade, Col. John J. 1 print
Waggaman, Samuel. 1 print
[Wagoner, Frank] 1 print
Walker, E. 1 print
Walker Family. 5 prints
Walker, John. Portraits. 1 print
*Walker, S.W. See Prints Coll.
*Wall, Mrs Margaret M. See MF 179. S654. S, page 120
*Wallace, William Ross. See MF 179. P74. P55,page 893
*Wallace, Lenin Teackle. See Prints Coll.
Wallis, Severn Teackle (1816-1894). 5 prints. See MF 179. B894 B, page 134; See Prints Coll.
Wallis, Severn Teackle. 2 prints
*Wallis, Severn T. See Oversize File
*Walsh, Mrs. and Child Mary Lucas..See Daguerreotype Coll.
*Walsh, Robert. See MF 179. W228. L Frontispiece
*Walter, Rev. J.A. See MF 179. W23. W Frontispiece
*Walters, Henry. See Brune Family at Wye on Eastern Shore – Group Photo
*Walters, W.T. See Prints Coll.
Walton, The Rev. A.S. 1 print
*Walzi, John H. See Prints Col.
*Warburg, Mr. See: B and O Inspection Trip, 1926.
*Ward, Albert Norman. See MF 179. W255. W Frontispiece
*Ward, Elizabeth R. See Dugan Family acc. no. 65632
Ware, Grason and Odell. 1 print.
*Warfield, Edwin. See Fidelity and Deposit Co. Exec. Comm, 1914. Group Portraits
*Warfield, Edwin. See Govenors, Maryland.
Warfield, Edwin. 1 print and 1 neg.
*Warfield, Edwin..See also: P.E. Md – Homecoming, 1907 (postcard)
Warfield Family, 1888. 1m print
*Warfield, George. See Fidelity and Deposit Co. Exec. Comm., 1914. Group Portraits
Warfield, Gov. during World War I. 1 print
Warfield, John Ogle,III 75859 4 prints
Warfield, John Ogle, IV 75859 1 print
Warfield, Miss Mary 1 print
Warfield, T.W. 1 print
Warfield, Mr. (?) 1 print
Warfield, Mrs. (?) 1 print
*Warren, Amelia, Brinkton and Margaret. See: Photography Box I-5
*Warren, Edward. See MF 179. W29. W Frontispiece
Warren, Emily. 3 prints
*Washington, Betty See Lewis, Mrs. Lawerence
*Washington, Judge Bushrod See Glass Negatives
Washington Family – Edward Savage. MdHS Print Coll. 1 neg.
Washington, George. 2 prints
Washington, George (c-d-v repro of painting) 1 print
Washington, George. 20 negs and 16 prints of the Berkley Coll. of Geo. Washington Prints
*Washington, George. See also: Small Framed Prints, B -13
Washington, George. Stipple engraving after original owned by MdHS. 1 print
Washington – As a Surveyor. Engraved by G.R.Hall Small Prints Coll. 1 neg.
Washington, James Barroll 1839-1900 1 print
*Washington, Col. John. See Prints Coll.
Washington, Lewis. 1 print
*Washington, Martha. See Prints Coll.
Washington, Mary. See Keyser, Mrs. H. Irvine
Wasson, Dr. 2 prints. Carte de Visites by William J. Shorey of Balto. Acc. No. 70025
Waters, Bill – 1936. 1 print
Waters, Charlie and Ruth—63903. 2 prints
*Waters, Elizabeth. See Cromwell, Mrs. Richard
*Waters, George F. See Daguerreotype Coll.
*Waters, Greenberry Griffith. See Daguerreotype Coll.
Waters, Greenberry Griffith. 1 print. Photo by Thos. N. Fisher, Balto. 57.62.1
*Waters, H. Dorsey, See Daguerreotype Coll.
Waters, Irving, 63903. 1 print
*Waters, John, See Oversize File
Waters, Lina, 63903. 2 prints
Waters, Mary Elija. 1 print See Also: Tintype Coll.
*Waters, Nathaniel Magruder. See Daguerreotype Coll.
*Waterton, Charles. See MF 179. P3575 v. 2. Page 370
Watkins, George R. 1 print
Watkins, Judge R. Dorsey, with Judge Morris Soper. 2 prints
*Watson, Mark S. See P.L. Club Meeting
*Watts,Nathan. See War of 1812. Defenders of the Battle of Baltimore. Druid Hill Park 1880
*Waugh, Rev. Beverly, Bishop of the Methodist Church in Maryland. See Prints Coll. 1 print
Way, A.J.H. 1 print
*Wayne, Anthony. See Prints Coll. ; Wayne, General Anthony. See MF 179. W655. J page 146
Webb, A. Imogene. 1886 1 print
Webb, Mrs. Frances Anne. 1 print
Webb, Mrs. William (Frances A.). 1 print Formerly 49.80.3
*Webb, Charles. See Prints Coll.
