Redwood Collection, 1828-1929, MS 676

Redwood Collection, 1828-1929

Maryland Historical Society


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Redwood Collection, 1828-1929
Maryland Historical Society

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Redwood Collection, 1828-1929

MS 676

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Redwood Collection 1828-1919

Papers of George Buchanan Redwood (1888-1918), George Buchanan Coale (1819-1887), and John Greene Proud, Jr. (1814-1883) are in this collection.

George B. Coale's papers (1828-1863) contain letters to his brother, William Edward Coale, a naval surgeon, concerning the former's conversion to Swedenborgian beliefs; Baltimore banking, politics and social life in the 1840's; and a house being built by Robert Cary Long. There are also letters received by Coale from various correspondents during the Civil War.

George B. Redwood's papers include letters (1917-1918) from him to his mother, Mrs. Francis T. Redwood, and others; and letters to Mrs. Redwood after George was killed in France in 1918.

John Greene Proud's papers include a volume of poems (1832-1844) entitled Random Rhymes at Truant Times.


Container List



Letters to William E. Coale



Letters to George B. Coale



1907-1908, 1917-1919

Letters to Mary Coale Redwood (Mrs. Francis T. Redwood)



Poems - John Greene Proud, Jr.

(one volume)





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