Shriver Family Papers, 1873-1908, MS 2085.6


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Shriver Family Papers, 1873-1908

MS. 2085.6

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


This collection also contains papers of George M. Shriver's wife Elizabeth [Chism] Shriver (d. 1935), their son Charles Mayer Shriver (1893-1949), his wife Ruth Lee [French] Shriver (d. 1973), and their daughter French [Shriver] Foster.


Accession number 73630 was donated in February 1978 by Mrs. J.W.S. Foster [UNK] (French Shriver Foster) who was the donor of the previous George McLean (1868-1942 Shriver) material as well (Accession Number 72390).

The newly accessioned papers are largely the papers of George M. Shriver and [UNK] the papers of the previous accession. These new papers begin in 1911 (with 3 items from 1888) while the earlier papers ended in 1908.



George M. Shriver's papers are largely incoming letters from family members. There are letters from son Charles Mayer Shriver while at Lehigh (1911-12), daughter Helen at the National School, Domestic Arts and Science in Washington, D.C. (1917), and son Samuel at Cornell (1923-26). His son Charles M. followed George into the B and O, and Charles' letters (1917-18) describe his railroad work in Portsmouth, Ohio and his army enlistment to do railroad work. Other family members writing to George (especially at Christmas and on birthdays) were his aunt Carrie [Caroline McCluskey?] (1917-26), his [sisters] Mary Jane Shriver (1916-1933), Bessie (1913-32), and Mary (Mrs. H. Wirt Shriver) (1913); his brothers William Payne Shriver (1888, 1932) and James Shriver (1931), and his cousin Louis E. Shriver (1927-31). There are also letters (1918) from George's nephew William Shriver who was in the army. He was stationed in Ohio and wanted more active duty.

A non-family correspondent was John F. Stevens who was with the Inter-Allied Technical Board, Siberian Railway. A copy of Stevens' letter (1919) to Daniel Willard of the B and O is in Shriver's papers. The detailed letter contains Stevens'

observations on and his dislike of the Bolsheviks.

There are 2 letters (1926) to George from a Rev. Theisinger in Alsenborn-Rheinpfalz, Germany. Alsenborn was apparently the Shriver ancestral home, and Theisinger writes of George's recent visit and the local church's financial straits due to German inflation.

George's papers also include his diary of 1887. In it he recorded his daily activities especially his courtship of Elizabeth M. Chism whom he married in 1888. There are also 3 of his notebooks and 2 memoranda (1913, 1916) concerning the B and O. Other items include wedding invitations and printed programs of railroad testimonial dinners.



Elizabeth [Chism] Shriver (d. 1935) married George M. Shriver in 1888. Her papers [UNK] of a few incoming letters (1881-87, 1917-33) from friends and a tribute to her work with the Woman's Auxiliary of Rosewood State Training School written after her death in 1935.



Charles M. Shriver (1893-1949) was the son of George and Elizabeth [Chism] Shriver. Like his father Charles joined the B and O Railroad. Papers pertaining to him are letters he wrote to his father while at Lehigh University (1911-12), working for the B and O in Portsmouth, Ohio (1917-1918), and enlisting in the army. These are in George M. Shriver's incoming letters. Other letters by Charles are in his wife Ruth Lee [French] Shriver's incoming letters. These 20 letters (1929) were written by Charles while attending a course on railway transportation at Harvard.

Charles papers include a few letters (1937-42) from his daughter French while she was at camp in New Hampshire and school in Massachusetts.



Ruth Lee [French] Shriver (d. 1973) was the wife of Charles M. Shriver. Her papers consist of letters to her from her husband while he was at Harvard (1929), and 30 letters (1937-1963) from her daughter French [Shriver] Foster. French's letters describe attending camp in New Hampshire (1937-41), attending school and teaching at House in the Pines, Norton, Massachusetts (1941-1947), and traveling in California 1963. These is also a play (1939) written by Ruth for a church benefit.



French [Shriver] Foster was the daughter of Charles M. and Ruth Lee [French] Shriver. Her papers consist of incoming letters mainly from her uncle George M. Shriver, Jr. while he was in the army 1942-45. Letters she wrote while at camp and at school are found in the incoming letters of her father and mother.




There is a letter (1879) from Howard Shriver to Kate Shriver describing in detail a visit to her sister in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Also included is a copy of a poem by Rev. Samuel S. Shriver entitled The Old Homestead. Mrs. Foster also donated a copy of [her grandfather] R.A. French's reminiscences (1895) of forty-eight years of railroad life.


Container List

BOX 1 

George M. Shriver Papers, 1873-1908 (ACC. NO. 72390)


George M. Shriver Correspondence, 1876-1932 (ACC. NO. 73630)


George M. Shriver Correspondence, 1933-37, n.d. (ACC. NO. 73630)

George M. Shriver Diary, 1887 (ACC. NO. 73630)

George M. Shriver Notebooks (ACC. NO. 73630)

George M. Shriver Business Papers, 1913, 1916 (ACC. NO. 73630)

George M. Shriver Cards (ACC. NO. 73630)

George M. Shriver Invitations (ACC. NO. 73630)

George M. Shriver Dance Programs (ACC. NO. 73630)

George M. Shriver Entertainment Programs (ACC. NO. 73630)

George M. Shriver Dinner Programs (ACC. NO. 73630)

George M. Shriver Newspaper Clippings (ACC. NO. 73630)


Elizabeth [Chism] Shriver Incoming Letters, 1881-87, 1917-33

Elizabeth [Chism] Shriver Tribute, 1935 1917-33

Charles M. Shriver Incoming Letters, 1937-46

Ruth Lee [French] Shriver Incoming Letters, 1929-63 1917-33

Ruth Lee [French] Shriver Play, 1939

French [Shriver] Foster Incoming Letters, 1940-47 1917-33

[Samuel S. Shriver] Poem, n.d.

R.A. French Reminiscences, 1895

Howard Shriver Letter to Kate Shriver, 1879