Stereoview Collection - PP1

Maryland Historical Society
Photograph Collection Inventory List
Special Collections Department
201 West Monument Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201
410-685-3750 x359; 


ca. 1860-1912

Finding aid created by Katherine Cowan with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, September 1999

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Stereoview photographs (also called stereographs) are two photographs taken of the same view from slightly different angles, then mounted side by side onto cards; when the images are viewed with a special viewer, they appear as one, seemingly three-dimensional image. Stereographs were produced continuously during the years 1851-1940, enjoying varying degrees of popularity during that period.

The phenomena was discovered in the early years of photography, and stereoview photographs were produced commercially by the 1850s, along with the instruments for viewing the images, known as stereoscopes. One stereoscope, a hand-held model which became very popular, was designed by Oliver Wendell Holmes at the end of the 1850s. There were also box-type viewers which sat on a table, and models which could hold several hundred views, using a belt to move the cards through. Stereoscopes and views were often sold by opticians, such as Franklin and Co. at 217 W. Baltimore St., where both were available.

Oliver Wendell Holmes was a stereoview enthusiast, calling at one point for the establishment of stereoview libraries, and coining the term "stereograph". He said, "With the Stereoscope by our fireside on a winter’s evening, we can walk through the sunny vineyards of Italy; from our arm-chair look down upon Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. We can wander through the cities of foreign lands, look upon their wonders of architecture". While such exotic subjects were popular, people were also interested in the places and events in their own regions, and in events of national significance such as wars, disasters, and international exhibitions. Other types of views were those with elaborate theatrical tableaus depicting comical or sentimental subjects.

Collection Origin

Present collection assembled from several accessions.

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 3 boxes containing approx. 523 stereoview photoprints mounted on cards. Ranging in date from ca. 1860-1912, included subjects are Baltimore and Maryland buildings, churches, parks, monuments, streets, and events including celebrations and disasters; the Maryland National Guard 5th Regiment at camps in Maryland and New Jersey; views along the routes of various railroads in the region; the Civil War, including battle fields, cemeteries, monuments, and ruins at sites in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia; and the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, 1876. There is also a set of comical and theatrical subjects, and a group of sites in Warren, Mass.

Publishers and photographers represented in the collection include the following: From Baltimore: Richard Walzl; W.M. Chase; Chase and Bachrach; G.W. Robinson; E.V. Daily; XLNT Views; Van Wagner and Dyer; and C. Garwood. From elsewhere in Maryland: C.H. Hopkins (Annapolis, Md.); Markens and Bielfeld (Frederick, Md.); E.M. Recher (Hagerstown, Md.); and Bishop Brothers (Cumberland, Md.). From outside Maryland or unspecified locations: J.W. and J.S. Moulton (Salem, Mass.); E. and H.T. Anthony and Co. (New York, N.Y.); H.C. White (N. Bennington, Vt.); Keystone View Co. (Meadville, Pa. and other locations); Underwood and Underwood (New York, N.Y. and other locations); Kilburn Brothers (Littleton, N.H.); Geo. W. Kirk (Huntington, W. Va.); Mumper and Co. (Gettysburg, Pa.); W.H. Tipton and Co. (Gettysburg, Pa.); H. Ball (Walpole, N.H.); George Barker (Niagara Falls, N.Y.); W. Long (Cape May, N.J.); J.A. Williams (Newport, R.I.); Anderson’s (Richmond, Va.); James Cremer (Philadelphia, Pa.); Centennial Photographic Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.); C.H. Lanphear (Warren, Mass.); T.B. Boothroyd (Auburn, N.Y.); Philp and Solomons (Washington, D.C.); Alex. Gardner; James F. Gibson; and T.H. O’Sullivan.


The photographs are organized by subject in a scheme that incorporates a geographic element. The subjects are arranged with Baltimore subjects first, followed by Maryland subjects outside Baltimore, subjects outside Maryland, and subjects outside the United States. Subjects with no single geographic focus are at the end.

Items with corresponding duplicate/copy negatives are enumerated at end of each subject.

Each subject has been assigned a PP catalog number, as listed here, and each item has a unique number for identification purposes, e.g. PP1.5.1, PP1.5.2, PP1.5.3, etc.

