Richard Dorsey Papers, 1797-1848, MS 1764

Richard Dorsey Papers, 1797-1848

Maryland Historical Society


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Richard Dorsey Papers, 1797-1848
Maryland Historical Society

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Richard Dorsey Papers, 1797-1848

MS 1764

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


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Microfilm: Antebellum Southern Plantations

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Richard Dorsey Papers, 1809-1848, Baltimore, Maryland,

MS. 1764


Richard Dorsey (1780-1850) was a tobacco inspector until ca. 1822 and in his subsequent dealings was a merchant, financier, and farmer. He was a resident of Baltimore. The bulk of this collection is the incoming correspondence of Richard Dorsey. The items dating from 1809-1810 relate to the confinement and treatment of his sister, Rebecca Dorsey, for insanity and opium addiction. Benjamin Rush, James S. Lewis, and W. Hammond are the correspondents. Correspondence of 1830 relates to Dorsey's efforts to retrieve three runaway slaves in New York City. Later items discuss the settlement of the Rebecca Dorsey and Elizabeth Dorsey estates, including inventories of land, slaves, and stock in the Mechanics Bank and the Fredericktown Turnpike Company.



0779 Introductory Materials.





0781 Miscellaneous.





0788 Richard Dorsey, Incoming Correspondence, 1809-1810.





0818 Richard Dorsey, Legal Papers—Runaway Slaves, 1809; 1830.





0835 Richard Dorsey to William Baker Dorsey, February 9, 1830.





0840 Richard Dorsey, Incoming Correspondence, 1830.





0887 Richard Dorsey, Incoming Correspondence, 1833-1848.





0916 Rebecca Dorsey, Estate Papers, 1836-1845.





0944 Elizabeth Dorsey, Estate Papers, 1841-1845.