Webster, Daniel. 1 print
*Webster, Mary Riser, of Harford County. See Daguerreotype Coll.
*Webster, Noah. See Prints Coll.
*Weems, Mason Locke. See MF 179. W39. W7 Frontispiece
Weisenfeld, Joe, photo by Dubas 4 prints
*Weiss, Susan Archer Talley. See MF 179. P74. P55, v 2, page1487
Welch, Mrs Perigrene, nee Lydia Richardson. 1 print
*Welch, Dr. William. Portraits – See Dr. Howard A. Kelly “The Four Doctors” by John Singer Sargent.
Welles, Grandmother. 1 print
*Wellesley, Marchioness. See Caton, Mary.
Welling, Frank P. 1 print
*Wells and McComas – See Death – Lying in State
*Wells, Daniel, Lying in State in Prints Coll.
*Wells, Hodrace (Monument) See Prints Coll.
*Wells, John Doane, M.D. See Prints Coll.
*Wells, Rev. Joshua. See Prints Coll.
Wentz, Rachel and Goldie – ca. 1912. 1 print
*Werthenbaker, William. See MF 179. P74. P55 page 233
*Wesley, John. See Prints Coll.
West, Helen Orem. 1 print. See also Nesmith, Mrs. Charles A.
West, Lt., CSA 1 print
West, William. 2 prints
West, Mrs. William. 2 prints
*West, Mrs. William. See Prints Coll.
West, William H. 2 prints
*West, Mrs. William H. See Brake, William H. West’s Four-in- Hand
West, William H. Jr. 2 prints. See Elkridge Kennels – Horse Show
West, Mrs. William H. 3rd 1 print
Westcott, George Burgin. 1 print See also Daguerreotype Coll.
Wetherall, Mary 1 print
Wetherall, William G. 1 print
*Wethered, Eliza Yeates. See Owings, Mrs. Samuel S.
Wethered, Samuel 1print
*Wethrill, Capt. and Mrs. and others 1896 See: Tintype Coll.
*Wheeler, Davins. See War of 1812 Defenders of the Battle of Baltimore, Druid Hill Park, 1880.
Wheeler, Joseph L. (1884-1970). 1 print.
*Whetcroft, William. See Prints Coll.
While, Mrs. Horace. 1 print
Whipple, Henry B. 2 prints
Whipple, Mrs. J. Benjamin. 1 print.
Whipple, John. 1 print
Whipple, Katherine. 1 print
*Whitaker, Rev. Ehper. See MF 179. P74. P55 V.II, page 1381.
*Whitaker, George C. See Prints Coll.
Whitaker, Joseph and George P. 1 print
*Whitaker, Mrs. See Culver, Mrs. John K.
White, A. Robinson. 1 print. See also Dutch Ship
White, Charles R. 1 print
White, Edward Lucas, 2 prints. See also Glass Negatives ; Tintype Coll.
White, Harry. 2 prints
White, Henry. ; Tintype Coll.
White, Harry. 2 prints
White, Henry.; Tintype Coll.
White, Harry. 2 prints
White, Henry. 1 print
*White, Isabella Pinkney. See Prints Coll.
White, John. 1 print
*White, Mrs. Miles. See MF 179. H78 page 62
White, Thomas, Father of Ed. Lucas White. 1 print
White, Thomas. 1 print. By Holmes I. Mettee.
White, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. 1 print. See also Tintype Coll.
*White, Thomas H. See Daguerreotype Coll.
*White, Mrs. Thomas H. See Daguerreotype Coll.
*White, Thomas Willis. See MF 179. P74. L5 page 68
*Whiteford, Mama. See: Photography Box I-5
Whitehead, John B. 1 print
Whitfield, James, 4th Archbishop of Baltimore. 1 print
*Whitman, Ezra. See Prints Coll.
*Whitman, Sarah Ellen. See MF 179. P74. L5 page 144; MF 179. P74. Pe Frontispiece; MF 179. P74. P55 v.II page 1328
Whitney, Eli 1 print
*Whitridge, Ellen. See Shoemaker, Mrs. Samuel
*Whitridge, J. See Gary Family, 1894 Group Photographs
Whittingham, William, Bishop of Maryland. 3 prints
Whittier, John Greenleaf (1807-1892). 1print and 1 neg. Neg. from the Dictionary of Am. Portraits, page 672.
Whittle, Capt. William C. 1 print
Whyte, William Pinkney (1824-1908), A Governor of Maryland. 1 print. See Dielman File for other pictures.
*Whyte, William Pinkney. See also: PP 52
Wiedorfer, Paul Joseph, Medal of Honor Winner, World War II. 1 neg.
Wier, Eliza Jane Johnson. 1 print
Wier, Robert (Elder). 1 p rint
*Wiggin, Kate Douglas 1912. See Prints Coll.