PP1.1 – Buildings (Baltimore, Md.)
PP1.2 – Celebrations or Parades (Baltimore, Md.)
PP1.3 – Church buildings (Baltimore, Md.)
PP1.4 – Disasters (Baltimore, Md.)
PP1.5 – Harbor (Baltimore, Md.)
PP1.6 – Industries (Baltimore, Md.)
PP1.7 – Markets (Baltimore, Md.)
PP1.8 – Monuments (Baltimore, Md.)
PP1.9 – Parks, Squares, and Cemeteries (Baltimore, Md.) (except Druid Hill Park)
PP1.10 – Parks, Squares and Cemeteries: Druid Hill Park (Baltimore, Md.)
PP1.11 – Schools (Baltimore, Md.)
PP1.12 – Streetcars (Baltimore, Md.)
PP1.13 – Streets (Baltimore, Md.)
PP1.14 – Towers (Baltimore, Md.)
PP1.15 – Views (Baltimore, Md.)
PP1.16 – Buildings (Maryland)
PP1.17 – Church buildings (Maryland)
PP1.18 – Industries (Maryland)
PP1.19 – Military (Maryland)
PP1.20 – Monuments (Maryland)
PP1.21 – Railroads (Maryland)
PP1.22 – Schools (Maryland)
PP1.23 – Views (Maryland)
PP1.24 – Civil War (United States)
PP1.25 – Railroads (United States)
PP1.26 – Views (United States, except Warren, Mass.)
PP1.27 – Views (Warren, Mass.)
PP1.28 – Other subjects (outside United States)
PP1.29 – Other subjects (unspecified location).


Container List (3 boxes):

Box 1

PP1.1 – Buildings (Baltimore, Md.). 35 items.
Camden Station, ca. 1877 (1 item); Academy of Music, ca. 1871-1885 (4 items); Concordia Opera House, ca. 1880-1883 and n.d. (4 items); City Jail, ca. 1867-1883 and n.d. (4 items); Old Men and Women’s Home, ca. 1868-1875 (1 item); Sun Iron Building, n.d. (1 item); YMCA, 1881-1883 (1 item); Customs House, ca. 1867-1875 and n.d. (5 items); City Hall, ca. 1870-1883 (3 items); Barnum’s City Hotel, ca. 1870-1883 (2 items); Bayview Asylum, ca. 1870 (1 item); Johns Hopkins Hospital, ca. 1890 (1 item); Delaware Row, 100 block N. Calhoun St., ca. 1867-1873 (1 item); Miller’s House, Charles St. and Lake Ave, ca. 1875 (1 item); Engine House, Fremont and Pitcher, n.d. (2 items); No. 2 Engine House, n.d. (1 item); Young, Creighton & Diggs Block building, Hopkins Pl. and Redwood St., ca. 1875 (1 item); Eutaw House, ca. 1870-1875 (1 item).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.86 – Eutaw House, ca. 1870-1875.

Z24.247 – Concordia Opera House, ca. 1880.

Z24.248 – City Hall, 1880.

Z24.250 – Johns Hopkins Hospital, ca. 1890.

Z24.263 – No. 2 Engine House, n.d.

Z24.299 – Concordia Opera House, n.d.

Z24.305 – Camden Station, ca. 1877.

Z24.309 – Barnum’s City Hotel, 1881-1883.

Z24.328 – Academy of Music, ca. 1871-1878.

Z24.1722 – City Jail, ca. 1871-1873.

Z24.1825 – Bayview Asylum, ca. 1870.

PP1.2 – Celebrations or Parades (Baltimore, Md.). 18 items.
Baltimore Sesquicentennial Celebration, including unidentified group of people dressed in costumes, 1880 (15 items); Military Parade on Broadway, 1872 and n.d. (2 items); Amendment Procession, 1870 (1 item).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.273 – Military Dress Parade on Broadway, 1872 (to celebrate opening of Bremen Steamship Line?).

Z24.282 – Baltimore Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1880, decorated downtown street.

Z24.283 – Baltimore Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1880, unidentified group of men in costumes.

Z24.797 – Amendment Procession, 1870.

Z24.1031 – Military Parade, marching in column on Broadway, n.d. (to celebrate opening of Bremen Steamship Line?)

Z24.1056 – Baltimore Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1880, obelisk monument.

Z24.1729 – Baltimore Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1880, unidentified group of men.

