Vertical File Portraits, L-R

Individual Portraits - L-R

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*  Indicates cross-reference

*Lafayette, Gen. See: Washington and his Generals by Peale, Charles Willson.
*Lafayette, Marquis De . See: MF 179. S62S Page 16.
*Lafayette, Gilbert, Marquis De. See: MF 179. P74. L5 Page 29.
Lambert, Rev. Frank. Ordination St. James Church, Irvington. 1 print.
*Laming, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin. See: MF 179. P3575, Vol. I Page 268.
*Lane, Louis M. See: Prints Collection.
Lane, Joseph. 1801-1881. Eng. by J.C. Buttre, NY. 1 print.
Lang, George Adam and Margarethe and Family. 3 prints.
Lang. Unidentified. 2 prints.
Langfield, Elizabeth Ash. 2 prints.
Langfield, Dr. Millard. 2 prints.
Larned, Mrs. Frank. (Nee Helen Murray). 1 print.
*Larrabee, Ephrim. See: Prints Collection.
Latane, John Holliday. 1 print.
Latimer, Col. 1 print.
*Latimer, Hanley R. See: MF 179. L346L. Frontpiece.
Latrobe, Miss (?). 1 print.
Latrobe, Benjamin Henry. 1764-1820. 1 print.
Latrobe, Benjamin H. ca. 1861. 2 prints. 1 neg.
Latrobe, Col. 1 print.
Latrobe, Elizabeth Reese. 1 print.
Latrobe, Emma Crozer. (Mrs. Gamble). 1871-1936. 1 print.
Latrobe Family. 1 print.
Latrobe, Ferdinand C. 1 print. 1 neg.
*Latrobe, Ferdinand C. Mayor of Baltimore. See Medium Photos.
Latrobe, Henry Boneval. (Benjamin) 1 print. 1 neg. by C.W. Peale.
Latrobe, John H.B. (1803-1891). 1 print (1876 Philadelphia).
*Latrobe, John H.B. Works of (1803-1891). See: Latrobe Sketch Book. See Also: Atlantic City, NJ Sketch; Bank; Covered Wagons; Cumberland Narrows; Ellicott's Mill; Fort Armstrong; Fort Putnam and Landing at West Point; Fort Snelling; Leatherstocking in the Graveyard; Lucas Progressive Drawing Book; Maryland in Liberia; Medal; Thomas Viaduct; Ships - USS Avago; West Point 1819.
Latrobe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gamble. (Nee Emma Crozer). See Medium Photos - Group Portraits. Wedding Party.
Latrobe, John H.B. 1803-1891. Cabinet photo taken in early 1880's. 2 prints.
Latrobe, John H.B. 1803-1891. Portrait in Masonic Temple. From Glass Neg. 1 print.
Latrobe, Kate. 1 print.
Latrobe, Lilly. 3 prints.
Latrobe, Col. Osman. 3 prints.
Latrobe, R. Steward. 2 prints.
Latrobe, Mrs. R. Steward. 1 print. See Also Group Portraits: Carroll, Sally.
*Latrobe, T. Swan. See: MF 179. S62. S Page 408.
*Latrobe, Virginia. See: Cogswell, Mrs. Andrew K.
*Laue, Mr. See: PP25.
Laupheimer, Millard Henry. Photo by Perkins of Balto. In WW uniform. 1 print.
Laupheimer, Mr. 1 print.
*Law, Eliza. See: Rogers, Mrs. Lloyd N.
Law. Major James O. 2 prints. See Also: Prints Collection.
Lawrence, Edward Shinn. 1 print.
Lawrie Family. 1 print.
Lay, Bishop Henry Condon. 1 print.
Layton, 1st Lt. Daniel. 1 print.
Lazarus, Edgar M. 1 print. See Also: Daguerreotype Collection.
Lazarus, Joshua. 1 print.
Lazarus, Mrs. Joshua. (Nee Phoebe Yates). 2 prints.
Leakin Family. 8 prints. See Also: Daguerreotype Collection.
Leakin, Rev. George A. 3 prints.
Leakin, J. Wilson. 2 prints.
Leary, Lt. P. 1 print.
Lee, Ann Wilson(Mrs. William). 2 prints. Gallery has fichu.
*Lee, Mrs. E. Brooke. See: Ritchie, Gov. Albert C.
Lee, Gen. Charles. 2 prints. 2 negs. See Also: Lossing, Benson. Life of Washington.
*Lee, Fitzgerald. See: Prints Collection.
Lee, Fitzhugh. Maj. Gen. CSA 1 print. See Also:Prints Collection.
Lee, Henry. Stipple Portrait from The Nat'l Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans. 1 print. 1 neg.
Lee, Hon. James Fenner. Member of Legislature-1878. 1 print.
Lee John W.M. 1 print.
Lee, Gen Robert E. an his generals. 10 prints. 1 neg. See Also: Prints Collection.
*Lee, R.E. and Sons. See: Oversize File.
Lee, Richard Henry. 1756-1818. 1 print.
*Lee, Stephen S. See: Prints Collection.
Lefler, Wade. Baltimore Orioles Catcher and 1st Base. 1 print.
*Le Grand, John C. See: Prints Collection.
*Le Grand, Julia. See: MF 179. W14 W Frontpiece.
Lehr, Miss Fanny. 1 print.
Lehr, Harry. 1 print. See Also: Queen Louise Fete.
Lehr, Louis M. 1 print.
Lehr, Marie Conrad. 1903. 1 print.
Lehr, Mrs. Louis. (Nee Marie Worthington Conrad). 2 prints.
Leighton, George.(From D'Arcy Paul Estate). 1 print.
*Leightsur(?), Henry. See: War of 1812. Defenders of the Battle of Balto. Druid Hill Park 1880.
*Leisman, Louis. See: MF 179. R97. L Page 13.
Leisman, Mrs. Louis. See: MF 179. R974. L Page 25.
Leland, Mr. 1 print.
*Leonard, Gen. See: Ritchie, Gov. Albert C.
Levy, Cecilia E., Fannie E. and Daughters. See Also: Daguereotype Coll. 9 prints.
Levy, David Cardoza. 1 print. 1 neg.
Levy Family. 3 prints.
Levy, Michael S. 1902 Photo. 1 print.
*Lewis, Alonzo. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Vol II Page 1411.
*Lewis, Frankie. See: Photography - Box I-5.
Lewis, Mord. 1 print.
*Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvanus D. See: MF 179. P74. P55. V.II Page 1374.
Lewis, Walker. Photo by Bachrach 1964. 1 neg.
*Lillard Family. (various people). See: PP81.
*Lincoln, Grand Reception, East Room of White House 1865. See: Prints Collection.
Lincoln, Abraham. Inauguration. 2 prints. See Also: Assassination - Oversize File.
*Lincoln, Abraham. Last Moments. See: Oversize File.
*Lincoln, Abraham. Persons involved in Assassination. See: Prints Coll. Conspirators.
Lincoln, Abraham. 7 prints. See Also: MF 179. M94M Page 24; Prints Collection.
*Lincoln, Thomas. See: Lincoln, Abraham.
Lindsay, Mrs. Edith. 1 print.
Linthicum, J. Charles. 2 prints.
Lioi, Mrs. Rosaria. 1 print.
*Lippard, George. MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 1423.
List, Mary J. -[ca. 1889]. 1 print.
Litchfield, Edwin. 2 prints.
Litchfield, Mrs. Edwin. 1 print.
Litchfield, Lucy. 1 print.
Little, Peter. 1 print. See Also: Prints Collection.
Livingston, William. 1st Gov. New Jersey. 1 print. 1 neg.
*Lloyd, Ann. See: Tilghman, Mrs. Matthew.
Lloyd Family. Talbot Co. 1 print.
Lloyd, Edward. 1779-1834. Congressman and Gov. 2 prints. See Also: Prints Coll.
Lloyd, Henry. b. 1852. 1 neg. See Also: MF 180. B92; Governors of MD; MF 179. H52H2 Page 101.
*Lloyd, Phoebe. See: Glass Negs.
*Locke, Jane Ermine. See: MF 179. P74. P55 v. II Page 1389.
Locke, John. Engr. by Wellstood Lib. Of Congress. 1 print.
