Rieman Business Records, 1807-1905, MS 1879

Rieman Business Records, 1807-1905

Maryland Historical Society


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Rieman Business Records, 1807-1905
Maryland Historical Society

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Rieman Business Records, 1807-1905

MS 1879

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


An inventory of the volumes in the Maryland Historical Society

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amended 5/76

Scope and Content

During the processing the history of the businesses became apparent - through the actual volumes or from Baltimore directories. The findings were submitted to the donor, and he made slight alterations which do not affect the story to any extent. The early history of the company (prior to the formation of Henry Rieman ; Sons in the 1820s) as found by the processor varies from the donor's version, and so both are included, since the Baltimore directories seem to bear out the former's theory.


July 1971

Biographical Note


Persons concerned

Daniel Reichman (1755-1829) (Changed to Rieman after arriving in USA)


Basil H. Warfield (17.. - 18..)


Henry Rieman (1786-1865)


Joseph Yager (1771-1849)


Joseph Henry Rieman (1822-1897)


Alexander Rieman (1814-1888)


Joseph H. Rieman, Jr. (1858-1900)


Howard Rieman (18.. - 1929)


Henry J. Rieman (18.. - 1938)


Locations (not complete): A guide of important years in the firm's history.

Daniel Rieman's sugar refinery, on Eutaw and later on Lexington Street, 180... Warfield's was at corner of Pearl St. and Park Lane.

In 1829, Henry Rieman's store was nw corner Eutaw ; Lexington Sts., but Henry Rieman ; Sons, sugar refiners, were at Park Lane w. of Pearl. In 1831 the refined sugar store was at corner Lexington Market and Eutaw St. In the 1840's the firm is found at 24 N. Howard St. In the 1860's it was at 12 S. Howard and 9 South Howard. In 1887 it was at 217 W. German St. and it continued there until 1902.

Daniel Rieman came to Baltimore between 1780-1785 and opened a sugar refinery there sometime late in the 18th century. It is possible that he formed a partnership with Basil H. Warfield; there is mention of this in the first ledger. Warfield married Daniel's daughter, Elizabeth in 1806.

Daniel last appears as a sugar refiner in the 1808 directory, but in 1817 (possibly in succession to the Daniel/Warfield partnership?) there appears the entry, Yager ; Henry not Daniel 5/76 merchants. In 1819 the firm is described as grocers and bacon sellers. The partnership is noted in 1824, but in 1827 Yager appears on his own as a bacon merchant, but although he lived until 1849, he seems to have ceased business before 1830

Daniel had a son, Henry Rieman, who joined the business before Daniel died in 1829. The Baltimore directory of 1829 gives Henry Rieman as owner of the sugar refinery and also a grocery and bacon store. The suger refinery business ceased in 1833, and with various slight changes of title, the firm remained as Henry Rieman's until early in the 20th century.

Joseph Henry Rieman joined his father, Henry in 1843; Alexander, his brother joined in 1845. Joseph H. Rieman, Jr., Howard and Henry J. became partners in the latter part of the 19th century. The firm's name changed to Henry Rieman ; Sons about 1847; these are not Henry Rieman's family 5/76 Joseph H. Rieman (1822-1897) continued the firm as Henry Rieman and Sons, capitalists.


Daniel retired from business about 1810 and it was carried on by his son Henry. The method of sugar refining having changed, the business developed into the wholesale grocery and meat business trading with the West, particularly Ohio.

Samuel Rieman engaged in the business to some extent with his brother Henry. A Baltimore City Directory of 1840-41 lists Rieman, Henry ; Sons Merchants cor. Eutaw and Louisiana Streets dw s w cor Pearl and Lexington sts also Samuel Rieman, grocer, 22 Eutaw St. n of Lexington

According to the Baltimore Assn. of Commerce Century Honor Roll of Baltimore Business Henry Rieman and Sons was founded 1812.