PP1.3 – Churches (Baltimore, Md.). 23 items.
Unidentified church at corner of Park and Lafayette, n.d. (1 item); Bethany Church, Calhoun St. near Lexington, n.d. (1 item); Mt. Vernon M.E. Church, n.d. (1 item); St. Alphonsus Church (Robert Cary Long, architect), Park Ave. and Saratoga St., ca. 1881-1883 (1 item); Church of the Ascension, n.d. (1 item); Friends Meeting House, Lombard St. near Eutaw (includes interiors and school buildings), ca. 1885 (11 items); Friends Meeting House, Aisquith St., ca. 1885 (2 items); 1st Presbyterian Church (Nathan Starkweather, architect), Madison St. and Park Ave., ca. 1870-1875 (1 item); 1st Congregational Church (Thomas Caubell Kennedy, architect), Eutaw and Dolphin Sts., ca. 1882-1885 (3 items); Charles St. Methodist, Charles and Fayette Sts., ca. 1880-1885 (1 item).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.245 – 1st Presbyterian Church, Madison St. and Park Ave.

Z24.1065 – Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church at corner of Park Ave. and Lafayette St., ca. 1870-1875

Z24.1088 – Friends Meeting House, Aisquith St.

PP1.4 – Disasters (Baltimore, Md.). 10 items.
Fire, 1873 (7 items); Baltimore Fire, 1904 (2 items); Boiler explosion, n.d. (1 item).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.303 – Boiler explosion, n.d.

Z24.304 – Fire, 1873, "View at the height of the conflagration".

Z24.306 – Fire, 1873, ruins looking northeast with First English Lutheran Church.

Z24.311 – Fire, 1873, "Moonlight views of the scene before the fire".

PP1.5 – Harbor (Baltimore, Md.). 20 items.
View from Federal Hill, ca. 1867-1880 and n.d. (12 items); Light St. Dock with Federal Hill in distance, n.d. (1 item); View with sailboat and Ft. McHenry in distance, n.d. (1 item); Steamship wharves, n.d. (2 items); Locust Point, ca. 1870-1880 (3 items); Spear’s Wharf with Federal Hill in distance, n.d. (1 item).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.256 – Locust Point, 1880.

Z24.277 – View from Federal Hill, looking northeast, ca. 1870.

Z24.293 – Spear’s Wharf with Federal Hill in distance.

Z23.320 – Light St. Dock with Federal Hill in distance.

Z24.598 – Steamship wharves with Federal Hill in distance.

Z24.615 – View from Federal Hill, ca. 1875-1880.

Z24.1382 – View from Federal Hill, looking southeast, ca. 1875.

PP1.6 – Industries (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.
Shucking oysters (women workers), after 1910 (1 item).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.1344 – Shucking oysters, oyster house, Baltimore, Md., after 1910.

PP1.7 – Markets (Baltimore, Md.). 2 items.
Lexington Market, ca. 1871-1881.

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.393 – Market morning at Lexington Market, ca. 1871-1878.

Z24.1376 – Lexington Market, 1881.

PP1.8 – Monuments (Baltimore, Md.). 24 items.
Battle Monument, Monument Square, ca. 1870-1890 (12 items); Edgar Allen Poe Monument, 500 block W. Fayette St., 1880-1881 (1 item); Thomas Wildey (I.O. Odd Fellows) Monument, Broadway, ca. 1867-1890 (5 items); Washington Monument, Mt. Vernon Place, ca. 1868-1883 and n.d. (6 items).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.246 – Washington Monument, 1881-1883.

Z24.249 – Battle Monument, n.d.

Z24.322 – Battle Monument, ca. 1870-1875.

Z24.1027 – Thomas Wildey Monument, 1881-1883.

PP1.9 – Parks, Squares, and Cemeteries (Baltimore, Md.) (except Druid Hill Park). 33 items.
Eutaw Place, ca. 1880-1890 (3 items); Mt. Vernon Place, ca. 1850(?)-1890 (7 items); Harlem Square, ca. 1890 (3 items); Perkins Spring Square, west of Pennsylvania Ave., bounded by Perkins, George St. and Myrtle Ave., ca. 1890 (2 items); Monument Square, n.d. (1 item); Patterson Park, including fountains, boat lake, pagodas, conservatory, other structures and park visitors, ca. 1875-1885 and n.d. (9 items); Broadway Boulevard, including Church Home Hospital terrace, n.d. (3 items); Green Mount Cemetery, entrance gate, ca. 1875 (1 item); Federal Hill, observation decks, ca. 1875 (1 item); Fort McHenry, including Cruiser Baltimore, ca. 1890 and n.d. (3 items).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.262 – Mt. Vernon Place looking west, ca. 1850(?).

