Sidney Hollander Collection 1926-1972, MS. 2044

Collection summary

Title: Sidney Hollander Collection

Creator: Sidney Hollander Jr.

Call number: MS 2044

Inclusive dates: 1926 - 1972

Extent: 95 boxes

Abstract: Mr. Hollander was a businessman, philanthropist and social activist in Baltimore. This collection encompasses his papers, correspondence, speeches and other miscellaneous documents

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See also: Sidney Hollander Photograph Collection, PP256

Administrative summary

Repository H. Furlong Baldwin Library

Maryland Historical Society

201 W. Monument St.

Baltimore, MD 21201


Access restrictions: Access to this collection is unrestricted

Use restrictions: Permission to publish transcriptions, quotations, or citations must be received in writing from the Special Collections Librarian.

Provenance: The items in this collection were acquired from Sidney Hollander’s son Mr. Sidney Hollander, Jr.


Processing note Original finding aid created in 1974, revised in 1981, and 2008, 2011


Scope and Content Note


Sidney Hollander was a Baltimore (Md.) businessman (owner of the Maryland Pharmaceutical Company) who devoted most of his spare time and much of his retirement to volunteer work in the fields of social welfare and social reform. He served numerous private and public philanthropic organizations as an officer and board member and gained prominence on both the local and national welfare scenes. This large collection deals almost exclusively with his long career as a social activist and reformer - a career which spanned the years from 1938 to 1971 and which led Hollander to grapple with a wide variety of American social problems.

The collection was originally divided into nine series: Militia Enlistments, Maryland Line Enlistments, Accounts of Provisions, Pay Accounts and Payrolls, Oaths of Allegiance, and miscellaneous records. An addendum was added as a tenth series which consists of additional speeches, correspondence, and clippings.

Series 1, Miscellaneous Biographical Material

(One folder in Box 1 of Series 2) - Miscellaneous biographical material collected in part by Sidney Hollander, Jr. after the death of his father. This section includes copies of an article which was to appear in the National Cyclopedia of American Biography, lists of positions held and awards received by Hollander, and a small amount of material gathered from the archives of the Council on Social Work Education and the National Conference of Social Work pertaining to Hollander's work with these organizations. Also included are Sidney Hollander, Jr.'s reminiscences about his father.

Series 2, Speeches and Interviews

(6 Boxes, 1932-1969) - This section consists of Hollander's formal addresses, acceptance speeches, prepared introductory remarks, and an interview conducted by WBAL-TV. Also see boxes 92- 95 which contain many more speeches and addresses given by Sidney Hollander.


Series 3, Correspondence

(76 Boxes, c.1926-1972) - Alphabetically arranged correspondence file which includes those letters (both incoming and copies of outgoing ones) exchanged between Hollander and numerous individuals and organizations with which he worked. Hollander corresponded with representatives of the following social welfare or social action agencies: American Civil Liberties Union (Md., N.Y.), American Foundation for the Blind (N.Y.), American Friends Service Committee (Pa.), American Jewish Committee (Md., N.Y.), American Jewish Congress (Md., N.Y.), American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (N.Y.), American Public Welfare Association (Ill.), Americans for Democratic Action (Md., District of Columbia), Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore, Baltimore City, Department of Social Services, Baltimore Fellowship, Baltimore Jewish Council, Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc., Baltimore Urban League, Business Executives Move for Vietnam Peace (B.E.M.) (Md.), Catholic Interracial Council (N.Y.), Child Welfare League of America (N.Y.), Citizens' Crusade Against Poverty (District of Columbia), Citizens Planning and Housing Association of Baltimore, Congress of Racial Equality (C.O.R.E.) (Md., N.Y.), Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organizations dealing with Employment Discrimination in War Industries (N.Y.) Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds (N.Y.), Council on Social Work Education (N.Y.), Family Service Association of America (N.Y.), Fellowship Commission (Pa.), Graduate School for Jewish Social Work (N.Y.), Highlander Center (Tenn.), Interracial Music Council (N.Y.), Jewish Children's Society (Md.), Jewish Family and Children's Bureau (Md.), Jewish Labor Committee (Md., N.Y.), Large City Budgeting Conference [of the Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds] (N.Y.), League for Industrial Democracy (N.Y.), Maryland Conference of Social Concern, Maryland State Department of Employment and Social Services, National Assembly of National Health and Social Welfare Organizations (N.Y.), National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (N.Y., Md.), National Budget and Consultation Committee (N.Y.), National Committee for the Day Care of Children (N.Y.), National Committee to Abolish the Poll Tax (N.Y.), National Conference of Jewish Communal Service (N.Y.), National Conference on Social Welfare (Ohio), National Council of Senior Citizens (District of Columbia), National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council (N.Y.), National Health and Welfare Retirement Association (N.Y.), National Public Relations Council of Health and Welfare Services (N.Y.), National Recreation Association (MD., N.Y.), National Refugee Service (N.Y.), National Urban League (N.Y.), Non-Sectarian Foundation for Refugee Children (N.Y.), Planned Parenthood Association of Maryland, Russian War Relief (Md.), Social Legislation Information Service (District of Columbia), Southern School for Workers (Va.), Training Bureau for Jewish Communal Service (N.Y.), Union for Democratic Action (District of Columbia, Md., N.Y.), Union of American Hebrew Congregations (N.Y.), United Community Defense Services (N.Y.), United HIAS Service (N.Y.), United Negro College Fund (Md., N.Y.), United Service for New Americans (N.Y.), United Service Organizations (Md., N.Y.), United States Committee for the Care of European Children (N.Y.), Wiltwyck School for Boys (N.Y.), Young Women's Christian Association - National Board (N.Y.), and the Zionist Organization of America (various offices).