Henry Rieman married Mary Jones and was survived by seven children as follows:


Sophie Rieman 1810-1886 married George Steuart (Md. Hist. Society has portraits of both these people)


William Jones Rieman 1812-1884 married Cecil Howard of Ohio


Alexander Rieman 1814-1888 married Eveline MacFarland


Elizabeth Warfield Rieman 1816-1903 married John Rawlings Duval


Anna Maria Rieman 1820-1983 married Frederick H. Hack


Joseph Henry Rieman 1822-1897 married Ann Lowe of Ohio


Mary Virginia Rieman 1824-1876 married Henry W. Baxley


Alexander Rieman and Joseph H. Rieman engaged in the business with their father Henry Rieman. It should be noted that Joseph H. Rieman Jr. was render="italic"not the son of Joseph H. Rieman, but I think the son of William J. Rieman.

Daniel Rieman was born in Walrode, Germany 1755 (died Baltimore 1829). He came to America as a Hessian soldier to fight for the British, but became ill in Charleston, S.C. in 1781 and did little fighting. He eventually arrived in Baltimore about 1780-1783 and started a sugar refinery which was his business in Germany before he left there. His State of Maryland naturalization paper is dated October 8, 1788 and on it his signature is spelled Daniel Rehman (elsewhere it is shown as Riehmann). According to our records he was engaged in sugar refinery with Smith and Payne located on Paca Street and this was the first refinery in Baltimore. His partners apparently retired from the firm and his son Henry Rieman continued the refinery with him for some years at Raborg Street.

Daniel married Katherine Peters in 1785 and was survived by seven children as follows:


Henry Rieman 1786-1865 married Mary Wilcox Jones


Elizabeth Rieman 1789-1880 married Basil H. Warfield


Barbara Ann Rieman 1793-1874 married Andrew Willier


Margaret Rieman 1795-1871 married Daniel Kalbfus


Ann Maria Rieman 1800-1873 married Edward Steuart (Md. Historical Society has a portrait of Edward Steuart)


Samuel Rieman 1807-1841 married Seraphine Smith


George Peters Rieman 1809-1835 married Sarah Garrett, a daughter of the first Robert Garrett of Baltimore




May 1976


Processed by P.W. Filby

Date: July [UNK]


Henry Rieman ; Sons

The records of the Rieman businesses in Baltimore were donated by Joseph Rieman McIntosh in July 1971.

There are 27 volumes of ledgers, cash books, journals, day books, etc. covering the period 1807-1905.

All property rights belong to the Maryland Historical Society

Accession number: 63745. 27 vols.

Ms. number: 1879.