Z24.614 – Federal Hill, observation decks, ca. 1875.

Z24.292 – Fort McHenry, with Cruiser Baltimore in distance, ca. 1890.

Z24.295 – Patterson Park, concession stand and park visitors, ca. 1875.

Z24.307 – Fort McHenry, n.d.

Z24.312 – Patterson Park, marble fountain and park visitors, 1881-1883.

Z24.894 – Mt. Vernon Place, n.d.

Z24.1029 – Broadway Boulevard, Church Home Hospital terrace, n.d.

Z24.1030 – Patterson Park, 1881-1883.

Z24.1811 – Perkins Spring Square (color added), ca. 1890.

Box 2

PP1.10 – Parks, Squares and Cemeteries: Druid Hill Park (Baltimore, Md.). 64 items.
Fountains and springs, including Silver Spring and Edmund’s Well, ca. 1870-1883 and n.d. (14 items); Lakes and ponds, including Boating Lake, Skating Lake, Sea Lion Lake, Swan’s Pond, Silver Lake, ca. 1867-1895 and n.d. (22 items); Mansion House, ca. 1870-1883 and n.d. (5 items); Pavilions and other structures, including Music Pavilion, Music Stand, ca. 1867-1883 and n.d. (8 items); Group portrait of park police, n.d. (1 item); Sheep herds, ca. 1880-1886 (3 items); Lawn furniture, 1881-1883 (1 item); Sculpture, ca. 1870-1875 and n.d. (3 items); Pavilion entrance, ca. 1875-1883 (3 items); Garrett Bridge, 1880 (1 item); Park entrance gateway, ca. 1870-1875 and n.d. (3 items).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.270 – Druid Hill Park, Silver Spring, 1881-1883.

Z24.287 – Druid Hill Park, Music Stand, n.d.

Z24.296 – Druid Hill Park, Park entrance gateway, ca. 1875.

Z24.297 – Druid Hill Park, boating lake, n.d.

Z24.792 – Druid Hill Park, entrance gateway, ca. 1875-1883.

PP1.11 – Schools (Baltimore, Md.). 23 items.
Notre Dame of Maryland, "Collegiate Institute for Young Ladies", N. Charles St., ca. 1890 and n.d. (23 items).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.1554 – Notre Dame of Maryland, Collegiate Institute for Young Ladies, Reception Room on 2nd floor.

PP1.12 – Streetcars (Baltimore, Md.). 6 items.
Horse-drawn streetcars, including car barn, ca. 1871 (4 items); Streetcars on tracks in Woodberry (Poole & Hunt building in background), n.d. (2 items).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.284 – Horse-drawn streetcar on Madison-Broadway line, ca. 1871.

Z24.288 – Horse-drawn streetcar on Madison-Broadway line, ca. 1871.

Z24.290 – Horse-drawn streetcar, ca. 1871.

Z24.291 – Streetcar on tracks in Woodberry (Poole & Hunt building in background), n.d.

Z24.392 – Car barn for horse-drawn streetcars, ca. 1871.

PP1.13 – Streets (Baltimore, Md.). 19 items.
Calvert and Baltimore Sts., showing Carroll Hall, before 1901 (1 item); Calvert Street and North Street (now Guilford Avenue) (showing bridge)., n.d. (1 item); 1028-1036 N. Arlington Ave., ca. 1897-1898 (1 item); Baltimore St., ca. 1867-1880 and n.d. (6 items); 100 block N. Calhoun St., n.d. (1 item); 800 block N. Charles St., ca. 1870 (1 item); Broadway, including boulevard and S. Broadway, ca. 1880-1885 and n.d. (4 items); 100-200 blocks N. Gay St., 1881-1883 (1 item); Exchange Place, n.d. (1 item); Monument St. at Aisquith, with ink drawing on print showing monument, n.d. (1 item); Pratt St., n.d.

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.264 – Exchange Place, n.d.

Z24.300 – 1028-1036 N. Arlington Ave., ca. 1897-1898.

Z24.301 – 100-200 blocks N. Gay St., 1881-1883.

