Stevens' Historical Index - Maryland, 1626-1780, MS 1468

Stevens' Historical Index - Maryland, 1626-1780

Maryland Historical Society


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Stevens' Historical Index - Maryland, 1626-1780
Maryland Historical Society

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Stevens' Historical Index - Maryland, 1626-1780

MS 1468

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


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This description should cover: types of papers (e.g., correspondence, letters, diaries, documents, etc.); dates, subjects, and types of groups of materials that bulk largest; relationship of the material to specific phases of the career or activity of the principal named in item 2; full names and biographical identification of other persons and names of corporate bodies significant (by quality and quantity of material) to the collection, showing dates, types, and subject matter; geographical areas covered; specific events, topics, and historical periods with which the materials deal; and particular items of extraordinary interest.

This is an index of papers relating to the Colonial History of Maryland in the Public Record Office, England, compiled by Henry Stevens. The following list is copied from the title page of each volume.



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Presented by George Peabody, 1852.







Contains an index to the documents in the Public Record Office relating to Sir George Calvert's Colony of Avalon and the Proprietory history of Maryland from 1626 to 1685, among which are many referring to the religion, laws, trade, productions [UNK]. of Maryland; the wars with the Indians; the disputes of Lord Baltimore with William Claiborne, William Penn, and the Officers of the Customs, Rousby and Badcock; Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia, and the proceedings of the Dutch and Swedes on Delaware Bay.






Contains an index to numerous letters and papers written by persons of both factions concerning the Revolution of 1689 in the Province. Also papers concerning the appointment of Sir Lionel Copley, the first Royal Governor after the Revolution.






Contains an index to documents regarding the administration of Governors Copley, Andros, and Nicholson; the disputes of the first mentioned with the Secretary of the provinde, and also with the Surveyor General of North America; the establishment of Protestant ministers in Maryland; the trade of the Province, and the Quota demanded from Maryland for the defence of the frontiers of New York against the French and the Indians.






Contains an index concerning the proceedings of the Board of Trade; the laws of the Province; the piracies in the American seas; addresses from the people of Maryland to the King, and the administration of Governor Blackistone.






Contains an index to similar subjects to those covered in the preceeding volume.






Contains an index to documents relating to the condition of Maryland during the government of John Seymour; the war with France and Spain; value of foreign coins in America; salaries of the provincial governors, and religion in the province.






Contains an index to papers respecting the population, laws, trade etc. of Maryland; perquisites of the Secretary's office; boundary line of Maryland, and appointment of Col. Corbet as governor.






Contains an index to documents concerning the proceedings of President Lloyd; the appointment and administration of Governor Hart; the appointment of Charles Calvert, proprietory Governor, and the trade etc. of the province.






Contains an index to papers referring to the appointment and administrations of Governors Benedict Leonard Calvert and Samuel Olge; trade etc. of the Province, and the outrages committed against Col. Thomas Cresap and family by the Sheriff of Lancaster Co., Pa.






Contains an index to papers regarding the foreign coins and paper currency in America, boundary line of Maryland; the appointment and administrations of Governors Bladen and Ogle, President Tasker, Governor Sharpe, and the occurrences of the French War.






Contains an interesting compendium of documents relating to the administrations of Governors Sharpe and Eden; the boundary line; the proceedings of the people of Maryland upon the passing and repeal of the Stamp Act and the various other taxes imposed by the British ministry; communications between the Governor and the General Assembly concerning the Acts of Parliament; address and petitions of the people; proceedings of the Convention of Maryland; the movements in the other colonies, and the battles fought with the British.