*Locke, Maj. Joseph Lorenzo. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Page 371.
*Locke, Richard Adams. See: MF 179. P74. P55 v. II Page 1176.
Lockwood, Ella. 1 print.
Lockwood, Helen. 1 print.
*Lockwood, James B. See: MF 179. L817L. Frontpiece.
Loden, Daniel. 1 print.
*Lofland, John. See: MF 179. L82S. Frontpiece. See Also: MF 179 P74. P55 Page 458.
Long, Mary Sprigg. (1875-1923). Acc. No. 000656. 1 print.
Long, Mary Sprigg. (1875-1923). Acc. No. ooo656. 1 print.
Long, Phillip George Jr. 1 print.
Long, Robert Cary. After Daguerreotype. 1 neg. See Also: Daguerreotype Coll.
*Longfellow, Henry. See: MF 179. P74. L5 Page 127.
*Longfellow, Henry W. See: MF 179. P74. P55 V.II Page 981.
Longwell, Col. John R. 1 print.
*Lord, Walter. See: MD Historical Society Meeting-June 12, 1972.
*Lorimer, Mrs. George H. See: Ritchie, Gov. Albert C.
Loring, Gen. William. CSA. 1 print.
Loring, Jean and Lydia. 2 prints.
Loveday, Mrs. Arthur J. (Nee Ann Marie Sewell Sears. 1 print.
*Loveday, Patrick P. See Tintype Collection.
Lovelace, Lady. 3 prints.
Lovelace, Col. Richard. 1 print.
Lovelace, Serjeant William. (1577). 3 prints.
Lovelace, Sir William. (1561-1629). 3 prints.
Lovelace, Sir William. (1583-1628). 3 prints.
Lovell, M. 1 print. See Also: Prints Collection.
*Lowell, James. R. See MF 179. P74. P55 V.II Page 983.
Lowndes, Lloyd, 1 print. 1 neg.
*Lowndes, Mrs. Richard Tasker. See: Lloyd, Col. Edward and Family.
*Lucas, Edward Carrell. See: Daguerreotype Collection..
*Lucas, Mrs. Edward Carrell. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
*Lucas Family Group. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
Lucas, Fielding, Jr. 1 print. See Also: Daguerreotype Coll.; Prints Coll.
*Lucas, George A. See: PP57; Stewart, C. Morton.
Lucas, George A. 1824-1909. 2 prints.
*Lucas, Mrs. J.C.M. See: Brogden, Mrs. A.
*Lucas, Kate Butler. See: Tintype Coll.; Daguerreotype Coll.
Lucas, Unknown children. 2 prints.
*Lucas, Zachary. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
*Ludlow, Robert C. See: Prints Collection.
Leutkemeyer, John A. 1 print.
Lurman Family. 64178. 43 prints.
Lurman Family Picnic. Wye House. May, 1888. See Oversize File. 3 prints
Lurman, Fannie. 3 prints
*Lurman, John S. See Oversize File. Cross Reference
Lurman, Theodore G. 1849-1944. See Baltimore Street Views, Gay Street. 1 print
*Lyle, Duncan C. See MF 179. M13C. page 231. Cross Reference
*Lynch, Anne Charlotte. See MF 179. P74. P55 v. II. Page 952. Cross Reference
*Lynch, Joseph Stansbury. See Daguerreotype Coll. Cross Reference
*Lyon, Brig. Gen. Nathaniel 1863. See Prints Coll. Under Union Generals. Cross Reference.
*Lyon, Robert. See Glass Negs.

MacArthur, Douglas. 1 print
*MacArthur, Gen. Douglas. See Oversize File.
*MacBride, Admiral John. See MF 179. P74. P55 page 19
*MacDonough, T. See Prints Coll.
Macgill, Alice. 1 print
Macgill, Louisa. 1 print
Macgill, Miss Margie. 1 print
*Macgill, Mary. See Gary Family, 1894. Group Photos
Macgill, Mollie. 1 print
Mackall, Hattie. 1 print
*Mackall, John. See Ritchie, Gov. Albert C.
Mackall, Richard Covington. 1 print
*Mackenzie, Sarah Mackall. See Appold, Mrs.George Julius
Mackenzie, Sarah Mackall. 1 print
Mackenzie, Thomas. 1 print
Mackenzie, Thomas G. See Daguerreotype Coll. 2 prints
Mackenzie, Mrs. Thomas 1799-1837. Nee Tacy B. Norbury 1 print
*Mackey, Laura Isabelle. See MF 179. S228.S page 4
*Mackey, Richard Guthrie. See MF 179. S228.S page 8
*Mackey, Sarah Armstrong. See MRF 179. S228.S page 8
MacKubbin, Ellen M. 1 print
*MacKubbin, Miss Florence, Works of. See Mount Clare, Balto.
*MacMillan, Harold. See Eisenhower, Pres.
MacMillian, Elaine.[ca.1943].1 print.
MacTavish, Mrs. A. -1836- Nee Ellen Gilmor. 1 print
*MacTavish, Miss Virginia. See Prints Coll.
Macy, Agnes. 2 prints
Macy, Helen. 1 print
Macy, Mary Helen. 3 prints
Madison, J3 prints
Madison, J3 prints
Madison, James C. 1750-1836. MdHS Mag. Fall 1971. 1 print and 1 neg.
*Magruder, Admiral. See Ritchie, Gov. Albert C.
Magruder, Caleb C. 1 print
Magruder, Gen. C.S.A. 1 print
Mahon Family. See Also: Tintype Coll. 6 prints
*Mahool, J. Barry. See: P.E. MD - Homecoming - 1907 (postcard)
*Mahool, J. Barry. 1870-1935. Mayor of Balto. See Prints Coll.
Maisey, John M. 1 print
Mall, Mr. 1 print
*Maller, Father. See MF 179. S49. B1 page 483
*Mallory, D.D. See Prints Coll.
Malone, Sarah Meade (1851-1918) 1 print
Maloy, Rev. William C. 1 print
Malter, Laura. 1 print
Manakee. Harold, with Portrait of John E. Howard. 1 print
Manakee, Harold. 3 prints
Manakee, Harold R. May 23, 1971. Loyola College Degree Doctor of Humane Letters 8 prints
*Manganaro, Rev. Peter F. (1908-1969). See: Medium Photos
*Mann, Charles or Francis E. See Daguerreotype Coll.
Mann, Charles H. 1 print
Mann, William J. 1 print
Manning, James. Deputy Marshall 1 print
Marburg, Theodore. MF 179. M31A Frontispiece. 1 print
*Marburg, William. See Maryland Tercentenary Celebration
Marcellus at Carvel Hall, Annapolis. 1 print
*Marchioness of Carmarthen. See Prints Coll.
Marechal, Ambrose, Third Archbishop of Balto. 1768-1828 1 print
Marechal, M. 1 print
*Margaret, Mother. SeeMF 179. S49. B1 page 465
*Margaret, Mrs. Waringas. See MF 179. L35S page 186
*Marina, Mother. See 179. S49. B1 page 464
Marie, Queen of Rumania 1926 1 print
Marine, William M. (1843-1904) - 1885 1 print
Marine Family 1 print
*Marion, Frances. See Prints Coll.
Mark, Dr. Nellie V.; Portraits: acc. No. 71181 1 print
*Markland, Fannie. See Daguerreotype Coll.
*Markland, John Thomas. See Daguerreotype Coll.
*Markland, Richard. See Daguerreotype Coll.
*Markoe, Frank. See Jackson, Gen. Stonewall Equestrian Statue Unveilling; Markoe, Col. Frank. See Fifth Regiment, Maryland.
Maron, A.C., Owner of A.C. Maron Candy Shop in Balto. Portraits 3 prints.
*Marozeau, G. See Masozeau.
Marozeau, Marie. Relative of Miss Josephine Cushing Morris. See Masozeau. 4 prints.
*Marozeau, Paul. See Masozeau.
Marriott, Gen. William H. # 63697
Marsden, Laura Ellen. 1 print
Marsh, Lucius B. 1 print
Marshall, Charles. Law Office, 1894. 2 prints
*Marshall, Col. Charles. See MF 179. B894 B page 164
Marshall, Clark S. 1860- 1944 1 print
*Marshall, Elizabeth (See Forbes, Mrs. John). Portrait owned by Mrs. Rudolph Carrico, Bryantown, Md.