Rieman, Warfield ; Rieman sugar refiners, c. 1807-12

Yager ; Rieman grocers, bacon sellers c. 1819-27

H. ; S. Rieman sugar refiners c. 1827-32

Henry Rieman grocer, bacon seller 1827-36

Henry Rieman ; Son grocer, bacon seller 1837-46

Henry Rieman ; Sons provision dealer 1847-1952[?] commission merchants

Henry Rieman ; Sons was a provision and commission merchant firm founded by Rieman about 1827. In the late 18th or early 19th century Henry worked in sugar refining with his father Daniel and Basil Warfield. One of the early ledgers in this collection (vol 16) records a [Daniel?] Rieman, Warfield, ; [Henry?] Rieman, sugar refiners about 1807-12, but the city directories do not. From 1827 until about 1832 Henry continued sugar refining with his brother Samuel as the firm H.;S. Rieman, sugar refiners (see vol. 1). Henry was concurrently engaged in the grocery trade. The firm [Joseph] Yager ; [Henry] Rieman, grocers and bacon sellers existed from about 1819 until 1827. Henry Rieman continued the grocery and bacon selling business alone after 1827 (along with the sugar refining with Samuel at the same address). In 1837 he changed the name to Henry Rieman ; Son, grocers and bacon sellers. The firm became Henry Rieman ; Sons, provision dealers and commission merchants in 1847. The two sons were Alexander and Joseph H. Rieman. Much of the firm's activity through the 1870s dealt with shipping pork from Terre Haute, Indiana and Cincinnati, Ohio to Baltimore where it was cured. During the period 1880-86 Henry Rieman ; Sons does not list the type of business in which it engaged. However, Joseph's sons had opened Rieman ; Bros. Co. (1877-89), a provision and commission merchant firm which perhaps absorbed some of Henry Rieman ; Sons' business while the elder Rieman's were engaged in other activities. Alexander was president of the Western Maryland Railroad from 1873-74 and vice-president from 1874-84. Joseph H. Rieman was president of the Commercial and Farmers National Bank until 1896. In 1887 Henry Rieman ; Sons moved into the field of investments, calling themselves capitalists in the city directory. This remained the activity of the firm through 1898 when open the death of Joseph, Charles E. Rieman took over Henry Rieman ; Sons. It became a real estate firm in the twentieth century, but this collection deals with its activities as provision and commission merchants.


This collection consists of 41 volumes and 7 boxes of materials relating to the Henry Rieman and Sons. The bulk of the material dates from 1830-1899 although many of the land deeds are earlier and one volume of business records deals with transactions up to 1952. The volumes are daybooks, cashbooks, ledgers and journals from the company. The boxes are almost exclisively land deeds of property held by the Rieman family.



Vol. 1

Daybook/letterbook, 1810-36



accounts of Rieman, Warfield ; Rieman 1810-12




business correspondence of Yager ; Rieman; Henry Rieman; H.;S. Rieman, 1823-32




family correspondence from Henry Rieman concerning Daniel Rieman's




death and estate, 1829-33




recipes for home remedies





Vol. 2

Daybook, 1819-20



[Yager ; Rieman?]





Vol. 3

Daybook, 1836, 1840-47



Henry Rieman ; Son




inventory of stock, 1836




ledger of property and ground rents paid to Riemans, 1840-47





Vol. 4

Daybook, 1849-54



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 5

Daybook, 1855-59



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 6

Daybook, 1859-75



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 7

Daybook, 1855-68



Receipts from the West 1855 written on cover but volume cover more than this





Vol. 8

Daybook/journal, 1860-1869



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 9

Daybook, 1869-1905



record of shipments from the west (Terre Haute, Chicago, Cincinnati), 1869-1905




record of railroad stock owned in the 1880s




record of Howard Street Improvements




receipts from a Chicago meat firm





Vol. 10

Cashbook, November 1849-April 1853



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 11

Cashbook, April 1853-October 1856



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 12

Cashbook, November 1856-October 1860



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 13

Cashbook, November 1860-November 1865



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 14

Cashbook, November 1865-November 1872



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 15

Cashbook, November 1872-November 1878



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 16

Ledger, 1807-12, 1830-33, 1836-39



Rieman, Warfield ; Rieman Company ledger, 1807-12




Henry Rieman ledger, accounts with brothers and sisters concerning settlement of Daniel Rieman's estate, 1830-33




list of stock purchased by Henry Rieman ; Son, 1836-39




poetry to Henrietta D.





