Stirling Collection c.1760-1923, MS. 2366

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Stirling Collection, c.1760-1923
Maryland Historical Society


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Stirling Collection, c.1760-1923
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Stirling Collection, c.1760-1923

MS 2366

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Scope and Contents

Scope and Content Note- Stirling Collection MS.2366

The Stirling Collection contains a wide variety of manuscript items most of which relate to the Stirling family of Shane, Maryland, in the seventh district of Baltimore County. The collection includes deeds, indentures, wills, plats, surveys, tax levies, receipts, promissory notes, bills of sale, account books, and correspondence. The collection spans the years ca. 1760 to 1923 although the bulk of the material dates from 1850 to 1900.

The collection is divided into three groups. Deeds, indentures, plats and surveys dating from ca. 1760 - 1880 constitute one section. Correspondence between members and friends of the Stirling family, ca. 1830 - 1900, make up part of another section. Also included are bills of sale, receipts, and tax levies. A third section consists mainly of material relating to Dr. William Millard Stirling of Baltimore and Parkton, Maryland. Includes correspondence, some bills and receipts, and material dealing with his years at the University of Maryland Medical School.

The collection also contains nine volumes: 5 account books and one checkbook owned by John Stirling, 1879-1901; 1 volume listing ground rents, owned by Archibald Stirling, 1839-1875; and 4 account books, 1901-1908, owned by William Millard Stirling.

The following is a list of Stirling family members who have some relation to MS.2366:

James Stirling- 1751-1820; not directly related to MS.2366. emigrated from Scotland to Baltimore, 1765; served in Baltimore cavalry troops at seige of Yorktown; a founder of the St Andrew's Society of Baltimore; had 8 children, most prominent was Archibald Stirling.

Archibald Stirling- 1798-1888; married Elizabeth Ann Walsh; president of Savings Bank of Baltimore; children: Archibald Stirling,Jr., Dr. Robert H. Stirling, Mrs. E.A. Pennington, William Murray Stirling, Yates Stirling.

Archibald Stirling, Jr.- 1832-1892; married Anne Steele Lloyd; Talbot Co., Maryland; lawyer; admitted to bar 1854; city counselor of Baltimore City, 1858-1863; United States District Attorney, 1869-ca. 1885; member House of Delegates from Baltimore City, in session of 1858

John Stirling- fl. 1870

Robert Stirling- fl. 1860

William Millard Stirling- d. 1850; doctor; graduated from University of Maryland Medical School ca. 1895; practiced in Baltimore, Maryland, and Parkton, Maryland.


Container List


Contains wills, deeds, plats, surveys, indentures. All concern land in Baltimore Co., Harford Co., and southern Pennsylvania, and date from ca. 1760 to 1880. Names of the land include Sutton's Delight, Dayley's Delight, [Monto Santo], Plum Tree Bottom, Shipley's Adventure, Belgium, Piney Grove, and others. People mentionned in the material include Patrick Doran, Joshua Shipley, Joseph, Sutton, Benjamin Shipley, Hugh Doran, Robert Stirling, Margaret Doran, and Alexander Contee Hanson. Also included in this box are account books belonging to [John Stirling] ca. 1879-1901, some of which list expenses for shearing sheep, shoeing horses, wagon service, insurance, and newspapers.


Contains correspondence between members and friends of the Stirling family. Letters date from ca. 1830-1900 and concern farming, financial matters, and general family business. Includes some interesting letters from a friend, Isaac Curry, who farmed in the Sacramento Valley of California during the 1880's, and from [Samuel] Martin Jordan as a student at Lafayette College in Easton, PA, ca. 1891-95. Also contained in this box are bills and receipts, 1870-1900, for clothing bought, mortgage payments, insurance premiums, and medical service; cancelled checks, promissory notes; bills of sale ca. 1860-1900 mostly for farm implements and work done on Stirling farms; tax levies, 1871-1900, 1902, for seventh district of Baltimore County.


Consists mainly of material relating to Dr. William Millard Stirling of Baltimore and Parkton, Maryland. Includes correspondence, 1883-1923, much of it concerning his years in medical school, his graduation; letters of recommendation; one letter dated August 5, 1923, from Gov. Albert C. Ritchie; some bills and receipts; course completion tickets from the University of Maryland Medical School, 1891-95; examinations and lectures given while in medical school; 4 volumes 1901-1908, account books, some listing expenses for medecine and “road calls”. The remainder of the box consists of miscellaneous Stirling material including envelopes, fragments of letters; papers concerning Mutual Fire Insurance Co.; Joshua Shipley appointments as ensign and lieutenant, Baltimore Co. militia, 1822, 1823.