*Marshall, Miss Emily. See: Brune Family at Wye on Eastern Shore. Group Photo.
*Marshall, Dr. Harry T. See Knox, Dr. J.H.Mason; See Griswold, Benjamin and Friends
Marshall, Gen. Humphrey, CSA 1 print
*Marshall, Mary. See Daguerreotype Coll.
Marshall, Judge Richard 1 print
Marshall, Thurgood. Photo from Life Magazine. 2 prints and 2 negs
Marston, Henry W. 1 print
*Martin, Carolyn and Dorothy Moss. SeeL Moss, Dorothy
Martin, Glenn L. 1 print
Martin, Luther (1748-1826). See Small Prints. 2 prints and 2 negs
*Martin, Luther. See Prints Coll.
Martin Family, Marie. 65168
Martin, Mary. See Jones, Mrs. Isaac D.
Martin, Mrs. Mary. 1 print
Martin, Robert Kirkwood. 1 print
Marye, William B. 7 prints, 2 negs and 5 transparancies
*Mason, Genvieve. See: Medium Photos-Borders -- Archbishop
Mason, George of Virginia 1 print
Mason, James Murray. 1 neg.
*Mason, John T. See Prints Coll.
Mason, Samuel. From D'Arcy Paul Estate 1 print
*Mason, W. M. See Prints Coll.
Masozeau (?). 1 print
Masozeau, G. 1 print
Masozeau, Paul. 2 prints
*Massot, Firmin, Geneva. See Patterson, Elizabeth (Bonaparte). Portraits
*Matlack, Col. Timothy. See MF 179. P3575 v. I page 208
*Matlock, Hannah and Rev. Lucius. See: Photography - Box I-5
Mathews, Capt. B.F., Col. 2nd Md.Vet. Vols.
*Mathews, Edwin Bennett. See H.H. - Balto.-1410 Liden(?) Ave. fo 1922 residences
Matthews, Mrs. B. 1 print
*Matthews, Cornelius. See MF 179. P74. P55 page 936
Matthews, D.M. 1 print
Matthews, Mr. J. 1 print
*Matthews, Leonard. See MF 179. M437 Frontpiece
Maxwell, George, from Glass Negs. not Md. Hi. 1 print
Mayer, Alfred Marshall, 1836-1897 1 print
Mayer, Brantz, 1809-1879. Not 54.58.1 2 prints
Mayer, Charles Frederick (1795-1864). 1 print
Mayer, Francis Blackwell, 1827-1899. 2 prints
*Mayer, Frank B. See Jake Crazy
*Mayfield, Mr. Master At Arms. See: Ships: Constellation - Crew 1951.
Mayhew, William E. 1 print.
*Mayo, William. See: MF 179. P74. A4 Page 33.
McBride, Rev. John. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Page 17.
McCabe, Clinton. 1 print.
McCahan, George L. 1 print.
McCauley, Robert Henry Sr. (1887-1974). 1 print.
McClellan, Gen. George B. 2 prints. SeeAlso: Prints Collection-Union Generals.
*McClellan, Cary. See: Prints Collection.
McCollough, J.H. (Cecil County). 1 print.[1864-Tax stamp cancellation].
McCollough, Ben. CSA.1 print.
*McComas, Henry G. Lying in State. See: Maryland Institute Interior.
*McComb, Family Group. See: Oversize File.
*McCoy, James. See: War of 1812 Defenders of the Battle of Baltimore. Druid Hill Park.1880.
*McCoy, John W. See: Glass Negs; MF 207. K35.
*McCreary, George Washington. Son of Jas. Agnew McCreary. See: Daguerreotype C-2(6 mos)
*McCreary, James Agnew. See: Daguerreotype C-2.
*McCulloch, David.(1718-1766) AET48 See: GPVF Farms and Farming-Joppa Farm.
*McCullough, J.J. See: Prints Collection.
McCurdy, Clara. 1 print.
McCurley, Felix. (1834-1896). 1 print.
McDaniel, John T. 1 print.
*McDonald, Mr. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
McDonald, A.H. 1 print.
McDonnell, Mrs. Edna. 2 prints.
*McDonough, John. MF 179. M13 C Frontpiece.
McDowell, Aleatha. 1 print.
McEmory. Fleet Baymaster. 1 print.
McFee, Chief William C. 1 print.
McGilton, Miss. 2 prints.
McGrath, John. 5 prints.
*McHenry, Miss Julia. See: Brune Family at Wye - Group Photo.
*McHenry, Margaret C. See: MF 179. M142S Page 76.
*McHenry, Sophie. See: Gough Thompson Wedding Party.
McIntosh, Miss Margaret. 2 prints.
McIntosh, Miss Virginia. 1 print.
McKay, Nathaniel. 5 prints.
McKay, Mary Theresa. (1813-1869). 1 print.
McKean, Gov. Thomas. 1 print. [not MD Hi]
McKeldin, Theodore. (Also G. Radcliff, T. Nichols, B. Griswold,III). 1 print. 1 neg.
McKeldin, Theodore. (With unidentified group). 1 print. 72761.
McKeldin, Gov. Theodore R. 1951-1959. 1 print. 1 neg.
McKeldin, Theodore R. 3 prints. See: Eisenhower,D.D.; Also Balt. Celebrations-Oriole Homecoming 1954 (GPVF).
McKeldin, Theodore. 4 prints.
McKeldin, Theodore. (1900-1974). 1 print 1958.
McKeldin,Mayor Theodore. 1968 march on DC. Taken at Metro. Meth. Church. 2 prints.
*McKeldin, Theodore R. (former gov.) with Gov. Tawes, J.F.K. See: Millard Tawes.
McKeldin, Mrs. Theodore R. (2/55). Presentation of Hearst Tapestry.1 print.
*McKenzie, Miss Jane A. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
McKenzie, Dr. John P. 1 print.
McKenzie, Mrs. John. 1 print.
*McKim, Augustus. See: Daguereotype Collection.
*McKim, Duncan. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
*McKim, Mrs. Haslett Augustus. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
*McKim, John D. M.D. See: Historic Houses. Birckhead Mansion.
*McKim, Johnny and Gussie. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
McKim, Miss Mary. 1 print.
*Mckim, W. Duncan and mother. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
*McKim, William. See: PP52.
*McKinley Memorial Service. See: Group Portraits.
*McKinley Inauguration, 1987. See: Group Portraits.
McKinley, Pres. 1 print.
McKinley, Pres. May 30, 1900. 1 print.
McLane, Allan. 1 print. SeeAlso: Dutch Ship.
McLane, Louis. See: Small Print Collection. 1 print.
McLane, Robt. M. (1867-1094). Milligan. Mayor of Balto. 1903-1904. 1 neg. See: Mayors of Baltimore MF 206.C88.
McLane, Hon. Robert - Governor. 1 print. 1 neg. See Also: Prints Coll.
*Mclane, Robert. See: PP52.
McLane, Mrs. Robert.1 print.
McLeary, George. 1 neg.
McLoughlin, Dr. John. "Father of Oregon". 1 print.
McMurphy, Emma. 1 print.
McNamara, John M. Aux. Bishop of Washington. 1 print.
*McNeal, Mark. See: Tintype Collection.
*McNeil, Gen. John. See: Prints Collection.
McNulty, Thomas F. 1 print. See Also: Preston, James Harry.
McNulty Family. 1 print.
*McNulty, Thomas F. Jr. See: D'Alasandro, Thomas, Jr.
McPeck, William. 1 print.
McShane, Mrs. Colgate and Ben Womer - 1974. 1 print.
McShane, Dr. J.F. 2 prints.
McSherry, James. 1 print.
McTavish, Miss. 1 print.
*McTavish, Emily. See: Prints Collection.
*Meade, Gen. 1863. See: Prints Collection Under Union Generals.
Meade, Gen. George G.-ca.1863. 1 print.
Mead, Maj. Gen. 1 print.
Meckel, Ed. 2 prints.
*Meekers, Mrs. Richard C. and son. See: MF179. P14P Page 59.
Melvin, Rev. A.D. 1 print.
Mench, Rita Chamberlain. 1 print.
