Posey Account Books, 1824-1902, MS 665

Posey Account Books, 1824-1902

Maryland Historical Society


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Posey Account Books, 1824-1902
Maryland Historical Society

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Posey Account Books, 1824-1902

MS 665

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


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Microfilm: Antebellum Southern Plantations,

Reel 10



Posey Account Books, 1847-1872, Maryland,

MS. 665


This book details the operation of Homestead Farm and the Mill Farm and Mill, possibly of Baltimore County on evidence in the volume of taxes paid there. A companion volume, which has not been included as it dates 1900-1905, indicates that the Poseys could have been located in Charles County, Maryland, as it details the Posey administration of a colored school in La Plata, Maryland. The Poseys had as many as 17 slave hands and 7 slave children in 1849. Records include annual sales of tobacco, wheat, corn, slaves, butter, livestock, middlings, and flour. Purchases included: clover, timothy, and orchard grass seeds; plaster; fertilizer; lime; excelsior; plough parts; and labor. Yearly inventories to 1864 show appraisals of their wealth. The second half of the book takes the form of a ledger with a surname index at the end. These accounts are mostly for the milling business of W.A. Posey. Two other volumes of this collection have not been included because their subject matter, the late nineteenth century, exceeds the time frame of this micropublication.



0218 Introductory Materials.





0220 Posey, Volume 2, Farm Account Book, 1847-1873.








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