Vol. 17

Ledger, 1816-44



[Yager ; Rieman?]; Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 18

Ledger, 1836-38



Henry Rieman





Vol. 19

Ledger, 1836-44



Henry Rieman ; Sons




record of shipments from Terre Haute, Cincinnati, 1854-55




inventory, 1837-38, 1840-43





Vol. 20

Ledger, 1837-47



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 21

Ledger, 1843-47



Henry Rieman ; Sons


also includes news clippings and statistics on pork





Vol. 22

Ledger, 1843-48



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 23

Ledger ; Journal, 1848-49, 1852



Henry Rieman ; Sons




ledger, 1848-49, 1852




journal, August 1852-October 1852





Vol. 24

Ledger, 1849-55



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 25

Ledger, 1855-65



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 26

Ledger, 1865-88



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 27

Ledger, 1888-97



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 28

Inventory ; Capital Journal, 1847-67



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 29

Journal, November 1849-February 1855



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 30

Journal, February 1855-November 1865



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 31

Journal, November 1865-October 1876



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 32

Inventory of stock holdings



Rieman family members





Vol. 33

Journal, April 1884-September 1888



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 34

Journal, May 1888-March 1896



Henry Rieman ; Sons





Vol. 35

Journal, 1898-1952



Henry Rieman ; Sons




record of stock owned, dividends paid, loans made, insurance policies





Vol. 36

Inventory of Joseph Yager's estate, July 1849




Vol. 37

Stock book, 1858



Henry Rieman ; Sons




record of stock in warehouse in Baltimore




shipments from Cincinnati, Terre Haute





Vol. 38

Letterbook, 1862-63



Henry Reiman ; Sons




business correspondence





Vol. 39

Equity Docket/Law Docket, 1869-1915




Vol. 40

Bills Receivable/Bills Payable, 1887-98




Vol. 41

Securities J. H. R. [ieman] Trust Estate, 1899-1929




type="box"Box 1

Land deeds for plats 1-7


The Rieman family owned property in Baltimore and numbered the deeds to the properties on which ground rent was still collected as Plat 1 through Plat 36. The deeds for these properties are filed according to plat number. Those land deeds no longer binding (either deeds for land sold or earlier deeds for land in plats 1-36) had no plat number and are filed according to street name.




land on; Lexington St.




Howard St.




Eutaw St.




Water St.




Baltimore and Pine Sts.




Baltimore and Paca Sts.




Howard and Redwood Sts.




Josephine St.




type="box"Box 2

Land deeds for plats 8-12, 14-15




land on: Lexington St.




Schroeder St.




Lexington and Clay Sts.




Clay St.




Howard and Clay Sts.




Howard and Saratoga Sts.




Biddle St.




Fayette St.




W. Monument St.




type="box"Box 3

Land deeds for plats 16-19 21-25, 27-28, 31-33, 36




land on: Biddle St. and Pennsylvania Ave.




Poppleton St.




Pine and Mulberry Sts.




Howard St.




N. Stricker St.




Fremont St.




Gilmor St.




Carrollton Ave.




Pratt and Fulton Sts.




Arlington Ave.




Redwood St.




type="box"Box 4

Land deeds for lots on:




Aisquith St.




Arch St.




Baltimore St.




Baltimore and Pearl Sts.




Biddle St. and Pennsylvania Ave.




Biddle and Madison Sts.




Biddle and Cathedral Sts.




Eutaw St.




Eutaw and Mulberry Sts.




Exchange Place




Fayette St.




Fayette and Pearl Sts.




Fulton Ave. and Mount St.




Garden St.




Green St. and Market Lane




Greenmount Cemetery




High and Bridge Sts.




Howard St.




Howard and Fayette Sts.




Howard St. and Dutch Alley




Howard St. and Cowpens Alley




Howard and Redwood Sts.




Lexington St.




Lexington St. and Union Ave.




Lexington, Waesche and Josephine Sts.




Lexington and Eutaw Sts.




type="box"Box 5

Louisiana St.




McMechen and Garden Sts.




Mulberry St.




Paca St.




Paca and German Sts.




Park Ave. and Lanvale St.




Pennsylvania Ave.




Pratt St.




Preston St.




Ramsay St.




Saratoga St.




Sahroeder St.




South St.




South and Water Sts.




Vine St.




type="box"Box 6

Land deeds for lots in:




Baltimore County




Washington, D.C.




unidentified land deeds (5)




fire insurance policies, 1839-61




type="box"Box 7

Miscellaneous Business Papers, 1822-83

(11 items)




Yager ; Rieman




Henry Rieman ; Sons