Z24.384 – Baltimore St., n.d.

Z24.385 – Pratt St., n.d.

Z24.390 – Calvert and Baltimore Sts., showing Carroll Hall, before 1901.

Z24.391 – South Broadway, from Baltimore St., n.d.

Z24.617 – 600-700 blocks E. Baltimore St., showing bridge (over Jones Falls?), ca. 1880.

Z24.1028 – Broadway Boulevard, with Church Home Hospital in background, n.d.

PP1.14 – Towers (Baltimore, Md.). 3 items.
Shot Tower, 1868-1881 (3 items).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.1522 – Shot Tower and Fayette St., ca. 1870-1873.

PP1.15 – Views (Baltimore, Md.). 6 items.
View west from Charles St., St. Alphonsus area, ca. 1881-1883 (1 item); "Baltimore by moonlight" (view of rooftops), 1870s (1 item); Aerial view of Mt. Vernon Place and vicinity, n.d. (1 item); Jones’ Falls, n.d. (3 items).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.311 – "Baltimore by moonlight" (view of rooftops), 1870s.

PP1.16 – Buildings (Maryland). 8 items.
Hampton, Baltimore Co., n.d. (1 item); Samuel Appold house, Lutherville, Baltimore Co., n.d. (1 item); Diehlman’s Inn, New Windsor, Carroll Co., 1875 (1 item); State Capitol Building, including interior and State Library, Annapolis, ca. 1870-1896 and n.d. (5 items).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.600 – Hampton, Baltimore Co., n.d.

Z24.1287 – State Capitol, Annapolis, ca. 1896.

Z24.1288 – State Capitol, fountain, Annapolis, n.d.

Z24.1289 – State Capitol, Annapolis, n.d.

PP1.17 – Churches (Maryland). 4 items.
St. Ann’s Church, view from dome of Capitol, Annapolis, ca. 1868-1872 (1 item); St. Mary’s Church, including interior, Annapolis, ca. 1868-1875 (2 items); ___(?) Church with grave of Charles E. Lawyer (?), Carroll Co., n.d. (1 item).

PP1.18 – Industries (Maryland). 9 items.
Oyster boats (on Chesapeake Bay?), 1872 (1 item); Oyster boat, Chesapeake Bay, ca. 1912 (1 item); Hunting and fishing, Chesapeake Bay, ca. 1892 (6 items); Cotton factory near Tolchester, Md., 1878(?) (1 item).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.775 – Gray's Patapsco Factory near Ilchester, Md., 1878(?).

Z24.1187 – Oyster boat, Chesapeake Bay, ca. 1912 (1 item).

PP1.19 – Military (Maryland). 11 items.
Maryland National Guard, 5th Regiment, camp at Cape May, N.J. (many people identified), 1876 (4 items); Maryland National Guard, 5th Regiment, camp at Long Branch, N.J., 1874 (4 items); Maryland National Guard, 5th Regiment, camp at Riverside Park (S. Baltimore) at time of Railroad Riot (one person identified), 1877 (1 item); U.S. practice ship Santee, ca. 1875 (1 item); U.S. Navy Cruiser Chicago, 1901 (1 item).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.272 – Maryland National Guard, 5th Regiment, camp at Riverside Park (S. Baltimore) at time of Railroad Riot, 1877.

Z24.362 – Maryland National Guard, 5th Regiment, camp at Cape May, N.J., 1876.

PP1.20 – Monuments (Maryland). 2 items.
Thomas Monument, Relay, Baltimore Co., ca. 1870-1875 (1 item); Grave of Francis Scott Key in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Frederick, n.d. (1 item);

PP1.21 – Railroads (Maryland). 15 items.
Northern Central Railroad view, Rocklin Cascades, ca. 1870-1875 (1 items); B&O Railroad views, including Wills Mountain at Cumberland, Thomas Viaduct at Relay, Youghiogheny River, and unidentified locations, ca. 1870-1875 and n.d. (5 items); Western Maryland Railroad views, including Penmar Park and High Rock Observatory, Germantown Gorge, and unidentified locations, n.d. (6 items); PW&B Railroad view, Great Bridge at Havre de Grace, ca. 1875 (1 item); Unidentified location, train on bridge, n.d. (2 items).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.1364 – PW&B Railroad view, Great Bridge at Havre de Grace, ca. 1875.