Individuals with whom he corresponded include: Paul Baerwald (N.Y., b.1871), Jacob Blaustein (Md., 1892-1970), Isaiah Bowman (Md., 1878-1950), Alice Cope (Mrs. Oliver Cope; Mass.), Grace Coy (Mrs. Wayne Coy; D.C.), Mathilde Dreyfous (Mrs. George A. Dreyfous; La.), [Bert] H. Duschnes (N.Y.), Ludwig Edelstein (Md., N.Y., 1902-1965), Elton C. Fax (N.Y.), Eugene M. Feinblatt (Md.), Marie Louise Friedenwald (Md.), Elisabeth Gilman (Md., 1867-1950), Arnold Gurin (Mass., b.1917), Maurice B. Hexter (N.Y., b. 1891), Gustav Hirshman (Md.), Minna Hirschman (Mrs. Gustav; Md.), Jane M. Hoey (N.Y.), Donald B. Hurwitz (Pa.), Renée Hurwitz (Mrs.Donald B. Hurwitz; Pa.), Albert David Hutzler (Md., 1888-1965), Agnes Inglis King (D.C., d.1975), Mary S. Ingraham (Mrs. Henry A.; N.Y., b.1887), Edward L. Israel (Md.), Marion E. Kenworty (N.Y.), Freda Kirchwey (N.Y., b. 1911), Lawrence S. Kubie (Md.), William Wallace Lanahan (Md.), Irving Levick (N.Y.), [Jack] L. Levin (Md.), Alexander Levy ([Md.]), Eleanor Levy (Mrs. Lester S. Levy; Md.), Lester S. Levy (Md.), James Edward Lewis (Md.), Carolyn Lisburger (Mrs. Sylvan J. Lisburger; Md.), Sylvan J. Lisburger (Calif., Md.), Joseph P. Leob (Calif.), Lillian A. Lottier (Md.), Solomon Lowenstein (N.Y., 1877-1940), Herbert Mallinson (Texas), [Betty] Mayersohn (Mrs. Stanley Mayersohn; N.Y.), Adelaide H. Mitchell (Mrs. Broadus Mitchell; Md., Conn.), Broadus Mitchell (Md., Calif., N.J., b.1892), Henry Monsky (Neb., 1890-1947), Carl Murphy (Md., d. 1967), Howard H. Murphy (Md.), Robert S. Nyburg (Md.), Sidney L. Nyburg (Md., 1880-1957), Herbert R. O'Conor (Md., 1896-1959), [Kate] Ostwald (Calif.), Clarence E. Pickett (Pa., 1884-1965), Justine Wise Polier (Mrs. Shad Polier; N.Y., b.1903), Bertha B. Proctor (Mrs. Wm. Proctor; Md.), Caroline Ramsay (Mrs. John B. Ramsay, Jr.; Md.), David Rosenstein (N.Y., 1895-1963), Else Rosenthal (Mrs. Leo Rosenthal; N.Y.), William Rosenwald (N.Y., b.1903), Jean Rubin (N.Y.), [Ben] Sadowski (Canada), Paul S. Sarbanes (Md., b.1933), Gloria Walinsky Schaffer (Conn., b.1930), Ernest Schwarz (D.C.), Gladys Secoles (N.Y.), Pauline Sherashefsky (Mrs. Leon Sherashefsky; D.C., Md.), Evelyn Sherwin (Mrs. Vernon Sherwin; Md.), Vernon Sherwin (Md.), Carlton R. Sickles (Md., b.1921), Abba Hillel Silver (Ohio, 1893-1963), Asbury Smith (Md.), Bessie C. Stern (Md., b.1880), Maurice Taylor (Pa., 1895-1955), Alvin Thalheimer (Md., 1894-1965) Norman Thomas (N.Y., 1884-1968), Joseph D. Tydings (Md., b.1928), Elinor Ulman (Md.), Joseph N. Ulman (Md., 1878-1943), Ilza Veith (Mrs. Hans Veith; Calif., b.1915), [Peggy] Waxter (Mrs. Thomas J. S. Waxter, Sr.; Md.), Thomas J. S. Waxter, Sr. (Md., d.1962), Joseph L. Willen (N.Y., b.1897), Pearl Willen (Mrs. Joseph Willen; N.Y.), Lawrence M. Williams (La.), and Stephen S. Wise (N.Y., 1874-1949).