Mencken, H.L. 3 prints. See Also: MF179. M536 Frontispiece; MF 179. M536G Frontispiece.
Mencken, Henry Louis. 1 print.
Mencken, Henry L. X ray photo of head-1921. 1 print.
*Menken, H.L. See: Burman, Howard A.
*Mencken, Dr. Johann B. See: MF 179. M536G Page 37.
*Mencken, Dr. Luder. See: MF 179. M536 Page 49.
*Mencken, Dr. Otto. See: MF179. M536G Page 36.
*Meredith, Gilmor. See: Owl Club, Oversize.
Meredith, Harry W.-[ca.1905]. 1 print.
*Meredith, I. See: PP52.
Mergenthaler, Ottmar. 3 prints.
Meredith, Mrs. Katherine. (Nee Katherine Rose of Richmond). 1 print.
*Merrick, R.T. See: Prints Collection.
Merrill, Charles. 1 print. See Also: Tintype Collection.
*Merritt, Mary Emma. See: Dulaney, Mrs. Joseph.
Merryman, Louise and Isabel Brown. 1 print.
Mettam, Harry C. CSA. 1 print.
Mettle, Helen. 1 print. (died when 4 yrs.)
Meyers, Jessie. 1 print.
Michael, Mary Florence. (died 1886)
Middendorf, Alice S. 1893. 1 neg. Cabinet size card photograph.
*Middendorf, Mrs. Harry by T.C.Corner. See: Glass Negs.
*Miles, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence. See: Balt. Celebrations-Oriole Homecoming, 1954.
*Miles, Ellen Jane. See: Medium Size Photos.
*Miles, Harry. See: Tintype Collection.
*Miles, John, Wesley. (1828-1903). See: Medium Size Prints.
Milkan, John.1 print.
Miller, Alfred Jacob. (1810-1874). 1 print.
Miller, Alfred Jacob. 1 print.
*Miller, Alfred, Works of (1810-1874). See: Fort McHenry, Bombardment of; The Guide or Scout; Indian Encampment.
Miller, Carrie. 000871. 1 print.
Miller, Col. 1 print.
Miller, D.H.,Jr. 1 print.
Miller, D.H. 1 print.
*Miller, Daniel. See: PP52.
Miller, Edith Wilbur. (Mrs. Joseph Voss White - 1906-1981)-[ca. 1912]. 1 print.
Miller, Edward. 1 print.
*Miller, mother of Ezekiel. See: PP25.
Miller, Florence C. (1872-1898)-[ca. 1895]. 001214. 1 print.
Miller, Grace Calvin. (Mrs. T. Courtenay J. Whedbee)-[ca.1912]. 1 print.
*Miller, Joan. See: Hogan, Larry.
Miller, Mrs. John M. (Maria Hollins). 1 print.
*Miller, Mary Elizabeth. (1774-1845). See: Mrs. William Taylor.
Miller, Mrs. Line. 1 print.
Miller, Judge Oliver. 1 print.
*Miller, Sarah. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Page 1112.
*Milligan, George B. See: PP57; Stewart, C.Morton.
*Milligan, George. See: Large Photos; Group Portraits; Frick Bros.
Milligan, John James. 1 print.
Mills, L.J. 1 print.
Milroy, Gen. USA. 1 print.
*Miltenberger, G.W. See: PP52.
Minetti, Chev Pietro.1 print.
*Minifie, Charles Granville. (1846- ). See: PP48.
*Minifie Family. See: PP48.
*Minifie, Mary E. (1844-1906). See: PP48.
*Minifie, Mary W. (1806-1880). See: PP48.
Minifie, Mr. and Mrs. William. 2 prints.
*Minifie, William Ernest. (1839-1859). See: PP48.
*Minifie, William and Family. See: PP48.
*Minifie, William. (1805-1880). See: PP48.
Minor, John B. 1 print.
Mitchell, Gen. 1 print.
*Mitchell, Henrietta L. See: Gibbons.
*Mitchell, Dr. James F. See: Johns Hopkins Hosp. Operation, 1904.
*Mitchell, Dr. John Kearsley. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Page 683.
Mitchell, Joseph B. 1 print.
*Mitchell, Mary Amanda. See: Duvall.
*Moale, Ellin North. See Moale, Mrs. John; Prints Collection.
Moale Family Gathering. 1 print.
Moale, William Armistead.2 prints.
Moale, William Armistead,II. 2 prints. 1 neg.
Moale, William A. III. 1 print.
Moale, Mrs. William A. (Mary Winchester). 1 print. 1 neg.
Moale, Mrs. William A. III. 1 print.
Modjeska as "Fanny Lyon". 1 print.
Monk Family. 64024. 11 prints.
*Monroe, James. See: MF 179. P357. B7 Page 150
*Montague, Col. John H. See: MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 1311.
Moon, J.L. 1 print.
*Moore, Hanna. See: Glass Negs. Under Peale, Mrs. C.W.
Moore, Joseph T. 1 print.
*Moore, Garry. See: Morfit, Garrison.
*Moore, Mary Alice. See: Bowerman, Biays Shannon.
*Moore, Rt. Rev. Richard Channing. See: MF 179. P74. A4 Page 47.
*Moranville, Rev. John F. See: Prints Collection.
Mordecai, Moses Cohen. 1 print.
Mordecai, Mrs. 1 print.
*Morfit, Prof. Campbell M.D. See: Prints Collection.
Morfit, Garrison. 1 print.
Morfit, Major Mason. 1 print.
*Morford, James. See: War of 1812 Defenders of the Battle of Baltimore. Druid Hill Park 1880.
Morgan, Mrs. Dudley, Arunah S.A. Brady, Miss Lucy Brady, [ca. 1888] 1 print.
Morgan Family Photographs. 62307. 20 prints.
Morgan Family Photographs. 1 print.
Morgan, Gen. John. CSA. 1 print.
Morgan, John. 2 prints. See also: Glass Negs.
Morgan, Gen. John. CSA. 2 prints.
*Morgan, Mary. See: Glass Negs.
*Morgan, Mary Hopkinson. See: Glass Negs.
Morgan, May. 2 prints.See also: Tintype Collection.
*Morgan, Samuel T., Mrs. Samuel T. See: Oversize Photos.
*Morison, N.H. See: Prints Collection.
Morison, Sidney. 1 print.
Morris, Dr. John. G. 1 print.
Morphy, Paul. 1 print.
*Morris, Commodore Charles. See: MF 179. S62S Page 32.
*Morris, Elizabeth. See: Daguerreotype Collection
*Morris, Fannie and Annie. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
*Morris, Gen. George P. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Page 910.
Morris, Judge Thomas J. 1 print.
*Morris, John B. See: PP52.
Morris, John Henry. 1 print.
Morris, Josephine Cushing, Murphy, Alice. 9 prints. See also: Oversize File; Daguerreotype Coll.;Morris, Thomas J. Family.
Morris, Louise. 1 print.
*Morris, Robert. See: MF 179. B26A Page 144; MF 179. B26. P14 Page 240.
*Morris, Sarah. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
*Morris, Thomas J. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
Morris, Sally. 1 print.
Morris, Judge Thomas and Josephine. 1 print.
Morris, Thomas J. 1 print.
Morris, Thomas J. 1 print.
Morris, Thomas J. and Family. 4 prints. See also: MF 179. M88M. Frontispiece; Prints.
Morris, Mrs. Thomas J. 2 prints.
Morris, William H. 4 prints.
*Morris, William E. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
*Morris, William E.M. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
Morse, Samuel F.B. 4 prints. 1 neg.
*Morson, Mrs. James M. See: MF 179. B894B Page 30.
Mosby, Col. John S. CSA. 6 prints. See also: Prints Collection.
Moss, Dorothy and Carolyn Martin. 1 print.
Moultrie, Gov. William. 1 neg.
*Mottu, Mary D. See: Photo Collection. B-55.
*Mowatt, Anna Cora. See: MF 179. P74. P55 vol. II, page 1030.
*Mudd, Mrs. J.A. See: MF 179. M94M. Page 40.
Mudd, Dr. Richard A. 1959. 2 negs.
