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George Lovic Pierce Radcliffe (1877-1974) was a lawyer, banker, farmer, politician, historian and humanitarian. Born on his family's farm in Dorchester Co., Maryland, Radcliffe grew up on the Eastern Shore, graduated from Cambridge High School, then went to Baltimore, earning a Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University in 1901. He taught history at Baltimore City College, then took a law degree at the Univeristy of Maryland in 1903. After admission to the bar, he worked as a business attorney, becoming president of the American Bonding Company and also 1st Vice President of Fidelity and Deposit Co. of Maryland by 1913. Turning his attention to political service, he was Liquor License Commissioner of Baltimore City from 1916-1919, and became Secretary of State of Maryland in 1919. In the 1930s, he was regional advisor of the Public Works Administration, at the request of Franklin Roosevelt. He was a U.S. Senator from 1934-1946.

He was involved in a myriad of public welfare organizations, including working as state chairman of the Infantile Paralysis March of Dimes Campaign for over 30 years. A lifelong interest in Maryland history impelled his involvement in many roles and activities beyond his professional and political life; foremost, he was President of the Maryland Historical Society from 1939-1964, and the Society's chairman from 1965-1974.

George Radcliffe married Mary McKim Marriott (1881-1963) in 1906, and the couple had a son, George Marriott Radcliffe.

The Susquehanna Railroad Bridge was built for the Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore Railroad ca. 1861-1865. The draw bridge had 14 piers and spanned from Havre de Grace to Perryville.

Collection Origin

Gift of George M. Radcliffe, 1977 (73130).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 1 box with 1 folder containing 21 modern photoprints made at the Maryland Historical Society in the 1980s from glass negatives made ca. 1865. Subjects include the home of a Dr. William L. Larkin, and stereoviews of the Susquehanna Railroad Bridge under construction.

Note: Related materials are found in the Manuscripts Department of the Maryland Historical Society: MS. 2280, the George L. Radcliffe Papers, ca. 1895-1972; and in the Library of Maryland History, Oral History Collection: OH 8075, George L. Radcliffe.


The photoprints are arranged according to PP catalog number. The glass negatives are arranged according to negative catalog numbers, which scheme incorporates the size of the negative. Duplicate/copy negatives are stored in the Photographic Services department of the Maryland Historical Society.

Container List

1 Box

Box 1: 1 Folder

Box 1, Folder 1
PP39.1 - Dr. William L. Larkin's house (stereo), 791 W. Baltimore St., July 10, 1865. Neg Z9.1976.PP39; dup/copy neg Z6.1913.PP39.

PP39.2 - Dr. William L. Larkin's office (stereo), 791 W. Baltimore St., November 25, 1865. Neg Z9.1977.PP39; dup/copy neg Z6.1914.PP39.

PP39.3 - Pier #6, Susquehanna River Railroad bridge, July 10, 1865. Neg Z9.1978.PP39; dup/copy neg Z6.1915.PP39.

PP39.4 - Unidentified scaffolding (stereo), W. Baltimore St., July 10, 1865. Neg Z9.1979.PP39; dup/copy neg Z6.1916.PP39.

PP39.5 - Susquehanna Railroad bridge (stereo), 1865. Neg Z9.1980.PP39; dup/copy neg Z6.1917.PP39.

PP39.6 - Bridge pier, Susquehanna Railroad bridge (stereo). Neg Z9.1981.PP39; dup/copy neg Z6.1918.PP19.

PP39.7 - Susquehanna Railroad bridge construction (stereo). Neg Z9.1982.PP39; dup/copy neg Z6.1919.PP39.

PP39.8 - Susquehanna Railroad bridge construction, Pier #13, November 25, 1865 (stereo). Neg Z9.1983.PP39; dup/copy neg Z6.1920.PP39.

PP39.9 - Susquehanna Railroad bridge construction, scaffolding on bridge pier (stereo). Neg Z9.1984.PP39; dup/copy neg Z6.1921.PP39.

PP39.10 - Susquehanna Railroad bridge construction, pier (stereo). Neg Z9.1985.PP39; dup/copy neg Z6.1922.PP39.

PP39.11 - Susquehanna Railroad bridge construction, pier (stereo). Neg Z9.1986.PP39; dup/copy neg Z6.1923.PP39.

PP39.12 - First span, Susquehanna Railroad bridge, December 11, 1865 (stereo). Neg Z9.1987.PP39; dup/copy neg Z6.1924.PP39.

PP39.13 - Pier #1, Susquehanna Railroad bridge, July 10, 1865. Neg Z9.1988.PP39; dup/copy neg Z6.1925.PP39.

PP39.14 - Scaffolding, Susquehanna Railroad bridge construction (stereo). Neg Z8.592.PP39; dup/copy neg Z6.1926.PP39.

PP39.15 - Mr. Robinson portrait. Neg Z8.593.PP39; dup/copy neg Z6.1927.PP39.

PP39.16 - Woman and children (copy). Neg Z8.1594.PP39; dup/copy neg Z6.1928.PP39.

PP39.17 - Susquehanna Railroad bridge entrance. Neg Z7.1323.PP39; dup/copy neg Z4.191.PP39.

PP39.18 - Susquehanna Railroad bridge entrance. Neg Z7.1324.PP39; dup/copy neg Z4.192.PP39.

PP39.19 - Susquehanna Railroad bridge entrance. Neg Z7.1325.PP39; dup/copy neg Z4.193.PP39.

PP39.20 - Susquehanna Railroad bridge entrance. Neg Z7.1326.PP39; dup/copy neg Z4.194.PP89.

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