Also included in this section is correspondence exchanged between Hollander and members of his family.

See the addendum tenth series for additional correspondence. Notably some letters between the Jewish community and the NAACP in regards to segregation at Hutzler’s Department Store.

Series 4, Charitable Contribution Records, Estate Records

(3 Boxes and 1 vol., c.1938-1972) - This section consists mainly of receipts, membership cards, letters of acknowledgement, and invoices which pertain primarily to Hollander's charitable contributions and, infrequently, to personal business transactions. Also included are a few miscellaneous items relating to the estates of Sidney Hollander and Clara Drey Hollander and a ledger which records contributions made by Hollander during the period from 1957 to 1972.

Series 5, Invoices, Receipts, and Other Miscellaneous records

(1 Box, c.1960-1971) - This section consists of invoices, receipts, and other miscellaneous records of transactions between Sidney Hollander, his medical advisors, Maryland Blue Cross, Inc./ Maryland Blue Shield, Inc., and


Series 6, Awards and Tributes

(3 Boxes, c.1951-1972) - This section is composed of some of the awards (REMOVED TO THE GRAPHICS DIVISION - SEE THE SIDNEY HOLLANDER GRAPHICS COLLECTION) and tributes received by Sidney Hollander. Included is a volume of letters of tribute presented to Hollander on the occasion of the joint celebration of his 70th birthday and the 20th anniversary of his association with the Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds. Included also are two volumes of letters delivered to Hollander on his 90th birthday, some miscellaneous materials such as newspaper clippings and programs which pertain to the awards he received, and materials which commemorate the presentation of the Sidney Hollander Award to the Congress of Racial Equality (C.O.R.E.) in 1954.


Series 7, Hollander Vacation Plans

(2 Boxes, 1938-1971) - The material in this section pertains to the holiday plans and travel arrangements made by Sidney Hollander along with Clara Drey Hollander and assorted members of the Hollander family.


Series 8, Passports, Calendars, Miscellaneous

(1 Box, 1927-1972) - A collection of miscellany composed of passports and visas (1927-1972), Sidney Hollander's desk calendars (1953, 1954, 1956, 1962), Christmas gift lists (1929-1970), a notebook recording personal expenses kept by Clara Drey Hollander, and a report card from the University of Wisconsin belonging to Emily D. Hollander (1939-1940


Series 9, Letters of Condolence and Tribute , Death of Sidney Hollander

(2 Boxes, 1972) - Letters of condolence and tribute sent to Mrs. Clara Hollander and the Hollander family upon the occasion of Sidney Hollander's death in 1972.

Series 10 – Addendum (labeled 2044.1), Additional Speeches, Correspondence, and Clippings


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