Mudd, Samuel A. [?] 1 print.(Probably not the Lincoln Conspiracy)
*Mudd, Dr. Samuel A. See: MF179. M94M. Frontispiece.
Mudd, Dr. Thomas Dyer. 1 print.
Muhlenberg, Beckie. 1 print.
Muhlenberg, Rev. Henry. 1 neg. Early Leader of Lutheran Church in America.
Muller, Johann Theodore. 1 print.
Muller, Louis. (1844-1933). Acc. No. 000870.1 print.
Muller, Louis.-[ca.1890]. 1 print.
*Murdock, Fridge. See: Owl Club. Oversize Photos.
Murphy, Miss Alice. 1 print. See also: Morris, Josephine Cushing and Alice Murphy; Box A-1.
Murphy, Lt. John N. Co. G. ! print.
*Murphy, John and Family. See: Niagara Falls.
*Murphy, Miss Katherine B. See: Shelf 12, Box C-3. Acc. no. 65179.
Murr, Oscar. 3 prints.
*Murray, Daniel M. See: Dutch Ship.
Murray, Rev. John Gardner. 3 prints.
Murray Family. 5 prints. See also: Photo Albums; Tintype Collection.
*Murray, Helen. See: Larned, Mrs. Frank.
Murray, Mrs. Jennie. 1 print.
Murray, J.L. 1 print.
Murray, Mary. 1 print.
*Murray, Oscar G. See: Oversize File.
*Murray, Capt. William H. (Probably misidentified). 1 print.
*Musgrave, Rev. G.W. See: Prints Collection.
Myer, Joseph A. 1 photo taken of tintype at Frederick Fair.
Myers, Adela Pegram. 1 print.
Myers, J.R. Died 1874. 1 print.
*Mynne, Anne. Wife of 1st Lord Baltimore. See: Hertingfordbury Church.

*Nagle, Conrad. See: Bonaparte, Elizabeth Patterson. Movie Stills
*Narkiss, M. See: MF 179. S98 G.
*Neal, John. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Page 340.
Neal, Margaret. 1 print.
Neale, Dr. Francis (Frank). 1 print. See also: Prints Collection.
Needles, Annie. 1 print.
Neepier Family. 7 prints. See also: Daguerreotype Collection.
Neff, Addie. 1 print.
Neff, Capt. 2 prints.
Neff, Col. Mal. 2 prints.
*Negroes. See: Prints.
Neilson, Albertus. 1 print.
Neilson, James Crawford and Albert. 1 print. 1 neg.
*Neilson, James Crawford. See: Framed Photos Box A1.1.
Neilson, Louisa G. 2 prints.
*Neilson, Family. See: PP16.
*Nelson, Isabelle. See: Photography Box I-5.
Nelson, Hon. John (Atty. Gen.). 3 prints.
Nelson, Mrs. 1 print.
Nesmith, Mrs. Charles (nee Helen Orem West). 2 prints.
Nethered, Charles E. 6 prints.
*Neuman, Ben. See: GPVF Parks-Druid Hill-ca. 1905.
*Nevins, William. See Prints Collection.
*Newcomer, Miss. See: Brune Family at Wye. Group Photo.
Newcomer. Waldo. 1 print. See also: Oversize File; Prints Collection.
Newell, Prof. M.A. 1 print.
Nice, Harry W. 1 print. 1 neg.
Nicholas I. 1 print. 1 neg.
*Nichols, Mary Gove. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Page 1125.
*Nichols, Maria L. (nee Longworthy). See: Tintype Collection.
Nicholson, G. 1 print.
Nicholson, Mrs. Jesse W. 1 print.
*Nicholson, Rebecca Lloyd. See: Clubs. The Brown Veil.
Nickerson, Grace. 1 print.
Nicolaievitch, Grand Duke Constantine of Russia. 1 print. 1 neg.
Nielson, James Crawford. 1 print.
Niernsee, John R. 3 prints. 1 neg.
Niles. Emory H. 1939-1973. Acc. no. 72885. 1 print.
Nixdoff, Lina (Miller). 1 print.
*Nixon, Mr. and Mrs. Richard. See: Balto. Celebrations-Oriole Homecoming 1954.
Noble, Ruth. 1921. 1 print.
*Norbury, Tacy B. See: MacKenzie, Mrs. Thomas.
Norris, Mrs Theodore Anderson. 1 print.
*Norris, Hannah Gaither. See: Preston, Mrs. Alexander.
*Norwood, Summerfield. See: Prints Collection.
*Numsen, William. See: Prints Collection.
Nygren, Carol and "Babbie" Thomas (In pony cart). 1 print.

*Ober, Robert. See: Fidelity and Deposit Co. Exec. Comm. 1914. Group Portraits.
O'Brion, L. 1 print.
*O'Connor, Herbert R. See: MF 179.0 18K Page 50.
*O'Donnell, C. Oliver. See: PP57; Stewart, C. Morton.
*O'Donnell, Columbus. See: PP52.
O'Donnell, John. 1 print.
*O'Donnell, Mary Elliott. See: Berret, Joseph Etienne and wife.
*O'Donnell, Mary of Canton. See: MF 179. P3575 v.I Page 276.
*O'Donnell, Oliver. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
*Ogden, Frank. See Also: Large Photographs; Group Portraits- Frick Bros.
*Ogle, Mrs. George S. See: MF 179. S52. E Page 262.
*Ogle, Martha Browne. See: Forman, Mrs. Thomas Marsh.
Ogle, Gov. Samuel and Deans, Rev. Hugh. 1 neg. of letter from Ogle to Deans.
*Oliver, Misses G.N. and M.S.. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
*Oliver, Meta. See Thompson,Mrs. H. A.
*Omenhausser, John, Works of. See Point Lookout
O'Neill, Matilda, Mrs. John D. Wood. 3 prints, 2 negs.
Ord, Edward Otho Cresap (1818-1873). Cabinet Photo. Acc. No. 72114. See Graphics Case 51 for BandW neg.
*Orem, Hugh. See Daguerreotype Coll.
Orem, J. Morris. 2 prints
Orem, Mrs. John Morris. 1 print
*Orem, Sophie Barker. See Daguerreotype Coll.
Orem, William. 1 print
Orem, William and Others. 2 prints
Orem, William Morris, died March 10, 1900. 1 print
Orr, Charles G. 1 print
Ortman, Richard. 2 prints
*Osborne, Mary. See MF 179. P74. P55 v I Page 1298
*Osgood, Frances Sargent. See MF 179. P74. L5 Page 128, See MF 179. P74. P55 v. II Page 995.
*Osgood, Samuel Stillman. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.I Page 996-998
*Osler, Ellen Pickton. See MF 179. O83 C v. II Page 87
*Osler, Grace Revere. See MF 179. O83 C Page 360; See also MF 179. O83 R3 Page 130
Osler, Sir William. 2 prints, 1 neg. See also MF 179. O83 C Frontpiece and Page 360
*Osler, Sir William. See Dr. Howard A. Kelly "The Four Doctors" by John Singer Sargent
*Oswald Family. See Oversize File
Overly, William Thomas. 1 print
Owens, Mrs. John E. 1 print. See MF 179. O 97 O Frontpiece
*Owens, John W. See P.L.Club Meeting
*Owens, Hamilton. See Burman, Howard A,
Owings, Della - [ca. 1895] 1 print
Owings, Della - [ca. 1900] 1 print
Owings, Dr. Donnell MacClure. 1 print
Owings, Dorsey (?- 1989) - [ca. 1905] 1 print
Owings, DuBois -1900 1 print
Owings Family. Baltimore County. 1 print
Owings, Mrs. Samuel S. Nee Eliza Yates Wethered. 1 print
Owins, John E. 1 print

*Pabodie, William Jewett. See MF 179. P74. P55 v. II Page 1351
Page, Louis A. 1 print
*Page, Mrs. Thomas Nelson. See MF 179. B894B Page 34
*Paine, Clinton P. See Fidelity and Dep. Co. Exec. Comm. 1914. Group Portraits
*Painter, William. See MF 179. P14 P Frontpiece and Pages 9,10,15,19
*Painter, Mrs. William. See MF 179. P14 P Page 21
Palmer, W. B. 1 print
Park, J. 1 print
Parke, Mary White Neal (1837-1927) - [ca. 1920]. Acc. No. 001221. 1 print
Parker, Edwin L. 1 print
Parker, Edwin L. Jr. 1 print
Parker, Frank. At 2 yrs. and 3 Mos. - Jan. 1876. Carte de Visite. Acc. # 65497 1 print
Parker, Jameson (1909-1972). (MS 2198). 1 print
*Parker, Mrs. John Clare. See Daguerreotype Coll.