*Wight, John W. See Fidelity and Deposit Co. Exec. Comm., 1914. Group Portraits
Wilberger, Edith. 1 print
*Wildey, Thomas. See Baltimore Street Views, Broadway. See Prints Coll.
Wilkes, Arnold, WBAL TV.
Wilkins, Frederic. 1 print
Wilcox, Mrs. 1 print (Gallery owns bodice, 52.88.2)
Wilkins, Mr. 1 print
Wilkins, Charles 1 print
*Wilkins, Capt. Charles. USN. See Prints Collection Under Union Generals.
*Wilkins, Edward. See Prints Collection.
Wilkins, Minnie. 1 print.
Wilkins, William. 1 print.
*Wilkinson, Maj. Gen. James. See MF 179. W655. J. Frontispiece.
*Wilkinson, Jas. See Prints Collection Under Revolutionary Officers.
*Wilkinson, Mrs. Ann Biddle(Mrs. James). See MF 179. W655. J page 60.
*Willard, Daniel. See MF 179. W692. H Frintispiece.
*Willard, Howard. See MF 179. W692. H Page 40.
*Willard, Mr. See: B and O Inspection Trip, 1926.
Willett, Miss Lily, 1 print.
Williams, Gen. Alpheus. USA. 1 print.
*[Williams, Anna Nelson].
*Williams, Cecilia Dushane. See Daguerreotype Collection.
*Williams, E.A. (1936). See: PP53.
*Williams, Edward A. (1901). See: PP53.
*Williams, Maj. Ennion. See MF 179. P3575 v.I Page 178.
Williams, Miss Fanny. 1 print.
Williams, Frank Thomas. 1 print. See Also Daguerreotype Collection.
*Williams, George Huntington. See MF 179. W746 Frontispiece.
Williams, George Weems. 1 print.
*Williams, H.S. (1872). See PP53.
Williams, Hon. Henry. 1 print.
Williams, Huntington. 1 print.
Williams, Professor Huntington. 1 print.
*Williams, John Thomas. See Daguerreotype Collection.
*Williams, John W.M. See Prints Coll. Williams, Mrs. J.W.M. See MF 179. W72. M Frontispiece.
*Williams, Lucy Page. (1901). See: PP53.
Williams, Miss Mary. 1 print.
Williams, Nathan. 1 print.
Williams, Otho Holland. 1 print (Lithoghaph).
*Williams, Robert W. See: Oversize Photos.
*Williams, Susan May. See Bonaparte, Mrs. Jerome Napoleon.
Williams, William. 1 print.
*Williams, Mrs. William S.G. See Prints Collection.
Williamson, Henry Edward. 1859-1913. 1 print.
*Williamson, Mrs. J.J. and son Henry Edward. Ambrotype. See Daguerreotype Collection.
*Williamson, James J. Washington, D.C. 1860. See Daguerreotype Collection.
*Willis, the Rev. H. See Prints Collection.
*Willis, Mrs. Henry. See Prints Collection.
*Willis, Nathaniel Parker. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 910.
*Willis, N.P. See MF 179. P74. P55 Page 349.
*Willson, Zipporah. See Auld, Mrs. Hugh, Jr.
*Wilmer, Lambert A. See MF 179. P74. P55 Page 447.
*Wilson, Hon. Ephram King. See MF 179. W747. U Frontispiece.
*Wilson, Eliza. See Daguerreotype Collection.
*Wilson, Franklin. See MF 179. W75. W Frontispiece. See Also: Wilson Coll.
Wilson, Hon. George W. 1 print.
*Wilson, [G.?]. See Hoover John L.
*Wilson, Henrietta D’Arcy. See Prints Collection.
*Wilson, J. See Fort McHenry.
*Wilson, Lt. Col. J.W. See Prints Collection.
*Wilson, James. See Prints Collection.
Wilson, Prof. John. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 1039. 1 print.
*Wilson, Thomas. See: PP52.
Wilson, William. 1750-1824. 1 print. See Also Prints Collection.
Wilson, Woodrow – In Baltimore. 1 print. See Also MF 179. M31. A Page 147.
*Wiltshire, J.G. M.D. See Prints Collection.
Winans, Thomas. 1820-1897. 2 prints.
Winans, Thomas Dekay (1820-1878). [ca. 1866].2 prints.
Winans, Mrs. Thomas. 3 prints. See Also Prints Collection.
Winans, Ross R. 1850-?. 3 prints.
Winans, Ross. 1797-1877. 6 prints. 1 neg.
Winans, Mrs. Ross R. 1 print.
Winans, William. 1823-1897. 1 print.
*Winder, Brig. Gen. See Prints Collection.
Winder, William H. Wood Engr. from The Pictorial Field Book of the War of 1812 by B.J. Lossing.1 print. 1 neg.
