Roger Johnson Account Books, 1806-1842, MS 496

Roger Johnson Account Books, 1806-1842
Maryland Historical Society

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Roger Johnson Account Books, 1806-1842
Maryland Historical Society

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Roger Johnson Account Books, 1806-1842

MS 496

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674

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Microfilm: Antebellum Southern Plantations,

Reel 8



Roger Johnson Account Books, 1806-1842, Frederick County, Maryland,

MS. 496


Roger Johnson (1749-1831) was the youngest brother of Governor Thomas Johnson. They moved from Anne Arundel County to Frederick County before the Revolution and amassed considerable lands. With the partition of the Johnson holdings, Roger Johnson gained title to their lands in southern Frederick County, near Sugarloaf Mountain and adjacent to Montgomery County, Maryland. He operated the Bloomsbury Forge and Johnson Furnace in addition to the Bloomsbury Mills and plantations which are documented in this collection. Many accounts are his son and daughter-in-law's, Richard and Juliana Johnson. The Day-book, 1806-1812, shows quantities of wheat, rye, bran, and corn received at the mill as well as flour, shorts, and middlings ground and marketed in Baltimore, Fredericktown, and Georgetown. Plantation accounts include many references to slave labor and the hiring of free Negro laborers and craftsmen. The Invoice Book, 1809-1815, lists amounts of cloth and clothing bought. The Ledger, 1812-1842, contains an alphabetical index including surnames and classifications such as Provisions, Plantation, Wheat, Tobacco, Cash, and Expenses.



0365 Introductory Materials.





0367 Roger Johnson, Volume 1, Bloomsbury Mills Daybook, 1806-1812.





0565 Roger Johnson, Volume 2. Invoice Book, 1809-1815.





0699 Roger Johnson, Ledger Book, 1812-1842.





Reel 9

0001 Roger Johnson, Ledger Book, 1812-1842 cont.








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