Parlett, Thomas E. Ca. 1860. 1 print
*Parmly, Eliazar. See Prints Coll.
*Parsons, Sister Benedicta. See MF179. S49. B1 Page 487
Parsons, Hon. T. Augustus. 1 print
*Passano, Edward B. See MF 179. P286 Frontpiece; Passano, Edward. See MF 179. P28P Page 5.
*Patterson, Betsy. See "Glorious Betsy" under Motion Picture Stills, gpvf
*Patterson, Betsy and Jerome Bonaparte Meeting. See Jerome Bonaparte
*Patterson, Eliza Byrd. See Glass Negs.Under. See Peale, Mrs. Rubens
*Patterson, Elizabeth. See Bonaparte
*Patterson, Elizabeth. See GPFV Motion Picture Stills "Glorious Betsy"
*Patterson, Elizabeth. See MF 179. B71M Frontpiece
*Patterson, Elizabeth D. See Glass Negs.
*Patterson, Elizabeth de Peyster Peale. See MF 179. P3575 v. II Page 318
*Patterson, George. See Also: pp 52
Patterson, Lizzie and Others. 2 prints
*Patterson, Matilda. See Glass Negs.
Patterson, Napoleon Bonaparte. 1 print
*Patterson, Mrs.S. See Glass Negs.
Patterson, William - 1876. 1 print
Patrick, M. R. Confederate 1 print
*Paul, Brother. See MF 179. R974. I Page 11
Paul, J. G. D'Arcy. See Photo Coll. J.G.D'Arcy Paul. Graphics Box No. 64257. 2 prints
Pavese, Geeroso. 1 print
*Payne, John Howard. See MF 179. P74. P55 Page 72
Payne, Capt. 1 print
Payne, Mrs. Capt. 1 print
Payne, Josiah T. 1 print
*Payne, Mrs. Josiah T. See Ross Family
Payne, Josie A. 1 print
*Peabody, George. See Prints Coll.; SeeMF 179. P35D, MF179. P35H3, MF 179. P35W6 Frontpiece.
Peabody, George (1795-1869). 7 Cartes de Visites, 1 print, ?1867?. From Glass Neg.
Peabody, George (1795-1869) - 2 prints, 1867 - 1869
*Peacock, William. See MF 179. E44B Page 43
Peale, Mrs. C.W. (1744-1790). 1 print by C.W. Peale. From Glass Neg. #G 161 (141); See also G 148 (157), not MdHi.
Peale, James. 1 print by James Peale. From Glass Neg. #G153 (151a), not MdHi.
Peale, Sarah. 1 print by Sarah Peale. From Glass Neg. #G169 (137), not MdHi.
Peale, Titian R. 1 print.
Peale, Titian Ramsay. 1 print. From Glass Neg. #G170 (136), not MdHi.
*Pearce, Edith. See Medium Photos.
Pearce, Judge James Alfred. 2 prints.
Peek, George N. 1 print.
Pegram, John C. Naval uniforms of the Civil War period. Cartes de visite. 5 prints.
*Penniman, Mrs. Frances. See MF 179. S 64. S Page 118.
*Penniman, Henry. See Gary Family, 1894 Group Photos
Penniman, Miss Pauline. 1 print
Penniman, Mrs.Sam, nee Cordelia Bridge. 1 print
*Penniman, Thomas. See Gary Family, 1894 Group Photos
Pennington, Hon. William. Brady Coll. 1 print
Pentz Family Portraits. 64536. 6 prints. See also Med. Size Photos. 2 prints [unrelated]
*Pentz, Trisler, with Mother. See: MdHi Society Toys. Med. Photo case #26
Perin, Mrs. Nelson 1 print
*Perinchief, Cotavius. See MF 179. P445. L Frontpiece
Perine, Washington. 3 prints
*Perkins, Wm. See Prints Coll.
Perot, Charles. . See MF 179. P445. L Frontpiece
Perine, Washington. 3 prints
*Perkins, Wm. See Prints Coll.
Perot, Charles. 1 print
Perot, Miss Lucy. 1 print
Perot, Mrs. William. 1 print
Perry, Oliver Hazard - U.S.N. 1 print. Engraving by J.B.Forrest from the Orignal by J.W. Jarvis. 1 print.
Pershing, Gen. 1 print.
*Petrott, Francis. See: MF 179. R938. S Page 1.
*Phelps, Almira Hart Lincoln. See: MF 179. P538. B6 Frontspiece and Page 127; Prints Coll.
Phelps, Col. Charles E. 1 print.
*Phelps, Hon. Charles E. See: Prints Collection.
Phelps, Hon. Charles E. 3 prints. 1 neg.
Phillips, Henry Jr. 1 print.
*Phoebus, Harrison. See MF 179. P574. M Frontispiece.
Phelps, John. 1 print (Janvier).
Pickersgill, Mary Young. 3 prints. See Glass Negs.; Star Spangled Banner, Making of.
Pierce Family - Edward, Fanny, Joshua, Sophia K. 5 negs.
Pike, Zebulon M. 1 print.
Pine, Frank W. 1879-1929. 1 print.
Pinkney, William. 1 neg. See also Small Prints in Boxes; MF 179. P653. P1 Front.; P4 Front.; P654 H Front.
Pinkerton, Sarah. 1 print.
Piper, James with Judge Parker and Reveller (1908). 1 print.
*Pise, Charles Constantine D.D. See Prints Collection.
Pitt, Charles. 1 print.
Pitt, Mrs. Charles.1 print.
Pleasants Family and Friends. 1 print.
Pleasants, Ellin C. 1 print.
*Pleasants, Dr. J. Hall. See PL Club Meeting.
Pleasants, Mrs. Richard and Coale, Mrs. R. Dorsey. 1 print.
Plummer, Ed. 63903. 1 print.
Plummer, Lizzie. 63903. 1 print.
Plummer, Roger. 63903. 1 print.
*Poe, Mrs. David. See MF 179. P74. A4 Page 12.
Poe, Edgar Allen. Ezekiel Statue. 10 prints. 5 negs.
Poe, Edgar Allen. 11 prints. 1 neg. See Prints Coll.; Oversize Coll.; Cased Photos; List in this folder for books with Poe illus.
*Poe Family Photos. MF 179. P74 Q2; MF 179. P74 L5. ; MF 179. P74. P55.
Poe, John Prentiss. 2 prints.
*Poe, Johnson. See Gary Family, 1894 Group Photos.
Pole, Dr. A.C. 1 print.
Polk, Mrs. Julia. Nee Julia Parker. 1 print.
Polk, Gen. Leonidas. CSA.1 print.
*Polk, Mrs. Robert. See Peale, Elizabeth Digby.
*Pollak, Miss Ella. See Daguerreotype Collection.
Pollak, Emma. 1 print.
Pomphrey, Lieut. Of Virginia. 1 print.
Ponselle, Rosa. 1 print.
Poole, Henry. 1870. 1 print.
Poole, Mary Ellen. 1872. 1 print.
*Poole, Mary Wilhelma. See Cased Collection, #281.
*Poole, Nannie. See Daguerreotype Collection.
Poole, W.F. 1 print.
Poor, Miss Sarah.1 print.
*Pope, Maj. Gen. John. 1863. See Prints Coll. under Union Generals.
Porter, Miss Ellen. 1 print.
Porter, Miss Nellie. 1 print.
Post, Emily Price. 1 print.
*Post, John Eager Howard; and others; and parents. See Glass Negatives.
*Post, Mrs. (Grandmother of J.E.H. Post). 1897. See Glass Negs.
*Post, Mrs. (Mother of J.E.H. Post). See Glass Negs.
*Post, Mr. (Father of J.E.H. Post). See Glass Negs.
Post, Jothan. 1 print.
Post, Mrs. Jothan. 1 print.
*Post, Rebecca Lloyd. See Shippen, Mrs. Edward.