PP1.22 – Schools (Maryland). 8 items.
Navel Academy, Annapolis, ca. 1868-1880 and n.d. (7 items); St. John’s, Annapolis, ca. 1868-1872 (1 item).

PP1.23 – Views (Maryland). 12 items.
Potomac River with Georgetown in distance (?), n.d. (1 item); Ilchester Bridge, Howard Co., 1870 (1 item); Lake Roland, Baltimore Co., ca. 1880 (1 item); Lock Raven dam, Baltimore Co., 1881 (1 item); Ravine at Bladensburg, famed for fatal duels, ca. 1904 (1 item); Patapsco River, dam above Thomas Viaduct near Relay, 1875 (1 item); Ellicott City after flood, Howard Co., 1868 (1 item); St. Mary’s near Baltimore, n.d.. (1 item); Severn River, Annapolis, ca. 1868-1875 (2 items); Annapolis, view from dome of Capitol, ca. 1868-1872 (2 items).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.286 – Lake Roland, ca. 1880.

Z24.294 – St. Mary’s near Baltimore, n.d.

Z24.825 – Loch Raven dam, Baltimore Co., 1881.

Box 3

PP1.24 – Civil War (United States). 72 items.
Battle fields and headquarters, wounded and dead soldiers, cemeteries, monuments, ruins, and related sites in locations including Sharpsburg, Antietam, Emmitsburg, Gettysburg (Pa.), Hampton (Va.) and vicinities (most are identified and dated), ca. 1862-1884 (72 items).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.1031 - Union Soldiers Dress Parade.

Z24.1099 - Civil war wounded at Savage Station, June 27, 1862.

PP1.25 – Railroads (United States). 12 items.
B&O Railroad views, including Harper’s Ferry and bridges (W. Va.), Cheat River Valley and bridges (W. Va.), Potomac River (W. Va.), Moundsville (W. Va.), ca. 1865-1880 and n.d. (10 items); C&O Railroad view, Falling Spring Falls (W. Va.), n.d. (1 item); Portland & Ogdensburg Railroad view, Crawford Notch (N.H.), n.d. (1 item).

Dup/copy negatives:
Z24.1501 – B&O Railroad view, Cheat River Narrows (W. Va.), ca. 1870-1875.

PP1.26 – Views (United States, except Warren, Mass.). 35 items.
Philadelphia, Pa., Centennial Exhibition, including buildings, exhibition interiors, and dioramas, 1876 (15 items); Philadelphia, Pa., Liberty Bell, 1872 (1 item); White Sulpher Springs, Va., 1869 (2 items); Newport, R.I., yachts in Newport Harbor, n.d. (5 items); Maine lumber schooner off coast, Cape May, N.J., 1875 (1 item); Cape May, N.J., unidentified group at Congress Hall Lawn, 1875 (2 items); New York City, including Flatiron Building and Central Park, ca. 1880-1885 and n.d. (3 items); Buffalo, N.Y., including Soldiers Monument and view from top of German Ins. Building, 1883 and n.d. (2 items); Acworth, N.H., ____? Church, 1869 (1 item); Arlington, Va., National Cemetery, 1878 and n.d. (2 items); Residence of T.S. Kendesdine (Laurelton), Cuttelossa Valley (?), n.d. (1 item).

PP1.27 – Views (Warren, Mass.). 22 items.
Bridges, mills, churches, dams, streets, hotels, town halls, parks, houses, businesses, overviews (most subjects are identified), 1885 and n.d. (22 items).

PP1.28 – Other subjects (outside United States). 6 items.
Trout fishing on Nipigon River (Ontario, Canada), 1892 (1 item); St. Peter’s Church (Rome, Italy), ca. 1885 (1 item); Three decker line of battle ship (Cork Harbor, Ireland), n.d. (1 item); Yakushi Temple (Nikko, Japan), n.d. (1 item); Trondhjem Cathedral (Norway), n.d. (1 item); View of Coblenz, Eisenbahnbrucke and Schloss (Germany), n.d. (1 item).

PP1.29 – Other subjects (unspecified location). 26 items.
"Comic" and theatrical subjects, ca. 1875-1885 and n.d. (23 items); Etruscan and Greco-Roman antiquities, n.d. (1 item); Buildings in city, unidentified location, n.d. (1 item); Man with horse ("George", #2 Hook and Ladder), ca. 1870-1875 (1 item)