*Windsor, Duchess of. See Large Photos.
Windsor, Duke and Duchess. 11 prints. See Also Oversize File.
Winebrenner, David C. Sec. of State 1932. 1 print.
*Winn, Ida. (Mrs. Sinclair Beall). See: Clubs – The Brown Veil.
Winslow, George F. Asst. Surgeon. 1 print.
Wirt, William. 1 neg. Engr. by J.B.Longacre.
*Wirt, William. See Prints Coll. See MF 179. W81. K v.I Frontispiece.
Wise, Governor. 1 print.
Womble, Pembroke M. 1 print.
Womer, Ben. 1 print.
*Wood, Judith. See Baker, Mrs. John.
Wood, Leonard. 1 print.
*Wood, Nina Agnes. MS1828. See: Graphics Shelf #11 Box B-4. Jay Papers Photos.
*Wood, Olivia Jay. MS1828. See: Graphics Shelf #11. Box B-4. Jay Papers Photos.
Wood, Mrs. Rohita. 1 print.
Woodcock, Miss. 1 neg. Engr. by J. Thompson.
*Woodcock, A.W.W. See MF 179. W88. W Page 6.
*Woodcock, Elizabeth W. See MF 179. W88. W Page 6.
*Woodcock, Sara. Etching – See MF 182. C. B6T8. Trial of Lord Baltimore.
*Woods, Dr. Albert F. See Ritchie, Gov. Albert C.
*Woodstock, Miss Sarah. See Trial of Frederick Calvert. MF 182. C. B6T8.
Woodville, Agnes. (1861-1863). And William VII. 1 print.
Woodville, Ann Cadwalader. 1905. 1 print.
Woodville, Ann Cadwalader. C.1911. 72063. 1 print.
Woodville, Ann C., William, and Elizabeth—1910.1 print.
*Woodward, Benjamin. See Daguerreotype Collection.
*Woodward, Dr. William. See Daguerreotype Collection.
*Woodward, William. See: PP52.
Woodward, Mrs. William (Nee Burneston). And Virginia Woodward Cloud1 print.
*Wool, Maj. Gen. John E. 1963. See Prints Collection Under Union Generals.
Woolf, Annette M. Schipper. 1 print.
*Wright, Alice. Mrs. Checkley Keighler. See Clubs – The Brown Veil.
Wright, Betty. 1 print.
Wright, C.L.E. 1 print.
*Wright, Mrs. D. Girard. See Prints Collection.
Wright, William H. Decourcy. 1795-1864. 1 neg. Made from photo owned by Mr. W.H.D. Wright of Monkton, 1944.
*Wright, Silas. (Gov. State of New York). See Prints Collection.
Wright, T.M. 1 print.
Wroth, Lawrence Counselman. 1 print. See P.L. Club Meeting.
Wyeth, Nathanial J. and Charles Maynard—[ca.1915]. 1 print.
Wyman, William. 1 print.
Wynne, Thomas H. 1875. 1 print.
*Xavier, Mother Mary. See MF 179. S49. B1 Page 463.
Yamagata, T.H. 1888. 1 print.
— [ca.1915]. 1 print.
Wyman, William. 1 print.
Wynne, Thomas H. 1875. 1 print.

*Xavier, Mother Mary. See MF 179. S49. B1 Page 463.


Yamagata, T.H. 1888. 1 print.
Yancy, Mr. 1 print.
Yancy, William L. (1814-1863). 1 print. (Photo by Brady).
*Yates, Emily Dallam. See: Photography Box I-5.
*Yates, Hon. Jasper. See Glass Negatives Under Yeatman, Mrs. James E.
*Yates, Phoebe. See Lazaurus, Mrs. Joshua.
Yeager, John Philip and Eva. 1 neg.
Yeager, Eva. Daughter of Philip Yeager. 1 neg.
Yeatman, Peyton. 1 print. See Glass Negs. Under Yeatman, Mrs. James E.
*Yellott, Hon. George. See Prints Collection.
*Yoe, Adele Everett. See MF 179. B26. A Page 140.
Young, Brigham. 1876. 1 print.
Young, Brigham. 1 print (autographed).
Young, Charles. 1 print.

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*Zacharias, J.G. See Daguerreotype Collection.
*Ziegler, Mrs. Daniel. See Daguerreotype Collection.
Zimmer, Julia Howland. 1 print.
Zimmer, Louise Watts. AET 3 1 print.
Zimmerman, Lillian Boteler. 63903. 1 print.
Zimmerman, L.M. 1 print. See MF 179. Z72 Z Frontispiece.
Zollicoffer, Gen. 1 print.
*Zollinger, Lieut. William. See Jackson, Gen Stonewall Equestrian Statue Unveiling.
Zuck, Irving. 1 print.
Zuck, S. 1 print.