Potter, Bishop. 1 print.
Potter, Brig. Gen. 1 print.
Potter, Mrs. James Brown. Nee Mary Handy. 1 print.
Potts, Richard-[ca. 1885]. 1 print.
*Potts, Richard. See Prints Collection.
Pouder, G. Harry. 4 prints.
*Poultney, Evan. See: PP57.
Poultney, Richard. 4 prints. See also Daguerreotype Coll.
*Poultney, Thomas. See PP57.
*Poultney, Thomas. See Prints Collection.
Poultney, Walter De Curzon. 4 prints.
*Poultney, Walter. See: Oversize Photos.
Poutney, Evan. 1 print.
*Power, Anna. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 1357.
*Powhatan. See Indians, Virginia-Detail from John Smith Map Of VA.
Pratt, Enoch. 7 prints. 2 negs. Dup/copy neg Z24.1215. See also MF 179. P89. H Frontispiece 7 20.; MF 179. P89. B Page 6; Prints Coll.
*Pratt, Isaac. See MF 179. P89. B Frontispiece.
*Pratt, Isaac, Jr. See MF 179. P89. B Page 14.
Prentiss, John. 1799-1861. 1 print.
*Prescott, William E. See Prints Collection.
Preston, Miss Acsah. 1 print.
*Preston, Alex. See Thompson, Gough Wedding Party.
Preston, Mrs. Alexander. Nee Hannah Gaither Norris. 1 print.
Preston, Mayor James H. 3 prints.
*Preston, Margaret Junkin. See MF 179. P94. A Frontispiece.
Preston, James Harry. Mayor of Baltimore. 2 prints.
Preston, Gen. William. CSA. 1 print.
Preston, William P. 1 print.
Prevost, Col. C. 1 print.
Price, Mrs. John. Nee Elizabeth Simpers. 1779-1859. 1 print.
*Price, Hon. John Henry. See MF 179. P951. M Frontispiece and page 4.
Price, Harry ca. 1900.1 print. Theatres, Actors, Actresses.
Price, Joshua Comly. 1 print.
Price, Gen. Stirling, CSA. 2 prints.
*Princess of Orange. See Prints Collection.
Pritchett, Commander. 4 prints.
Proctor, P.S. 2 prints.
Pruitt, Mrs. 1 print. See Tintype Collection. MS. 1962
*Pry, Paul. See MF 179. O97O Page 202.
Pue, Dr. Arthur. 1808-1881. 1 print.
Pue, Priscilla Hill. 1 print.
*Pue, Rebecca Buchanan. See Daguerreotype Coll.
*Pue, Rebecca. See Carroll, Mrs. Charles Ridgely.
*Pue, Rebecca. See Dobbin, Mrs. George W.
*Pue, Sally Dorsey. See Daguerreotype Collection.
Punnett, Miss Annie. 1 print.
*Purcell, Archbishop. See MF 179. S49. B1 Page 483.
*Putnam, George Palmer. See MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 1257.
Putnam, Gen. Israel. 1 neg.
*Pyle, Atwood and Family. See: Photography Box I-5.

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Quarles, Benjamin. Morgan State College. 1 print.
*Queen Anne. See Prints Collection.
*Quin, Alice Kennon. See: PP53.
Quincy, Josias. 1 print.

Radcliffe, George and Family. 2 prints.
*Ramsay. Catherine (Mrs. Andrew). See: PP57
*Ramsay, Dr. David. See MF 179. P3575 v. I Page 154.
*Ramsay Family. See: PP57.
*Ramsay, Maj. Gen. George Douglas. See PP57.
*Ramsay, William. See: PP57.
Rand, Rosa. -[ca.1880]. 1 print.
*Randall, Blandard. See: Brune Family at Wye on Eastern Shore-Group Photo.
Randall, B. Carter. 1 print.
*Randall, D.R. See Maryland Tercentenary Celebration.
Randall, James Ryder. 6 prints. 1 neg. See also Glass Negs.; Postcards.
*Randall, John K. See: Brune Family at Wye- Group Photo.
Randel, D.A.1 print.
Randel, Mr. 1 print.
Randolph, Ann. 1 print.
Randolph, Edmund. 1 print.
Randolph, Harold. See Gary Family, 1894 Group Photos. 1 print.
*Randolph, Jennings. See MF 179. R938. S Page 1.
Randolph, John. 1 print. See also MF 179. S62 S Page 456; Prints Collection.
*Randolph, John W. See: PP52.
Randolph, Mary L. 1 print.
Randolph, Miss Maud. 2 prints.
Randolph, Peyton. 2 prints.
Randall, Sarah Ann Dillworth. (1759-1839). 1 print.
Randolph, Sarah Nicholas. 1 print.
Rankin, Rev. Charles. St. Luke's Church-Baltimore. 2 prints.
*Ranney, William, Works of. See Virginia Wedding. (1813-1857).
Rasch Family. (Unidentified woman). 1 print.
Rasch, Mrs. Gustav Alexander. 1814-1914. (Emma Louise Kennedy). 1 print.
*Rasem. See Regional Architectural Survey of Eastern MD. Ref.MNA 105.P4.
*Rasin, I. Freeman. See Medium Photos; Prints Collection.
*Rasin, R.W.L. See Prints Collection.
Rassieur, Leo. 1 print.
Raush, Charles A. See MF 179. W692 H Page 116.
Raymond, Jacob. 1 print.
*Rayner, Hon. Isidor. See MF 179. R27. U Frontispiece; See Oversize File.
*Reamer, Dr. Ira. See: Brune Family at Wye on Eastern Shore- Group Photo.
*Remsen, Dr. Ira. See: Keyser, R.B., Inspection of Outfall Service.
*Remsen, Miss Ira. See: Brune Family at Wye on Eastern Shore- Group Photo.
Reamy, Lt. L.L. U.S.N. 1 print.
Reaves, Maj. A.S. 1 print.
*Redder, C. See: PP52.
Redwood, Allen Christian. 1844-1922.1 print.
Redwood, Francis T. 2 prints.
Redwood, Francis T. Vice-Commodore Baltimore Yacht Club. 1 print.
Redwood, Mrs. Francis T. Nee Mary Coale. 1 print.
Redwood, Frank. 1 print.
Redwood, Lt. G.B. 3 prints.
*Redwood, John. See "Dutch Ship".
Reed, Mrs. Emily McKim.1 print.
Reed, Joseph. Adjt. Gen. Of Washington's Staff. 1 print. 1 neg.
Reese, Eleanor-ca. 1905. 1 print.
Reese, Rev. James W. 1 print.
Reese, Lizette Woodworth. 3 prints. See MF 179. R332. R Frontispiece.
Reese Twins - Lizette and Sophie. 1 print.
Reese, Sophie Reigart. 1 print.
*Reese, L. Yeates. See Prints Collection.
*Regina, Mother. See MF 179. S49. B1 Page 464.
Rehberger, Dr. George. Spring House of F.C. Kirkwood's Farm. 1 print.
Reid, Amy. 1 print.
*Reid, Capt. Mayne. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Page 828.
*Reinhandt, Lewis M. See: PP48.
Reinhard, Dr. Ferdinand. 1 print.
Reip, Alfred Henry (1809-1895)-[1871]. 000893. 1 print.
Reip, Elizabeth Augusta Ramsay. (1810-1871).-[1871]. 000893. 1 print.
*Reip, Lavinia Cooper. See: PP58.
Remsen, Prof. Ira. 1 print. See MF 179. R391.G Frontispiece. Also P. 10, 31.
*Remsen, Elizabeth Mallory. See: MF 179. B391. G Page 44.
Replogle, J. Leonard. 1 print.
*Reuling, George. See: Prints Collection. See Also: MF 179. R443.Z Frontispiece.
Reynolds, Annie Sargent. 1 print.
Rice, Emily. [1995]. PPVF. 1 print.
Rice, Maud E. 1 print.
Rich Family. 1 neg.
Rich, Hester. [1983]. 1 strip of prints (8). Dup/copy neg Z13.27-34.
*Richards, Maj. CSA. See: Glass Negatives.
*Richardson, B.H. See: PP52.
*Richardson, Dr. C.H. See: PP24 Accession Folder. Acc. No. 75705.
Richardson, William Alexander of Ill. (1811-1875). 1 print.
*Richmond, Mrs. Charles. See: MF 179. P74. P55 v.II Page 1294.
Rice, Rabbi. 1 neg.
Ricketts, Lt. Milton U.S.N. MD Medal of Honor Winner, WWII. 1 neg.
*Rider, Dorothy. See: MF179. H52H Page 83.
Ridgely, Charles. Hampton. 1 print.
Ridgely, Mrs. Gov. Charles. 1 print (painting).
Ridgely, James L. 1 print. 1 neg.
*Ridgely, James S. See: Prints Collection.
Ridgely, Capt. John. 2 prints.
*Ridgely, Mrs. John (by Thos. Sully). See: Prints Collection.
Ridgely, John of Hampton. (1790-1867).1 neg. by Wm. J. Hubard. (J.H.P.No. 3657).
Ridgely, Juliana Elizabeth Howard. 2 prints.
Ridgely, Otho. 1 print.
Ridgely Family. 1 print. See Also: Tintype Collection.
Ridgely Family. 5 prints.
Ridgely Children. 2 prints.
*Ridout, Rev. Daniel A. See: MF 179. R547. R Frontispiece.
Ridout, Rev. Samuel. 1 print.
Ridout, Mrs. Hester Ann Chase. 1 print.
*Rieman, Mary Isabella. See: Thom, Mrs. P. Lea.
Rieman, Miss Isabel with Poultney, Richard. 3 prints.
*Rienickee, C. See: Daguerreotype Collection.
*Ries, Elias E. See: MF 179. R559 Frontispiece.
Riggs (The Alfred Lenzer). 1 print.
Riggs, Dudley. 1 print.Dup/copy negZ89.11-12.
Riggs, Ella. 1 print.
Riggs, Eva. 1 print.
Riggs, Frank and others. 1 print. Dup/copy neg Z89.5-6.
*Riggs, Janette M.C. Shedden. (1815-1871). See: Medium Photographs.
Riggs, Joshua Warfield. 1 print. 1 neg.
Riggs, Mrs. Mary. Nee Mary Bright.1 print.
*Ringold, Capt. Cad. U.S.N. See: Oversize File.
Ringgold, Major. 1 print.
*Ringgold, Maj. S. See: Prints Collection.
Rinn, Bernard. See MF 179. P89. H Page 20.
*Risteau, Mary E. See: Medium Photos.
*Risteau Family (including Mary). See: Graphics Collection, Box 44.
*Ritchie Collection. See: Baruch, Bernard; Replogle, Leonard; Swope, Herbert Bayard.
Ritchie, Judge Albert, and wife (Parents of Gov. Ritchie). 4 prints. 1 neg.
*Ritchie, Albert. See: Medium Photos.
Ritchie, Albert C. Gov. of MD 1920-1934. 28 prints. 7 negs. See: Graphics Coll. 23.
*Ritchie, Gov. Albert C. See: Large Photos.
Ritchie, Mrs. Albert (Nee Virginia Cabell) and son Gov. Ritchie.3 prints.
*Ritchie, Gov. Albert See: Johns Hopkins Univ. Football Team, 1896; MD Tercentenary Celeb.
*Ritchie, Hon. Albert. See: MF 179. R598. M Frontispiece.
*Rittenhouse, David. See: Prinrs Collection.
Ritter, Capt. William L. Acc. No. 52905. (1835-1927).2 prints.
Ritter, Mrs. Florence V. Acc. No. Ritter 1937. 1 print.
Roberts, Mr. 1 print.
Roberts, George R. 1 print.
*Roberts, Rev. Dr. George, A.M.D.;D.D. See: Prints Collection.
*Roberts, George C.M. See: Prints Collection.
*Roberts, Rev. Robert R. See: Prints Collection.
Robertson, Archibald. (1765-1835). Self-portrait at age 40. 1 print.
*Robertson, Emma Gertrude Eichelberger (Mrs. Samuel). See: Medium Photos.
*Robertson, Samuel Herbert. (1859-1942). See: Medium Photos.
Robins, Maj. E.J. See also: Burger Capt. W. 1 print.
Robinson, Miss Chany. 1 print.
Robinson, Conway. 1 print.
*Robinson, E.W. See: Prints Collection.
*Robinson, John M. See: Prints Collection.
Robinson, Miss Lota. 1 print.
Robinson, Mazie E. (Staff member Bard Avon School)1 print.
Robinson, William D. 2 prints. See Also: A-1.
*Robison, Jane (Dugan). See: Dugan Family. Acc. No. 65632.
*Robison, John K. See: Dugan Family. Acc. No. 65632.
*Rochambreau. See MF 179. P3575 v. I Page 178.
Rodgers, Rear Admiral John. 1 print. (Rodgers, Commodore John. See Prints Coll.)
Roebling, Mrs. Emily Warren. 1 print.
Roebling, Col. Washington A. 1 print.
Roebling, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. 1 print.
Rogers, Miss Charlotte. 1 print.
Rogers, Elizabeth Susan. Acc. No. 68.61.4. 1 print.
*Rogers, Evans. See: PP58.
Rogers, Henry Woodward and Henrietta. 1 neg.
Rogers, Mrs. Henry. 1 print.
Rogers, James Anna. 1 print.
*Rogers, James Harris. See: MF 179. R727.R Frontispiece.
Rogers, Samuel. (Age 91). 1 print.
*Rohlfing, Katherine Benner. See: MF 179. A58 Frontispiece.
Rolland, Ruth (and Gov. Ritchie). 1 print.
*Rolle, Henry. See Prints Collection.
*Roller, Gen. John E. See: MF 179. S33. R Page 24.
Rooch, Edward P. 1 print.
Roop, Howard-[ca. 1920]. 1 print.
Roosevelt, F.D. 1 print. 1 neg.
Roosevelt, Theodore (at Oriole Park). 1 print. 1 neg.
*Roosevelt, Theodore. See: Glass Negs.
Rose, John C. Federal Court Judge-Baltimore. 1 print. See: MF 179. R79.U Frontispiece.
*Rose, Katherine. See: Meredith, Mrs. Katherine.
Rose, Mrs. Martha. 1 print.
*Rose, Mother Mary. See: MF 179. S49. B1 Page 463.
*Rose, Rosie. See: Pitt, Mrs. Charles.
*Rosecrans, Brig. Gen. W.S. See Prints Collection under Union Generals.
*Rosecrans, W.S. See Prints Collection.
Ross Family. Xemena, Kate, Emma. 1 print.
Ross, Dr. I. 1 print.
Ross, John Jr.-[ca. 1885]. 1 print.
Ross, Maj. Gen. Robert. 2 prints. 1 neg. See also: Main File(Yellow Labels).
*Ross, Maj. Gen. See War of 1812. Death of Gen. Ross.
Rossin, Dr. 1 print.
Rossiter, Mary Heath. 1 print.
*Roszel, Rev. Stephen G. See Prints Collection.
Rouse Family. acc. no. 65154. 1 print.
Rouse, George Douglas. 1889. 1 print.
*Rouse, William. See: Photography Box I-5.
*Rowe, A.D. See: Small Prints.
*Rowland, Samuel. See Prints Collection.
*Royster, Sarah Elmira. See: MF 179. P74. L5 Page 32.
Ruby, William Henry. 1 print.
Ruckle, Thomas C., Sr. 2 prints, 1863 and 1873.
*Rudisill, Mary M. See: MF 179. R91. H Frontispiece.
Rumsey, Mrs. (at Rigbie House). 2 prints.
*Russell, Elizabeth. See: Prints Collection.
Russell, Ikie. 1 print.
Russell, J.B. 1 print.
Russell, Mrs. John W. (Mary Joyce). 1876. 1 print.
Ruth, Babe. 2 prints. 1 neg.
Ruth, Babe. 1 print (with Balto. Orioles). See: Parade, Baltimore; Oversize File; MF 179.R974.L Page 9.
Rutherford, Robert. 1 print.
Ryan, Gus. 1923. 1 print.
Ryan, Thomas Fortune. 2 prints.
Ryan, Mrs. Thos. F., nee Ida Barry. 2 prints.
Rye Family. 3 prints.